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Syria Gang Bang: The Usual Suspects, Usual Reasons...

It's (almost) All About Israeli Regime Paranoia
A professionally assembled and well written analysis of the NATO-Israel-US-puppet states' terrorist war against Syria and it's government by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.

The Syria Endgame: Strategic Stage in the Pentagon’s Covert War on Iran
Since the kindling of the conflict inside Syria in 2011, it was recognized, by friend and foe alike, that the events in that country were tied to a game plan that ultimately targets Iran, Syria’s number one ally. De-linking Syria from Iran and unhinging the Resistance Bloc that Damascus and Tehran have formed has been one of the objectives of the foreign-supported anti-government militias inside Syria. Such a schism between Damascus and Tehran would change the Middle East’s strategic balance in favour of the US and Israel.
If  this cannot be accomplished, however, then crippling Syria to effectively prevent it from providing Iran any form of diplomatic, political, economic, and military support in the face of common threats has been a primary objective. Preventing any continued cooperation between the two republics has been a strategic goal. This includes preventing the Iran-Iraq-Syria energy terminal from being built and ending the military pact between the two partners.
All Options are Aimed at Neutralizing Syria
Regime change in Damascus is not the only or main way for the US and its allies to prevent Syria from standing with Iran. Destabilizing Syria and neutralizing it as a failed and divided state is the key. Sectarian fighting is not a haphazard outcome of the instability in Syria, but an assisted project that the US and its allies have steadily fomented with a clear intent to balkanize the Syrian Arab Republic. Regionally, Israel above all other states has a major stake in securing this outcome. The Israelis actually have several publicly available documents, including the Yinon Plan, which outline that the destruction of Syria into a series of smaller sectarian states is one of their strategic objectives. So do American military planners.
Like Iraq next door, Syria does not need to be formally divided. For all intents and purposes, the country can be divided like Lebanon was alongside various fiefdoms and stretches of territory controlled by different groups during the Lebanese Civil War. The goal is to disqualify Syria as an external player.
Since 2006 and the Israeli defeat in Lebanon in that year there was renewed focus on the strategic alliance between Iran and Syria. Both countries have been very resilient in the face of US designs in their region. Together both have been key players for influencing events in the Middle East, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf. Their strategic alliance has undoubtedly played an important role in shaping the geo-political landscape in the Middle East. Although critics of Damascus say it has done very little in regard to substantial action against the Israelis, the Syrians have been the partners within this alliance that have carried the greatest weight in regards to facing Israel; it has been through Syria that Hezbollah and the Palestinians have been provided havens, logistics, and their initial strategic depth against Israel.
From the beginning the foreign-supported external opposition leaders made their foreign policy clear, which can strongly be argued was a reflection of the interests they served. The anti-government forces and their leaders even declared that they will realign Syria against Iran; in doing so they used sectarian language about returning to their “natural orbit with the Sunni Arabs.” This is a move that is clearly in favour of the US and Israel alike. Breaking the axis between Damascus and Tehran has also been a major goal of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Arab petro-sheikhdoms since the 1980s as part of a design to isolate Iran during the Iraq-Iran War. Moreover, the sectarian language being used is part of a construct; it is not a reflection of reality, but a reflection of Orientalist conjecture and desires that falsely stipulate that Muslims who perceive themselves as being Shia or Sunni are inherently at odds with one another as enemies.
Among the prostrating Syrian opposition leaders who would execute the strategic goals of the US has been Burhan Ghalioun, the former president of the Istanbul-based and foreign-sponsored Syrian National Council, who told the Wall Street Journal in 2011 that Damascus would end its strategic alliance with Iran and end its support for Hezbollah and the Palestinians as soon as anti-government forces took over Syria. These foreign-sponsored opposition figures have also served to validate, in one way or another, the broader narratives that claim Sunnis and Shiites hate one another. In synchronization the mainstream media in the countries working for regime change in Damascus, such as the US and France, have consistently advertized that the regime in Syria is an Alawite regime that is allied to Iran, because the Alawites are an offshoot of Shiism. This too is untrue, because Syria and Iran do not share a common ideology; both countries are aligned, because of a common threat and shared political and strategic objectives. Nor is Syria run by an Alawite regime; the government’s composure reflects Syrian society’s ethnic and religious diversity.

Continues with Israel’s Stake in Syria 
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Has Clinton gone to see her big boss in the hot place down below?
Obama Warned To Prepare For Hillary Clinton Death
[...] Further confirmation of true facts relating to Secretary Clinton were, also, released by the Israeli MOSSAD linked news site DEBKA, who in their 31 December article titled, Hillary Clinton In Hospital Amid Speculation Of Plane Accident In Iran, wrote:
“…around Tehran and the Gulf Emirates, debkafile was already picking up insistent rumors claiming that Clinton was seriously injured while on a secret mission in the region in the first week of December. Some claimed that in the same incident, Americans in her party – advisers and security personnel – were either injured or killed. Those rumors did not say what her secret mission was. However, the episode described occurred shortly after Dec. 1, when, as debkafile reported at the time, Obama administration officials and senior representatives of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei launched secret talks on Iran’s nuclear program.”
Curious to note, GRU analysts say in this report, is that Obama has not acknowledged to the American people the grave nature of Secretary Clinton’s condition, despite his appearing before the American propaganda press establishment at least three times since these events occurred.
Full story eutimes.net/2013/01/obama-warned-to-prepare-for-hillary-clinton-death/

A couple of PJ items worth reading from the perpective of "look at the game, not the players". Bear in mind PJ is mostly pro zionist.
The New Iranian Hostage Crisis, Michael Ledeen

‘Air/Sea Battle,’ Escalation, and U.S. Strategy in the Pacific

The comments to both give an insight into how well "the package" has been sold to the US public.

Western reportage on Syria has been mostly about demonising(!) Assad following his nation-rallying "we will fight them on the beaches" speech hence I haven't wasted comment space with updates.

Obama, Putin, Assad, illumination

Despite Israeli and US military intelligents informing the zionist hawks that Iran is years away from developing nuclear weaponry should it decide to go down that path, still the charade continues -
Iran should be key topic at hearings

It is to be hoped that the forthcoming Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Armed Services Committee hearings regarding the president’s nominations for secretary of state and secretary of defense produce a wide-ranging debate regarding this country’s role in today’s very unsettled world.
[...]  Accordingly, five potential implications for the United States of an additional and self-generated war deserve close scrutiny:
*- How effective are U.S. military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities likely to be, with consequences of what endurance and at what human cost to the Iranian people?
*- What might be Iran’s retaliatory responses against U.S. interests, and with what consequences for regional stability? How damaging could resulting instability be to European and Asian economies?
*- Could a U.S. attack be justified as in keeping with international standards, and would the U.N. Security Council — particularly China and Russia, given their veto power — be likely to endorse it ?
*- Since Israel is considered to have more than 100 nuclear weapons, how credible is the argument that Iran might attack Israel without first itself acquiring a significant nuclear arsenal, including a survivable second-strike capability, a prospect that is at least some years away?
*- Could some alternative U.S. strategic commitment provide a more enduring and less reckless arrangement for neutralizing the potential Iranian nuclear threat than a unilateral initiation of war in a combustible regional setting?

Best available estimates suggest that a limited U.S. strike would have only a temporary effect. Repetitive attacks would be more effective, but civilian fatalities would rise accordingly, and there would be ghastly risks of released radiation. Iranian nationalism would be galvanized into prolonged hatred of the United States, to the political benefit of the ruling regime.
Iran, in retaliating, could make life more difficult for U.S. forces in western Afghanistan by activating a new guerrilla front. Tehran could also precipitate explosive violence in Iraq, which in turn could set the entire region on fire, with conflicts spreading through Syria to Lebanon and even Jordan. Although the U.S. Navy should be able to keep the Strait of Hormuz open, escalating insurance costs for the flow of oil would adversely affect the economies of Europe and Asia. The United States would be widely blamed.

The enemies of humanity continue to show their true colours. Obama pretends the US isn't arming al Nusra, the Muslim Brotherhood's terrorist arm funded and directed by US puppet Saudi. Israel and Egypt pretend mutual hostility while Mursi blocks basic and military supplies to the Palestinians.
Against the will of the Syrian electorate, for al Nusra and Israel, the deceiving US admin expresses its fascist opinion  -
US quickly rejects Assad's plan to stay in power
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is rejecting a new proposal from Syrian President Bashar Assad that would begin a peace process and keep the besieged leader in power.
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says Assad's latest plan is "detached from reality" and would only allow the regime to continue its oppression of the Syrian people.
Assad spoke Sunday in a rare public speech, outlining a new peace initiative that includes a national reconciliation conference and a new constitution. He ignored international demands to step down and pledged to continue the nearly two-year fight against rebels challenging his authoritarian rule.
Nuland says Assad has lost all legitimacy and should step aside to allow for a political solution and a democratic transition that satisfies the Syrian people.
"He ignored international demands to step down" out of respect for Syria and the wishes of the Syrian majority. The majority do not want bilderberg sham democracy as imposed in Libya by NATO using foreign terrorists, foreign extremists, foreign mercenaries, "humanitarian" bombs and war crimes not least the US-UK-Fr invasion of Tripoli.

Putin is an unknown. After being indoctrinated, has he freed himself of the illuminati shackles and fights on the side of humanity rather than being a puppet in the theatre of evil? The jury is still out.
Putin is Jewish Pawn, says Russian Patriot Tama writes about 'Who is Putin' 'Corruption' and 'Putin's multiculturalism'
[...] George Soros support for Russian opposition may be designed to give Putin credibility.
Makow comment: The ultimate proof is the role Putin must have played in the decapitation of the Polish nationalist elite at Smolensk (Katyn2)  in April 2010. Search this site for "Smolensk" -
Makow - Why I am Not on Putin's Bandwagon
Jan 3,2013 Putin Extends Citizenship to Fellow Rich 

Note from Tamara -
Since 1991 Russia  has many deaths  among  ethnic Russians because   of lack of food and homes, jobs. Since 1991   Russia   lost   about 30 million of  ethnic Russians . Every year [the equivalent to] 1 city of a million disappears from a map of Russia.
Russia lost 27 million people  during WWII , most of them were  civilians ( ethnic Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians)  in territories  occupied  by the Nazi.

Here is more about  Putin's criminality as explained by Putin's opponent,  a  writer Boris Mironov
Boris Mironov and his son Ivan  were imprisoned by Putin for a  hate "crime" against Putin's regime.

Also see:Putin's Russia -- Illuminati Controlled & Corrupt
Illuminati Killed Communism to Reclaim Russia
How the Illuminati Took Back Russia (II)

George Soros Plundered Russia for Illuminati (III)
"I'm Not on Putin Bandwagon"

A lot to digest. I suspect the proof of the pudding is who Putin has working for him. Underlings are often a lot easier to unmask. If there is a preponderance of zionist-illuminati sycophant perverts and paedos as in Western administrations then it would look as if Putin is a sock puppet. Counts against him are his jewish ancestry, alleged illuminati indoctrination and closet $billions. A simple public announcement swearing that he was not a zionist, not a member of the illuminati, not a member of any free mason society nor associated with any of them and not a bilderberg subject would reassure somewhat. Members of such societies are not allowed to forswear against the oath they give on initiation on pain of death.

What happened in the attempted confiscation?
Vladimir Putin arrested Mikhail Khordordovsky, the head of Russia's largest oil company "Yukos" and "the richest man in Russia."
Putin announced that Russia would seize his $12 billion 26% stake in the oil company, one of many national assets plundered in the reorganization of Communism 15 years ago.
Then we learn the shares already had passed to none other than banker Jacob Rothschild under a "previously unknown arrangement" designed for such a circumstance. The two have known each other for years "through their mutual love of the arts."

(From http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_rothschild08.htm )
Did the confiscation proceed or did Rothschild keep the shares? "have known each other for years" Does that refer to Putin or Khordordovsky and Rothy?
Jeez. It's worse than unpicking gord's knot.

Would you believe a priest if he told you the truth?
World Leaders' REAL Religion Exposed

From Pope Benedict XVI to Barack Obama, David Cameron, George Bush and the Queen. The Satanic betrayal of the trusting, sleeping, Goyim masses.
In this interview Brother Diamond of the Most Holy Family Monastry explains the true relation between free masonry and satanism.

US senator calls for gradual cut in aid to Israel
Why gradual?