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Libyagate: twits, 9pm 17th to midday 18th

Video proof that Nato is targeting residential areas in Sirte.

Tripoli  9:00 PM
Another video of destroyed Sirt,after NATO humanitarian intervention!

Sirte Inside, Cruel NATO war crimes

Sirte bombarded local radio shortly before 17/9/2011 [vid blocked]

Ignore report from alJazeera about Harawa. Our neighbour got through to relative. Heavy fighting, but rebels did not take town.

La OTAN bombardeó la radio local en Sirte (Libia 17,09,2011) &
NATO has bombed a hospital in Sirte, after bombing a hotel and residential apartments in its latest intensified terror attacks. Almost 400 innocent people have been killed in these terror attacks. This is not the first time NATO has bombed such fascilities in support of Human Rights. Previously NATO bombed a clinic in Zlitan, then NATO bombed a University in Tripoli, then NATO bombed a peace conference in Brega, bombed a village, bombed farms, bombed food storage fascilities, bombed...

Tripoli  10:00 PM
RussiaToday: Hundreds killed in NATO night attack – Gaddafi’s spokesman:
Muammar Gaddafi’s spokesman accused NATO of killing more than 350 people in the town of Sirte overnight, as well as thousands of civilians in the last 17 days.

Confirm arraitv Special forces Dropped into baniwalid NOt Food from Turkey. they were 100. 13 captured nd rest were dead

VoltaireNet: Thousands of people across the United States have protested against corporatism in the country on Saturday, which has been dubbed the "Day of Rage."

Tripoli. Some remain disappread - others are found next day killed.

RT com Black migrants barred from fleeing Libya

ArabSpring Ending in Anglo-American Whimper

Awiniya a "liberated" city - the real pictures from Libya

Tripoli  11:00 PM
WP: Latest developments in Arab political unrest stretching from North Africa to the Persian Gulf:

Libya leak? I never leave home without my camera, even when on holiday. Yesterday that practice paid off....
It was a list of candidates for the as yet unannounced Libyan interim government, a list in which Jibril’s name appeared in the rows for both the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.  

Sabha Libyan control local radio station & green flags flying in liberated suburbs of AlGardah, Mansheya & Jadeed.

Indicted war criminal on payroll of UK Israel lobby

VoltaireNet: Civilian deaths in Libya: who's killing who?

David Cameron spends 32 million pounds a week supporting people who kidnap and rape women,, impale small boys with stakes

Tripoli  12:00 midnight
Misurata City today received hundreds of injured fighters, where the opposition Field hospital filled with the injured from the Libyan rebels, most of them serious injuries and died 41 of the rebel fighters inside the hospital as a result of the Battle of Sirte

Chinese State-Run Newspaper Warns US against casting a Palestinian State Recognition UN VETO in the US Security Council

InjusticeFacts 98% of the THOUSANDS of people Killed in Pakistan Alone by US Drone Strikes were innocent civilians!

Turkey has sent humanitarian aid to the sons of the city of Bani Walid is the story Utterly Groundless, as the correspondent there says he has not seen any supply sent via aircraft Trika as claimed by Turkey and the city bombed bombed extensively in the role of the absence of the Arab countries.

More then 16 English soldiers were killed in mid-air when they tried to parachute in BaniWalid!

Palestinian Authority President Abbas moves for UN statehood recognition application Sept 19th-23rd

Congressman Brad Sherman wrote to Jibril in May demanding extradition of Al-Hasidi, ban on LIFG & a slice of Libya's $

Explosion near the central bank in Khoms After the Three People Themselves Blew up in a Group of Libyans in the rats resulted in the City Deaths of 14 rats and injuring five of them Allibiya TV ... and so the suicide bombing begins...thanks to NATO UN and R2P

Tripoli  1:00 AM
Rebel commander Bani Walid "leaders keep on making promises... to Sarkozy and Cameron yesterday, and we have to fight and die for it"

Utterly Corrupt Israeli backing of both Romney and Perry indicates Israel is attempting to buy US Pres AND Vice Pres. to use them as Puppets

Tripoli  3:00 AM
2 cars from Boosleem [Abuslim] driving around Tripoli with speakers on the car playing Gaddafi speeches as they open fire on rebel checkpoints!

Tripoli  4:00 AM
PanAFNW: US Imperialists' AFRICOM Leader Discusses War Against Libya:
[Another one from cloud cuckoo land. The gap between reality and what the swivel chair soldier says is only equalled by the space between his ears.]

Confirmed! The airport at the outskirts of Sirte is still in our hands! Any news saying otherwise isn't true!

Today the people of BaniWalid fired rocket after rocket in anger of what has happened in Sirte! The rebels were forced to pull back.

Tripoli  5:00 AM
NATO's cannon fodder in chaos. Reuters reports "Humbled anti-Gaddafi forces gripe outside Bani Walid"

PanAFNW: Libyan Patriots Force Imperialist-backed NTC Rebels to Retreat From Sirte:
The attacking fighters were trying to prevent civilian casualties in the city of 130,000 and were not seeking revenge: "We are not using heavy weapons except to protect our rebels when they are targeted."
[From 10, 20, 30km away?]

Horrifying reports of mass civilian casualties from Sirte; NATO bombing hits a murderous crescendo

IT LOOKS like we'll have to think of new words to describe the NEW ORGY OF VIOLENCE & LIES & new atrocities
[Humanitarian aid blitz]

Stephen Lendman isn't optimistic about the role of UN 'peacekeepers' in Libya. History is on his side, unfortunately
The peacekeepers are coming! The peacekeepers are coming! War, mass killing and destruction continue, but they’re coming!
In fact, paramilitaries are coming to kill and terrorize Libyans wanting liberation, not occupation.

Tripoli  6:00 AM
U.N. recognition of ntc a transgression of fundamental principles of international law

Why is it the western media never mention the DOZENS of hospital patience who were reported missing when the rebels took Tripoli

Libya And Syria: "ALBA Block" Moves To Halt Imperialism Through The United Nations

Brian Souter: Propaganda alert!Khaled M on way to libya to identify alleged frozen bodies in Bab al-aziz

AlQAEDA brigade alSalabi has Attacked his rivals as more rebel brigades such as Zintan Brigade are on edge
[CIA threatens to withhold their salaries and Hilary threatens to write a note... Disintegration in progress. With luck it will spread through the zionist puppet theatre as far as MI6 and pupplet Cameron's UK regime. I predict a 3 way battle at the end, pro gov't versus mozzie bro hoods/alQ versus the colonists, all the other insurgent terrorists having gone back to their home country, NATO and the UN blueys bombing and killing everyone. Pro gov could ally with alQ, the CIA doesn't control it completely]

NATO cheerleaders are silent because they don't want to talk about NATO's crimes against Humanity over Sirte and BaniWalid.

Tripoli  7:00 AM
A.Jules: Faire du hitler sans en avoir l'air !: faire du Hitler sans en avoir l'air!Libye – OTAN,
En -
If these people want to govern the Libya, establish democracy is only misleading aerobatics.

Land Destroyer - the more Feb17 rebels NATO & corporate media lie = theyre losing - failure to take Sirte Bani Walid wks into op is NATO disa

Land Destroyer - Reuters are hacks - a profile in duplicity Thaistory = CONFIRMED paid for propaganda based on Wikileaks hoax

Land Destroyer - Thai"pro-democracy" movement openly working for D.C. & Wall Street. Thaksin sister Yingluck overt traitor

PanAFNW: The CIA: A Paramilitary Organization Which Engages in Targeted Assassination

Land Destroyer - Soros funded HRW awards Soros funded Prachatai medal for "bravery" covered by Pravit - Prachatai contributor

As EuroZone implodes,nations pulling 100s of Billions from Europes Banks,WHY is BarackObama pouring Billions into them

Libyan Hostages forced to give blood to NATO militias and mercenaries

Tripoli  8:00 AM
Ras Lanuf liberated and Libyan Troops enter Misratah
Ras Lanuf has been liberated since 15/sept/11 according to new reports. At the 15th, NATO militias received a devastating defeat and were forced to flee the outskirts of Sirte and wait for NATO to once again continues intensify terror operations killing more than 300 civilians in the town. Other reports suggests that the Libyan Army has entered Misratah, a town which has detached itself from NTC.

Libyans celebrate the defeat of NATO in Bani Walid Sept16

International Observers and Activists warn Libyans about probably NATO genocide
[NATO is pitching a final solution]

Israels evil agenda in backing BOTH Romney & Perry is to place Rick Perry as the VP on the GOP ticket to fight off future impeachment fights

Tripoli  9:00 AM
Bahrain Protesters brutally killed [by Saudi] near main square where they had been demanding sweeping changes to tiny kingdom & & DMail
[Time for Hilary to write a note...]

As NATO Kills Tens of Thousands in Libya UN Loosing All Legitimacy While Deceitful ICC Exposed:

Rebels and Qatari Troops use heavy machine guns on pro-Gadhafi Protesters killing scores before being pushed out

Best offer for rebels - from defenders of Sirte

Join the worldwide call to support Palestine as an independent state. Sign the Avaaz petition now StateOfPalestine

Tripoli  10:00 AM
This is the broadcasting station in Sirte.....well whats left of it at least

Must See Montage of Nazi and Ziofacist Photos in Germany 1940 and Israel 2009

Saudi Royal Family WARNS BarackObama Veto UN Palestinian Statehood Request thenSaudi Arabia CUTS its USA Support!
A defining moment of BarackObama legacy, utterly Evil Netanyahu is extorting Obama to Veto UN Palestinian State Vote
Any loss of cooperation between Saudi Arabia & USA would destroy USAs Economy!
[Between a rock and a hard place. hahahahaha. So much for all the public cash poured into Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild think tanks like Chathom hse, CoR, CFR, ECFR, Bilderberk, etc.]

Land Destroyer - after weeks of "final fight" Feb17 rebels backed by NATO have failed to take nation - NATO UN deadline criminally being ignored
 - how can NATO UN be taken seriously? recognizing a govt led by members of listed terror orgs? Ignoring own deadlines? sounds like 4th Reich

US urges Americans to leave Syria immediately. Is Syria next? NATO
[Or Algeria, Turkey, Saudi, Iran, Russia, Lebanon, N. Korea, China, Venezuala, Cuba,  .................................]

Land Destroyer - rebels routed from Bani Walid - even w/ NATO terror bombing obviously city rejects NATO stooge government

NTC cowards still afraid to move in to Tripoli, but they claim they control Tripoli - sense of humour

Obama " We will not deploy ground troops into Libya"! .....6 months later...."

Qadhafi. Americans, Did You Know About This

RTcom. UNESCO plans mission in Libya: The continuing war in Libya is endangering five sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage list

Tripoli  11:00 AM
Land Destroyer - everything you need to know about Reuters fraud Andrew Marshall & his WIkileaks based Thaistory

70% Interest on Greek and other failing EU nations NOW, a sure sign of inevitable COLLAPSE, no way to pay back 2x the loaned amts
[Gods bless the Greek bank clerks and GS for creating the EU collapse]

10 Rebels reported dead near BaniWalid, apparently they had a couple of incidents with the missiles they tried to fire at the city!

In Bani Walid Green Soldiers ambushed the Rebels Saturday and forced them into a retreat again.

Instead of a political dialog with cities supporting Kaddafi, NATO rebels are offering starvation and bombs.

Press TV: Syrian opposition meets in Damascus: Syrian opposition meets in Damascus Over 200 Syrian o
Over 200 Syrian opposition figures met in Halboun in the outskirts of the capital Damascus in order to coordinate efforts to build a national opposition movement
[Self annointed, CIA/Soros sponsored? CIA's aQ backed?]

Tripoli  12:00 Midday

Sociopaths going nuclear
The new doctrine states that Command, Control, and Coordination (CCC) regarding the use of nuclear weapons should be "flexible", allowing geographic combat commanders to decide if and when to use of nuclear weapons:
Known in official Washington, as "Joint Publication 3-12", the new nuclear doctrine (Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations, (DJNO) (March 2005)) calls for "integrating conventional and nuclear attacks" under a unified and "integrated" Command and Control (C2).
It largely describes war planning as a management decision-making process, where military and strategic objectives are to be achieved, through a mix of instruments, with little concern for the resulting loss of human life.

The Libyan gov't has given the terrorist insurgents until the end of the month to lay down their arms - or die. The way the internecine feuding is going on, the mission to wipe them out may be accomplished by the end of the month without the Libyan army doing anything other than what they are doing already.

If the legit gov't prevails (the terrorist insurgency has control of a couple of hundred sq km of one and 2 thirds million sq km), holds elections and is returned to office, compensation from aggressor nations will be demanded. That is another reason why the zionists will stop at nothing to get the terrorists into power. It would be side-achingly funny to see the zionist empire collapse in court, defeated by a tiny nation of 6-8 mil souls.

Did the CIA-NATO plot to kill civilians using armour disguised as Libyan army fall through due to lack of interest of intended victims?
Still no word on the Canadian warship claimed to have been destroyed off Sirte.
Will the UN continue to rubber stamp the Libyan gang bang continuation every 3 months or will it extend the rubber stamp to 12 months, later every 3 years?
Did liar Cameron hear the 2 explosions in Tripoli or was he never there? Is he aware that there was a mini war in Tripoli, Abuslim between protesters and terrorist insurgents? (Al Q represents the NTC in the 20% of Tripoli it controls. Are the UK, Qatar forces guarding the state central bank still there or deployed to the battle front as the gold ain't there? Or was it there and we are being fed another lie?)
Will the US use low yield nukes on Sirte and Bani Walid as nothing else is working?,
Russia will veto an extension of the NFZ tomorrow. It will go to the general assembly where a majority vote is enough. NATO will carry on killing civilians while the puppet politicos mither.
The good news.
Greece is banging an empty drum that is rapidly becoming vacuum filled that will suck the EU in to form an all devouring black hole. Zionist bilderberg's EC will try to form a financial and political union of the strong countries, hopefully that lets the UK out as it is no better off than Greece.
Pro, anti Israel - Turkey, Egypt, US, Greece, Libya, UN, a right a pigs breakfast the scum have created. Let's hope some of the deviants and their clapped out think tanks get the bullet. Some more literally than others.
The zionist puppet that is pouring US funds into the zionist cartel's EU banking system, Obama, his popularity rating continues to follow the path set by Berlusconi and contested in the race for zero by Sarkozy. How is the liar Cameron's rating doing? His kleptocratic regime party's?
If UKIP or BNP ever get to No10 there will be a mountain of shredded evidence to dispose of.

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