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Libyagate: twits continued from previous post

Tripoli 2:00 AM (Continued from previous post)

Report that legitimate Libyan Government forces have captured (British) SAS troops in Sirte

they allowed TNC to fly passenger jets, Alqaeda will blow up that plane and they will say Jamahiria forces did it
[Justified paranoia?]

Libya’s rebel leader says Moammar Gadhafi is a legitimate target for NATO airstrikes
[Based on what evidence? With what authority? More criminal action from the terrorist leaders]

CNN spews the case to attack Syria, Omits the very same propaganda and charges repeatedly, directly appeared to take place by Libya Rebels

If SAS troops really are captured in Sirte they may be about to find out how much UK Gov cares about its operatives when the stakes are high

Today BaniWalid was attacked by both NATO planes & apache, and rebels, and thanks 2 the heavy resistance the rats were forced to retreat

CNN shows Libya Rebels firing 20mm cannons on Libya civilians in a pro-Gadhafi City. OMITS that is a direct WarCrime,Against UN Res 1973

There is no women's toilet at the NTC headquarters

Libya is quickly TURNING Anti-West far more than under Gadhafi and rightly so after 6 months of NATO terror carpet bombing.

As for Sirte a third rebel brigade sent to take over the airport and like the others they were completely destroyed, as for the other front lines for Sirte the Rebels pulled back a couple of kilometers due to non stop attacks from the people there!

RTcom Thai bombing kills three, injures dozens
[CIA sponsored, CFR inspired?]

Updates from BaniWalid: Rebels COMPLETELY pulled back due to non stop grad rockets from LIBYAS army, about 100 expected killed in the two days

Oh I'm sure they're going to pay Daddy NATO TO BLOW UP EVERYBODY WITH MUSTARD GAS; URANIUM & NUKES for thier fuking FREEDOM

The Mathaba News Real is out

Sarah Palin get's throughly torpedoed in new book 'The Rogue' depicting her as blowing thru Cocaine lines while snowmobiling w/friends.
[Sounds like she's qualified to be in the UK gov't]

Gadhafi loyalists defeat and beat back NATO and Libya Rebel Al Qaeda attacks on pro-Gadhafi civilians

Signs of utterly corrupt Zionist influence on US Lawmakers surfaces as Palestinians face US counteroffensive on UN Vote

PanAf: NATO Brings Race War, Humanitarian Disaster, and the Haitianization of Libya: Two articles sum up

Anyone thinking commercial Nuclear Reactors wouldn't be hit by ICBMs in #WW3 is kidding themselves,and who has the most reactors? USA

Shoot'g occurred in many areas around Tripoli last night, inc Siyahiya, Omar El Mokhtar Rd & AbuSleem. 3 dead in AbuSleem as result

Baniwalid last night!! Celebrations after defeating the rebels

Tripoli 3:00 AM

When I went to Israel 1978 I was shocked to find many Israelis I met HATE AMERICANS/usa & feel USA threatens & watchdogs them

That Islamophobic FBI Training Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Mother Jones

Brian Souter: libyanliberal black libyan is alive but family all killed: LibyanLiberal is alive!
[His sister committed suicide to avoid being raped.]

Tripoli 4:00 AM

France bans Muslim praying on streets & side walks, sees it as an 'invasion'

Tripoli  5:00 AM

Daily Telegraph: RAF carries out biggest bombing raid yet on Libya; SAS, MI6 & CIA on ground
[some in safe hands in Baniwalid and Sirte]

Good article! Canada's Afghan mission: Why did Canada join the war in Afghanistan? What did it achieve?
[A. Satisfaction of its bank manager]

Canada’s mission has now morphed into “training” Afghans, it is like teaching the fish to swim. Afghans are natural fighters.
Without any training or outside help, the Afghans have defeated the heavily armed American, Canadian & British soldiers & their allies. Taliban armed with just Kalashnikov rifles hv defeated occupation troops covered fr head to toe with body armour & fancy gadgets. Taliban have been able to beat them so handily without any NATO training & Western forces now want to “train” the Afghans all over again. Maybe, the West should ask the Taliban to train their troops in real combat & regardless of the spin US/NATO have lost the war!
[Where will the Afghans go after Libya? Who will they kill, directed by which Foreign Relations org via which secret service assoc?]

Attack on Libyan oil refinery an "isolated incident" says head of Libya's National Oil Corporation
[Naughty NATO...]

Tripoli  6:00 AM

Brian Souter: UNSC resolution 1973: refutation of the preamble: [NOTE RES 1973 is all about establish
[NOTE RES 1973 is all about establishing a nofly zone, on the basis that the Libyan airforce was doing what US/NATO do regularly in afghanistan and iraq, and Israels airforce do  in Gaza and did in Lebanon 2006: bomb/strafe/terrorise  civiians. As we knew by march 2011, this never took place: There was no evidence when this resolution was written and none after]

Canada lost 157 soldiers btw 2005 - 2011. Not a huge number compared to 10s of 1000s of Afghans blown to pieces for no fault of theirs.

Tripoli 7:00 AM

He said you do not enter the military to kill innocent people overseas. End of story.

Tripoli 8:00 AM

Global Peace Libyas says to beware whats posted on its twitter account:

Tripoli 9:00 AM

The fate of refugees from Misrata, likely insurgency in Libya
[likely insurgency in Libya... that should read counter insurgency.]

How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War -
[Via the cartel based in the BoE]

Operation Odyssey Dawn: from Aggression to Terror

Tripoli 10:00 AM

In a Move Greatly Applauded Around the Civilized World:Turkey,Egypt AND Jordan has kicked out its Israeli Ambassador,Envoys.

Chinese State-Run Newspaper Warns US against casting a Palestinian State Recognition UN VETO in the US Security Council

98% of the THOUSANDS of people Killed in Pakistan Alone by US Drone Strikes were innocent civilians!
[The CIA should be listed ahead of MI6 and Mossad as a terrorist org.]

Hackers Steal Twitter Security Certificates. I highly recommend ALL Firefox Twitter Users ADDON Calomel SSL Validation

Leonore: NATO helping to the civilians: Information sent by Osabini: Beni Walit was a calm city,...

Tripoli 11:00 AM

"We attack them with rockets, it makes a lot of damage but it is the best way to control them," rebel, so where is HRW?

Invasion continue over Sirte and Bani Walid: Clashes continue to control Bani Walid and Sirte, how.
Clashes continue to control Bani Walid and Sirte, however the efforts of NTC soldiers have been in vain against the resistance of Gaddafi's loyalist forces which are integrated by experienced soldiers, soldiers who are risking their lives in the last battle to resist the invasion. teleSUR
[Subtitles. Also mentions that NATO and the terrorist insurgents are avoiding humanitarian aid reaching the two towns]

Tripoli 12:00 PM

Sadly we are witnessing one of the biggest atrocities of our time, engineered by the hidden agendas of greedy criminals.

Mathaba Subjected to Denial of Service Attack
[Welcome to the club. Not of the same order Libyan towns from Baniwalid and Sirte thru Benghazi to Tripoli are experiencing.]

Global NATO and the recolonisation of Africa
If there was any uncertainty about the real mission of the United States, France, Britain and other members of NATO in Libya, these doubts were clarified with the nature of the military campaign against the people of Libya that had been orchestrated under the mandate of the United Nations Security Council. It was a new kind of war, using third party forces in order to silence the global peace forces who were opposed to further military intervention. A robust propaganda and disinformation campaign by the corporate media covered up the real content of what was happening.

Tripoli 1:00 PM

curtis doebbler -Despite stiff resistance by local residents NATO-led rebels continue to slaughter Libyans. [Citizens]
At UN Libyan delegates meet with Western States ignoring African colleagues.
Several States asked to investigate NATO-led rebel diplomats for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
In most countries and international organizations Libya is still represented by the same old diplomats.

Heroic resistance in Bani Walid, even old man are fighting with rifles.

AJazE  Admits that rebels do not behave in a best way.

For almost two months the people of Sirte have been under constant & indiscriminate attack by NATO-led does nothing.

NATO airstrikes hit residential buildings in Sirte, killing 354 people, Qaddafi spokesman says

Key Lockerbie Witness Admits Perjury
[Damning evidence of a mistrial. Of course the MSM will shout about this. As if.]

Brit Empire mouthpiece states clearly Turkey is "best bet" for empire in region

"Turkey, a Nato member and candidate for membership of the European Union, is the best bet for the west too."

Tripoli 2:00 PM

Lockerbie Affair takes another extraordinary twist. Key Witness Admits Perjury
[Global Research. This is clearer than the last linked article. The innocence of Al Megrahi proven. Compensation to his family if he doesn't survive to claim? MSM will give us the story on the front page. As if.]

the people of Sirte have defeated rebel forces and they made it only to outskirt gate and were wiped out and rebels fled far

Tripoli Large Disputes have begun between Nafusa brigade "amazigh" and Benghazi brigades many killed each other in Power struggle
[Sarkozy, all going according to plan. Liar Cameron, NTC has Libya under control. Visits with 100s of security in place ahead of his visit and many more with him. The definition of "in control" is something different to those in cloud cuckoo land.
The Amazigh tribe wanted greater representation. Idiots.]

Tripoli  3:00 PM
NATO attacked the city of Sirte last night with more than 30 rockets directed at the city's main hotel and the Tamin building, which consists of more than 90 residential flats. - Moussa Ibrahim

RTcom Over 2,000 killed in NATO airstrikes on Gaddafi’s hometown
More than 2,000 people have been killed in 17 days in Libya’s Sirte, the hometown of the country’s fugitive leader, Reuters cites Muammar Gaddafi's spokesman as saying on Saturday. Meanwhile, NATO planes are continuing to attack Libyan military targets in one of the last strongholds of Gaddafi loyalists. The alliance conducted 121 flight missions over Libya on September 16, including 43 strike missions, most of them targeting Sirte.

Turkey to drop 22tons of food over BaniWalid

Sirte completely defeated rebels on all 3 Fronts: west front and Red valley was total rebel wipe. East took longer

Dear Canadians: Notice how globeandmail has elevated Al Qaeda to the level of "Libyan forces"?
The Gadhafi loyalists have so many weapons,” cried Maab Fatel, a 28-year-old revolutionary fighter [terrorist insurgent, there is only one revolution, it is being defended] on the front lines in Bani Walid. “This battle is really crazy.”

NATO bombs hospital in a show of support for Human Rights

don't trust turkey. Turkey will do as the US wants. The food will be poisoned. Do not accept turkeys aid. Its a trap
[Use the POWs as food tasters.]

Tripoli  4:00 PM

NATO`s NTC in Libya Demands Niger Return Libyans
[Behaving like an authoritarian kleptocracy instead of an unwanted caretaker gang]

Pravda.RU: The democracy bomb: When something is built on dishonesty, all else begins to unravel
[Also see Turkey wants to revive Ottoman Empire]

Several volunteers just arrived to BaniWalid, all from the Mgarha tribe in the south!

Loans at interest of course, that would bring debt to oil and gold rich libya, a step towards enslaved
[Wonder why they don't borrow from islamic banks interest free? Bad risk?]

Israel's Lieberman 'plans to punish Turkey'
Israel will facilitate cooperation with the Armenians, Turkey’s historic rivals, and may even lobby for international recognition of the Armenian holocaust, the Hebrew-language daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is also planning to meet with Kurdish rebels in Europe in order to “cooperate with them and boost them in every possible area,” Yedioth’s English website said.
“We’ll exact a price from Erdogan that will prove to him that messing with Israel doesn’t pay off,”
[Get Hilary to write a letter... Still theatre so far, psyops to get Arabs to accept central bank controlled Turkey as Arab leader.]

Tripoli  5:00 PM (More in an update later if I can manage)

Greed, the answer.

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