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Libyagate: poor intel, myopia, ignorance and deceit

Always for the King of Prussia?
Jean Salvan, Officer, General Corps (2S)
July 10, 2011
Since February 2011, ...
Chad's followed with curiosity and concern our former military engagement in Libya, they remember the Senoussia, a Muslim sect fiercely anti-Western, established in 1842. The head of Senoussia Cyrenaica was our main rival when the colonists landed in the Saharan region of Chad. It was only after the defeats of the Senoussia at Bir Ali in 1901 and Galaka Ain in 1912, that we could clear Faya-Largeau in northern Chad. The Senoussia supplied Libya's first king, Idris 1, 1945, at independence.
A century later, we see them coming to the rescue of the descendants of those who were our fiercest opponents, supporters of a fanatical Islam, puzzling ... Have they really changed?

To be clear, Muammar Gaddafi is a ruthless dictator, and the Libyan people have many reasons to rebel against the tyrant: there was no trade union or political party or independent media. Real or imagined opponents disappeared without a trace, as Imam Musa Sadr in 1978. But for Bernard Henri Levy, how to present the problem of Libya is not simplistic? First, even if the family and allies of Gaddafi got rich, the country was developed, its standard of living was the highest in Africa, education, roads, housing and health services are examples in the Muslim world. Libya has since 2007 financed most of the first African satellite telecommunications, which has linked the entire continent by telephone, to television programs broadcast radio industry, agriculture has not been neglected. There were three million migrant workers and no unemployment ... Libya is one of the largest African nations, 1.759 million square kilometers, inhabited by 6 to 8,000,000 inhabitants. The coastline is inhabited by people very close to the Tunisians, the interior is the domain of the tribes, who since the coup of Gaddafi in 1969, dominate the country. In particular, the Qaddafi tribe, to which Qadhafi belongs, made ​​a covenant with the Warfalla, based in Tripoli and the Margarha, based in Fezzan. From the outset, since the coup of 1969, Cyrenaica leads the opposition to Qadhafi and his clique, they provided many fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq. A jihadist group, located on the border between Egypt and Libya: i.e. the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). For many years, we considered them a dangerous terrorist group and we worked with Gaddafi against them ... Recently, Al Qaeda  welcomed the establishment of Islamic emirates in Benghazi, Al Bayda, Derna: reality or propaganda?
Finally, Qaddafi has heavily subsidized the African Union and the Tuareg that are abused in Mali and Niger, and African dictators, which explains the support they have given him, especially mercenaries. It is impossible to confirm speculation that the Algerians and Sahrawis have joined forces ... Gaddafi's Libyan armed forces are not worth much, we realized when they were in Chad from 1982 to 1987. Of 76 000 men, only 10,000 were trained, motivated, paid. They were equipped with Soviet equipment, organized into 10 battalions, armored, 10 mechanized battalions, 22 artillery battalions, six battalions "commandos". The air force consisted of one hundred aircraft, the navy, coastal vessels.

The Libyan revolt is not a true copy of the Tunisian and Egyptian movements. Of course, these examples have been played up and they have suggested that the time was over for dictators, and that the tyrant could be overthrown. But rebellion is part of Cyrenaica, which was since 1969 the permanent home of protest against Gaddafi. It is a local patriotism and the desire for freedom of Benghazi, Tobruk, Derna, which were the main drivers of the revolution, and made ​​them take up arms. For the people of this region, the legitimacy of being the first to oppose Qaddafi, they never cease their opposition. Only the Islamists and jihadists can dispute their legitimacy after the fight against Gaddafi, as they are well organized, ruthless and they have a political project - to establish Sharia law and an Islamic state - to be clear, they provide the majority of fighters. Students familiar with the Internet inspired networks connected to Tunisia and Egypt, even in May 68, to give a playful aspect to the revolt: they make up maybe tomorrow journalists and leaders of local media.
Notables have joined these movements, tribal leaders, businessmen, former henchmen of Gaddafi who have converted. They prepare the post-Qadhafi era: they are the National Transitional Council (CNT). Will they be able to limit the power of the Islamist nuisance?

Policies and strategies of the States
For a long time, the United States and Great Britain had a score to settle with Gaddafi for the Lockerbie bombing. Although Libyan oil accounts for only 2% of world production, reserves are high, quality, ease of extraction: the U.S. wants to control this gold mine. In addition, the Chinese were very active in Libya: The United States wants to eliminate them and replace them. After participating in the initial strikes, the U.S. agents have infiltrated American and British in Libya to advise the insurgents.
The Europeans, as usual, disagreed. Italy and Germany showed the largest reserve: they buy the Libyan oil, they have invested heavily in Libya, which is an important outlet for their exporters. They fear the partition of Libya, or even creating a failed state and terrorists.
France and Britain have sided with the United States, and their predecessors. Of course, since the Lockerbie bombing and that against the plane of UTA, we have a dispute with Gadhafi. But have our diplomats not thought too quickly of a similarity between the Tunisian and Egyptian revolt, did they not underestimated the support of the tribes of Africa and the Tuareg to Gaddafi? Of course, no expert in Chad and the Fezzan, has been asked to advise on our commitment ...
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Doha have supported the rebellion from the start, including their television channels Al Jazeera and Al Arabia. Reactionary monarchies that support a democratic revolution, which advocates the rights of man, can only be explained by the support of Libyan fundamentalist Senoussia: a committee supporting the Libyan monarchy is set in Saudi Arabia Riyadh, as a National Front for the Safety of Libya.
Finally Egypt supports the CNT and the rebellion, it claimed Cyrenaica since 1945, and it would sit well in the partition of Libya.
As for Israel, it can only assist with satisfaction at the decomposition of Libya and the difficulties of one of its fiercest adversaries ...

Where are we?
  At the beginning of the commitment of French forces, the Chief of Staff of our armed forces believed that Qaddafi would be ousted in a few weeks. Clearly, the strength of the Libyan regime and its supporters had been underestimated. Confirmed that the rebellion infantry is enthusiastic but untrained, gets the results against the pathetic remains of the army of Gaddafi. Similarly, the action of the air force without any commitment of ground forces does not obtain decisive results: since the bombing of North Vietnam by the Americans, we should know ... Today four hypotheses seem possible:
1 / Qadhafi remains in power, the failure of our policy of our strategy, and those of Westerners. It seems unlikely.
2 / Gaddafi is eliminated, and the CNT take power. Currently, no one can predict whether it will be able to ensure a democratic transition, or Muslim fundamentalists will establish an Islamic state ...
3 / Libya splits, the clan Gaddafi keeps Tripoli and the CNT or the Islamists run Cyrenaica. ...
4 / The civil war continues, and Libya is a failed state like Somalia. We can not exclude an Egyptian intervention to restore order.

In any case, it seems unlikely that France would get a lot of satisfaction from this Libyan adventure. There is concern that the United States, Germany or the Islamists round up the day. Sea and air forces have shown their limits, they have used their potential, our ammunition stockpiles were insufficient.
Once again, we fight for the King of Prussia?  

July 9, 2011 Source

Lockerbie blame has fairly convincingly been laid at the door of others, the CIA (by a former CIA asset turned whistleblower), who used Palestinian terrorists to plant the explosives to destroy evidence of company drug running, Iran has been implicated and even Mossad that seems never far from any low doings. All of them are more credible perps than Libya. There is even the claim that the crash was an accident caused by faulty welding of a modifcation and that military cargo being carried covertly was the cause of the devastation.
It is easy to understand the desire to find a scapegoat by the masters of manipulation, subterfuge and psyops. Other charges laid at Gaddafi's door bear equally low credibility. Explosives supplied to the IRA have been claimed to be manufactured in Israel, that the Libyan intelligence worked closely with UK and CIA secret services suggests an intelligence plot to maintain terror, justification for security services funding and expansion. That is supported by the Mossad involvement in 9-11 and the UK atrocity that was highly credibly shown in court to be committed by UK security services with Mossad participation implied.
The Libya gang bang has been on the table in the US since at least 1997 and was enacted probably at the Lancaster House meeting between the UK and France. The CIA and MI6 had already brought disparate, rival factions together under the umbrella cause "kill Gaddafi" to form an opposition group. The CIA working with MI6 had been trying to kill Gaddafi practically since he ousted Idris. The lengths they were prepared to go to assassinate the man are incredible. The CIA formed the LIFG terrorist group under a deserter Libyan general. The incompetent group of terrorists failed with several attempts to kill Gaddafi, his paranoia so justified.
As well the upper hierarchy, banksters, corporation owning families and royalty ensured a non-stop defamation campaign by whispers, false allegations especially via the secret services, and propaganda was and is maintained. Gaddafi is an advisor to the Libyan gov't, pursuing him is akin to pursuing Gore, the latter more deserving. Misdeeds that have been remarkably inflated can be blamed mostly on the criminals that have deserted the gov't. An example of Gaddafi's personality was demonstrated when he intervened to commute the death sentence given to Bulgarian nurses. Another is shown in the treatment of prisoners of war. In the case of legit combatants (Libyans) they are handed to their tribes. It appears that the terrorist insurgents rarely take prisoners. In sharp contrast is the disgusting and barbaric behaviour of the western forces, e.g. beheading civilians and giving credit to insurgents, rape and slaughter is typical. The use of forbidden inhuman weaponry by NATO, mustard gas, depleted uranium dirty bombs, white phosphorus in areas populated by civilians is well documented. The justification for the international gang bang was provided by liars and crooks, fabricated, much by the CIA no doubt with MI6 assisting, highly suspect testimony of witnesses hostile to the gov't, the methodology continuing during the blitz with a fabricated campaign to further discredit the regime, viagara, rape, even atrocities committed by terrorist groups like the savage sacking of Zawiya in February by the Algerian GIA, a participant terrorist group alongside if not under the NTC, that was credited to the regime and so it goes.
It seems there are no depths the west's elite will not plumb to achieve their ambition to continue the plunder of Africa. The complicit media keeps the apathetic, brain numbed public misinformed.
CIA is a tool of the CFR that is subservient to Chatham Hse, an advisory group to Bilderberg that in turn is controlled by the Rothschild-Rockefeller families. The UN is funding managed, principally controlled by Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs has a big stake in seeing Gaddafi dead due to fraud committed against Libya for which they faced prosecution, Sarkozy is implicated in that fraud. Sarkozy was also the beneficiary of Libyan largesse, his first campaign for presidency being largely funded by the regime. The list of reasons for wanting Gaddafi dead is endless.
The need for the obviously faked intervention that is a war belongs with the elite scum and leeches of several nations, corporations and banks. The Line tracing responsibilty goes through the CFR back to UK royalty, banksters as the prime movers and their clerks through Bilderberg. Oil cartels are a secondary factor.

NATO is preparing to use nuclear weapons against the Sirte and Beni Walid
September 17, 2011, 14:06 ["," Alexander Grigoriev ]
NATO is preparing to use nuclear weapons against the Sirte and Beni Walid
"Probably against the rebellious cities will be used tactical nuclear weapons. This intelligence comes from Brussels. There are tactical charges, which provide a defeat in a limited area. Delivered by aircraft or special groups of saboteurs, with subsequent activation.
Other means to break the resistance of the defenders of Sirte and the Beni-Walid did not happen. From a purely military point of view - these are ideal objects for defense. Especially Beni Walid. The area around the town is completely controlled by the defenders. Go unnoticed or to buy the defenders, as it was in Tripoli - is impossible. In Sirte, geographic location is not as advantageous. But lets keep the attackers at a distance." This is stated in the information that "arguments. ru" got from former Russian special forces colonel, retired Elijah Koreneva.
According to Koreneva, "the situation with the rebellious cities must close before September 19. Before the meeting of the UN. Rather, it is decided to enter the UN peacekeeping force. Clearly, this is a prime justification for a ground operation."
Verify information through official channels failed.
Leonor - Sabha - Yesterday the bombs on children. Please if someone can translate everything the announcer says, we will know what happened
[MS is co-operating with the CIA and NATO if the link doesn't work use google -]

Open letter to the Russian delegation
Dear sirs-
We, the world community, reach out to you as our last and only hope than international law can be applied with the same weights and measures to all.
Aware that NATO's Libya campaign is based upon lies, aware that the Jamahiriya was not attacking civilians, aware that the terrorist NATO forces supports have been committing atrocities, aware than many of the "rebels" are foreign mercenaries, aware that Colonel Gaddafi has tremendous programmes implemented across Africa and has a good humanitarian record, aware that I've tried to reduce casualties in this conflict to a minimum,
We request the Russian Federation to block the A Resolution on September 19 prolonging the NATO mandate in Libya and that an immediate ceasefire is called, involving the African Union in calling all sides in the conflict to a round table meeting, including the Jamahiriya, for the people of Libya to decide on their future.
Russia is our last hope. We turn to you as the bastion of what is right, and your stand for a world community based upon the same set of laws. Britain and France do not have the right to draw lines on maps as they have done for hundreds of years.
Thank you for your attention,
Brian Souter, Australia

Also see
Half-truths and manipulative words

The international media are manipulating information on Libya
[Some pics and links]
How can the UN authorise the continuation of the actions by an organisation that has been demonstrated to have committed atrocities, crimes against humanity, warcrimes and assisted in genocidal actions of a side involved in the internal action of an armed insurgency against the authorities in a sovereign nation?
The armed insurgency leadership that employs terrorist groups, proven guilty of the same crimes as NATO (e.g. 2 trucks with mustard gas were captured outside Baniwalid) has been given a seat in the UN.
How? Follow the money.

Todays twits
13 NATO Special Ops captured in Bani Walid
It was published here that NATO Special Ops had been dropped inside Bani Walid and that they had been surrounded, taking position in civilian homes, keeping them as human shields. New reports from Russia finally exposes what happened to them. It seems they have been captured by the Libyan Jamahariya Government.
Elijah Koreneva, a retired Russian special force colonel said that these NATO Special Forces could be executed if NATO continues its brutal terror attacks over the town.  

ALBA countries oppose Libyan rebels' UN seat (Mathaba):
[They'll be giving seats to drug and human traffickers next. Oh dear. They funded the NTC from the outset. How about a seat for paedophiles? Or is that quota filled already.]

Land Destroyer - US UK France Qatar help Al Qaeda get seat at UN

2012 Presidential GOP Candidate Rick Perry Crows About How Great Texas Is Doing, Observers Show Texas Now Has Highest Unemployment in 20yrs!

Feb17 rebels backed by NATO = 100% confirmed Al Qaeda LIFG terrorists!!! So says 2 West Point CTC reports

RT_com Gaddafi’s forces make rebels retreat from Bani Walid

CounterPsyOps Beware of false demonstrations in Algeria September 17 2011

US UK backing Feb17 rebels despite them being listed by US State Dept & UK Home Office as TERRORIST ORGS!

US UK also supporting terrorist MEK org in Iraq, Iran. War on terror is a fraud!

Tripoli 2:00 AM twits continue in next post

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