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Libyagate: UPDATE - Yunis’ tribe has turned on NATO’s NTC. CIA – Algeria in a year, Iran in three

twits continued 16th
LandDestroyer - economic collapse b/c of reckless globalist interdependence solved by more interdependence? Soros thinks soMilitary whistleblower tells of 'indiscriminate' Israeli attacks. 9:00 AM

The U.S. provided Saddam with his chemical and biological weapons, in 2003, they attacked him because he had them.

The United Kingdom paid for a chlorine factory in Iraq that was intended to be used for manufacturing mustard gas.

Protest planned in Benghazi today that some say is largely against Ali Salabi, Islamist cleric who criticized 'extremist secularists' in NTC

WilliamJHague PM CAMERON: "UK II help hunt Gadhafi". U guys are becoming law unto yourslvs. Who authorized u to "hunt" Gadhafi
[By their words the Libyan gov't is no longer in power (not true but anyway), Gaddafi is now a civilian by their measure. That makes Hague a criminal using public funds and assets to hunt a civilian in a foreign sovereign nation where no agreement for extradiction/assassination exists.]

NATO is targeting specific tribal groups in Libya (those who resist). If the term "genocide" has any practical value this is a classic case

The NATO-rebels are planning a masacare on the 18/9 to be blamed on Ghaddafi for the purpose of getting a new UNSC resolution.
[CIA. I doubt the NATO rebels could hack anything other than prisoners' throats & bellies and women's breasts. The CIA has hacked an activist's phone and twitter acct to announce the anti NTC protest on 18th, NATO has imported old Ru tanks (of the type the army still has) from Moldova to fire on the protestors and blame it on the pro Libyan greens.]

Tripoli 10:00 AM

Niger Min of Justice on record saying won’t send Saadi G home where NTC wants him to face justice. Saadi G says was told can stay in Niger.

Hard Talk:The Un Was An Accomplice To Nato Aggression On Libya

The green Army freed the north of Bani Walid. Rebels now 20km away from town!!!

RT_com Russia protests UN refusal to discuss Kosovo

A look at the counterrevolution in Bahrain.

Tripoli 11:00 AM

Complete blockade of nothern Kosovo

RT_com Explosions & gunfire in Libya's Bani Walid as anti-Gadhafi troops pour into town -

RATS given until 30th to SURRENDER we should expect something big after deadline

RT_com UN Security Council draft resolution suggests NATO ends Libya operation in 3 months

NATO militias retreat from Northern BaniWalid, and hundreds killed outside Sirte

RT_com Obama eyes sale of arms to Taiwan?

Go to you will get a full picture of the WAR crimes committed by rebels in Libya attempts to remove the page failed

SARKO and CAMORON are ISOLATED.. And they will be considered HITLERS of our Generation.. And will stand on Trial
[Obama, Berlusconi, Harper, Stoltenberg, Rasmussen, Ham, Bouchard, Betraeus etc? ]

01h/ Reuters|direct Libya urgent Sirte,the East & Aljhhgharbah of the city now benefit R correspondent thr dozens...

Nanny burns, a possible alternative explanation to CIA-CNN propaganda.

BBC engages in propaganda over Libya, then lies about it

Just now on bbc Gadafi soldiers(sirte) pushed the rebels towards ajdabiya and reports heavy loses...

Tripoli 1:00 PM

RT_com CIA drone attack ‘kills top Al-Qaeda operative’
[US kills its allies in one sphere whilst paying, arming and defending them in another.]

Why did Obama rush a $535 million loan to a failing solar panel company? Tune in to find out.

Tripoli 2:00 PM

African women say Rebels raped them in Libyan camp daily | (cont)

NTC will be screening 3,000 migrants stranded in Sabha before they are evacuated to ensure that none were mercenaries

NTC refuses 3,000 Black africans to leave Sabha to return home to their countries. They want to lynch them first.

Libyan Resistance: Summary, 15. 09. 2011, English
[youtube] [/youtube]

Barroso - "Save the doomed Euro by setting up a new super state"

Tripoli 3:00 PM

Clashes are OUTSIDE of Sirte, Rebels r facing fierce resistance, as 4 Dr.Moussa he is safe wasn't captured or killed! He will call Arrai

As 4 BaniWalid clashes are currently on tue outskirts of the city, the rebels weren't able 2 go any further due to heavy resistance!!

army of 6000 rats, attacked sirte with full force 100 tanks and 900 other vehicles, & airplanes of NATO.... rats retreated.

RT_com Putin warns on debt crisis in US and Europe

Our relations with Libya: Don’t interfere Niger tells France

The rebels are on the OUTSKIRTS of Baniwalid as nato Continues to use chemicals on City. Rebels not inside !!

Sirte has Defeated Rebel forces as NATO bombed heavily from Sky. ALRAITV shows entire city of Sirte has no NTC Rebels

Tripoli 4:00 PM

BBC: "Trucks and tanks are also approaching Sirte, hours after an advance was forced back by Gaddafi loyalists." But they won yesterday?!?!?

WP: Protests in Egypt call for canceling ‘Emergency Law’ after ruling military expands provisions: CAI...
[Obama- patriot act tactics. Will NATO protect the protestors when the army starts shooting them?]

African Investment Bank was to invest in Africa at no interest, threatening the IMF’s domination over Africa

African Investment Bank was to invest in Africa at no interest, threatening the IMF’s domination over Africa

Apache helicopter are flying around Sirt killing anything that moves!!! Whats the west doing to stop this!!! Man woman it doesnt matter

For 6 months people have seen EVERY night, family, friends, neighbours being murdered by NATO's "air shows".You are sick

Tripoli 5:00 PM

While everyone talking about bags of cash for Chirac & Villepin, no mention of Saif Gaddafi's cash to Sarkozy

African leaders gave briefcases stuffed with cash to Chirac and de Villepin

Abbas: We do NOT deny Israel and we do NOT deligimitize Israel

RussiaToday: Despot Deals: UK openly selling arms to dictators:

uploaded a YouTube video Chris Sedmair's Video Log 16.09.2011
[In German]

Over 500,000 Sign Petition to Stop Georgia Execution of #TroyDavis. We talk to BenJealous of NAACP.

Some African states seek delay in seating NTC as representing Libya at UN. Venezuela and LatAmerican allies also speaking against NTC

Tripoli 6:00 PM

General Assembly approves giving Libya's UN seat to the ex-rebel National Transitional Council - AP

Who is NTC? Who created it? Who has voted? NTC has no legitimacy

Security in a museum: "that's a 3500years statue you broke Rat". 'Thank God I thought it was new one' Then he shot Security

Source Directly from Sirte "13 British Sas with other Qataris Captured"

Libyan "freedom fighters" aka Al-Qaeda spill over into Niger "Niger soldier killed, two hurt in clash with Al-Qaeda"

Libyan NTC forces retreat from Gadhafi bastion Bani Walid under heavy loyalist rocket fire, Reuters witness says

Libya: New 'leader' says sharia will be law of the land

Libyan spokesman Moussa Ibrahim speaks on terrorist leaders Cameron & Sakozy vist to Tripoli NATO Libya

General Assembly gives alQaeda seat at the UN.

Fighter pilots: The coward heroes

Tripoli 7PM
Disaster in the Eurozone
An Interview with Martin Tomley by Mike Whitney

Veterans for Peace and the Call for Obama’s Impeachment
by Mike Ferner / John Walsh

Power Politics, NATO, and the Libyan Intervention by David N. Gibbs

Are the Taliban Winning? by Gareth Porter

The Truth About Libya: Nato ’s Humanitarian Military Roadmap- Toronto Conference

Chris Sedlmair
4AM Tripoli time
Moussa Ibrahim says "coming days we will give Order to attack to Thousands of youth that were waiting for orders"

Doesn't matter whether its a trick or not because we can not standby while Tripoli is turning into a bloodbath.
[But forewarned is forearmed]

Benghazi and Tobruk reports of Heaving fighting in Eastern cities as SON of ABD FATAH the murdered Commander rejects cash offer
[My guess that it was foreign troop leaders offered the bribe was wrong.]

aje Lost massive amount of viewers as People shift to the Pro-Gaddafi channel ALRAI in syria now top Channel in viewers

Leonor -
A picture is worth a thousand words
Sept 14
15h/Guerilla tactics in Bani Walid ,
Bani Walid is going to be the place of the extermination of NATO-led rebels , honourable tribesmen together with Libyan army are giving the noble fight against the crusaders and their collaborators.
A friend on phone described me an incident of the last days: The people of Bani walid covered a road with crude oil and then opened the roads for a team of rats to pass inside, the rats where running together with a camera crew of their own, and when they reached the street the cars slided and crushed.
Our people aprroached an finished the rats.....many other suprizes wait the nato crusaders and the rats near the city of Bani Walid
23h/ Libya - Tripoli Sarkozy: the reasons for a controversial trip.(FR) Allain Jules > Nicolas Sarkozy will thus go to Libya, early this morning. The presidential tour will not start in the capital of the renegades, in Benghazi, but in Tripoli where, there will remain only two hours maximum, before going in Benghazi. In Benghazi, 60 French police officers arrived as of yesterday evening, and 100 others, in Tripoli. Always in Tripoli, according to our information, a detachment of 100 gendarmes of the Raid is already in place
23h/ According to Italian and Spanish diplomatic sources, members of the family of the murdered traitor Gen. Younis Abdel Fatah, who had threatened for months to get in dissent against the authorities of the Benghazi council of rebels, are passed to the cashier. To resolve the problem and not to deliver those who killed him who are, of course, terrorists mercenaries, Qatar and the UAE have received ......these members with a big check for $ 50 million to buy their silence and submission.
[I read this as Italy paying Arab occupation forces' leaders to not surrender the alQaeda murderers that I think came from the GIA Algerian terrorist group, the method of killing is typical of them.]
Sept 15
Midnight/ Breaking News - Libyan brave army destroyed Battleship for NATO near to the beaches of Sirte City

Libya Brega and Ras Lanuf in the hands of supporters Jamahiriya Fri, 16.09.2011 - 17:00
TRIPOLI, Sept. 16. Vastness of the Libyan land, restoration of the faithful will return to Libya's forces to the country in slavery or recolonization only at great cost to the aggressors, the press service of the Russian Committee of Solidarity with the peoples of Libya and Syria.
It is clear that, if Colonel Gaddafi really aroused disgust his people, he would not resist more than a week. Insults, lies, murder and Western propaganda violated the national unity that kept the Libyan leader, said an informed French journalist Alain Jules about the real situation in the country.
According to him, traitor expelled from Sirte. They retreated by more than 50 miles after reached the suburbs of his native city of Muammar Gaddafi.
While French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron took part in the ceremonial events in Benghazi, loyalists were able to regain its position in the Breguet.
A similar situation exists in Ras Lanufe, where September 12 loyalists have attacked positions of the traitors in an oil refinery, killing 15 rebels. Yesterday, they increased their pressure and forced the rebels to flee.

SAS soldiers were captured by al-Gaddafi Fri, 16.09.2011 - 18:39
The rebels failed to capture the main cities of Libya, who remain loyal to the Libyan leader Gaddafi. Sirte and Beni Walid remain in the hands of supporters of the legitimate leader of the Jamahiriya.
The rebels tried to attack some of these cities. They were repulsed. Destroyed a significant number of attackers. Captured by the invaders from the army, Qatar and the United Kingdom. The first - put to death. Government of England were sent pictures and data on soldiers of the 42nd Regiment SAS, which is proposed to give unconditionally. Is no answer yet. This is stated in the information that "arguments. ru" got from the assistant to Gaddafi, a former officer in the Soviet, then Russian special forces colonel, retired Elijah Koreneva.
/ -
Is Syria Next?

Rebels Failling To Take Over Sirte, False Aljazeera Video To Be Shot Showing Their Victory

NATO rebels forced to flee Sirte frontline LIBYA
Libya becoming a 'Nato protectorate': Britain's aid package for Libya is cause for alarm, not relief, Stop the War Coalition said today.: The pledge includes a six-month "military liaison team" to seek out and destroy pro-Gadaffi forces' weapon stockpiles, as well as £1 million in funding for NGOs specialising in weapons decommissioning.
Libya: Legal Fig Leaf: 'Some civilians more equal than others' : The new Libyan Prime Minister has been accused of bringing in former Gaddafi officials and acting like a dictator. John Laughland from the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation says that Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron went to Libya to show that Gaddafi's regime has definitely fallen.
[2 large explosions and a large demo that was brutally suppressed the same day in Tripoli. The next day (today) Tobruk joins the list of towns hostile to the NTC and unrest rises in Benghazi. Won? Where? In the film studios of Hollywood, Bollywood, Qatar and Saudi's Palm Island?]Russia: Al-Qaeda may have anti-aircraft missiles from Libya: The threat of a terrorist attack against a civilian aircraft, particularly in Europe, has increased, and a first-even shoot down of a US helicopter in Afghanistan by anti-aircraft missile in August may be linked to Libyan weaponry moving illicitly abroad, Rogachev said.
[Seeds sown, harvest begins. As planned? More funds for anti terrorism needed, more spending on and expansion of security services.]Chris Sedlmair Tripoli Libya Jalil cont. 2 get hands held by Cameron & Sarkozy. Lovely green flag in BG.
[Is it just me or is Sarkozy's nose getting longer]

Confirmed Sources From on ground and Also Confirmed by alraiTV the PEOPLE of sirte and Baniwalid Defeated Rebels


Spain's debt grew by 8 per cent, exceeding the ceiling for the EU
He reached 702 billion 806 million euro, representing 65.2 per cent of GDP

Prime Minister of Turkey during a visit to Libya made a strong speech against the authorities of Syria
Erdogan held a parallel between the anti-Government protests in Syria, and rebellion in Libya
[Obvious collusion between Soros' CFR (US secret gov't under Chatham hse) and Tr]

Serbs continued to blockade two CPT in northern Kosovo
[Former Yugoslavia looks set to erupt. NATO will probly send in the humanitarian aid bombers.]

NATO's War Crimes in Libya: Sanctions against defiance by James Petras
New York (United States)
Faced with the deteriorating global situation and a wave of popular uprisings breaking away from Western hegemony, NATO powers counter-attacked in the most resolute manner. According to James Petras, the destruction of an independent and secular regime like Libya was meant to send the following unequivocal message: any independent Third World regime can be overthrown; colonial puppet regimes can be forced upon a devastated people; colonialism is still thriving; and imperial rule is here again.

9/11: The Ultimate Triumph of the Strategy of Tension (II) by Wayne Madsen
Washington D.C. (USA)
The attacks of September 11 are a continuation of the strategy of tension. They represent nothing new in Washington policies, if not an escalation to extend this strategy on a global scale. They provided the pretext for setting up an international monitoring system and to further the expansion of imperial wars. From this point of view, the commemoration of the tenth anniversary was used by the sponsors of the attacks to pose once more as victims, all the better to persevere with their goals.

Moi - Sirte & Bani Walid show no signs of weakening despite NATO's terrorist insurgents, navy and airforce throwing everything at them. The army and tribes are escalating the retaliation against the NTC and foreign forces in Tobruk and Benghazi, Tripoli urban guerilla war continues.
06h/ BENGHAZI, Libya Sept 16 (Reuters) - Libya's Arabian Gulf Oil Company (Agoco) said on Friday it expects output from its eastern oilfield Sarir to rise steadily to 200,000 barrels per day by the end of September, allowing one export cargo every ten days.
11h/ Activists in Saudi Arabia have called for the creation of a popular movement towards political reforms to avert a looming crisis in the country.
15h/ Wadi Jaref is 20+ kilometers outside Sirte. Why they say they have entered Sirte?
17h/ Apache helicopter are flying around Sirt killing anything that moves!!!
19h/ Thousands of civilian Libyans missing...believed killed by NATO-led rebels as they initiated violence throughout country.
Sukant Chandan on RT : Libyan rebels admit they attack women & children. Rebel forces in Libya claim they are advancing in Colonel Gaddafi's home town of Sirte - one of the last loyalist bastions. Several thousand opposition fighters, backed by tanks and heavy weapons - >
today/ NATO bombs Sirte, destroyed infrastructure of city. this morning, the destruction of a textile factory that employs over 600 people.
NATO is bombing Tobruk. Did they not say that it was in the hands of the rebels. Then why are they bombing?
20h/ Libya Sirte [15/16 September 2011. ] War crime of NATO and NTC rebels video
21h/ A Source Directly from Sirte "13 British Sas with other Qataris Captured"
21h/ Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: We have prepared plans to clear all the cities and we will implement when it comes, and my advice to all citizens to stay away from these gangs to help us close the extinction
Gaddafi spokesman denounces Cameron and Sarkozy Libya visit
22h/ Bani Walid completely under control of Libyan army.
23h/ SAS troops are now operating close to the front line helping coordinate attacks on the last four areas held by Gaddafi's troops. They are also operating alongside MI6 and CIA"Brimstone has the capacity to be fired in a large salvo utilising millimetric radar to simultaneously guide each missile to a separate target," said Major Gen Nick Pope, the Armed Forces spokesman.
Press Conference Dr. Mousa Ibrahim [15./ 16 Sept 20]
01h/ Pakistan refuses to recognize the Transitional Council
01h/ Niger is not going to give away Gaddafi’s son Saadi and other high ranking officials of Gaddafi’s government, to whom it granted political asylum, head of Niger’s Foreign Ministry Mouhamed Bazuma said Friday.

Tripoli 7:00 PM
CNN said that Sirte is last compound now they admit that there is more cities that supports Gaddafi

Nato says they hit targets in these seven cities in Libya since Sep 9.
[They've bombed 15 towns and cities since the beginning of August
Waddan, Hūn, Sirte, Ras Lanuf, Marsa al Brega, Bu’ayrāt al Makhşar, Bani Waled, Al-Azīzīyah, Okba Ibn Nafa, Al Assah, Zuwārah, Tripoli, Sabha, Al Jufrah, Zillah,,23.269043 ]

Under massive attack by Libyan army,rats withdraw from the Bani Walid.

Directly from Libya: Between the area from Bani Walid to Sabha, more than 130 rats were killed.

Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'?

Rebels withdrew from Sirte & Bani Walid tonight (again) 4 "tactical reasons", they say. Is that diplo-speak 4 "we got a thrashing"?

Bani Walid completely under control of Libyan army.Al Arabiya confirmed that rats are now 130 km away from BW.

Rebel council NTC coucil member when asked why no black man get high ranking position ? "they came to libya"

There is a problem now between the ranks of rebels, salabi islamists attacked jibrils guards last night in tripoli

The ruling elites don't want peace anywhere, they make huge profits off the conflicts.

caller from Benghazi to arraiTV has stated "mass media Channels backing NATO are not reporting facts here its lawless"

Gaddafi hasn't attacked any civilians for months - So Why is Cameron Still Bombing Libya without a UN mandate...?!?

Tripoli 8:00 PM

Egypt declares CampDavid accords w/ Israel 'not a sacred thing' - Telegraph

Rats beaten badly after their indiscriminant attack on Baniwalid today - 6 dead, 54 injured.

Doctors say 6 dead means about 50 to 100 dead. No one retreats because of 6 casualties. They think world is fools

Libya's Oil Output Hampered:Criminal Doublerspeak, Blaming Gathafi for Nato's Destruction, Oil Rape

Rep. Barbara Lee introduces bill to repeal ‘Authorization for Use of Military Force’

Not sure what NATO still doing in Libya. Its mandate of "Protecting civilians" changed to "regime change" and now to "going after Gaddafi"?

Tripoli 9:00 PM

Replacing military with armed contractors in Iraq & claiming "troops drawdown" is absurd. Big fraud - Iraq & Afganistan. Slash DoD spending!

US military spending assures that in country after country "governance" is reduced to who has most troops, most guns

Britain a safe haven for war criminals : What else to expect from a government of warcriminals, paedophiles and thugs
[+ drug addicts, thieves and 5th columnists]

Google has jointly invested with the CIA in an Internet monitoring project that scours Twitter accounts, blogs and websites for information.

NATO extends Libya pressure
...The Pan African Parliament, the legislative body of the African Union, plans an emergency session next week to discuss what it calls NATO’s “military aggression.” The latest reported NATO raids targeted the sprawling, heavily fortified Gadhafi compound early Saturday, said government spokesman Ibrahim Uthman. The spokesman earlier said a NATO strike hit the port but later said that information was incorrect.
Uthman said he believed four people were hit in the strike but the extent of their injuries was not immediately clear.
On Friday, NATO warplanes bombed eight Libyan naval vessels in three ports, leaving ships partially sunken and charred.

Reuters: US Arizona Air Force Base locked down over "security situation" Loading a NUKE 4 Libya ?

BBC Top News Story: "Anti-Gaddafi forces 'in retreat'" Game over.

"Outside Bani Walid, soldiers at a checkpoint told him that the driver of Col Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam has been captured." ROTFL.

In Baniwalid 30 tanks 40 SUV destroyed and roughly 200 rebels have been killed , Libyan army USE scud missile against rebels

Breaking : AJarabic reporter shot During BaniWalid city center fight - his body is on the back of a truck

Tripoli 10:00 PM

Moussa ibrahim reported Dead and in misrata by the rebels is speaking now on ALRAITV

Turkey-Israeli War of Words - mathaba:

UN Security Council eases sanctions on Libya, including on its national oil company, central bank
[That use to be Libyan, now??]

Live from sirte libya green flag is up -

Misurata 10 minutes without a NATO bombing and the green Libya sings in the city

Bloody Day For Iraq As 33 Are Killed, 64 Wounded.

Exclusive official documented truth: Debunking Biased ICC on Gaddafi

Are US soldiers on the ground in Libya arresting Libyans on their own land and taking away their weapons?

"The Security Council also established a UN mission to restore public security." Ground invasion to begin by UN.

"The rebels claimed they had captured the bodyguard of Saif al-Islam." Before was driver, now upgraded to body guard. Tomorrow what?

Tripoli 11:00 PM

There has been no attack on Europe, because the Brother Leader Qadhafi has ordered it so. But if he is killed then Europe will know hell.

Differing reports on no fly zone, some saying cancelled some saying extended. Here says extended:

Cameron and Sarkozy in Benghazi visiting location where lynchings had taken place!!!!

plans have been prepared for months. if the nato rats find qaddafi no-one will recognise london or paris after

Nine Civilians Slain in US Drone Strike Against Somalia

Moussa Ibrahim:
Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: We have prepared plans 2 level all the cities we will implement when it comes, & my advice 2 all citizens 2 STAY AWAY from gangs 2 help them closer 2 extinction it .

City of Bani Walid withdrawal & retreat all the rebels Libyan insurgents after shelling Scud missiles & rocket launchers pulled out the rebels from the fronts of East & West on the outskirts of Bani Walid & Tahtt 2day, 24 battle tanks & more than 34 SUVs Off & compelling in the way in addition to the deaths of more than 174 of the rebel fighters on the front tire & the bodies have now the Eastern Front & West of the city of Bani Walid

Tripoli 12:00 AM 17th
Moussa Ibrahim on situation in Libya (English in Description) 15.09.11...
If you could see the wonderful sights I am having about the people here, you would feel very reassured both you and all the viewers. There are thousands of young volunteers, who are fighting on different fronts, and we welcome anyone who would like to stand by our side, and I can give you the information and the ways to contact us so you can inform those who want to contact us according to worked plan. However, I ask our Arab brothers to help us from their country by standing in front of their government and demand them to stand by the Libyan legitimate government and to bury this colonial project, to demand the sheikhs to stand by our sides...
There were some rumors that the rats entered Bani walid... 16 Sept 2011 20:02
There were some rumors that the rats entered Bani walid and that there is fighting in the streets. The truth is that the major fight was given 40 km away from the west gate of Bani walid. Our army has tought a good lesson to the rats, dozens of cars were destroyed and the death toll among the rats exeeds the number of 60.
In addition in the area between the area from Bani walid to Sabha, more than 130 rats were killed after clashes with the volunteers of the al Magarha tribe.
There is a division in the ranks of the rats after all those losses they have suffered the last week and after the islamists are trying to bring down Mahmoud Jibril rat.
The big rats sarkozy and cameron risked their lifes in order to save their public profile and in order to try persuade the world that everything is okey, one day before the UN votes in order to accept the rats as representatives of Libya in the UN general assembly. They also wanted to put attention not to the fact that there is no money and a big unemployment rate to their countries and wanted to make it seem like they have done something as priministers and presidents because the reality is a total fail.( in order to be safe they made a green zone and they brought more than 4000 of their troops by boats in 24 hours before their visit.)
The tribes that are loyal and against the colonialist crusaders have vowed to fight until the last drop of their blood. They will not allow Libya to become the first new colony in the African continent.
Steadfast until the end. Victory or martyrdom.

WP: UN gives Libya’s seat to former rebels; approves new mission in country: UNITED NATIONS — The Unit...

'Canada complicit in Bahrain crimes' :

UN adopted resolution 2009 against Libya,giving Terror - NATO free hand to continue genocide against people of Libya
[Disappointing but hardly unexpected from the UN, doormat & rubber stamp for banksters' scams . Details - ]

Chart with NATO sorties in Libya shows that strikes continue with same ferocity as before the declared victory in Aug

Tripoli 1:00 AM

Check this video out -- Erdogan Warns Libyans Against Oil Greedy France and England : Libya Belo... v

Secretary WilliamJHague speaks following UN Security Council's resolution vote on Libya.

Moussa Ibrahim spokesman for the only legitimate govt of Libya says there is NO SUNDAY demonstration in Green Square

Libya - Brega, and Ras Lanuf in the hands of government forces
While Nicolas Sarkozy (who is an agent of the CIA) and David Cameron showed himself yesterday at Benghazi, intense fighting continued in Sirte, Breguet and Ras Lanuf. This obviously caused a grimace on the faces of our warrior "friends" who believe that Libya already owns them. The vastness of the territory and the restoration of forces loyal to al-Gaddafi, would never allow this country to get back into slavery or to recolonize without aggressor pay a heavy price for its conquest.
I must admit that if people really hated the Gaddafi, he would not last more than a week. Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi has admitted it. It is likely that Libya will never be the same. Malice, lies, murder and propaganda cemented the national unity of the West and all it has helped keep the Libyan leader.
Sirt: traitors thrown out of the city. They had walked more than 50 km, although the day before were on the outskirts of his native city of Muammar Gaddafi by the deadly bombing of NATO, which destroyed the infrastructure of the city. This morning, reported the destruction of the textile factory, employing over 600 people.
Brega: while the Islamists, criminals and traitors of Benghazi watched on TV as their leader, the French president, was walking in Benghazi in the company of English military leader David Cameron, the supporters of al-Gaddafi had an opportunity to surprise them. They regained their previously lost position, after that the newly "resurrected" Gen. Khamis al-Gaddafi - he gave orders not to take these positions.
Ras Lanuf: September 12, government forces unsuccessfully attacked positions near the oil refinery of traitors in the city, though, and killed with 15 of their fighters. But yesterday they were again attacked and forced them to flee. This is a severe blow, as the Ras Lanuf (13 000), is a major center of oil refining in the country. It is located on the Mediterranean coast of the Gulf of Sirte, 600 km east of the capital.
Who says it's over?
Jules Allen

Pavel Russia reported...15/09 on
Tribe Tuwaraga calls to tribes of Africa to help .. 70 thousand Tuwaragas have come to help Libya
French journalist Thierry Meyssan, based in information of the French secret services, publicly accused to Sarkozy is a agent of the CIA. This was written either in the article of Meyssan " "Operation Sarkozy"." Is the same article French
Libyan rebels near Sirte are in a desperate situation because their supply cut by Green to be volunteers captured Brega and ras Lanuf
We will send you some information of the Group and Twitter. The international media claim that the rats have entered Sirte, use 900 trucks. But we have information that says that rats have mounted a fake video of Sirte decision to break the mood of the city's defenders. Soon Aljazira will show this fake video. Really rats are about 50 km from Sirte, been removed from the place journalists especially.
[Is that including the 30 000 volunteers from Niger?]

Al-Qaeda was preparing attacks against Western oil companies operating in Algeria Pretoria, 16 September. Pavel Myl′cev
United States Embassy in Algiers had received information about the threat of attacks by Al-Qaeda. In a communiqué has been circulated today near States that "all the potential targets of terrorists informed of impending danger".
"Although we and our international partners have had a significant pressure on Al Qaeda and largely reduced its capacity, we are still in the face of significant terrorist threats from its supporters and fighters, indicated in the document. – We continue to work very closely with our key partners to meet the threat of international terrorism, including Al Qaeda.
The Algerian newspaper El Khabar "citing sources reached United States reported that Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb"//AKIM is preparing to rocket attacks on foreign oil firms in the Sahel and North Africa.
[With weapons supplied by FrUKUS, Qatar, Belgium, Saudi etc. ]

The Government of the Netherlands agreed to ban the wearing of the veil in public places
Even if this measure to some extent restrict the freedom of religion, it is necessary and justified to protect the fabric of social life in the Netherlands
[Invest in Ladyshave...]

An army patrol attacked in Niger car convoy of Al Qaeda, destroying three fighters
A shipment of weapons and dived to patrol released more than 50 boys, which terrorists violently taken away with you
Pretoria, 16 September. /Corr. Itar-Tass Pavel Myl′cev. An army patrol attacked in Niger car convoy today Al-Qaeda, killing three militants. In a communiqué issued by the Minister of national defence of this African country Mahamadou Karidžo notes that the incident occurred near the town of Agadez in the North of the country. A shipment of weapons and dived to patrol released more than 50 boys, which terrorists forcibly took away with them.
Obviously, we are talking about Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb/AQIM/, which is particularly active — bosses in Mali, Niger and Algeria, often resorting to hostage-taking. According to specialists, Aqim of recruiting fighters into villages, offering the elders to replace trucks-pickups and cash.
Reminder from October 2009
Lockerbie in the Propaganda System - Release of Al-Megrahi evokes selective history

Still waiting for news on the destruction of a NATO (Canadian) warship near Sirte.

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