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Libyagate: Yunis' tribe has turned on NATO's NTC. CIA - Algeria in a year, Iran in three

Gen Younes' tribe cry conspiracy and vow revenge

Via kaddaf ru

The clan of the killed General threatened to take revenge on the new authorities of Libya and the Islamists
Yunis' powerful clan Obeidi threatened the NTC to avenge the assassination of general Abd al-Fatah Yunis. The general who commanded the rebel forces fell victim to unknown assassins on July 28.
As reported by clan elders in an interview to BBC, they will find and punish the murderers, if the new government of Libya is not able to do it. In addition, the clan has accused the National Council of conspiring with Islamic extremists to kill the general.
Corpses Younis and his two aides were found in the vicinity of Benghazi. General charred body bore the traces of torture and abuse - killers cut off his fingers, knocked out one eye and cut open his stomach.
Council chief Mustafa Abd al-Jalilof the new authorities categorically denies any involvement in the murder, but the elders think otherwise. Clan Leaders noted that the Council, the commander of the rebel troops suspecting infidelity, caused the general Yunis to go to the front and be lured into a trap. Husam Younis, son of the general, and Majid Khamis, the son of Colonel Khamis, Adjutant to Younis, said that the general and his two aides were arrested in Ajdabiya, and as the guards were not many fighters out of regular insurgent groups, constantly shouting "Allah Akbar!" "Gaddafi" and "traitor." The detainees were taken to a military camp on the southern outskirts of Benghazi. Sons were released, but when they returned the next day in camp, they found it abandoned. Soon the dead bodies were found.
Nephew of General Muhammad Hamid says that the Islamists killed Younis, as he enjoyed wide popularity and was going to disarm them. Relatives of the general rejected the assumption that Younis was revenge for the massacre of the Islamists, undertaken by the army of Gaddafi in the 1990s because, according to the family, he was not involved in that operation. ...

Libya - The latest news from the Jamahariya
We just learned that in Kabul, Afghanistan, the headquarters of NATO was violently attacked. 10 years later, still no conclusive result on the ground in Afghanistan. In Libya, it is obvious enthusiasm for taking the same path. Having tried everything in Bani Walid, the soldiers of the Apocalypse seems to be face to face with the facts.
NATO offers of money in Bani Walid
The resistance of the small city of Bani Walid, 50 000 [to 100 000] inhabitants, where the media "meanstream" proudly announced that the civilian population fled, turns to chaos for NATO. Deprivation of water, gas, electricity, food and bombing have not undermined the morale of the pro-Gaddafi.
Having dropped leaflets threatening the people of Bani Walid, no reaction on their part, NATO has, since yesterday, tried to buy souls by this time, offering money through new leaflets.
Niger: African subservience continues. The Nigerian government wants to arrest Saadi Gaddafi who arrived last Sunday on its territory. What can they blame him with? How sad!
Tripoli: the pro-Gaddafi have changed their tactics. They now use guns equipped with silencers. They thus eliminated hundreds of renegades in the past 24 hours. Apparently, it is confirmed that the president of the CNT Abdeljalil Moustapha, was wounded after an attack. To be confirmed.
Amnesty International: are finally acknowledging that the poor renegades Benghazi doing very well on their behalf. Their war crimes are proven and the organization by them of the genocide of black is proven.
On the whole of Libya, no doubt, the coming weeks, the situation will change. The Libyans seem to be waking up and coming to understand that only their oil interests the West.
NATO and the UN have clearly embarked on the galleys of hell supposedly in the service of human rights. The Harder They Fall.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil Sarkozy: "the Algeria in a year, the Iran in three". 10/09/2011
In an article published on several international sites in Arabic-English and French, "Sarkozy to Mustafa Abdul Jalil: the Algeria in a year, the Iran in three", the Lebanese journalist Nidal Hamadeh, journalist, corresponding in Europe of Al-Intikad talks about the respective roles of the two key allies-players in the us in events at the PO, namely, the France and the Qatar!
According to French, cited by Nidal Hamadeh on a conversation that took place between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the President of the Council of transition of the Libya, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, on the occasion of the visit of the latter in France, Sarkozy said his host, who complained of the Algeria: "wait and see what will happen in Algeria in one year and the Iran in three years."
What would that mean well that what happens in the Middle East currently, especially after the revolt of the youth of Egypt, it is-to-said the fall of the regime of Mubarak, is subject to a foreign agenda through which the "colonizing" Western powers want to redraw a middle size! Indeed, according to Nidal Hamadeh, the timing of the French threats against the Iran and that of the virulent campaign of the Qatar against the Syria are not innocent!
On the contrary, not only, they reveal "secret alliance that binds the France and the Qatar, in the Arab world under the sponsorship of the United States", but more they intervene after "the failure of the visit by the Emir of Qatar (Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani) in Tehran, and whose mere broker on behalf of Washington was to send to Tehran a asks us to cover the US occupation in Iraq by accepting its extension for another two year"., in exchange the US promise to open negotiations on all the hot issues in the region, including "the nuclear file", says Nidal Hamadeh.
Or according to the latter, "the response of the Iran to the Emir of the Qatar is the same than that given to the Saudis to know that the Iran will cover not the presence of the United States on Iraq forces, on the contrary it will defend the position of its Iraqi allies, in particular Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who demand a withdrawal of forces us according to the time limit set by the Convention américano-irakienne that is next year."
And therefore, continued Nidal Hamadeh: "this rejection of the Iran pushed the France and the Qatar, immediate US allies in the Arab world crises, starting with the triggered war against the Libya and provocations against the Syria, to differentiate between tasks: on the one hand the Emir of the Qatar launched a virulent campaign against the Syria immediately after his meeting with Iranian officials in line with an unprecedented campaign by Al-Jazeera which has aired". false information on alleged Monster events in Damascus! Information denied by Syrian television that for five hours live images broadcast seats in the Syrian capital at the same time where al-Jazeera and the other string satellite spread their erroneous information! »
But the Qatar does not stop there...
"Its campaign against the Syria continued in the meeting of the Arab League held at the level of Foreign Ministers to discuss the Syrian folder, and where the Foreign Minister of the Qatar (Hamad Bin Jassim) expressed positions too rigid against the Syria", according to Nidal Hamadeh.
With respect to the France, "President Sarkozy attacked the Iran, as to threaten the Islamic Republic of Iran of strikes against its peaceful nuclear sites", added the journalist! In the light of what has been said, "it seems that the campaign targeting only Syria is likely to expand to include the Iran and..." the Algeria: the first because of its nuclear program and its position on the US presence in Iraq not to mention its support to the movements of resistance in the Arab and Islamic worlds. "and the second for its position to the Libya in causing instability to overthrow the current regime and ensure the return of the France in a country rich in oil, gas and uranium," said Nidal Hamadeh!
"Knowing that it is not possible for anyone to launch a pre-emptive war against the Iran or the Syria, which leaves the Algeria exposed to all eventualities", concludes the journalist!

twits 15th - 16th
RussiaToday: 'Incredible Scandal: Libyan rebels admit they attack women & children':

11pm Tripoli
CRAZY WORLD: Suddenly, the NTC requires that everyone provide money to them. Only a few months ago, Gaddafi was provide money to everyone

Looks like the utterly corrupt ZIONIST led US Media outlets won't report Libya Rebels use of Mustard Gas until CIVILIANS USE IT BACK EVIL

CNN's Wolf Blitzer reporting on Libya mustard gas depots for weeks, now appears rebels are using it on civilians is Blitzer Israeli Sleeper?

NATO Special ops dropped inside Sirte

NATO is bombing Tobruk. Did they not say that it was in the hands of the rebels. Then why are they bombing?
[Ans. Younis' tribe based in Tobruk have threatened retaliation for his torture and assassination. Perhaps they have begun.]

Breaking NEWS sept16 Green freedom fighters have crushed rebels [insurgents] as hundreds of terrorists die and 40 tanks are burned

International Criminal Court Urged to Probe Vatican for Rampant Sexual Abuse of Children & Cover-Up.
[Will NATO blitz Vatican town, the zionist gold storage zone?]

Libya rebels launch 'all-out' attack on Kadafi stronghold Surt The US public drink propaganda like water

NATO Spec ops dropped inside Sirte, surrounded in the centre of the town and have no way out.

Green Libyan have defeated the rebels In desert far from Sirte hundreds of rebels die as rest flee far away near Bin Jawad

Khamis Gaddafi (who died 5 times in last two months) is reported in Sirte.
[Is that Arabic for heaven?]

Abdel Jalil of TNC needs NATO protectn to attack Sirte. Is NATO willing to aid the genocide on the people of Sirte?
[NATO is doing so and has been doing so since the attacks started.]

Ibrahim Moussa ALRAI says " we were Defensive not used all our Forces yet. Thousands Of volunteers waiting for attk sign"

Moussa Ibrahim on alRai tv says "Chemical weapons were used at Tripoli Port to enter Libya by special forces"

"Humanitarian" Wars: Libya, Syria... Algeria? Global Research TV

ALRAITV channel shows Live footage of Children and women and old Killed by NATO bombs in Sirte and use of chemicals

Rebels entered prison and killed all black prisoners and lynched Arabs of the tribes listed as pro-Gaddafi

Tripoli 12:00AM

cnfirmd 40 rebel tanks Green libyans have Defeated another rebel force in Red valley 43 rebel killed
["hundreds" was probably wishful thinking rather than propaganda]

NATO are Bombing Sirte With Ships and Helicopter and jets

Rebels are crushed in Red valley on another frontline and they left Injured rebels behind nd heavy guns

Confirmed Source LIVE Rebels lost 4 more tanks and 16 killed west of Sirte far in the desert as Fighting continues.

US drone strike kills"Al-Qaeda leader"in Pak. Obama wants more drones everywhere;cowardly weapons 4 a cowardly murderer

NATO rebels are exposed to heavy fire. Troops. Libyan armed. Near Sirte

Massive CIA cover-up: 'US hushes blatant human rights violations'

6000 Rebels attack Sirte this night with 900 armored car and More than 100 tanks , hope the libyan are ready to wellcome them

Mahmoud Jibril. key Qatari connection - involved in asset management Sheikha Mozah, wife of the emir of Qatar.

The US/UK/French-led war on Libya will be remembered as one of history's greatest crimes

alJazeera confirms rebels being pushed from Tobruk have asked for NATO help.

Today [15th] in Boosleem a peaceful protest took place where the people where they held the green-flag saying this is our Freedom of speech the rebels in the area quickly opened fire killing several, which angered the people of Boosleem ending up in a huge clash between the rebels & the people of Boosleem! The people were able to beat the rebels, then they celebrated by hanging the Green Flag on every house, but sadly every present rebel in Tripoli surrounded the area bombarding it with everything they got! Now burnt up remains of the flags remain on each rooftop with dozens of corpses in the street!!!! Is this the freedom of speech they talked so highly about?
[!/LibyanAvenger ]

rebels are leaving from araound Baniwalid to return to Misrata to help attack Sirte from the west.

NATO's dropped THOUSANDS of 1,000lb bombs on Libya cities.EACH is like 10,000lbs of dynamite throwing debris 1-5 Miles striking civilians

Breaking News our brave army destroyed Battleship for NATO near to the beaches of Sirte City

I will post the names of the 40 Rats that died trying to enter Sirte and their pictures Warning this will be Graphic!

For those that ask what my life is like here in Tripoli.

[Libyanavenger whose phone was hacked to spread NATO's bait message appears to have had his twit account hacked by CIA too, the same false message.]
PLEASE HELP SPREAD THIS (Thousands of brave men and women are preparing for Sunday, the day we will cleanse Tripoli from the Rats!!!

USA loaned them 700 million usd and another 800 million are on the way
[Aiding listed terrorist orgs. Jail Obama, his gov't, CIA, Pentagoons and Goldman Sachs]

Dozens of burning cars & dead bodies scattered,all of them from the side of rats, that was the outcome of the big fight that took place earlier 2day in the village of Utina approximately 130 kilometers from west side of Sirte... The rats have met the fierce resistance of R armed ppl & have bn rocketed w/ mortars & run away. Steadfast till the end.

More tribes, esp in West & Fezzan in South taking up arms against NTC terrorists. Rejecting Belhadj & Al-Qaeda, rejecting NATO/CIA killers

Military Admits: $360M in Taxpayer Money Lost to Taliban & Criminals in Afghanistan
[With CIA blessings?]

Julien Teil: manipulation of "human rights" & "terrorism" to destabilize Libya & Syria. Is Algeria next - on Sept 17th?

Tripoli 1:00 AM

NATO ships and jets Bombs sirte and 50 women and children Died as Fighting continues.

Turkey takes over the "Arab Spring"
[On behalf of CIA]

News from Sirte update. gr8 forces of Mujaheed & of Libyan army crushed the remnants of Misrata rats in an area 60 km away of Sirte...( west front of Sirte) In the east front of Sirte rats retreated behind Bin Jawad after they wr chased by the Libyan army & volunteers of the tribes. We have no words 2 express R admiration abt the brave ppl of Sirte that teach a huge lesson 2 all the world. After 6 months of heavy bombing & after at least 1 month of cut of supplies they hold steady & defend their homelands. The same applies 4 the ppl of the Bani Walid & 4 all the honorable ppl that defend R beloved Libya from the western colonialist crusaders.

MuammarLGaddafi Lmfao - "Unconfirmed -Gaddafi's Spokesman Mousa Ibrahim is dead in the city of Sirte, according to Libya Awalan TV"

Robert Fisk was there in Sabra+Shatila on 18 Sept '82. In a video made in 2010, Fisk recounts what he saw that day:
[Zionist genocide, 36 hours nonstop indiscriminate killing]

London bankers explain how to order cocaine from a restaurant and expense it

Tripoli 2:00 AM

India - Protesters Death Toll rises to 7 - Some Claiming Class War - YouTube

libya benghazi and tobruk reports of Heaving fighting in Eastern cities as SON of ABD FATAH the murdered Commander rejects cash offer
[Yes. Payback for Younis' brutal murder has begun. ]

HASSADI brigade and Salabi Brigade are leading Attack on Sirte Both are Officially Listed as Terrorist and ALQAEDA
[US, UK, EU, Canada etc can now be listed as states that support terror]

UN confirms mass abduction of civilians

LandDestroyer - Dr. Tarpley right again - US UK concede Syria has weathered their fake revolution armed thugs broken - Assad prevails

LandDestroyer - globalist hit in Syria FAILING US UK corporate fascists concede "stalemate"

Rumblings of war: Greece and Israel sign pact against Turkey
[Bilderberg plot going tits up?]

LandDestroyer - Prachatai of Thailand are US govt funded propagandists guilty of sedition NOT journalists

LandDestroyer - Thaksin Yingluck & UDD leadership = traitors working for US govt & Wall Street CONFIRMED

Russia’s UN ambassador: Sec Council working on resolution to issue new UN mandate for Libya & end humanitarian disaster
[So soon?]

Check the kind of 'medium' weapons NATO-led rebels are using against Sirte and its civilians

Tripoli 3:00 AM

Libyan special forces and iraQi Egyptian algerian fighters are in Sirte confirmed

Afghan Children sold into forced Labor

The new Iraq code also gives husbands a legal right to discipline their wives.

The Pentagon's new war plan against China

Libya Intensifies Resistance To Us And Nato-led Occupation
[Lengthy but detailed report]

General Younes'Tribe Vows Revenge

Nato Rebels Forced To Flee Sirte Frontline Libya

In Sirte NATO Spec-Ops dropped inside city: rebels remain outside.NB - BBC says 'Misrata Div' but they withdrew mmm

Tripoli is 4:00 AM

Arab Spring ending in Anglo-American Whimper beware of Israeli centric ploy to start regional war

The International Save the Children Alliance, said 28 % of all children btw the ages of 5-15 have been sold by their parents. Afghanistan

UBS Rogue Trader...or Financial Mercenary? - Max keiser Reports 2/3: UBS Rogue Trader...o...

Feb17 Libya rebels are US UK funded terrorists on record anything but "Freedom Fighters" & committing genocide

The best way to get a man to do something is to suggest they are too old for it.
[Cameron is too old to admit defeat.]

Tripoli 7:00 AM

Check back in a few hours for updates.

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