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Libyagate: Recent happenings

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Latest news from Libya - Sept 14. Musa Ibrahim gave a new message
Apparently, contrary to the wishes of the West, to retreat from the Sirte and Beni-Walid Qaddafi and his forces are not going anywhere.
Government forces have received and continue to receive reinforcements! Tarhuna tribe reinforced. According to various sources, during the storming of the Beni-Walid that completely failed, up to 1,000 insurgents were killed. NATO aircraft are trying to destroy the heavy equipment in the Beni Walid. There is information on the use of white phosphorus group of NATO during the storming of the city, but these data require confirmation.
[An AP journo may have confirmed.]
The Western media reported that rebel troops allegedly moved almost to the city center - this is pure disinformation, it is impossible to believe in any case! Now in Beni Walid it is relatively quiet, NATO and the rebels gave the defenders of the city 48 hours to lay down their arms.
Burkina Faso and Nigeria said that if they get Gaddafi, or family members they will be given to an international tribunal. There is evidence of the arrest of Saadi Gaddafi and three other generals, the Libyan army on the territory of Niger. Most of this information is disseminated by Western media, and requires verification.
Government forces continue to attack an oil refinery at Ras Lanuf, killed another 15 rebels (losses of NATO special forces are not reported.)

It seems probable that many if not all of the 80 or more executed, murdered in cold blood by the terrorist rebels were simply guest workers. The linked article condemns Ukraine for not investigating the killing of their citizens while praising the Columbians for their action.
Ukraine authorities simply hand the issue of shooting Ukrainian "mercenaries" to rats in Misurata

Rats admitted: they did not get Libyan gold! Thu, 15.09.2011 - 10:23 Comandante
ANNA-News reported:
"At the talks in Tripoli on September 14 with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltmanom head of the National Transitional Council and Mustafa Abdel Jalil, Libya stated that the disposal of the gold reserves of the country remains with Qadhafi.
The head of the new Libyan government believes that the gold can be used by the deposed dictator to recruit mercenaries and to organize resistance, according to Radio Liberty.


The Untold Story in Libya: How the West Cooked Up the "People's Uprising" By Russ Baker
Wait! Did the West just engineer the overthrow of another unpopular regime to get at an easy supply of oil?
As I write this, a new day is dawning in Libya. The “people’s revolt” against yet another tyrant is unquestionably exciting, and the demise (political and/or otherwise) of Muammar Qaddafi will, of course, be widely hailed. But barely below the surface something else is going on, and it concerns not the Libyan “people”, but an elite. In reality, a narrowly-based Libyan elite is being supplanted by a much older, more enduring one of an international variety.
The media, as is so often the case, has botched its job. Thus virtually all of its resources over the past six months have gone into providing us with an entertainment, a horse race, a battle, with almost no insight into the deeper situation.
It’s true that Qaddafi, like many—perhaps a majority of—rulers in his region, was a thug and a brute, if at times a comical figure. But one doesn’t need to be an apologist for him—nor deny the satisfaction of seeing the citizenry joyously celebrating his ouster—to demand some honesty about the motives behind his removal. Especially when it comes to our own government’s role in funding it, and thus every American’s unwitting participation in that action.
Let’s start with the official justification for NATO’s launch of its bombing campaign—for without that campaign, it’s highly improbable the rebels could ever have toppled Qaddafi. We were told from the beginning that the major purpose of what was to be very limited bombing—indeed, its sole purpose—was to protect those Libyan civilians rebelling against an oppressive regime from massive retaliation by Qaddafi. Perhaps because of NATO’s initial intervention, the feared Qaddafi-sponsored, genocidal bloodletting never did occur. (At least, not beyond the military actions one would expect a government to take when facing a civil war: after all, remember General Sherman’s “scorched earth” policy in the US Civil War?). However, protecting civilians apparently didn’t generate sufficient public support for intervention, so we started to hear about other purported reasons for it. Qaddafi was encouraging his soldiers to…commit mass rape! And giving them Viagra! And condoms!
You can’t make this sort of thing up. And yet that’s just what the NATO crew did—made it up. The media, always glad to have a “sexy” story, especially a sick sexy story, even a sick sexy story with no evidence to back it up, covered this ad nauseum, but never bothered to find out if it was true.
We’ve been expressing doubts about these claims, for a number of reasons—including logic—for some time now. (For more on that, see this [3] and this [4] and this [5].) But it’s tough to counterpoise hot-button issues with rationality. If you questioned the mass rape story, you were a “rape-enabler.” If you pointed out that Qaddafi was being bombed for anything other than humanitarian reasons, you were a “Qaddafi-lover.”
The media was so gullible that the professional disinformation guys went onto auto-pilot, recycling tired old tropes that nobody ought to be buying anymore. For example, most news outlets reported recently that Libya had fired a SCUD missile at the rebels.
“That it didn’t hit anything or kill anyone is not the point. It’s a weapon of mass destruction that Col. Qaddafi is willing to train on his own people,” said one Western official.

Chris Sedlmair on Facebook

Libya S.O.S.: The whole Imperialist Soldiery against ONE Man [How the hipocricy makes "sense"]

NATO have finally admitted they "dont know wht is happening" in S. Libya & proving Gadaffi claims he control 70% of Libya

Rebels lose ctrl of Many cities Brega RasLanuf Zawiyah Tarhuna 1/2 of misrata - areas of Tripoli.

Dr MoussaIbrahim Sep14 '11 [Engl.]

Zlitan - rebel council representative killed by sniper. TNC rebels suspect rival brigade as Infighting grows

Libya rebels face crisis on 2 fronts: The widespread resistance among Libyans from outside, and the huge political divisions within

Resistance Video RoundUp Sep12 Sep13 Sep14

Both Cameron & Sarkozy will b arriving 2 Tripoli 2moro!!! I really hope someone kidnaps them!
[We couldn't be that lucky.]

Domain Name:FEB17.INFOCreated On:14-Feb-2011 3 days before the fake "revolution" was set 2 srt. Another website, - registered Feb 16th in UK.

US Propossed UN resolution on Libya 2 cont war

2 Rebels Killed; Jamaharya Libya Forces In Tripoli

NATO, being an accomplice, is guilty of the crimes that TNC committed said JorgeValero (Venezuela ambassador at UN)

Source fr. BaniWalid "we have caught convoy belongs 2 rebels full of poison gas, he said that its time 2play fire w/fire, they plan on using it on the rebels who are trying to attack BaniWalid!!! He said that if they don't they will!....

Un High Commissioner Demands The Libya Solution For Syria

US ambassador to Syria in charge of recruiting AlCIAda death squads

Shocking imgs MSM dont show: Hvly armed gang democratically attacking app. block, Tripoli

UN failed 2 stp 65 wars & acc. major powers of sparking many conflicts since 1945 in pursuit of selfish interests

'popular revolt' in Libya is a total sham- Libyan ppl run fr. rebels or fight them.pls dont supp. neo-Colonialism

Libya alert: NATO evil planning 2 kill civillians disguised as libyan forces to create chaos

NATO trying 2 establish "greenzone" in Tripoli rush fwd "legit." of Feb17 Libya rebels 2 pour in troops weapons & $$

Update -
What Really Happened in Libya? - Mahdi Nazemroaya on GRTV

Ozyism twits and pages Newest first
Cameron in Libya while another British soldiers gets killed in Afghanistan. Britain will meet the same fate in Libya
Cameron and Sarkozy want their money back, failed coup
Cameron the coward enters Libya with riot police surrounding him
Sarkozy says Syria is next, this is worrying
Sarkozy claims French trash economy can continue the terror operations over Libya, he is just bluffing
Jalil admits Libya has been destroyed by his gang and NATO, and Cameron says he is proud of the outcome
Cameron says this is not NATO's revolution, he has a nice sense of humour
Cameron says he is proud of destroying Libya, speaking right now live

NTC cowards still afraid to move to Tripoli
Fighting between NATO militias leaves 12 death and 16 wounded (confirmed)

NATO War of Aggression against Libya
Intense clashes in al-Ghiran - 1 killed

Libya rebels face crisis on 2 fronts: The widespread resistance among Libyans from outside, and the huge political divisions within.

Mass graves, 27 identified, among them 9 men aged at least 60 - NATO militias killing and abducting all Libyan patriots

NATO member states in trouble as violence erupts in Italy

UN confirms mass abduction of Libyan Civilians by NATO militias

They have been saying 2 hours for the last 2 weeks, now that they failed 5 times, they say 1 week. NATO militias = funny.

Libya before NATO war of aggression and after - reality check for #NATOcheerleaders

Jibril told Salabi to shutup, NATO militias fighting each other like thieves fighting over stolen bounty |

The actual leaders of NTC are visiting Libya, Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama keeping himself far away for some mysterious reason

'The Libyan people have no option but to fight until they score victory and defeat colonialism'-col Gaddafi live address UNSC 14.9.11

Mass Graves found, victims of NATO militias and Mercenaries. The disturbing truth is only now being exposed.

Heavy fighting in Andalus district of Tripoli, 2 NATO militiamen killed

Saudi puppet Kings have reportedly sent armoured vehicles to help crush anti-NATO revolution Yemen…

Latin America oppose UN seat for NATO Militias

NATO militia representative killed in AJAYLAT |

Another attempt to take over BaniWalid ends in failure, retreat after heavy casualties

NATO militias have been saying they will take #BaniWalid in 2 hours for 3 weeks, they have sense of humour

Central Bank head arrested [Presumably on behalf of Goldman Sachs.]
In Libya, the detained former head of the Central Bank of the country. Abdel Hafid Zlinti surrendered to authorities in the town of Az-Zawiya. He is the last representative of the ousted regime of Muammar Gaddafi, had remained in office. Zlinti justified by the fact that doing his job and is not responsible for policy decisions. According to local media, most likely, he will have to appear before the court.

Vitaliy Demchuk wrote
Yesterday there was contact with bin Walid. Ironically, the previous relationship was the night before the attack the rebel-NATO forces in the city.
By the way, in a previous attack on Ben-Valid, as the mother herself, "were rivers of blood. There were many dead and wounded."
To say that my mother is worried - not to say anything.
Yesterday afternoon NATO planes scattered leaflets calling to leave the city. It then may properly .. Booked - is forearmed. But there is a misfortune - a complete lack of fuel. If cars worked on the water, and under this condition to go it would be problematic. Drinking water has very little, and maintenance costs at a very great need.
It seems to me that these leaflets is only an aid, to the Qatari-French tandem Al-Dzhazira/Evronyuz, leaving the city to say about Ben Walid residents. In fact - "nobody going nowhere."
Part of the population Ben Walid and were glad to have repainted the royal flag, but the two most influential families in the city on the interval refused to surrender the city. So is young people, who saw all the atrocities of the so-called insurgents are not willing to go under the knife, and eager to battle.
City bombing. Bombing and the suburbs. In the days when mom was not at work at the sound of flying an airplane in the sky grab with the neighbors (Filipino) bags and down the bare essentials on the first floor of the hostel. Basements do not have the same livitsev. That and trying to somehow secure.
I hope .. No, I do believe that all right, and all physicians in the bin Walid stay alive and unharmed. With God's help!

Breaking News September 14, 2011 - Libya
- Ultimatum to rebels
- Libyan tribes declared mercenaries by TNC
- NATO lies about mustard gas
- Abu Salim liberated from rebels
- TNC and NATO disagree on why rebels retreated during Libyan forces attack
- NATO Special Ops forces taken by Libyan forces
- NATO Special Ops killed
- Libyan forces arrest spy
- Ten killed by NATO in Sirte
- Roads cleared of rebels between Algeria and city of Sirte

September 15, 2011
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - British Prime Minister David Cameron has sent a strong message to Moammar Gadhafi and his followers still waging war in Libya to "give up" the fight, warning that NATO's mission will continue "as long as it is necessary" to protect Libyans.

Cameron spoke at a press conference alongside French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday - the first world leaders to travel to Libya since revolutionary forces seized the capital and ousted Gadhafi. Both countries led international support for the rebellion.

To Gadhafi and his supporters, Cameron said "It is over, give up" and added: "Anyone who thinks Gadhafi has any role (in ruling the country) should forget it."

Cameron and Sarkozy to carry on bombing Libya

Cameron again emphasized that NATO role is to "protect civilians." Yet, few here see it that way

WikiLeaks: Iraqi interrogators rape juveniles to get confessions Love that democracy

Libyan rebels are firing at demonstrator in tripoli after the visit of sarkozy and cameron , in abusalim lot killed

Disputes Get deeper Among Rebels as MIsrata Brigade is Confirmed to have retreated from Bani Walid and Sirte

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: 181 Days Of Bombing: 22,701 #NATO Sorties, 8,520 Strike Sorties

David Cameron: "Benghazi is an inspiration to the world." .. But its not okay for palestinian to revolt with arms.

NATO militias attempt another assault against Sirte after intense NATO terror operations |

UN has no authority to pass Resolutions on Libya - Pravda.Ru

Tripoli is 6:00 PM

I bet you for a million Dinar sarkozy + caneron heard the two explosions that rocked the airport area a hour ago libya 4 hours ago
[If they were in the mock-up in Saudi or Qatar, you lose.]

As we alrdy informed U, the big rats Sarkozy & Cameron whr seen by sum small group of human rats in Tripoli inside a hotel in undisclosed location.... (we R not sure if they evr whr in Tripoli)
The rats run 2 Benghazi 2 greet the traitors. The scenery was the same, a green zone & traitors cheering...As we alrdy told U hrs ago the European rats mayB nevr visited Tripoli... or visited 4 a press conference in a hotel. they went 2 the rats base Benghazi 2 make a public appearance b/c in Tripoli (if they evr whr thr) wr unable.

AlQaeda Did you ever think the notorious Tripoli will be your Graveyard? 7 militants with Moroccan accents were sent to God today!

ALERT! Every Libyan received a SMS something lk ths: "The Libyan government wants that U on the day of 18th Se… (cont)

ALERT (the NATO will do it faking 2 B the Libyan army),so UN will Have the excuse 2 make NATO cont ths illegal war. Only an online Libyan TV could say: thr's no Jamahiriya call:Libyans, stay at home on the 18th of September, 2011

Breaking News September 14, 2011 - Libya  
[see above]

RussiaToday: Rebels assault Gaddafi’s hometown: Libya’s rebel forces say they are about to capture Surt...

Amnesty: Saudi activist defiant in face of state intimidation

NATO wants to bring in soviet tanks looking like jammahiriya tanks to commit massacres on Sep18 against civillians & blame Gaddafi

NTC rep came 2 courthouse steps + told few Libyans there Sarko would see lack of crowd diplomatic snub. Urged pple to call friends/family

Gaddafi's Message to the security council 14.09.2011 english subtitles

New UN draft resolution on Libya says ARMS EMBARGO REMAIN IN PLACE... WTF arms embargo are they talking about ??? We ain't no idiots

Libya: Libyan Resistance: Summary, 14. 09. 201...

Civilians in Tripoli fear execution by rebels if they reveal opposition to NATO takeover or criticize NTC

government troops now control coast west of tripoli to Tunis border

Huge explosions in Boosleem district, the whole area's covered in smoke! 20 Rebels killed in car explosion yesterday in Hadba. Tripoli

SIRTE: journos are sent away to ajdabiya. NATO plans attack without media eyewitnesses?

GlobalRes: Guess Who is Doing the Killing In Libya: For more details, please click on the link to read ...

Tripoli 8:00 PM

People in Benghazi forced at gunpoint to form crowd of welcome for sarkozy & cameron.

LandDestroyer. Telegraph- Rebel leaders hoping to starve Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte into submission = war crime

Blackberry says would close messenger service in UK if ordered to at times of civil unrest

Conflict in Libya delays school year in universities: The begining of the school year has been del...

There is Propaganda Pictures being used in Desert Far away from SIRTE the Whole "big attack" is a Circus Show for sarcozy 's pride

Khadaffi give until the 30 of this month for the rebels to disarm and go home or they will all be killed  

Breaking News rats is attacking Brak Shatty the gate of the south of Libya and NATO is bombing , many families...

Saif Al Islam: "you will hear Great news we started Resistance slow but its expanding east" In This World noting is Imposible

the rats have made a montaged vid from Sirte in order 2 break the steadfast in Bani Walid! Al Zajeera will show ths vid soon. Its nothing special... but it's enough 2 make psychological war!
rats r at least 50 km away from west sirte! ths is the reason they ousted the reporters so they cn easily spread their lies again!

Rebels are NOT Inside of Sirte. Also brigade that is involved is not MISRATA brigade that hasleft its side of the front.

Core troops of NTC huge defeat at Sirte airports, rebels under rain of rpg with no support
[NATO bombed out? I don't believe they have stopped out of shame.]

Urgent news The Rebel brigade that is fighting is AL QAEDA group under HASSADI . But MISRATA brigade fled front after deaths.

Rebels have not Reached Sirte and Are fighting In Desert. While AlJazE decides to Spin its way to glory For sarcozy Love

RT_com Antimissile plan advances as Poland welcomes US interceptors
[Who controls the missiles?]

We saw today how Sarkozy had to bring 100s of his security....
[Liar Cameron, Libya under NTC control. Cuckoo, cuckoo]

Russia is under control of Russian olligarchs, that work with western olligarchs. not under western olligarch control.
[I heard different, maybe this is right]

Saw on France24 that Russia wants no-fly-zone to be lifted over

Sirte Gaddafi forces pushing NTC rebels convoys away from villages surrounding Sirte

Much of Tripoli in Gaddafi hands. Rebels can't hold city, support has been eroded. Free Libya will be reborn. NATO terrorists have no future
[Terrorist insurgents are concentrated in the port area protected by warships.]

Shameful. UK changes law to make country a safe haven for Israeli war crimes suspects Desperate Global Warmists Are Turning to Wacky Victorian Inventions to Save the Earth:

Tripoli 9:00 PM

US Urges Americans To Leave Syria Immediately: al_...

Sources in Sirte Confirm NO rebels even Close to Sirte. while AJE via Rueters continues its Rebel propaganda.
[also ]

watch for secret NATO military bases around Libya that will be used to support the rats. No Libyan oil will kill the $$$

david cameron promises to rebuild libya, think he should start with england first

Obama and the Uk along with France have completed the wiping out of the Black tribes of Libya

NewAmericanMag NATO and U.S.-backed rebels in Libya are accused of "ethnic cleansing," black genocide:

Tripoli 10:00 PM

SIRTE: NATO conducting continous bombing of the city.

Article exposes,historically documents horrific CIA & US Military Bioweapons Tests on US Citizens in Florida & States

Counterpunch: Among the many shameful and cowardly things that President Barack Obama has and...: Amo...

Elders of Younes' Obeidi tribe said senior officials in the NTC conspired with Islamic extremists to kill the general

Libya only 1500 persons at sarkozy and cameron meeting that popular? among them 800 security agents

Haitians Demand Ouster of U.N. Peacekeeping Force After Uruguayan Troop Sexual Assault Incident.

Tripoli 11:00 PM

So Aljazeera says they took the center of the city, but then just the airport outside the city, but then they retreated outside the city.

maybe Qadhafi's forces are moving past Ras Lanuf & Brega towards Benghazi???

How cute seeing war-criminals Cameron, Sarkozy and @WilliamJHague all smiles under protection of al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya.

Moussa Ibrahim Confirms "Sarcozy and Cameron and Abd jalil were all In Benghazi" many Sources on Ground Reconfirmed it

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