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Libyagate: Bani Walid, a small town holds its own

Bani Walid defends itself against terrorism inflicted by bank controlled countries and corporation controlled NATO

Divisions grow in Libyan ranks after failed attack on loyalist stronghold
Rival factions turn on leadership after the attempt to secure Bani Walid ends in chaos. Kim Sengupta Tripoli
The rebels had fought their way in through the narrow streets and alleyways when they ran into an ambush. A desperate appeal for help to their comrades, exiles from Bani Walid whose advice they had followed on the assault, was answered by instructions to fall back to a rendezvous point outside the town.
But when the revolutionaries reached their destination, having fought their way out under intense fire, there was no sign of the Bani Walid contingent. Then, as urgent attempts were being made to establish communications, came salvos of mortar rounds and rockets.
By the time the opposition fighters had brought their casualties, five dead and 18 injured, to the nearest medical facility, they were enraged, accusing the Bani Walid men of betrayal. And some of the "outside" groups returned to Tripoli in disgust.
"We were given directions by the Bani Walid men we were leading and they were supposed to be behind us," said Ahmed Ishmail Jawad, a 24-year-old student and volunteer. "We faced a lot of fighting, much more than we expected. When we called for reinforcements, there was no one. We were told to get back and arrange another attack with the Bani Walid men. But they had gone back further and we had Grads [rockets] coming on us."
His companion from Zintan, Nasr Hamid Husseini, added: "There is something going wrong here. We cannot have success if people are going in different directions. We are worried about the loyalties of some of these men."
Mohammed el Ghadi, from Khoms, believed that tribal loyalties had superseded those of the revolution. "They are all Warfalla, those inside Bani Walid and those with us. We believe there are traitors among them."
Bitching from the cannon fodder continues -
[Gold plating pig excreta does not conceal the smell. There has been a notable MSM failure to serve its customers by serving the lying and two faced governments and corporate interests. Late in the day the Indy and DT are showing signs of honest reporting surfacing alongside the propaganda turds.]

Hat tip for the above - Libya Liberal Youth who also noted;

27 rats were killed in Bani walid earlier today and their bodies now in the hospital of Alkhumes city.
Also in tripoli after the rats declared "victory" today we had this official news from rats :
Central Tripoli Hospital: 700 total deaths/injuries from celebratory fire in Tripoli alone.
700 dead in 20 days does not sound so celebratory...
[Reportedly the first stage of erasing al Qaeda. The snake is eating its tail in earnest.]

Nato dropped leaflets to the city of Bani Walid.
the flyers called every family to surrender and they also stated that if they surrender the weapons (those that they were given in order to destroy the nato-rats) they would be granted the huge amount of 500 thousand dinnars per family..... on the other side of the leaflet it was written that if they dont surrender they would be bombed with white phosphorous!
The answer of the tribes of bani walid was:
"We do not and will not surrender or betray the nation and we are ready to serve God and destiny."
[Note LibyaSOS comment: 40 tons of forged Libyan currency from the UK in exchange for deposited dollar, euro, £. Typical bankster mafia scam to steal Libyan wealth.]

Al qaeda leader al zarkaoui in a video release gives full support to "arab spring",saying that the people that did that unrest are noble people that want to impose shariah law in the countries ( libya, tunisia,egypt,syria,yemen)

There is a rumor calling people Libyan loyal people to go out and fight the rats at 18th of the month in Tripoli.
We as Libyan Liberal Youth , that are in constand contact with the Libyan goverment and all the loyalist people in Libya , declare that this is made up by RATS AND NATO , in order to kill the unorganized people that still support the Lbyan goverment in Tripoli and to justify some continuation of the NATO bombing that expires on 19 of the month together with the UN mandate.
The resistance is organized and the day that we will come out in the day that we will crush the rats is not far, but for sure we will not announce it online.

Rebels prepare another attempt to attack bani Walid after countless failed attacks. This may be their last attempt.

Baniwalid - many NTC rebels surrender, many others decided to join Gaddafi loyal troops, on the road to Baniwalid (eyewitness)

TNC leader pleads for unity as 8 rebel commanders declare themselfs leaders. and several vow to kill TNC rivals

Misrata Sees The Light
Major crack - Abdul D jibril confirms that Misratah has detached itself from TNC
Liar Cameron and Obama say the NTC is in control. Expect Tripoli where the NTC have put an al Qaeda leader in charge of their fighters to follow suit. Benghazi is a chaotic kaleidoscope of factional fighting. Still the EU, US and UK bankster controlled gov'ts plow tax funds into their barbaric project to savagely pound the country into the ground to subjugate under psycopathic corporate and bankster's puppets for private profit.

See the comments section at for updates and links to reports.
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