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Libyagate: Some LibyaSOS selections

The author of the site is doing a sterling  work collecting and penning observations of notable events of the multinational, mercenary, terrorist, criminal, islamic extremist and traitor co-operation in the deadly and barbaric coup and armed robbery of Libyan property, successes, failures and violations. noted -

NATO has conceived a huge provocation to discredit the army of volunteers from Libya and African countries. For this purpose, they are buying Soviet weapons, like those the Libyan army is armed with. Today it was reported that NATO had bought Soviet weapons through Latvia, including several tanks and armored vehicles, from Moldova, and possibly from other countries. They use a heavy cargo aircraft IL-76. They are painted in Jamahiriya colors and will kill the Libyans, to make the army, the volunteers and the tribes enemies to each other. Aircraft from Moldova will arrive today Sept 13, destroy it at the airport in Benghazi.

THE UN WAS AN ACCOMPLICE TO NATO AGGRESSION ON LIBYA -The cynical behaviour of the Security Council in the face of Nato’s mission of removing a legitimate government…by military force, leaves no one in doubt that the world organization no longer respects its own charter; that it has become the absolute instrument of the sole superpower and its allies; and that it has lost credibility, moral strength and validity as the conscience of the world.

Libya: European Special Forces because of devastating losses deducted!
jo on September 11th, 2011... Secret information from German military experts:
A German military expert said at a private meeting, citing sources, "safe and reliable," that the / number of British special forces were killed in Libya is far higher, has not only given 35 dead as the British War Office announced.
We speak here of about 1500-2000 deaths. This is also the reason why the British government has ordered its troops in Libya back in the United Kingdom.

Massacring Protesters: Really? .. we have video of two injured "protesters," one apparently just deceased, the other being carried up a street from somewhere to the west-southwest, in the direction of the setting sun. ..

"Gaddafi's money" ... "Gaddafi's billions" ... "Gaddafi's gold"...Where is money of Libyan people? ->

Libya could fall into hands of extremists, Nato warns
The warning came in an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph as Muammar Gaddafi's loyalist forces stepped up a fightback on three fronts.

Today in Moscow President Dmitry Medredev has informed David Cameron that Russia will vote against further [illegal] military action in Libya

The Director of the Office of the European institutions to Amnesty International, Nicolas Beger, said Monday that rumors that Gaddafi has hired black Africans as mercenaries was false.
He added that the National Transitional Council (CNT) had made little effort to refute this claim and that Africans were the subject of numerous reprisals

NATO militia torture family nanny - Recently the same proven NATO liars have been forcing an innocent captive Nanny to say that she has been tortured by Qaddafi's family.
This is obviously a forced confession, firstly she was a captive in the hands of NATO militia, secondly NATO is desperately trying to murder Qaddafi, so it wouldn't be shocking, nor surprising for NATO militia to torture the family's nanny to try to gain information about Qaddafi and his family's where about.
[Reminiscent of the CIA asset Obeida cfalsely claiming rape, although there is a difference in the  methods of persuasion, financial on one hand and maybe coercion on the other]

Fears Grow over Rising Numbers of Stranded Migrants Without Food and Water in Sebha as Fighting Intensifies..Libya - An estimated 3,000 migrants are now thought to be seeking refuge at an IOM transit centre as fighting around the Libyan city of Sebha continues.However, IOM is deeply concerned over their welfare as the transit centre, like the rest of Sebha, is fast running out of food. There is also no running water or electricity. [THANK YOU NATO DEMON]

NATO again dropped leaflets onto the city of Bani Walid. The flyers called for every family to surrender. They also said that if they surrender their weapons, they would be granted the huge sum of 500,000 dinars per family. On the other side of the leaflet it was written that if they do not surrender, they would be bombed with white phosphorous.
The answer of the tribes of Bani Walid was, "We will not surrender or betray the nation, and we are ready to serve God and destiny."
LSOS COMMENT: These 500,000 dinars NATO offered as a bribe to any family of Bani Walid forward to ..... these 500,000 dinars no value! These Libyan bank notes are printed in the UK and everyone should know that if NATO establish their terrorists in Libya - the first thing that the world mafia will do is to make the hyper-inflation! Then these pieces of paper - 500,000 dinars will have a value of 50 euro !
Niakoi Niakakav AND HE IS RIGHT 10.Sept.2011. article -
Moreover, even if this amount was delivered to the "new" authorities of Libya not in the deposited currency (the accounts were in dollars, euro, pounds and, in theory, were supposed to be returned in the same) but they came in boxes with newly printed Libyan dinars. From London - as much as 40 tons!

[CC sez - There are 2 ways to defeat a nation, by violence and by debt. The UK was knocked down by violence, WWI & WWII, and stangled to death with fraudulently created debt with 5th column government complicity to this day. Libya is experiencing the same. The IMF, World bank, cartel central banks and some "charity" banks are aiding and abetting.]

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