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13 September 2011 @ 12:46 pm
Libyagate: Letter asking UN to stop the Libya gang bang  

Letter to the delegates of the UN regarding the war on Libya
by Bodhibrian Souter on Monday, 12 September 2011 at 14:06
Hello Delegates to the UN, I and many others around the world, have been following events in Libya with grave alarm, since the illegal war against the sovereign state began back in March. By now you have all seen it turn from a reputed Responsibiity To Protect (R2P) civilians project to open war on the Libyan people and their society and a genocide against black african peoples there. We have been  observing the war crimes committed there by NATO in allegience with a violent and racist league of insurgents from Libyas east, mercenaries from Qatar and alqaeda elements, and have documented evidence of their crimes. None of these have the support of the mass of Libyan peoples. And now purges are taking place against those people who do support the chosen libyan leader Muammar Qadafi.

In this regard:



• to put an end to the misuse of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 to influence the internal affairs of Libya through warfare, by revoking it, and

• to press for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Libya, backing the African Union's central role in this context. We thank those countries that have tried, and are still trying, to work towards peace. Our appeal is based on the following:

• the military intervention in Libya undertaken by some NATO members has now gone far beyond the provisions of Security Council Resolution 1973, and is based on hyped-up accounts of defenseless citizens being massacred by their government, while the truth is that, in Libya, there is an on-going and intense internal armed conflict;

• we are aware of the economic and geo-strategic interests that lie behind the war in Libya and, in particular, behind NATO support of one of the two armed factions;

• NATO military intervention in Libya has killed (and is continuing to kill) countless civilians, as well as harming and endangering the civilian population, including migrants and refugees, in various other ways;

• the belief, at this stage, that only non-belligerent countries -- and particularly those with U.N. Security Council voting rights -- can successfully bring a peaceful end to the conflict through negotiations and by implementing the opening paragraph of UNSC Resolution 1973, which calls for an immediate ceasefire.

Respectfully yours,
Brian Souter

taxpayers of US and EU never gave their permission that there tax money be used to wage war by NATO on the Libyan people. Its a blatant example of misuse of funds that were meant to benefit the citizens through public works.