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Libyagate: Selected twits, Sept 1:30am - 3pm UK time

Twits starting 1:30am UK
The NTC gave the coordinates of islamists on their way to Sirte, about 150 found dead! They've already started to turn on each other

Correction. Justin marroz MI6, Tahir Qasim and his Qatari special forces are in a safe place with 8 other blond hair blue eyes Rats

People are amnesic,1.5 Million dead, 4M refugees.1M Widows 5M orphans, over 400,000 missing 1000's maimed for life. IRAQ

"Aelicia Jones" = human rights???
[Must be a story there, needs an investigative journo, any left?]

Even if the coordinates are not used, Twitter must suspend accounts with this kind of murderous behavior.

"rebels" say they are "outgunned" in Bani Walid. Hasn't Gadhafi been outgunned by NATO air campaign?

360CNN - Taped Mossad phone warnings,Computer text msg intercept to Jewish CEO's,Jewish Bankers,Business owners at WTC 30 min.before attack collected

USA Citizens should demand the Israeli Mossad 9/11 attack msg intercepts made 30 min+ before the attack occurred be released to US public

9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars, video

Jewish Banker and Economist who destroyed US Economy Bernanake,Kohn,Friedman,Geithner,Wolin,Zoellick etc

Nato launches renewed strikes in bid to help Libyan rebels' final assault - Telegraph

Nato launches renewed strikes in bid to help Libyan rebels' final assault - Telegraph

Sunday Telegraph discovered Taworga forcibly emptied of residents by the victorious rebels, then comprehensively looted

PanAFNW: CIA-Trained Rebels Hit With Stiff Resistance by Libyan Patriots in Bani Walid: Women in Libya ...
They say we’re are rats, we’re are coming to rob you, your houses and rape your woman,” Monem said. “That’s why the people are still scared of us.” Astute.]
--------------------------7am UK

RT_com Principality in principle – Italian town wants to go it alone
Italy's much-disputed austerity package to slash the country's crippling debt will go through a final debate at the lower house of Parliament on Monday. It would increase taxes and cut government spending to balance the budget by 2013.
However, there is one town in Italy that has decided it does not want to wait for the cuts.
The town of Filettino in the middle of the country also claims to be an independent principality. To prove it, it has even started printing its own money – the “fiorito”.

[The banster mafia won't tolerate competition. However, if a lot of cities around the world do the same, print debt free currency where the banksters don't get the equivalent of created currency in bonds, plus interest, the banksters are done for. The globalist scam is dependent on ripping off taxpayers for funding via cartel central banks.]

RT_com EU helped Greece? Greek MP doubts

NATO Renews Bombing of Libya to ‘Help Rebels’ -- News from

RT_com 'US Empire starts to fold: all state systems failed'

Israel FM Avigdor Lieberman publicly threatens Turkey with helping,arming,funding Armenian,Kurdish terrorists
[The only way zionist US can help Israel is by booting Turkey out of NATO, otherwise the brainless massacre-state terror machine is obliged to aid Turkey.]

Palestinian Official states US Veto at the UN Sec.Council on Palestinian State recognition would destroy peace process

NASA scientist Stewart Nozette pleads guilty to attempted espionage trying to sell US Top Secrets to Israeli Mossad

ALL GOP Candidates push to eliminate EPA and FDA. It has been found pesticides in USA food Increase ADHD in children

Tribal leaders ask Libyan people to ensure that Libyan people, not foreign powers, govern Libya.

While it is proper to remember the about 4000 American 9-11 victims, who will remember 3 million Afghans & Iraqis killed illegally by US? [& NATO countries]

Big Boss jaleel your master is alive and well and in Tripoli trying to find the rat leader Gaddafi.
[Being shot being no more than a trivial inconvenience? Jalil needs to show himself.]

My Solar Flare Ap just spiked at 121 one of the highest levels I have seen. The Sun is really kicking it! Yeah Baby!
[That'll interfere with sat. communication with Pantiegoon drones and their deadly toy planes.]

Check this video out -- Libya: Sirte inside hospital - results of the NATO-BOMBING, 3rd Septembe...
[They were command and control positions, we have proof, we copied the twits telling us of their positions.]

tripoli under Gaddafi was a vibrant city.. Now under alqaeda blacks are being lynched

Brutality in Libya, Syria shocking: U.N. rights chief
[shouldn't an apology be forthcoming? The UN unleashed the rabid rottweiler]

Who dissapeared? Tawergha 10000 ppl disappeared ,Qwalish, mashyshya, Zliten emtpy, Zawiah, Brega etc etc etc How you dare to lie??
-------------------------------------10am UK

Libya proving more than complex: UK spent millions tracking Libyan 'terrorists': then millions more putting them into power?

Why does corporate media glorify the Libyan rebels?

Qatari Army FLAG at 58secs & NATO Rebels in Attack On Beni Walid, NATO Crim...

Libya is withdrawing banknotes with Gaddafi effigy today How on earth can they do that LOL

AJE says rebels withdrew themselves from Bani Walid to get more ammunition. BBC says loyalists pushed rebels out.

200 Nigerians held by NTC (rebels) of libya, but headlines read "200 Nigerians held in Ghaddafis cells"

I thought the Nafusa Mountains had all been taken by rebels. But apparently not -
[rebels here= Fr foreign legion, Qatari army and 2 small tribes]

"The International Monetary Fund cleared the way yesterday for billions of dollars in aid to be sent to the...
Financial aid: IMF offers cash to help provisional government
The International Monetary Fund cleared the way yesterday for billions of dollars in aid to be sent to the provisional government of Libya, the National Transitional Council
[How else are they to pay the mercs to stay and recompense the banksters' invading colonist forces?]

African Union's Decision on Libyan NTC Noble (All Africa): Share With Friends: World News...
At the end, I felt that the gist of the AU pronouncement had clearly evaded the comprehension of many. For a start, the continental body announced that it will not recognise the NTC because Article 30 of its Constitutive Act clearly stipulates that the body will not recognise governments that come into power through unconstitutional means.
It is apparent that the AU, guided by this legislature, was obliged to reject any association with the Libyan rebels. Simple logic informs us that the NTC is not a constitutional entity as it came into being after usurping power through unconstitutional military means

Libya Army frees oil refinery n. Ras Lanuf fr rebels. 15 rats killed.

UNagenda21 - Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF  Chemtrail folks U might want to see this~

NATO: 77 U.S. troops injured after Taliban hit Afghan coalition base

Libya vry well. Army destroying rebel FF rats from w/in.

NATO "liberation" of Libya on full display. genocide by Al Qaeda racists backed by US UK French Qatari firepower

LandDestroyer - NATO actively facilitating nationwide genocide in Libya by Feb17 rebels - bombing Sirte Bani_Walid while rebels exile/exterminate blacks

RT_com profile

RT_com Cameron: UK wants to go further on Syria, Assad lost legitimacy, has no future
[Can this bankster puppet be trusted? No.]

NATOs NEW Libya, Roadside graves found in Tripoli, NATO Crimes In Libya: NATOs NEW Libya,

“Qatar, hailed as a model of political reform by Western diplomats & think tanks, is the academic platform 4 advocates of suicide bombings”

RT_com News Alert: Explosions, heavy smoke reported near Tripoli airport - Libya TV

NATO used Mustard Gas in Bani Walid (confirmed). For the first time image of a victim has come out
--------------------------12am UK

More than 5 massive explosions in Tripoli,near airport.

Hello Delegates to the...
My letter to the delegates of the UN regarding the war on Libya by Bodhibrian Souter on Monday, 12 September 2011 at 14:06
Hello Delegates to the UN,
I and many others around the world, have been following events in Libya with grave alarm, since the illegal war against the sovereign state began back in March. By now you have all seen it turn from a reputed Responsibiity To Protect (R2P) civilians project to open war on the Libyan people and their society and a genocide against black african peoples there.
And so on -

RT_com News Alert: One killed, three injured in blast at nuclear plant in France, risk of radiation leak
"For the time being nothing has made it outside," said a spokesman for France's Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). [It's a waste process plant, no reactor. Near Marseille]

Cocaine snorting, Bilderberg attending George Osborne... is funded by The Rothschilds and other Big City Bankers
[Is there proof he snorts?]

Prostitute at centre of Osborne story gives interview - Crime, UK - The Independent
[At least he ain't a paedophile. Is he. Thing is, once crap like this gets out, the banksters lose their leverage... Liar Cameron is probably being saved for dessert.]

Massive blast at Tripoli airport arms depot

militia being attack all over Libya, from Tripoli, to RasLanuf, from RasLanuf to the outskirts of BaniWalid, Libyans rise.. Run!
[End days for the NTC and their CIA sponsored allies, al Q? Let's hope NATO and its barbaric neanderthal leaders can be staked too.]

Al-Qaeda behind threat to US yes we believe her! while she is financing them in Libya The Ugly Truth -
[Bankster gov't cred going past the U bend.]

RT_com First VIDEO of deadly Kenya blast site, over 100 killed in pipeline fire

Mass Assembly Trafalgar Square Saturday 8 October 2011 12 noon 10 Years On Troops Out of Afghanistan
[not out of Libya?]

Rebel commander says RasLanuf oil-refinery employees set fire to installations, 10 killed.
[did they get carbon credits from China first?]

Benghazi Big demonstration against TNC Masses are resisting rebels in many parts of the City
[MSM journos rush to get the news, photos out /sarc]

forty-six drills of 9/11 attacks, latest interview with Dr Tarpley

'Saudi Arabia, UK main 9/11 culprits'

BBC report proves 9/11 was arranged

RT_com 9/11 masterminds ‘failed to achieve ultimate goals’ - Russian Foreign Ministry

Does anyone know if LibyanLiberal is ok?

deepening friction between civilian and military in Tripoli. military refusing to come under TNC control and calling on PM to resign.
[I think this refers to the alQ military, PM being the perforated Jalil?]
------------------------------- ~15:00 UK

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