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Libyagate: Selected twits, Sept 11 up to 130am UK time. More on Jalil

LandDestroyer NATO terror bombing in Sirte Bani_Walid as Feb17 thugs whine they are "demoralized & outgunned"

NATO militia retreat from Bani Walid due to heavy casualties ~ OZYISM

Contagion: An insight on how the NWO may be implimented.: I saw this movie last night and it became...

Reuters 11 September, 2011 07:19:00
[...] "We are inside Bani Walid, we control big chunks of the city. There are still pockets of resistance," one fighter named Sabhil Warfalli said as he drove away from the front line in the town 150 km (95 miles) southeast of Tripoli.
He said pro-Gaddafi forces were now concentrated in the central market area -- an account backed up by a resident named Khalifa Telisi who had telephoned a family in the town.
"There is still resistance from the central market. All other parts of Bani Walid have been liberated," Telisi said. "Another revolutionary battalion is coming in from the south. Gaddafi forces are scattered. It is a matter of hours now."
[...] Gaddafi's loyalists also control Sirte, which sits on the main east-west coastal highway, effectively cutting Libya in two. Advancin NTC troops said the front line was now about 90 km east of the city.
[...] The NTC has said it will complete its move to Tripoli this week, although previous timelines for this have slipped.
[...] "Last night the enemy fired many Grad rockets and mortars. We were under a hail of Grads. We don't know what we're going to do now. I have to admit, they have more experience than us," said Mohammed Ibrahim, a local anti-Gaddafi fighter.

Justice minister confirms Saadi Qaddafi has arrived in Niger
[possibly to discuss the impending food shortage there due to NATO's terrorst campaign.]

The rats captured Abu Zaid Dorda,he dnt tremble & say U R rt as the cowardly act of Khaled Kaaam but uttered aloud lk a lion:"I dnt regret my time w/ the system of Br.Leader M.Gaddafi & live 2 prove that U.S.& Israeli intellig. R behind wht is happening in Ly,God we will reach the day we celebrate U & us & R leader & Ly ppl R free & the free world in the Gr.Sq was cleared Champions Lys their land fm the filth of rats & their masters Crusaders NO 1 KNOWS whr HE IS BEING HELD!

Karima Oulala we want picture of his capture

Not true according to sources in Libya, Dorda is safe & well not in Rebel Terrorist hands, pls confirm

RT_com Libyan interim government to be formed in 10 days

When billions are available to fight a terrorist enemy, you can be confident we’ll come up with enough scary terrorist enemies

October 8, Stop the War is calling a mass assembly in Trafalgar Square to mark the 10th anniversary of the Afghan war

Breaking news: the Libyan army and the tribal fighters crushed the NATO rebels in the outskirts of Harawah ... the names of some of the dead:
1 - Muhammad Faraj follicular - Martyrs Brigade of Darnah.
2 - Abdul Munir Hafeez beliel- the martyrs battalion of Darnah.
3 - Amradja Aabrek Awami - Martyrs Brigade of Darnah.
4 - Emad Abdel-Mohsen Alaptair - Martyrs Brigade of Darnah.
5 - Saddam Sidqi bin Zbah - Martyrs Brigade of Darnah
The capturing were 39 and they were all transferred to a safe place in Sirte, the proud capital of the Libyan resistance

Brave Army killed 50 rats trying to enter Brega [retwitted from 5pmUK]

Meles Zenawi is 100 times worse than Libya's Qaddafi, so why are you still supporting this criminal?

BinWalid & Sirte i salute you. Rats are giving up and walking away.

Tripoli rats seding mass text mesage to all phones "Jalil alive dont worry" :D Good, spread panic. Do it!

First man of the NTC is killed in LIBYA [russian]
In Libya killed the rebel head of Government?
In the Eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, possibly killed the head of the Transitional Government of the Libyan rebels Mustafa Abdul Jalil. This message of Libyan MEDIA had not yet confirmed by other sources. According to official MEDIA of Libyan Jamahiriya, Benghazi was demonstration of town residents in support of the "Imam of all Muslims and beloved leader Colonel Gaddafi." After the demonstration, clash between supporters of the Colonel and "half-breeds of the Libyan people, drug addicts, the Egyptian and Algerian mercenaries, traffickers in human beings and organs, mentally ill members of the Al-Qaeda". During these clashes and supposedly killed "traitor"-former Minister of Justice of Libya Jalil.
In the meantime, the Government of Italy had decided to allow the country's air force bombed some military installations in Libya. The Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi clarified that it is not about bombing a "very selective military intervention against specific military targets, especially military equipment". And the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy at a joint press conference with Berlusconi in Rome again assured that terrestrial military operations in Libya. BBCreports, head of France said: "there is no operation Ground resolution of the UN Security Council, and we must clearly comply with this resolution, this is the rule".
Meanwhile, the MIGnews information portal reports that the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Jamahiriya Abdul ATI Al-Obeidi travelled to Addis Ababa, where be held meeting with leaders of the African Union. Participants will discuss the new proposals of the African Union about the truce in Libya.
RIA News
According to unconfirmed reports, a possible solution to the conflict is considered to be part of Libya, which previously known as unacceptable as the two sides of the Libyan conflict and the international community. However, for a long time either party failed to achieve any tangible benefits in the hostilities, and the same city again and again changed hands. Bearing this in mind, the prospect of partition Libya now seems not so unrealistic and supporters of al-Gaddafi in Tripoli, and rebels against them in Benghazi.
[counter psyops? now the oppo twits are saying Saadi captured - he's in Niger, how did they get him? A CIA rendition squad?]

Journos reported a gunfight at airport 2day stopped a UN humanitarian aid flight from landing in Tripoli. Linked to Jalil no-show 2 day?

Curious note : NTC head Jalil arrived in Tripoli y'day but was not at press conference 2day.

UN gave NATO a mandate to destroy Libya with uranium-bombs

More British troops sex assaults on Iraqi kids under Blair's tenure revealed

Blackwater accused of murder in 'crusade to eliminate Muslims' - Times Online

RT_com Military jets escort plane to New York

R brave ...honorable army , ppl , volunteers of the Alchuirev seized group of the NATO rebels who came from the west mountain 2 the area of Al-hasawnah mountain(one of the main source of the gr8 man made river water) wr killed 3 of the Traitors & capturing 7 & 12 wounded .... now the station of distribution of the water in the gr8 Man made River under R men control,

Salim Yusuf Mazig 1 of the NATO rebels field commanders was killed in the region of the Red Valley east from Sirte, & wht worth 2 mentioning that ths area holds a memorial 4 R grandfathers resistance against the Italian occupation!

Palestinian journalist in the city of Bani Walid was detected gving coordinates & news interface & giv the coordinates & movements of black Bani Walid Liberals across the news 4 reaching the NATO Lord grant us victory ovr them thank Liberals who wr able 2 detect the Palestinian ppl, honorable & noble than that attributed 2 him ths treacherous but abnormal saves is not measured by the obtained a larger image somewhat 2 those promiscuous God's curse upon which 2 write abt Bani Walid & locations of the Mujahideen amendment as written above 2 clarify the quoted press the nationality of the Palestinian, but revealed now it Amarkih cont through the chandelier a person w/in the Bani Walid provide them w/ information & coordinates 4 IPB Liberal

In the city of Bani Walid witnessed the revival of Aldoaarh and Akhawazm city of Bani Walid voices chanting great after the establishment of the Libyan army arrested a number of people, including two women carrying devices used to determine the coordinates within the city and sent to the aircraft,  NATO to bomb the areas specified coordinates!

911 Experts Speak Out : Information Clearing House News

Expect civil war, and Turkish troops, iIn Libya

12:30 tomorrow at Busboys and Poets in DC: roundtable on 9/11 hosted by Ralph Nader.

Liberal backing for Pres @BarackObama evaporating here in West, a long held Democratic Stronghold. Obama offers NOTHING for Liberals is why.

LandDestroyer 3 weeks after NATO declares "victory" in Libya Feb17 rebel infighting genocide, failed offensives

Libya: Gaddafi loyalists 'using prisoners as human shields to protect Sirte' - Telegraph LOAD OF BOLLOX

CIA talking about overthrowing several Latin America countries -

Sources from the city of Ghadames Libyan day that a British journalist kidnapped on Sunday accompanied by his aide & his wife, the Libyan & the driver of a vehicle wr 4 on board. The source, who reported the news 4 "day" that the abduction took place in Ghadames when the vehicle carrying him accompanied by his entourage headed towards the Algerian border crossing w/in the Libyan territory, whr gunmen intercepted the path of the vehicle turned & headed towards the border shared by the Tunisian-Algerian Jamahiriya. /cont

NTC Chief Mustafa Jalil target of assassination attempt," pro-Gaddafi TV says

Gaddafi dumped, 'Al-Qaeda & CIA nested in new Libyan govt' - YouTube
[hardly news]

Ambulances flying up n' down the road with actual injury figures unknown. Seems NATO interference prevented a big battle loss at bani walid

Many injuries bani walid battle as rebels complain of lack of command, organisation and hardship while watching chaotic retreat.

Werishvana tribes tribes capturing 18 of the NATO rebels in Al-Zahra and the Council of traitors trying to negotiate for their release

Gaddafi's ghost town after the loyalists retreat - Telegraph

al Kovifiya, Sidi Khalifa, Ras Abid Al Slimane and Juliana Benghazi areas anti TNC demo  Green flags

EU and NATO want to send occupying forces in UN garb to Libya

Ghadames capture officer in UK RAF JustinMaros after tried 2 prepare landings 4 Apache helicopters!

baniwalid This city will go in history as the bravest of all(bani walid)should be named city of shaheeds and sirte as new capital.

Cnn reports rebels catastrophy as they atack baniwalid.They start shooting each other in confusion,even with nato help rebels cant take city

Bani Walid: RAF "Dropping Chemical Bombs"

Unconfirmed Roumor: NATO Rats plan big false flag / psyop against civillian population of tripoli - B Careful, check it if possible

The 2 women giving coordinates in BaniWalid were caught, & the front lines r looking good & thousands of volunteers arrived 2day.

BREAKING TRUTH Telegraph: "Over the last two weeks, rebels had tried to portray the town’s refusal to surrende… (cont)

The silence & complicity of many Muslims organisations such as MPACUK in NATO's murderous destruction of Libya should be a source of shame

you know @MPACUK is funded by UK Government house-

Marinella Correggia: what we can do to stop NATO

Those staging most bitter resistance not members of "regime" forces but townsfolk themselves - Warfalla via Telegraph

Libya - The Racist Revolution - Tawargha

NATO-led rebels firing indiscriminately into residential areas in Sirte and Bani Walid.

Gaddafi in full control -- has support of Tuareg and Saharan Tribes

A Palestinian slut raised in the UK trying to play hero in libya cutt the bitch in pieces when u done with her
[If that happens then I'm wasting my time here.]

Ca: justin marroz with the royal airforce is in good hands... respond promptly!

Gaddafi offers oil and power to people - Times Online

therRebels and Islamists r fighting over him both want him 2 join them cuz they blv that whichever side gats Dorda will win
[Seems that he's been captured.]

The USA should be thankful, AlQaeda was preparing today to declare Benghazi-Tripoli as alQaeda states, Libyan military intelligence prevented it

Dorda a true Libyan hero! Sources say he's been contacted by both MI6 CIA & several governments offered millions to step down but refused.

aelicia_jones who is an imposter publishes coordinates of random houses in Bani Walid for NATO bombing… (cont)

Are the co-ordinates just made up? Someone playing mind games?

Not made up, real ones from Google map, she is a psychopath who wants to kill families.

The Mathaba News Real is out! Top stories today

Rebels r trying 2 attack BaniWalid all over again.Let its safety & that of brave soldiers & volunteers b in our prayers

aelicia_jones - They have caught her!! Somebody else is twitting

the names of legions present in Bani Walid & preparation of its memb:Legion Knights of the 4 aspects of 650 fighters Legion of Martyrs Tarhunah-500 fighters & the martyrs of duty Legion Rafla 400 fighters Shahid Saif Arab Legion 400.Legion of martyr Gebran Hussein Zliten 600 Legion 600 Legion of Martyrs Martyr Saad Tabola 400 Legion Bomenaar 1000 fighters 5 Legion of Bani Walid 6,000 fighters & tens of 1000's of volunt. & Rafla Alhmokh & Tarhunah & Zliten & 5 & all other areas of Tripoli & Libya

Abduljalel has been SHOT but they don't know what is happened to him. the Rai channel source

The convoy of Abdul Jalil Mustafa, under heavy fire when he came out of Yjmaah "Dawa" in Tripoli did not know his fate when he would come to Tripoli!!!

Heroes Ghadames Air Force officer, capturing the English name Justin Maros was longer for the processing of Ghadames airport to land planes in which NATO

armored cars wr seen speeding out carrying a number of members of the Transitional Council, including Abdul-Hafiz al-Issawi & Goukh Tibesti Hotel Benghazi bound 4 an unknown destination,after hearing the news of the assassination, Mustafa Abdul Jalil & news More explosions shake the regions of Alkwyfah Street twentieth dnt know their origins,& the radio warns SS rats & accuses Extension of the legitimacy of Libya after the recent release of sevrl prisoners of tribe Rafla Benghazi

Rebels from Tripoli went 2 Bani Walid - in Bani Walid let them in the area the they surrounded them & now they R shooting them w/ heavy wepons

The unit calls itself - victory 44 - combat assignments secret of the al-Gaddafi in Tripoli, at dawn on the day of killing two of the leaders  the rebels, and comes Babdalmaan Ahmed Mohamed And his cousin, Malik Mohammed Suleiman at the home of the latter, using weapons with silencers and condemned the head of the military in Tripoli Belhadj Abdelhakim this cowardly act and vowed to arrest the perpetrators.
[Cowardly? What is hiding behind NATO's skirts?]

meetings are underway with the Libyan Ministry of Defense on a solution to control the country in other word they are crying that they do not have the man power, arms & the discipline to control the country so they are asking NATO again to intervene

Sirte: Landmines in the east of Sirte took out several cars and rats. Benghazi: fighting between rebel groups & NTC

Ban ki moon asshole has no idea what his talking about! but read to see what the assholes are planning to do in Libya.
[commenter - my friend, it is not Ban Ki Moon, it is Ian Martin! he is real devil!]

Libyan resistance kill 7 of mercenaries of the British in town of Umm beetles near Brega

I received news that he is not dead, mad dog Abdul Jalil Mustafa, but thr R fierce battles at the Tripoli airport & an aircraft crashed in large & fierce battles tkng place between the Libyan army v. recruited foreign mercenaries & the forces that protect & [make people] disappear NATO

Been emphasized battles between the forces of the armed people and insurgents for control of the  Tripoli airport resulted in the destruction of several NATO aircraft

Reuters direct Libya Jebel Nefoussa region has witnessed clashes between the rebels themselves between supporters & opponents of the Transitional Council whr he sees opponents that members of the Council (IGC) R climbers on the power & they wr shouting chants against the Council & the result of ths clashes of the rebels killed 14 Libyans wr opponents of the representation of them Bjttin

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