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Libyagate: Selected twits, Sept 11 up to 930pm UK time Jalil killed

RT_com Gaddafi spy chief arrested in Tripoli - reports

RT_com NATO resumes strikes on Libyan Bani Walid as rebels retreat

Israel approves plan to uproot 30,000 Bedouins ....shocking stuff indeed”

NATO is our ally??? Tell that to the 50,000 Libyans slaughtered by your NATO. Rasmussen will not escape the ICC.

Alrai confirms the yperite use by Nato in Libya:

NATO ground forces killed SIRTE militia

People are begging in America, England, France, Italy & elsewhere. Meen Antom? You are part of G7, is this Democracy?

The Radish says new finance & political show for MSNBC to be called Fleece the Nation w former Goldman Sucks chair hosting.

GlobalRes: Germany Participated in Libya War without Parlamantary Approval: For more details, please cl...

RT_com War at Toss of Coin: 'US abuses power it no longer has' - Lawrence Wilkerson to RT

September 11: 10 Years Later: Zero Hedge The following is presented in the interest of truth, justice and th...

Ben Walid: Today the battlefield was stronger than before.NATO is bombing heavily.Many got killed,they ran away far from Ben Walid.

Some rats from Geryan was heading to Ben walid but Alassabaa tribe stand against them all of those rats got killed.No injured rats.

Rats fight with each other , the battle was long for two hours , result 30 rats got killedSome rats from Geryan was heading to Ben walid but Alassabaa tribe stand against them all of those rats got killed.No injured rats.

South is free but rats are trying to make it mess,some rats tried to head there but our brave volunteers was waiting.25 rats killed. [Tripoli]

In 40 minutes 20:00 pm Tripoli time The Zero Hour begins! Long live Libya

The real Al Qaeda? Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, & Bush (Et all the servitors of the Beltway regimes.)

Ennahar: Libyan forces push into Gaddafi bastion: (Reuters) - Libyan forces who have launched an assaul...

War on Terror: Civilian deaths 686,915. That's two 9/11 every month since Sep 11 2001. No monuments. No minutes silence.

The Warfalla tribe is fighting with rebels in Benghazi Whole Libya exploded against rebels

Rebels rush elite special forces to front lines of Bani Walid for backup:

ajdabiya is free.. And people are celebrating.. No traces of rats

Unconfirmed reports Abdujalil feared dead near tripoli airport, his convoy attacked
[So who gets to cash the pay cheque of Libyan funds? ]

Former President Bush jr. and his entire Cabinet was briefed on the upcoming 9/11 attack in person 1 WEEK prior to 9/11

Pakistans ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad, the alleged money-man behind the 911 hijackers Met Bush Officials week prior 9/11

The post & telecommunications Center of Bani Walid was destroyed by NATO 3 strikes last night

Cable: Al Jazeera chief linked to US

Germany Participated in Libya War without Parlamantary Approval

The orchard of British army 'bad apples' that tortured in Iraq

British RAF bomb Libyans who oppose NATO in Bani Walid, in close coordination with their Ground Forces -

Gaddafi Forces Killed NTC chief in Tripoli airport ! BaniWalid libya CONFIRMED

NATO plans to expand Conflict into Niger excuse to occupy Uranium rich areas of ibya

azZawiya. Small pockets of rebels, but these are being removed by Khamis brigade.

Tripoli. Large groups of rebels roaming the streets. They do not control the city, only small areas.Majority of civilians armed.

Benghazi. Reports of fighting between rebel groups & NTC.

according to sources in Libya, Dorda is safe & well not in rebel terrorist hands, pls confirm

930pm UK

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