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Libyagate: Selected twits, Sept 11 12 to 5pm UK time

Feb17 gangs Tripoli, hundreds of people are arrested, black people, is critical teleSUR

sonsofmalcolm why does the empire think it can travel across the world & devastate us anywhere,but none our people wouldnt come 2 their lands for revenge?

And this is Zionism: Murdering Babies is “Permissible” When They’re Palestinian

western leaders call for Nato to assassinate Gaddafi
[That makes them law breakers, criminals. But the justice system is not about justice, is it.]

Taliban have shown how a small guerilla force with the support of the people can fight back the greatest bullying military alliance - nato
[NATO is useless except for political gain and now it is a major liability across the board. Scrap it.]

The capital Tripoli, Tripoli, now the capital is witnessing heavy fighting after hearing the explosions...

The capital Tripoli, Tripoli, now the capital is witnessing heavy fighting after hearing the explosions and high columns of smoke and flying intensive NATO aircraft

Video Dr N Harrit's presentation at 9-11 @TorontoHearings announcing EXPLOSIVE new info re first responders

Who is "oppostion" in Libya (part I) - >  part II
[from June]

Cutting BABY's fingers, legs and hands (+18) -->
<i>Humanitarian organisations are turning a blind eye on all the real atrocities commited by the rebels! All these videos were sent to them, but they sent viruses to our computers in response!
Humanitarian organisations like Amnesty International, Unicef, Human Rights Watch, UNHCR do NOT WANT to react on this, because these babies do not pay their bills,they know who pays their bills! </i>
[from June]

What Happened In Tripoli From 20th to 22nd of August - the truth !! -->

Nato- Matrix or Disneyland
part I
part II
part III

Mosque preacher leads looting of civilian houses in Tripoli ~
[Charity begins in the home.]

Bani Walid is not taken yet, rebels are looting already: RT katebt3000: Just seen a rebel fighter driving a tractor back from direction of Bani Walid frontline

RT_com 77 US troops injured in suicide bomber strike on Afghanistan base

Today's casualty figures from Dr at Ras Lanuf Hospital: 13 Dead 42 injured.

if BaniWalid will take weeks that means Sirte will take months.

8 days left bfr UN General Assembley, NATO mandate will not be prolonged. Inform yr governments prior 19th Sept what you thnk about

"Gaddafi`s billions" Where is money of Libyans?: Central Bank of Libya, the rebels captured the Tr...

A shaken Israel says peace accord with Egypt stands a day after rioting forced the evacuation of its Cairo Embassy.

Journalists Detained At Libyan Embassy (All Africa): Share With Friends: World News - Afr...  [zimbabwe]

RT_com 12 killed, many injured in clashes between two 'rival' Libya rebel groups south-east of Tripoli on Saturday - reports
[ITAR Tass - ]

Rothschild, Hayward To Make Millions On Iraq Oil Deal

rebels claim only 2 casualties in Bani Walid, yet they ran and abandoned front line. No one would run from 2 casualties.

Tribal tensions are seriously complicating the attempt to take Bani Walid. Some fighters have quit and gone home.

NATO has only a few days left to destroy Libya. Will they continue without a new UN vote? Without NATO the rebels will flee like rats.
[They're trying to get the UN/EUFOR in, more bankster tools.]

AeliciaJones is fake. claims to have been reporting in baghdad in 1990, but she is only 25 years old. see her facebook.

Rebel supporter speaks of tough fight in Tripoli assault by rebels because "most people supported gaddafi here"

Over last 4 months thousands of gas masks, chemical weapon suites moved from near Ajailat to Sirt and Al-Jifra. Strange

U.S.-NATO robbing Africa at gunpoint San Francisco Bay View
[Some see past the BS]

Rebellion against Jammahiriya popular power system means 2 rebell against the ppl. NATO wants enforce rule of parasitic minority

confirmed, 2 families made of 14 people were shot in Tripoli near Khadra H...

 Cynthia Mckinney questions Rumsfeld about the four war games going on...

NTC rebels abduct black hairdresser, say she is a mercen...: 1D4...

Lots of "rebel fighters" talking with American accents. NATO forces pretending to be rebels to attack Bani Walid after failure

Fight broke out among Bani Walid fighters over presence of media. Very little in the way of discipline and leadership here.

Doctor in Tripoli says many casualties coming in from violence by NATO-led rebels gangs (cont)

News about Libya : lots of tweets about fighting in Sabha yet all completely unsubstantiated & all fm ppl who say r there but we know r not.

American Soldiers speak out against the wars and accuse the government o...

How many casualties on 9/11 were financial mercenaries? And shouldn't we expect that kind of thing during a global financial war?

RT_com 'IMF bailouts way to one world govt, Greeks sick of Eurocrat orders' - Anthony Wile ( to RT

They think that NATO will stay forever in the skies; NATO will return defeated, weather it likes it or not, because its financial position doesn't allow it to continue with its air bombardments. They feel that they are on the battlefield alone.

Rebels dig in for the long haul as push for Sirte postponed - Telegraph

Misrata rebels issue own press cards. Do not accept NTC cards.

"We [the rebels] don't exist in their eyes," said TNC's Mr Kenshil. "(for Bani Walid), this is a fight with Nato."

NATO-led rebel supporter says that because they believe that government violated international law, NATO-led rebels can do so.

You Americans who vote for your Leaders of Democrats & Republicans & then they fail you, why do you vote for them?

Jalil insults local tribal leaders by telling them that the indigenous people of Libya are irrelevant to NATO-led rebel foreign occupation.

A UNHAS flight scheduled to land in Tripoli did not land in capital because of gunfire in area. (via a BBC producer)

Every house in my area was robbed by armed gangs today, there were 10cars and they broke into our houses stealing whatever they could!!!

12 rebels killed each other - 40 Rat bodys rotten in sirte hospital - 2 Qatari Rats are bein Executed as we speak - ...End

So much for law & order! The head of the council in tripoli says that things r out of control we have no control over these armed gangs....

Different groups are coming in everyday & doing what they please, they take what they can & take it 2 there towns, is what the council said

Surrounding libya from its neighbor countries - Creating 3 strong holds - and moving chemical suits and masks around these areas

BREAKING: Abdul Jalil - leader of NTC was killed near Tripoli airport by Hamis troops!!! Libya (The news has not yet confirmed)
[BS for BS?]

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