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"Green" includes the following definitions:
Marked by a pale, sickly, or nauseated appearance
Not fully processed or treated
Not in condition for a particular use
Deficient in training, knowledge, or experience
Not fully qualified for or experienced in a particular function
Relating to or being an environmentalist political movement
Concerned with or supporting environmentalism
Green around the gills, pale or sickly in appearance

AGW means anthropogenic global warming. By the human race's CO2 emissions averaged at around 0.6 parts per million per year for the last ten years (IPCC).

The fantasy that CO2 emitted by humans is harmful to climate is so short of evidence that if it ever gets tested in court it will be found without substance. Never-the-less governments have proceeded to implement ridiculous and harmful policies on the assumption that even were the premise false, the new jobs and income created by green industry would compensate.

The folly is coming home to roost. Most green jobs are bureaucratic. Pen pushers don't create wealth for the nation, they drain the reserves and increase the cost of living. Green industry jobs are mostly short term. Increasing the cost of energy by tax and obliging far more expensive green electricity increases production costs and causes businesses to fail, causes unacceptable jobless increases as business cut back on staff and drives up the cost of living.

China and India can manufacture such as wind turbines far more economically than western nations because the don't have a green millstone around their neck and peasant labour is cheaper. Should nightmare scenarios such as Obama envisages come to pass, an area equivalent to California given over to wind power, the turbines will come from the East. Including the production of ships to move them, and their operating pollution, that will massively add to real pollution.

We have increasing jobless due to greenness.
We have increasing real pollution due to greenness.
We have increasing cost of living due to greenness.
We have increasing energy poverty due to greenness.
We have reduced competitiveness due to greenness.
We have increasing deforestation due to greenness.
We have social damage due to greenness.
We have increasing death from starvation due to greenness.

Businesses that can are moving from the madness and mayhem to non green countries.

A bonus, not due to greenness.
UK immigrants are emigrating due to the cooling climate.
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