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Libyagate: Selected twits, Sept 11 8am to 12 UK time

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twits 8am to midday UK
PanAFNW: Libyan Loyalists Hold Ground Against NATO and Rebel Attacks:

Marinella Correggia - Protest on the Streets!
she's contacted NATO and what she learns is there usual lies: claiming not to know about CNT killing black civilians...yet claiming to know that Libyan army killed civilians!
and NATO IS on the ground...all those special ops guys!

people are refusing to refuel their cars.. rebels are forcing them to drive over a photo of Gaddafi - Washington Post -
[What kind of savages is the state terrorism inc, NATO partnered with?]

NATO’s War Crimes in Libya : Who Grieves for the Fallen Heroes? Global Research

US and Saudi Forces attack Rebel-held city of Zinjibar in Yemen - sometimes you help rebels and sometimes you kill 'm -

seems like the journalists are as popular in Egypt as they were in Tripoli. Why would the people be angry at media?
[Suspected of being Mossad agents collecting pics of faces for possible assassination.]

US has deadliest month in Afghan war
[Either AlQ is not keeping their side of the agreement with the CIA-NATO (Libya in exchange for easing up on kills in Afghanistan) - or Libyan casualties are being routed via Afghanistan.]

Leonore: Libya… 11/09: From Russia Pavel the information informs Spanish Eng [Google transl]
From Russia Pavel informs ...
The information of a man in our group: Information from my good friend who worked in Algeria, a military expert. It provides accurate and reliable information from a man in whom I trust absolutely.
Current status of Libya 10/09/11 20:00
Ben-Cities Sirte fully validated and controlled by government forces, there is no street fighting. The forces of heavy artillery and air attacks are massive NATO in the "zone" of the city at a distance of approximately 12.7 km. I want to draw attention to an unpleasant fact. State television showed an interview with Libya refugees in Algeria, who said that under the threat of retaliation by the approach of the rebels, the Sirte was before him with the "rebel" flags (an interview with a girl of 10 years and two women).
In the city of Ghadames is not as severe destruction, the Algerian army inflicted a significant defeat the Islamists, and pursued them for about 5.8 km.
In Tripoli, the rebels and NATO, at best, controlled only 25% percent of the territory, but there are no conflicts.
About Benghazi almost no information - chaos and anarchy.
[That's the same Benghazi to which the arseholes-in-the-wall gang of bandit coalition leaders wish to give Libya's funds that they are actively stealing.]
In general, the Libyan army was not defeated, it retains the capacity and the units of 200-300 people attack rebel positions.
The latest news: a few hours outside of Bani-Walid was a big dust storm. Jerdan rats were put in the storm and were brown from the sand.

With Tremendous discontent over @BarackObama Illegal Wars on #Libya Somalia Yemen Dems Fret over Re-election chances

Heros of Flight 93 is Physically IMPOSSIBLE whose story is Plane Intact at impact but bodies,parts found 8 Miles AWAY

Israeli led Western Media outlets begin PsyOP on their viewers by referring to #Libya Rebel Al Qaeda officials,members as 'Ex-Rebels'

LandDestroyer #Libya #Feb17 rebel scum taking dark skinned patients from hospitals for "questioning" NATO obviously not there for R2P

911 Experts Speak Out :Information Clearing House MUST WATCH 9/11 & 7/22 KingDavidHotel Bombing, both changed history

LandDestroyer Telegraph finally admits #Feb17 #Libya rebels r genocidal racists

Iraqi Camps Nama (CO was Stanley McChrystal) and Camp Justice 'Blowtorch burn torture photos were seized by US MPs'

Loyalist town Tawarga (10 000people) ethnic cleaned by rebels

LandDestroyer NATO "gallant" #Feb17 #Libya rebel scum exile entire city-10000s homeless as they seize property of dark skinned tribes

PressTV UK almost blew up a passenger jet

Public Awakens to WTC Building 7 Hoax...

PressTV 'UK sold rifles to Libya ahead of unrest'

LandDestroyer NATO actively facilitating nationwide genocide in #Libya by #Feb17 rebels - bombing #Sirte #Bani_Walid while rebels exile/exterminate blacks

Lizzie Phelan challenges NTC spokesperson on 'I Witness' Libya
[vid Peaceful Rebels and protectors from NATO - a closer look ]

E-mail campaign against the U.S./NATO war in Libya

RussiaToday: 'Con los brazos abiertos' recibirían al coronel Gaddafi en Guinea-Bissau: Las autoridades ...
Guinea-Bissau ready to shelter Gaddafi - The authorities of the West African republic of Guinea-Bissau have declared they are ready to give shelter to the ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The country’s prime minister, Carlos Gomes Junior, has said that his country "will welcome him with open arms and will ensure his security." Earlier the head of the Cabinet of Ministers declared that "Gaddafi is a friend of Guinea-Bissau," and called NATO‘s air raids on Libya "a clear violation of the rights of a sovereign state." Guinea-Bissau had close economic relations with Gaddafi's regime as Tripoli invested in the tourist and agricultural sectors of the country, as well as other industries. Full report [Google transl]

Italian witnesses #NATO Humanitarian Bombings on #Libya, NATO #Crimes In #Libya

RussiaToday: Ливийский сценарий в Сирии недопустим: После переговоров с членами сирийской оппозиции в М...
Margelov: Syrian people must solve their problems

Egypt announces measures to restore security: Security-Egypt
[The Egyptian army is pro bankster/debt slavery]

The Relationship between the Libyan Rebels and NATO in a Cartoon

America’s Secret Libya War

10 years after, most of 9/11 commission report still classified

What the hell is this???

LandDestroyer Feb17 rebels claimed Bani Walid would fall "in hours" now withdrawing so NATO can carpet bomb after failed assault [from last night]

Time to forget about all the puppet governments and listen to the People there:
Hands Off Libya Protests on September 21
Statement by masses in Ghana and also advice on how to organize a demonstration in your own community
The coalition is organizing a march from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to the US Embassy to demonstrate against the illegal US/NATO invasion and for victory to Qathafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya on 21st September 2011.
We are calling on all Africans in Africa and the diaspora to demonstrate at US embassies on the same day.

Today is National Blame The Muslims Day.
[Frame the muslims day]

RT_com Moscow expecting no breakthrough or 'reset' in relations with UK after PM Cameron visit - Russian govt spokesman

Opposition commander says yesterday during Bani Walid combat confusion was rife. Fighters were firing on their own men by mistake.

UK government did not just *allow* arms sales to Libya: it went all out to promote them. Here's a sample:

Ankara asks US to base Predators in Turkey, to help bomb Kurdish PKK rebels in northern Iraq - WP

How Labour secretly put Libyan dissidents under house arrest at Gaddafi's behest following Blair's 'deal in the desert'

The 9/11 Files Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus
Who were the 9/11 pilots? The FBI doesn't seem to want to know. And the US news media has been very cooperative in not seeking or reporting the facts. Far from being a devout Muslim or diligent military intelligence operative, "Mohamed Atta" was a scotch-drinking, coke-snorting, strip-club-attending loud mouth who was widely known in Venice, FL for his anti-social behavior. Daniel Hopsicker's well researched book "Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus" indicates that Atta looks a whole lot more like a government protected drug pilot than anything else. But don't tell the FBI or any other US law enforcement agency. They clearly don't want to know - and they don't want you to know either.

Hard Talk:The UN Was An Accomplice To Nato Aggression On Libya
[UNnatural aide to inhumanity Like the CIA and MI5 blowing things up, blaming mozzies to justify bloated funding and expansion of security services. The US, EU and UK are run via the security services (e.g. assets Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy) for the banksters and corporations.]

At least 77 US special forces troops injured in Taliban suicide truck-bomb attack on base in central Afghan Wardak province - via debkafile

Senior British police officer sacked for saying greatest terror threat comes from within the state:

The CIA's "Visas for Terrorists" Program Just who the f*ck does CIA think they are?

The Real Meaning of Terrorism Original World Trade Center Attack (1993)
In this interview, Gunderson discusses incidents U.S. government sponsored terrorism and the reasons behind them.

U must see this video so you can understand what the globalists have already done it
Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as 'natural progressions'; thus lessening any possible public resistance and commotion. Predictive programming therefore may be considered as a veiled form of preemptive mass manipulation or mind control.
[aka, in the UK, air-head conditioning]

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