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Libyagate: NATO arming, funding, terrorising for al Qaeda

Media Manipulation: 'NATO in a hurry to wrap up war in Libya'
RT video
NATO's presence in Libya little resembles a humanitarian mission with houses, hospitals and schools being hit. But Libya prospered prior to NATO's intrusion, Yvonne Di Vito, an activist from told RT. ­RT: You have been saying that here in Italy the news reports abut what is happening in Libya were very confusing, a lot of conflicting information there. Can you tell us what you saw and what you found?
Yvonne Di Vito: We went to Libya on the 28th July and we came back on the 7th August and we found a totally different situation because NATO was bombarding civilians.
The bombings were not only carried out on military targets, but they also hit houses, hospitals, schools, television centers, and this was totally against the humanitarian reasons they said they werethere for.
I believe they were doing this to bring panic in the city. That's why they were bombing the things that people use daily, like places with food and essential utilities like hospitals.
This was also a difficult period for Muslims because of Ramadan and that is why in the daytime they're in their houses. We went to Tripoli and to Zitan and we saw huge protests with thousands of pro-Gaddafi supporters turning out against NATO and all these demonstrations were not shown in Italy.
We also visited Tanjur and Sansur and found a lot of women that were screaming at us, asking 'Why you Italians are bombing us? What did we do to you? Why are you killing our children?' That was their main question. When we went to Zitan, the same day they bombed a house and in this house two children were killed. We tried to show the pictures of these children that were dead. But apart from us, no one else did the same.
Except the things that we saw with our own eyes visiting these places that were bombed, we have so much material that press officers and journalists from Libya gave to us as testimony to all the dead from the NATO bombings.
After all the things that we saw we have one question: is this a humanitarian war? Are they really helping the civilians, because I believe that all this is because of economic reasons, or at least there are other reasons that this war happened, petroleum or other things.
We also visited Libya before and what we found was a normal situation where people were fine. Differently from other countries that went through a revolution -- Libya is considered to be the Switzerland of the African continent and is very rich and schools are free for the people. Hospitals are free for the people. And the conditions for women are much better than in other Arab countries.

Algeria does not recognize the TNC because they are al Qaeda Juanlu Gonzalez
In a statement remarkable for its clarity and undiplomatic forcefulness, Algeria has said does not recognize the Libyan National Transition Council comprised of members of al Qaeda. A year ago, this country stopped al Qaeda operating in the Algerian territory and deported them to their home country, Libya. Today they are all part of the leadership of the rebels seeking to supplant the Gaddafi government. This makes one distrust all government but shows something that is known from the onset of civil war orchestrated by the West and was the subject of discussion in the U.S. Congress. One prominent member of Al Qaeda even had to state publicly that he had switched sides to calm the debate that was generated when reports of Guantanamo prisoners in the Transitional Council today reached the public, some picked up from Wikileaks papers
Full article
Includes an Arabic vid translates -
Why does Algeria not recognize the council of shame? Algeria does not recognize the TNC simply because there was 1 year, Algeria captured Qaeda terrorists members and handed them to the Libyan authorities, (Investigation Report), these same people (terrorists) that "Omar Chaghlal" recruited for the TNC are today spirited fighters and kill the Libyans (Investigation Report) and this organization steals weapons and missiles (Russian) "Strela" from Libyan stores and depots of weapons that they export to neighboring countries. It should be noted that Algeria is an ally of the United States in the fight against Al Qaeda...

Libya: The Greatest Betrayal (Source here. Hat tip Infowars and VeritasA)
In handing Libya to Al Qaeda, the line has been forever crossed.
an editorial by Tony Cartalucci
First - let's not labor under any delusions. Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy are heads of state in name only. It is the depravity and megalomania amongst the banks, corporations, and the institutions they have contrived, that are responsible for the most egregious betrayal in Western history. For 10 years the West's leadership have stirred up hatred and fear amongst their populations to justify a lengthy and very costly global war that has sent US, British, Canadian, German, French, and many other troops, around the world, into dangerous adversity, and ultimately to their graves to fight "the forces of terror."
Now, almost as if savoring the irony, the New York Times, on behalf of the corporate-financier oligarchs that presume dominion over the Western world, fully admit that Al Qaeda terrorists, men who literally killed US troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan are now in Libya and are the benefactors of billions of dollars in Western aid, diplomatic recognition, training, weapons, the lending of intelligence assets, the full unwavering support of the West's "media," NATO-member air support, and even graced with Western special forces fighting side-by-side with them on the ground. This timely confession is also in response in part to revelations that the Libyan rebel commander now filling the streets of Tripoli with indescribable horror is a hardcore Al Qaeda leader, reported first in the Telegraph months ago, and again this week on RT and covered in depth by respected geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley. /continues here

Noteworthy -
Truth about Libya. An account of how bad it was under Gaddafi and some of the reasons for the corporation war on Libya.
How to Destroy NATO's Fantasy Reality on Libya? Contrasting Bilderberg propaganda in the MSM and reality.
Never Forgive, Never Forget (28082011). A recital of NATO and NATO enabled atrocities. I intended to feature this article but went for the AQ angle instead figuring that has greater significance to Libya's future.
Cynthia McKinney: Libya and Lies
NATO is secretly “frantic” about Libya situation fear Qaddafi isn’t actually delusional! [H/t mercurytraveller] Dr Lamb tries to make sense of chaos.
Libyan Chronicle. August 27. Libyan Chronicle. August 28. Factual reports from Pravdinform via Google transl.
And Leonor's place


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This comment was detained by Disqus at my.t for some reason -
"main goal hre is 2 punish Russia, showin it 2 the entire world as unreliable."
["Russia's failure to fulfill its contract to supply Iran with S-300 has further consequences. In late 2010, Moscow has refused to supply Iran with air defense, citing the need to comply with the international sanctions against the Islamic Republic."
Disagree "2 punish". If Iran wins it gets the missiles if it loses it has lost nothing.]

2 full gangs busses headed from al Jalat 2 Sourman 2 put new guards wr ambushed & none of rats survd

great News Iran 2 Try 26 USOfficials in Absentia & will pursue lawsuits on those fnd guilty. Incl Names,Crimes
[If found guilty and the US refuses to give them up will the US be declared a pariah nation?]

UK special services dressed in Arab clothes join hunt for Gaddafi as £1m reward is offered

RT Libya key 2 new US bases, cheap labor & resources'
[Middle East expert Dan Glazebrook says NATO is using the rebels to make Libya a failed state.]

no running water in Tripoli, just running rebels, fleeing for their lives.

liars @ Telegraph call NATO-rabble plan 2 st. Sirte Libya in2 subm "peaceful" reality= WARCRIME

NorthKorea: y shld it giv up its nuclearprogram? Look wht happened 2 Libya

Ron Paul on US ForeignPolicy and Relationship with Gaddafi

Russia officer IlyaKorenev fighting rabble in Sirte tgthr w/ Gaddafi Libya Tripoli

Volunteer fr. Russia fighting in Sirte ag. NATO rats rep. ongoing airstrikes ag. civ. areas & rat atrocities

NTC cut water supply - not Gaddafi Gov. Yet once again ABC spins narrative ag. the legit. Gov

NATO ADMITS troops on grnd in Libya

Sirte- during rebel recognsnce attck NATO drone tracked resistance points & bombed in h but ppl left pos. be4

Sirte "Tonite was attempt by rebbels 2 penetr. w/ recogns. attack but wr elimin. All who try leave r send back"

NATO & Rats r comit genocide agt ppl of Sirte rt now!!! Civillians r not allowed 2 flee. rats send them back 2 city undr carpet bombing

desperate Feb17 AlQaeda rats beg NATO 4 aerial bombardments INCL. Tripoli Libya

'US-Israeli plan 4 Syria war failed' : plot hatched by US Israel 2 trigger “sectarian war” failed

the death & the pain, the real horror of upcoming genocide 4 tkng SIRTE by force is kept out of news
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