clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Libyagate: NATO is the enemy of the youth

A bigger crime than the bombing of the Zliten hospital, the university in Tripoli, the holy men in Al Brega, the waterworks and the 1100+ civilian casualties is the destruction of the future by pure evil
Yesterday I mentioned that development plans, conceived in 2008, started in 2009 had been brought to a dead stop by the actions of the UNSC, the FUKUS coalition and the NATO, now US coup attempt. Here is a part of the plans to show that intended employment figures were in the tens of thousands. Of course with the attentions of NATO and coalition planes, building sites and completed parts of the project have been destroyed.
"The Master Plan provides an effective road map for future sustainable development that will attract international investment, create valuable and diversified employment opportunities, and establish Al Brega and Ras Lanuf as world class industrial and technological hubs with modern urban developments."


These NATO and coalition bastards working for the industrial - military complex and the bank-oil cartels are not just the enemies of the youth they are in themselves a crime against humanity just by their existence.
Tags: brega, brega development, egaila resort development, libya, libyagate, nato kills 10 civilians a day every day, north atlantic terrorist org, ramadan food, ras lanuf, ras lanuf development, tripoli, waterworks, zliten

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