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Libyagate: The Law. NATO cracked

Anonymous hackers have cracked the database NATO
Anonymous hacker movement today announced that its members managed to hack into the database of NATO, by downloading it from about 1 gigabyte of classified information.
To confirm his words hackers posted online image page document entitled “NATO. For Official Use Only. ” “In the coming days, expect to see cool stuff” – reported online attackers, saying that to publish the entire archive of NATO, supposedly caught at their disposal, it would be irresponsible.
“NATO is aware that the hacker group has published on the web page of the document, which, they argue, is a private document of the organization. Security experts have launched an investigation into the Alliance – ITAR-TASS press officer of the Alliance. – We strongly condemn any leaks of secret documents that could potentially jeopardize the security of NATO allies, its armed forces and citizens. ”
The hacker group has received wide recognition at the end of 2010, when its members organized a series of attacks on websites of companies and organizations to impede the activities of the notorious resource WikiLeaks.
Activity groups have long been interested in American law enforcement agencies. On Tuesday, the FBI raided the homes of alleged members of Anonymous, arrested in different parts of the country’s 16 people.

Cenk Exposes How Mainstream Media Controls Their Anchors  (video)×7o0sNrulg

US corruption watch list (where is the UK equivalent?)

Children from an orphanage in Misurata disappeared. The last report I could find was July 13
“Social Affairs Minister Ibrahim Sharif told reporters in Tripoli on Tuesday that the government had opened an investigation into what had happened to the 52 boys and 53 girls, who were listed as resident at a state-run orphanage in Misurata.
Mr Sharif said witnesses reported seeing the children on board a Turkish boat. Other reports said the ships either Italian or French.…
With Libyan antiquities apparently being stolen to order, organ trafficking and human trafficking continuing and knowing the depravity at the core of western governments and amongst the “elite” (… ) it is not a great leap to fear the kids were abducted to order.
Is there any fresh news on their whereabouts?

Jibril, on behalf of the NTC that prefers to be called the gov’t of Benghazi (falsely claiming to represent the people of Libya) wants all financial contributions to aid the theft of Libya from the people to be paid to Madrid. (El Pais) [In his name?]

Here is an article that amongst its narrative gives broad details of damage to Libyan infrastructure and how the US is breaking its own national laws in arming NATO that is using the weapons against civilian structures. That ought to put the Pentagon in the dock but as the US  (like the UK and EU) is in the thrall of criminals it won’t.
Neocon Jeffrey Feltman Visits Libya Brandishing The Dahiyeh Doctrine and “The New Realities” Franklin Lamb LLM, PhD
[...] NATO bombing has disconnected areas ranging from Natol near the Tunisian–Libyan border all along the Mediterranean seaboard to the West and down south beyond Sabha and Alkufra.  Every one of these NATO attacks on civilian communications is illegal under the provisions of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Convention and a myriad of international legal standards.
Each NATO attack on Libyan civilian infrastructure is also illegal under American law including, but not limited to, the 1976 US Arms Export Control Act which strictly prohibits the transfer of American weapons to any country) or entity (exception: Israel) for use against civilians and requires the cutting off of arms and other foreign aid to violators, including NATO.
NATO’s bombing of civilian targets across Libya also violates the 1961 US Foreign Assistance Act which prohibits US supplied weapons being used against civilians. /full story

Levantine, a regular commenter conducted an interview with a young Libyan who may be described as evacuated, but who maintains close contacts with friends that remain in Libya. The interview can be read here –

Following on from clever Clinton’s illegitimate contact group’s recognition of the NTC, US recognition has ramafications, many counterproductive to the objective of regime change.
U.S. recognition of new Libyan government raises tough legal questions
When the United States announced Friday that the Transitional National Council was the “legitimate” government in Libya, it wasn’t just a matter of semantics. And it wasn’t just a matter of ensuring that the group could get access to needed funds.
The decision had far-reaching legal implications — and that has some international law scholars concerned.
Writing for the Council on Foreign Relations this week, John B. Bellinger III, former legal adviser to the State Department, said the announcement raises “legal and practical problems,” including questions over whether Gaddafi’s government or the NTC is legally bound to respect international treaties.
The difficulty of resolving those questions might help explain why Harold Koh, the current legal adviser to the State Department, was cautious when asked about the recognition of the TNC during a Senate hearing late last month.
“As a general rule, we are reluctant to recognize entities that do not control entire countries because then they are responsible for parts of the country that they don’t control,” he said. “And we are reluctant to de-recognize leaders who still control parts of the country because then you’re absolving them of responsibility in the areas that they do control.”
In an interview, Bellinger said he suspects State Department lawyers “have been advising their policy clients of the difficult international law questions that recognizing the NTC would raise and that, nonetheless, the policy officials wanted to go ahead with this recognition.”
Continues with excerpts of the interview –…/2011/07/19/gIQAb9BdNI_blog.html

Hat tip to mercurytraveller

In the agreement between the Harbour “silk purses from sow’s ears” PR group and the transitional council it is revealed:
8. If the foreign principal is not a foreign government or a foreign political party:
a) …
b) Is this foreign principal:
Supervised by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Owned by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Directed by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Controlled by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Financed by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Subsidized in part by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes



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