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Libyagate: Invasion forces attacking Brega and news roundup

Press TV:
The man in charge of play-station murderers is wanted
The relatives of US drone victims in Pakistan have filed a complaint seeking an international arrest warrant for a former CIA official, John Rizzo.
The complaint lodged with police in the capital Islamabad calls on the Interpol and the US to issue an international arrest warrant against Rizzo over civilian deaths.
“We have lodged the complaint for (issuance) of international arrest warrants for John A. Rizzo, a CIA official, over the killings of civilians,” AFP quoted the lawyer of the victims as saying.
Several human rights activists and the relatives of drone victims want the CIA official tried. Rizzo was in charge of approving the targeted killings by CIA drones in Pakistan while in office. /more

The West is not going to hand over Libya’s frozen assets to the Transitional National Councils (TNC), but instead will ‘loot’ the country’s national treasury, an analyst says.
“I don’t believe for one minute that those tens of billions of dollars are going to be handed over to the TNC forces,” Abayomi Azikiwe, an editor of Pan-African News Wire, told Press TV. United States has pledged to free frozen assets belonging to the country, and hand it over to TNC since it is running low on funds in its fight to ouster Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi. Azikiwe believed that this is just “a cover” to “loot the country’s national treasury and to loot their foreign assets.”
Former central bank Chief Farhat Bengdara told Bloomberg that Libya has about $168 billion in frozen assets.
More than 30 countries attended the so-called Libya Contact Group meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, in June agreed to recognize the TNC. However, the NATO alliance is breaking up in regard to this war and is seeking for a way out, the editor added. This is the only reason why they gave recognition to the TNC. /more

Libyan long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi says he will continue fighting against the NATO and the revolution, vowing to retake the lost areas from anti-regime forces.
“This war was imposed on us, and our only choice is to fight — men, women and children — with all our weapons to liberate (the rebel strongholds) of Benghazi, Misratah and Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi (the Nafusa mountains southwest of the capital),” Gaddafi was quoted by AFP as saying on Tuesday. “We will march on the cities controlled by the traitors and mercenaries of NATO to retake them. NATO’s bombs do not scare us,” Gaddafi added. Gaddafi’s speech was broadcast over loudspeakers to supporters in al-Aziziya, 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of the capital, Tripoli. The Libyan ruler said “millions” of people will fight with him to defend their honor as well as the country’s oil resources. However, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Tuesday that the “situation is moving against Gaddafi.” “He controls less territory and the opposition is on the offensive in a variety of areas of the country,” Carney said. /more

Libyan revolutionaries have accused NATO of failing to defend them against ruler Muammar Gaddafi’s forces as fighting rages on in the North African country between the opposition and the regime’s forces.
Revolutionary forces say their patience is growing thin as the Western military alliance has ignored the eastern front, where Gaddafi’s soldiers continue to kill ordinary civilians, a Press TV correspondent reported. The report comes as beleaguered Gaddafi said on Tuesday that he would continue fighting against the NATO and the revolution. /more

Mine, all mine

Forces loyal to Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi have killed at least nine revolutionaries in the city of Brega in northern Libya and wounded 113 others, a report says.
Gaddafi forces and the opposition groups engaged in fierce fighting in the port city on Tuesday, Xinhua reported. Opposition military spokesman Ahmed Bani said that most of the casualties were killed in land-mine explosions. According to the media, government forces had allegedly laid some 40,000 anti-tank and anti-infantry mines outside Brega. /more

Voltaire Network:
Who Controls Brega?
The international press has widely reported the announcement by the CNT Libyan Brega taking a highly strategic port for the trade of hydrocarbons. The journalists in the Arab world were immediately able to verify that this ad was a hoax, simply by watching television that broadcast live from Brega. Yet they chose to say nothing. /more

USA and “Contact Group” – full powers to the NTC Benghazi
Orwellian meeting in Istanbul: a “contact group” self-proclaimed adopted a plan for the future of democracy in Libya. Thus, foreign powers, mainly Western, they have trampled on the sovereignty of the Libyan people while posing as protectors of that sovereignty.
The fourth attempt by the Contact Group to get rid of Qaddafi and solve the pesky Libyan crisis began yesterday (15th) in Istanbul. Present: representatives of forty countries and organizations, among which the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen and responsible for foreign affairs of the European Union (while it exists!), the British Baroness Catherine Ashton. Absentees Russia and China, which after many invitations declined the offer, being extremely critical of the interpretation of resolution 1973 the Security Council. The Contact Group and Clinton have taken the step announced for quite some time: the recognition of the NTC, the National Transitional Council of Benghazi, as the sole legitimate representative of the new Libya is going to be (but is not yet) A formal not very consistent with specific effects in that it will make the release of Libyan sovereign wealth funds (frozen by the UN resolution) in favor of the insurgents. /more
[The contact group has taken it upon itself to supplant UN authority. Why is the UK still funding Ban ki's UN fraud with £2-3 bn if the both the outfit and its rules are wholly ignored?]

I strongly suspect the motive behind granting the al Qaeda terrorists full recognition goes further than liberating funds for use by the bankster cartel, I think it is so that a full invasion can take place by invitation. The folly of such an act is indescribable considering the whole country including most of the rag tags is opposed to such a move.
I also suspect Gaddafi is doing more than just chest beating when he says the government will retake the towns and cities taken over by NATO’s ground forces of various nationalities (Brits in Misurata, French, Brit, Qatari in Benghazi, French in the Nafusa mountain area, mixed with mercs and Libyans). When the Libyan army attacks it first calls on the insurgents to lay down their arms and surrender and gives non combatants time to get out. This has cost the army time and casualties. If instead they go straight in with no warning there will be no advantage to the insurgents and a rout will be inevitable. There is no point in holding back, they have been tried and found guilty by the banksters, their private court and their media. There is nothing to lose, Goldman Sachs, the US and EU are already plundering Libya’s wealth based on permission granted by a majority of a tenth of the world’s countries. I think the videos in yesterday’s post amply demonstrated that the NTC is in no way representative and that Clinton and the gang of bank clerks she commands in the “contact grope” have been shown as no more than enablers of theft and murder against the desire of an overwhelming majority of Libyans.

In a New York Times editorial, “Terrorism and the Law” where the case of Mr. Warsame was discussed “…not accused of any actual terrorist acts, just “material support” of Al Qaeda and its alleged Somali affiliate, the Shabab” I posed a question in the comments:
“Will Hillary Clinton be impeached for providing material aid to known terrorists or is the law just for little people?”

Leanor in Libya tells us “At the moment the armed rebels in the area of road Ajdabyia – Al Brega consist al Qaeda, French, and English people of Qatar [Blackwater mercs rented by Qatar?] Helicopters are constantly picking up the wounded French and English.
The Libyan army has captured many rebels who are people of Qatar, but say they are French or English to be claimed by these governments.
I guess I will remember that the great movement of Libyans [non army, assumedly tribes] to the Nafusa Mountains was stopped by the Libyan government that told them to return to their homes as it was not yet the time.
Today they have started again to move to the mountains Nafusa, a lot of Libyans to thoroughly clean every house, every cave and every place of the armed rebels / alkaeda / extremist / NATO group. Libyans have now started to clean up the country all foreign invaders.
The difference between Cameron and Gaddafi is that Gaddafi is fighting for his nation’s sovereignty while “call me dave” is aiding and abetting the theft of UK sovereignty.

A decent piece from Voltairenet discusses Syria and gives brief news about the other Arab lands.
The West and Syria
Unlike other Arab leaders confronted to a protest movement such as former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launched a wide political reform program coupled with a reasonable timetable extending until the end of 2011 at the most. This change which was initiated by Mr. Al-Assad extended beyond the demands of the vast majority of the people and aims at leading Syria out of an archaic and controversial system which prevailed throughout fifty years towards a modern and democratic state. /continues

Addendum for the attention of parliamentarians that are not “in the know”.
Libya- how to stir up the rebellion and fool people into intervention (video)

See for comments and news updates

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