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Libyagate: NATO against Democracy

Corporation Smash and Grab Update (List of names here)
Demonstrations against the corporations’ NATO, against the coalition’s Transitional Council, against the insurgency and for Gaddafi.


Tripoli July 1

Sabha July 7

Ajelat July 14

Zliten July 15

Zawia July 16

The Truth Behind the US/NATO War on Libya

Voltaire Network tells the story
Part 1: The war on Libya and the coming imperial re-division of Africa
Part 2: The media misinformation campaign behind the war
Part 3: The Secret NATO Ground War
Part 4: The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed
More from Voltaire here.

The NATO hyenas destroyed the civilian radar at Tripoli airport
Because of technical limitations, it is difficult to convert civilian radars to target aircraft in the same way as military radars. But civilian radars can be used to monitor the airspace and provide general information on the speed and altitude of intruders.
Civilian radars cannot track and target aircraft like military radars and it’s against the international law to attack them.
A NATO official argued that this made the antenna a legitimate military target. /full story (PressTV)

Apparently the French/Qatari/Blackwater/SAS/CIA invaders (and some Libyan insurgents) are so frustrated at being unable to advance that they are pretending, claiming to have taken Brega. As of today Brega remains under government control. Were it to be lost NATO would still have a problem, it is supplied by pipeline from Zliten that is also under government control. (Story here)

Wall St Journal poll

Should the U.S. have granted legitimacy to the Libyan rebels?
31.1%  3371 votes say yes
68.9%  7458 votes say no
If you wish to add your vote, go here -

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