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Libyagate: Armed Robbery With Extreme Prejudice

Not So Fast, Mr. President

How Obama Got It (All) Wrong on Libya And How to Fix It (Scoop Independent News)

Susan Lindauer, former U.S. Asset covering Libya at the United Nations during the Lockerbie negotiations)
See New Videos of War Crimes and Victims Families on

In the U.S. battle with Libya, Americans are witnessing the consequence of gutting U.S. Intelligence during the Iraqi War, when President Bush drove out CIA officers and Assets who criticized his War policy. In my case, I got slapped with the Patriot Act and thrown in prison on a Texas Military Base, while Republican leaders reinvented the entire story of my work on 9/11 and Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence. It was not pretty.
The consequences for intelligence gathering and policymaking are not pretty, either. Last week President Obama demonstrated the most stunning ignorance by declaring that Libya—of all countries— has some link to terrorism. Obama was trying to justify NATO's War against Gadhaffi's government. However his argument exposed whopping gaps in the intelligence base that his Administration has been drawing from.
This time it's not Obama's fault. When Assets got forced out by Bush and Cheney, a lot of deep knowledge got shoved out the door with us.
The good news is that those intelligence gaps can be filled quickly, and we can throw the brakes on this Libyan War at once—just like our French allies are doing at this very moment. Really it's a no-brainer.

Gadhaffi Has No Ties to Terrorism

Forget last week's histrionics. Gadhaffi burst forth in hyperbole rallying hundreds of thousands of Libyan supporters in Green Square, threatening to take his fight with NATO into Europe. But there's no saber behind that rattling. After three months of NATO bombings that have struck Libyan homes, Tripoli's famed Nassar University, the National Museum, businesses, hotels and restaurants, it was Gadhaffi's way of demanding how Europe would like it if the tables were reversed.
Gadhaffi's got no ties to terrorism. Way back in 1995, Gadhaffi became the first leader in the world to report Osama bin Laden to Interpol. Egypt posted the first arrest warrant for Bin Laden in 1996. But Libya was the very first to warn about Bin Laden's agenda. I know for a fact that Osama and Gadhaffi hated each other because Gadhaffi supports a socialist version of Islam with a strong emphasis on women's rights and modernity. Islamic fundamentalists—including Libya's Rebels— don't consider Gadhaffi a "true Muslim" for those reasons. Gadhaffi's too moderate for their religious tastes—something President Obama should consider before signing a blank check to Libya's Rebels.
As for state sponsorship of terrorism, Gadhaffi evicted terrorists from the sanctuary of Libya's borders by the summer of 1998-1999. That's when Abu Nidal was forced to hightail it to Egypt and Iraq. Lesser known terrorists disappeared in the desert. How do I know this? Because that was my operation which started in 1995. It was supremely successful, and marked a positive transition in Libya's efforts to build better relations with the U.S. and Mediterranean nations.

The Lockerbie Bombing
Gadhaffi haters like to throw out Lockerbie to remind Europeans and Americans of Libya's dark past long ago. In March 1999, after 7 years of U.N. sanctions, Gadhaffi's government handed over two Libyans for Trial in the bombing of Pan Am 103, which exploded over the town of Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. Regardless, Gadhaffi fiercely denied any involvement in the Lockerbie conspiracy.
As with so many other terrorist cases, appearances of Libya's guilt prove deceiving. Two star witnesses against Libya have now recanted their testimony, and confessed to receiving $4 million dollar payments each from the U.S. and Britain. It's an ugly stain on the International Criminal Court


The War in Libya: Race, "Humanitarianism," and the Media by Maximilian Forte
Firing for Media Effect: Setting the "African" Agenda

"We left behind our friends from Chad.  We left behind their bodies.  We had 70 or 80 people from Chad working for our company.  They cut them dead with pruning shears and axes, attacking them, saying you're providing troops for Gadhafi.  The Sudanese, the Chadians were massacred.  We saw it ourselves."  (A Turkish oilfield worker who fled Libya, speaking to the BBC and quoted in NPR's "In Libya, African Migrants Say They Face Hostility," 25 February 2011)

Gaddafi troops retake village south of Tripoli (Reuters)
Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday retook a village south of the capital seized by rebels a week ago, delivering a set-back to rebel plans for a march on Tripoli.
The loss of the village of Al-Qawalish, about 100 km (60 miles) from the capital, underlined the faltering pattern of the rebel advances that has led some of the rebels' Western backers to push for a political solution to the conflict instead.
Fighters who pulled back to the nearby town of Zintan said pro-Gaddafi forces had swept through Al-Qawalish from the east and reached as far as the checkpoint on the western edge of the village.

EU offers support for Libyan transition (Reuters)
The European Union executive offered Libyan rebels help with democratic reforms on Wednesday once their war with Muammar Gaddafi's government was over and said their Benghazi-based council was gaining credibility.
Speaking after meeting a rebel representative, Mahmoud Jebril, in Brussels, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the EU was ready to assist with organising elections and setting up state institutions in Libya.

Peace is the only option (HRI)
Dr Mahmoud Jibril and Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen meet tomorrow. Given the atrocities committed in Misrata and Benghazi the option of allowing the rebels to conquer pro-Gaddafi population centres is inconceivable – there is now only one option – and that option is peace.

NATO faces the ingratitude of the Libyans (Voltaire Network,Thierry Meyssan)
The Coalition of the Willing had come to Libya to rescue the civilian population of the repression of the tyrant Gaddafi. Four months later, the crowds have deserted Libyan territory liberated from Benghazi and massed in huge demonstrations against NATO. Faced with an unexpected political reality, the armada of the Atlantic Alliance has no strategy. The Italians began their withdrawal, the French vote.

(Image) - The Libyan government hoped to collect a million people on 1 July 2011 in Tripoli to protest against NATO. To the surprise of the authorities as well as the Atlantic Alliance, there were 1.7 million.

111 days after the start of the intervention of the Coalition of the Willing in Libya, no military solution is in sight and the experts all agree that time is in favor of the Libyan government, except for luck or murdering Muammar el-Qaddafi.

On July 7, the Italian Council of Ministers halved the country's commitment to the war effort and withdrew the helicopter carrier. President Silvio Berlusconi said he had always been hostile to this conflict, but was forced by its Parliament to participate.

On 10 July the French Minister of Defence, Gerard Longuet, referred to a political solution that would involve a departure by Gaddafi "in another wing of the palace and with another title." Given that there is no palace, the first condition is purely formal, the second, no one understands the meaning, otherwise it is a semantic loophole.

The Libyan political and social structures are from the local culture and are obviously difficult to understand for many Westerners. It is a unicameral system of participatory democracy, which works remarkably well at the local level, coupled with a tribal forum is not a second chamber, a senate, as it has no legislative power, but incorporates the clan solidarity in politics. In this device, combined with the figure of the "Guide", which has no legal power, but moral authority. No one is forced to obey him, but most do, as they act within their families vis-à-vis an elder, although nothing being forced. All in all this political system is quiet and people show no fear of the police, except when trying to seize power or during the mutiny in the prison of Abu Salim (1996) that have been repressed so particularly bloody.

These details allow to perceive the absurdity of war aims of the Coalition of the Willing.



Talking of absurdity -
Ben Bernanke Makes Insane Comments On Gold (Blacklistednews)
By Lee Rogers
Ben Bernanke who today was testifying in front of a Congressional Committee made the assertion that gold is not money during an exchange with Congressman Ron Paul.  He even went as far to say that central banks only hold gold because of tradition.

Majority of Voters Want Us to Pull Out of the EU Because of Economic Chaos
'An overwhelming majority of voters want Britain to withdraw from the European Union – with support draining away thanks to the economic chaos surrounding the single currency.

Fact Sheet on the International Criminals' Court

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