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Libyagate: End is Nigh and Financiers are honest, politicians are saints

US prepared to back Russian mediation deal that will see Libya’s Gaddafi quit
The US will support Russia’s mediation bid in Libya provided it leads to the departure of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, President Barack Obama told his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev yesterday.

Libya: The other side of the coin
[...] Is Gaddafi the one man holding it together? Not according to the Brother Leader himself: "They believe that the revolution will be over with the end of Gaddafi. No, this is a revolution of the Libyan people, the authority of the Libyan people, this is the political system of the Libyan people, chosen by the Libyan people, approved by the Libyan people, the decision-making is by the Libyan people, practised by the Libyan people". Here he is referring to the unique system of Government called the Jamahiriya, the State of the Masses in which government is conducted through People's Congresses, through which the people exercise political and economic power and implement policies.

See what the Libyan "rebels" are like
We present proof that the Libyan "rebels" are armed. See what the Libyan terrorists, we present proof that the UNSC resolutions were based upon false flag events, we present proof that NATO is on the wrong side. If after reading and seeing this, you see that NATO is indeed wrong and see for yourself that the "rebels" are not unarmed civilians, do something.
See for yourself in this documentary, filmed by Flavio Signore and Leonor Massanet in Libya recently and passed to Pravda.Ru, what the Libyan "rebels" are and ask yourselves if these are unarmed civilians being attacked by government forces. Then, do something about it. NATO involved itself based upon false [falsified] information.

Libya's rebels prepare for critical battle on road to Tripoli
Libya's rebels say they are poised to launch an imminent attack on a strategic garrison town near Tripoli whose fall could turn the tide in their campaign against Muammar Gaddafi.
[...] But, he warns, taking the capital will only happen if Nato is prepared to raise the stakes by providing close air support in the form of helicopters that could attack buildings in which loyalist forces had taken cover.

Libya's rebels? Deocassar, responding to this article in Matahaba - "China Media Aids Progaganda on Libya?" wrote:
For the record this is neither a rebellion and even less a revolution. A rebellion or revolution is conducted  by the local population of a country. But there are no local people fighting this war of aggression but only foreigners.
Ok, some say that they are Libyan because they have some remote relative who is Libyan but fact remains they are foreign citizens with a foreign ID and a foreign passport.
But it is not these foreign "Libyans" who are spearheading this aggression against Libya. It is REAL foreign invading troops mostly from France, Britain, France and Canada. In fact these foreign invaders had been deploying in Libya since February 2011 starting with the invasion of Benghazi from Egypt, then going into Misrata after being ferried there by British war-ships and finally into the mountain regions from Tunisia.
From February 2011 NATO has been gradually deploying some 200 troops each week not to give into the eye to avoid criticism that it is breaching UN resolution 1973 which clearly forbids the deployment of ground troops on Libyan soil. These troops are being sent from Malta. On Saturday 9th July 2011 for example Malta's leading entertainment centre was jam packed with British, Canadian, and French soldiers in civilian fatigue who were having a binge before what one of them told me they went to Libya "to kick Gathfai's ass." The next day they alll boarded a British troop and helicopter carrier berthed at Malta Grand Harbour and left for Misrata.
So let us use the proper term please. This is NOT a rebellion or a "revolution" but a foreign aggression, invasion and occupation of Libya by foreign forces. The TNC is nothing more than a US appointed entity which represents only US and western interests and so the only thing it can Liberate is Libya's  oil wealth in favour of the the western powers at the expense of the Libyan people.

Corbett Report Interviews Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya (Audio)
Global Research associate Mahdi Nazemroaya joins us from Tripoli where he is on a fact-finding mission to find out what is really happening in Libya and what the real effects of the NATO-led rebellion really is for people on the ground.

England and Qatar bombed Libya (12 July)
From Libya yesterday they tell me neither France nor NATO bombed. However, English and Qatari aircraft violated the airspace and dropped bombs on Libya.
How can the UN and NATO allow infringement of Libyan airspace by Qatar? NATO Is not protecting the Libyan people by ensuring that no aircraft fly?.
What game is this for NATO? "Now protect, now kill, now let Qatar kill? Qatar has a license to kill?
Yesterday more armed rebels who were hiding in the  mountains returned weapons and have surrendered.
[translated using google]

(Reuters) - Italy wants a political solution to the war in Libya that would see Muammar Gaddafi "leaving the stage," its foreign minister told an Algerian newspaper on Tuesday after a rebel campaign ran into resistance.

From April -
The War in Libya: Race, "Humanitarianism," and the Media by Maximilian Forte
A lengthy document that details much of the racism,  deceptiveness and many crimes committed by the insurgents and their supporters.
Maximilian Forte is a professor of anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, specializing in political anthropology, media ethnographies, and the new imperialism.  This article was first published in a Salon blog on 18 April 2011; it is reproduced here with the author's permission.  See, also, other articles by Forte: "The Libyan Revolution is Dead: Notes for an Autopsy"; "The Humanitarian-Militarist Project and the Production of Empire in Libya"; and "Libya: What Revolution? Whose Revolution?" 

Libya: Sarkozy has lied according to the International Criminal Court. It is he who should be judged!

Extract from an article by Thierry Meyssan (from a commenter to a Leanor post - link)
[...] This can be explained simply: the internal opposition to Gaddafi had no reason to overthrow the regime before the events of Benghazi. According to Muslim culture, the rebels who have demonstrated their good faith have been forgiven and incorporated automatically into the national forces.
Here we must observe the balance of political power. The National Transitional Council (CNT) has failed to form a social base. Its provisional capital, Benghazi, was a city of 800,000. Hundreds of thousands of them celebrated its creation in February. Today, the "town liberated by the rebels" and "protected by NATO" is actually a ghost town of no more than a few tens of thousands of people, often people who can not afford to leave the country . The Benghazi many rebels have fled the fighting.
On the other hand, "regime of Gaddafi" was able to mobilize 1.7 million people during the demonstration in Tripoli on July 1 and get to participate in the organization of regional events every Friday. Last week, were more than 400 000 in Sabha (south) and expects a similar crowd on Friday Az Zawiyah (west). Note that these demonstrations are directed against NATO.
Ultimately, the Libyan people has spoken. For him, NATO has not come to protect, but to conquer the country.
Under these conditions, NATO has a strategy. There is no "Plan B". Nothing. Defections close to the National Transitional Council are so numerous that, according to most experts, the "rebels" do not include more than 800 to 1,000 fighters, though heavily armed by the Alliance, but unable to play a role importantly, without popular support. It is likely that special forces commandos deployed by NATO on the ground are more numerous than the Libyan fighters they supervise.

Libya Campaign Was Staged To Conquer Africa - RT Interviews Thierry Meyssan (Vid & precis)
Some of the precis:
The NATO-led intervention in Libya and the unrest in Syria are both steps in a decades-long plan by the US and its allies to completely reshape the face of Africa, believes independent journalist and peace activist Thierry Maysan.
“It’s quite obvious that the USA wanted to enter war at the same time with Libya and Syria. That wish was made public by John Bolton in 2002. The plan was passed over to France and Britain, who decided to bring it to life in November last year,” the author believes.
What is called public uprising of the free-loving people are actually coup attempts staged by the Western nations, Maysan says.
The operation in Libya in particular is marked by an astounding number of lies fed to the public, he added.
“By the time of the UN Security Council vote everyone had decided on the basis of reports submitted to the council. And the Security Council was certain that during the demonstrations in Benghazi the government killed 6,000 citizens – a terrible number. But now five months later the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, which accused the Libyan leadership, has reduced the number… Now the prosecutor is building up his evidence on 208 victims instead of 6,000,” he pointed out.
[...] In another example, footage was circulated by foreign TV channels allegedly showing Gaddafi’s soldiers raping women in retribution for the uprising. The video later turned out to be a rare Libyan amateur porn flick, Maysan said. The lies are meant to hide what the West wants to do in the region, the journalist believes.
“NATO keeps lying at every stage, which is surprising, because during the war in Kosovo NATO would normally lie only to conceal its mistakes. This time it’s being done not to conceal the mistakes, but to conceal the strategy,” he told RT.
[Listen to the interview then ask who the barbarians are.]

The gullible "not in the club" masses are just there to provide a workforce and to be milked, cash to gov't always increases, benefits always decrease. Government is a facade and their agenda does not require consultation with or approval of the goyim, deceit to maintain the illusion of democracy being a permanent feature.
The "club" consists predominantly of arrogant asses seemingly incapable of doing anything without being told. Their successes are due to one skill, abusing people's trust. Libya has demonstrated this in abundance. Call yourself a serf and you won't be far wrong.
In the US birth certs are copied at time of registration then used as security for gov't borrowing, $1 mil per. I wonder how much us Brits go for?

Turkey Seizes Libyan Bank Assets
ISTANBUL—Turkey seized control of Libyan bank assets Monday, one day after recognizing Libya's opposition in Benghazi as the country's legitimate government, in moves that effectively severed remaining ties to Col. Moammar Gadhafi.
In a statement, Turkey's Savings Deposit Insurance Fund said it had taken temporary control of Libya's 62.37% stake in A&T Bank, formerly known as the Arab-Turkish Bank, in response to United Nations Security Council resolution requirements.
[...] Turkish officials acknowledge that Ankara's response to the unrest in Libya has been affected by its economic interests. At the outset of the conflict, some 25,000 Turkish citizens were living in Libya and had to be evacuated. In 2009-2010, Turkish companies launched $7.6 billion in construction contracts in Libya, according to Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Board, or DEIK. Most of these contracts are in areas of Libya still under Col. Gadhafi's control.
Recommended site - Leonor in Libya, a journalist in Tripoli who publishes every day. English and Spanish

Financiers are honest, politicians are saints and there are no secretive organisations...

An education in what is going on and not just financially
Big Banks Waging Warfare Against the People of the World
vid 1 The European debt crisis is really financial warfare by the banks
Indeed, the banks are in warfare against the rest of society
vid 2  What's going on in Greece is exactly what's going to happen in America in a couple of weeks.
The big banks are forcing their bad debts on government
They are also forcing governments to sell off national assets so the banks can install a "neo-feudalism"
vid 3 "This is the biggest transfer of wealth in history", as the giant banks have handed their toxic debts from fraudulent activities to the countries and their people
The big banks blew bubbles - using fraud - because that's the only way they could make obscene profits (see this link for details)

Inevitable That Greece Will Default - Special EU Meeting Announced
BRUSSELS (Julien Toyer and Luke Baker) - European Union leaders are poised to hold an emergency summit after finance ministers acknowledged for the first time that some form of Greek default may be needed to cut Athens' debts and stop contagion to Italy and Spain.
"There will be an extra summit this Friday," a senior euro zone diplomat told Reuters, suggesting policymakers have been seized with a new sense of urgency after markets started targeting Italian assets.

US: As Government Nears Accord With Banks, Questions Swirl Over Scope Of Investigation
WASHINGTON -- State and federal prosecutors are pressing to complete a proposed settlement with the nation's five largest home loan companies over alleged mortgage abuses, even though they've only initiated a limited investigation that hasn't examined the full extent of the alleged wrongdoing, according to interviews with more than two dozen officials and others familiar with the state and federal probes.
The deal with the mortgage companies would broadly absolve the firms of wrongdoing in exchange for penalties reaching $30 billion and assurances that the firms will adhere to better practices going forward, these sources told The Huffington Post. Negotiators met in Washington last week to hash out the settlement.

Chicago Trading Firm’s Lawsuit Claims Banks Conspired to Manipulate Libor
A Chicago trading firm accused Bank of America Corp. (BAC), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), UBS AG (UBSN) and Citigroup Inc. (C) of conspiring to manipulate the London interbank offered rate.
The banks drove down Libor to generate billions of dollars in profits from swaps, loans, interest rate derivatives and other financial instruments whose value depended on the rate, Eldorado Trading Group LLC said in a complaint filed July 5 in federal court in Newark, New Jersey.

Bank of America Settlement Data Sought From Clients by New York
Bank of America Corp. (BAC)’s proposed $8.5 billion settlement over mortgage-securitization trusts is being probed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is seeking client information from more than 20 companies.
Schneiderman’s office sent letters dated July 7 to the companies, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), BlackRock Inc. (BLK) and TCW Group Inc., regarding their participation in Bank of America’s proposed deal. He is asking for the information by tomorrow.
The information was requested in connection with an investigation by the office “into certain matters related to securitization of residential mortgages,” according to the letters.

'Obama defaulted on US Constitution'
The International Monetary Fund's Chief Christine Lagarde says debt default of the United States would jeopardize the global economic stability.
Interview with journalist and broadcaster, Max Keiser

The Senators Did Not Grasp The Reality
What I have heard of the members of the Senate, suggests that they either have shown no competent understanding of their situation, or, that some Senate leaders must be in a state of headlong flight into the never-never realm in which they have chosen to believe. In reality, they are facing the rather immediate reality of a fascist dictatorship brought into being by a British puppet called Obama, like legendary ostriches (imaginary ones, of course) stuck with their heads in the sand, and their butts about to be kicked to death. They have, thus far, dispatched our republic to be extinguished by a replication of Hitler’s emergency laws—just as those damned, British-owned, German social-democrats had virtually marched toward entry into concentration- and death-camps, or into the other forms of submission. The lesson to be learned is: don’t trust Satan to be kind to you.
Senator Kerry‘s address in defense of Obama’s efforts to establish a dictatorship, is a case in point. A descent into utter sophistry!
Only a delusion, blackmail, or something to kindred effect, could have prompted any of those Senators who were not evil themselves, into seeking a pact with Satan—a trust based on Satan’s promises to his tool, Barack Obama.

Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling

Bombshell: Saudi and U.S. Governments Protected 9/11 Hijackers
Appearing on MSNBC, former senator and Florida governor Bob Graham said at least two of the purported 9/11 hijackers had assistance from Saudi Arabia.

The Anatomy of Globalist-Funded Sedition, and the True Path to Freedom
Bangkok, Thailand July 12, 2011 - While we are told by the self-proclaimed arbiters of humanity the merits of "human rights," "transparency," and "open society," these arbiters themselves are the poorest examples of such values. People indeed do have the right to know who is behind their government, the organizations that support it, and the corporations that fund them, not just in the nations and governments targeted by these nefarious arbiters, but the arbiters themselves

Bohemian Grove: The New World Order Revealed?
In the accompanying vid Anonymous is calling for the occupation of the Bohemian Grove on July 13th as part of the infowar! I recommend anyone living in the vicinity to go and show your disloyalty to the murderous bankster crew.
Also there's a little snippet from Alex Jones explaining what goes on at the bohemian grove.

Daniel Estulin: Bilderberg 2011 Discussion Leaked via Moles

Check out the US spending on the military here:
Why is the Most Wasteful Government Agency Not Part of the Deficit Discussion?

PressTV - The US Central Intelligence Agency is using a secret facility as well as a prison in Somalia for the alleged purpose of fighting against the al-Shabab fighters, a report says.

The worlds largest human experiment: GMOs, Roundup and the Monsanto monstrosity – part one

White House admits marijuana has ‘some’ medical value
[That must have been like a stab in the heart for them.]

Israelis Escape UK Over Arrest Fears
Last year, Britain pledged to “urgently” reform the Universal jurisdiction regulations, which allow prosecution of war criminals within British borders, to ensure Israeli officials visit the country freely even when they are accused of serious violations of human rights. But...

WikiLeaks' Assange in UK court to fight extradition
[What is disturbing is that the alleged crime Assange committed is no crime in the UK yet his extradition is being allowed. If it was the death penalty for getting drunk in Bonkobonkoland versus a fine for the equivalent in the UK, what would be the view then?]

Africa: Ep 1 - Different But Equal (51:45 - 4 years ago)
This video is the first installment of Basil Davidson's educational "Africa Series". Basil Davidson is an acclaimed writer and Africanist historian. His works are required reading in many British universities. He is globally recognized as an expert on African History. He currently lives in Somerset, England and frequently travels to Africa.
[Scroll the sidebar for the other 4 episodes]

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