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Libyagate: Syria next on the Chatham House hit list

Just say no
US Military - Read the Bill of Rights, read the Constitution. Remember the potus is a CIA asset. And a Kenyan.

UK military - A lost cause? It now belongs to and does the bidding (kill civilians) of private interests. Fighting to aid al Qaeda and other terrorists that are killing fellow servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan? The generals, admirals and Cameron are traitors to do this to them.

Quote from a very recent radio report of a tour of Libya -
Only part of Benghazi is held by rebels. Another part is held by foreign “al-Qaeda” et al. And there are about 20,000 armed pro-government people in Benghazi itself who stay inactive out of concern for civilian lives. (Link)
[Note: "et al" includes GIA, AQIM, LIFG, jihadists and mercs]

Saida Benhabiles, Algeria's former minister in Benghazi
Benhabiles confirmed that most members of the "army" of CNTs are mostly foreign, ie, mercenaries, and that NATO and the Western media do nothing but what they have done routinely in other cases of interference, "the transvestite reality of Libya".
This is further testimony to the reality experienced by Libyan citizens in the region of Benghazi, invaded by mercenaries from NATO and the secret services, terrified by them, and used to justify the destruction and plunder the rest of the Libyan people.

Dr. Webster Tarpley Reports from Tripoli, Libya:
Devastation at The Hands of NATO & Obama Continue

Or download the whole interview as an mp3 - link

The CIA’s Fake “Arab Spring” Becoming A Long, Hot Summer Of War
Washington DC, June 20- With the previously covert US bombing of Yemen out in the open, the Obama administration is now waging illegal wars against at least five countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, and Yemen. Given Obama’s absurd and Orwellian theory that acts of war from the air in the sea do not constitute hostilities under the terms of the War Powers Act, this list may be incomplete, and stealth US attacks may be going on elsewhere as well. As spring turns into summer along the banks of the Potomac, there are signs that Obama’s next move may be a trifecta of aggression – an attack on Syria which would also embroil the US in war with Iran and with the Hezbollah forces of Lebanon. Or, the Obama rampage may strike Pakistan. The “Arab Spring” of color revolutions, military coups, and destabilizations is moving inexorably towards a possible world conflagration whose outlines are already visible.

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 Fraud 9-11, 7-7 enabled Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, all steps in the same plan.

Syria - the rabid female dog of war
US 'deeply concerned' at Syria's Internet cut: Clinton Jun 05

Clinton says Iran backing 'vicious' Syria crackdown Jun 14
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday accused Iran of backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's "vicious assaults" on pro-democracy protesters after crushing its own 2009 uprising.
(A saner perspective - Which Path to Persia? Redux)

Clinton on Syria: Astounding Lies, Zero Legitimacy Jun 18
Out of either desperation, or immeasurable hubris, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just attempted to rewrite the last 3 months of history, contradicting her own department's statements made during the onset of the Syrian unrest

Clinton says 'no going back' in Syria Jun 19
There is no going back." Assad's actions have "shattered his claims to be a reformer," Clinton wrote.

Turkey to take in NATO ground forces Jun 19
The country will become the main base in the area for the US-led military alliance’s ground forces. NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said the alliance will transfer the bulk of its ground forces from a military base in the city of Heidelberg in southwestern Germany. Other troops will arrive from Spain to be placed at the Izmir Air Station in western Turkey, which will now become the centre for ground troops. Ankara has already created its own military bases close to the common border with Syria.

WWIII in Libya AND Syria in Days
A trusted Before It's News source, one who told us about Osama bin Laden's death four hours before it was reported in the mainstream media, has alerted Before It's News that big moves are afoot in the Middle East.
"The real war is going to start in Libya and Syria in seven days.  It might be a few more days than that, but it's definitely coming."

Selected articles here - Escalated War in Libya; New War in Syria?

The real enemy of mankind, the vultures, leeches, assorted parasites and bottom feeders
Arab Spring Brings Corporate Locust
As terrifying as any Biblical plague, the very corporations that funded the think-tanks and media organizations that crafted and sold the entirely engineered "Arab Spring" hoax to the world, have finally swarmed into Egypt to settle in and strip its lands clean.

The rats bringing S. America into the bollocknaise. Media, like the ICC is just another ass wipe
Chavez Critical? Or is "Regime Change Flu" Heading to Latin America? Video

News updates and comments here -
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