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Libyagate: Egypt, lift a rock and...

The situation in Egypt at present is that a US favouring quasi religio-strongman regime has been replaced by a US favouring military-plus-bank-clerks regime. In return for chaos, brutality and killing the purpose of the government has seen no change. The tools of the puppeteers will maintain control of Egypt at any price. The government has taken a step on behalf of Egyptians towards debt slavery (the vultures waste no time) with loans from the IMF and World Bank cartel fronts totalling 5 billion. I expect an honest court would view the claim that these are odious debts with agreement in that the need for the loans was caused by trade loss arising due to the insurrection that was organised and promoted by external interests that have connections with both banks.

In view of Blair's employment by JPM Chase, a cartel bank and his relationship with Libya (arms sales, gang bang lobbyist etc), Libya's billion dollar investment in Goldman Sachs, a cartel bank, and the keen interest to get control of Libya's central bank I see an odious debt in the cartel investment in the Libyan (Senusi royalty, Islamic fundamentalist, LIFG, human trafficker democrats led) insurgency. It is possible that the US claim against Iraq for costs of the invasion for oil can also be written off under the same premise. (An explanation of odious debt can be found here.)
"AnarchitexT offers a different perspective at looking into the events taking place in the Middle East, but we do not seek to impose our point of view on the viewers, we urge you to read, research and question everything, including the information which we present here.
The questions we ask may be viewed by some as an attack on the 25th of January Revolution, but this view misreads the questions and our motives for asking them, because simply all AnarchitexT members have partook in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, and were part of the historic events of Tahrir Sq. and it is only because we fear for our country that we ask these questions.

The Artist behind the Blueprints for the Revolution!
After we concluded our research, and were 99% certain that Mohamed Fahmy, is in fact the artist behind the “Revolution Blueprint” booklet, we decided to contact him on twitter, and get further information on why he designed the booklet, however, when we asked him if he was the person behind “How to revolt cleverly” booklet, his response was “Shuuush!” and then followed with: “It is not important!”
Ganzeer responded to this article on his twitter account, denying his connection to the “Revolution Blueprints” and claiming that Black & White designs and the use of similar typefaces is not a proof that he is responsible for the blueprints.
Despite the fact that this is true, however, other than the identical design layout, the style of illustrations in the booklet carries the impeccable finger prints of Ganzeer’s craft. Not to mention that the graphic designer who designed the leaflets must be an activist involved in the pre-revolution political scene.
The reason why this is important is that clothcap readers will already be aware of the Soros, Clinton, Power, Rice and CFR's involvement and Pentagon plans for a "greater ME" under the Saudi family. Long term readers will already know anything involving Soros is never, ever for the greater good. Learning of their agents in Egypt is useful as they know who not to trust. I wonder if Ganzeer is a Common Purpose product?

This video is informative:

(Earlier vids here - Chain Reaction 2005-2006)

Evidence of intended government collusion with the wolf is sheep's clothing Muslim Brotherhood;
Three government memos leaked to the press and published on New Statesman and NPR on February, 2006 reveals that the British government was in the process of building diplomatic ties with the Muslim Brotherhood in early 2006. The documents, leaked to the press, recommends increased engagement with the group, a proposal that British’s former foreign secretary Jack Straw accepted at the time.
The leaked documents, include a memo to the Middle East minister Kim Howells, dated 17 January 2006 and obtained by New Statesman magazine, shows that the British government was preparing to open lines of communication with the Brotherhood in 2006. The memo from the FCO’s Arab/Israel and North Africa Group recommends increasing “the frequency of working-level contacts with Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarians (who do not advocate violence), particularly those who are members of parliamentary committees”.

On the first video, with regard to major institutional meddling in Egypt's internal affairs, here is a letter to Bush:
"Open Letter to President Bush re: democracy promotion" - wherein an activist member of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is a co-signer.

The source web site is an excellent reference for those seeking to gain an understanding of how US institutions (think tanks) associated with military-industrial complex funding are behind the strife in the ME and particularly Egypt. Link

I was directed to a recent essay that is a little hard to follow in machine translation but that said, it is a reasonable synopsis of recent events
"Arab spring" becomes "Autumn of the West"
Orchestrated riots and the West plans to demolish the regimes in North Africa and the Middle East known as the "Arab Spring" became, in fact, "Autumn of the West." The demonstration of arrogance, almost nerve, while the inability of the West is declining in recent months from the region made ​​the ruins, in the case of Libya and in the literal sense, peaceful lives, the survivors, turned into a nightmare and its citizens, who, at least formally voted for the current government, pulled in another series of crimes. At this point no one can confidently say what will continue to be, but what happened is so far above all reveals the extent to which lives in the West politically unrealistic and time no longer exists. Reveals, in fact, all the impotence of the modern West. The bombs, mass destruction, murder and dilapidation, no matter how brutal, can not support lying.
More here.

Piss-ups and breweries  - More evidence of the wholesale incompetence of the murderous wooden tops that gave the robots the green light to attack Libya without cause or provocation, even more darkly humorous than jokes and cartoons about concrete bombs;
Bishop of Tripoli: NATO aggression makes Gaddafi popular
Tripoli, June 21. NATO bombing in Libya which led to casualties among the peaceful population, return the popularity of Muammaru Al-Qadhafi. This, says ITAR-TASS, was said by Roman Catholic Bishop of Tripoli, Giovanni Martinelli.

NATO Atrocities Daily - Less humorous, today's bombing of civilians manning a roadblock (was it a US plane or CIA drone?). Perhaps NATO thought they were intending to harm themselves. I see more charges of unprovoked killing. Because the intervention was without due cause, all nations supporting UN1973 and NATO's Kosovo style blitz must stand alongside NATO in the dock, if justice is ever served. (Alleged war criminals Cheney-Bush won't step outside of the US for fear of prosecution, even in Canada. ICC is not recognised by the US bank cartels even though they sponsor it. Btw, where's their partner in crime, Blair holed up nowadays?)

Bahrain military court sentences anti-government activists to life
A military court in Bahrain sentenced seven activists to life in prison, finding them guilty of charges of "plotting to topple the government," the Bahraini state news agency reported on Wednesday. Seven others received sentences ranging from two to 15 years in prison.

Saudi suggests 'squeezing' Iran over nuclear ambitions

A leading member of Saudi Arabia's royal family warned that Riyadh could seek to supplant Iran's oil exports if the country doesn't constrain its nuclear program, a move that could hobble Tehran's finances, The Wall Street Journal reported.
[The reason for the banksters giving them $40 bil worth of weapons?]

Syria rejects foreign intervention: FM
Syria totally rejects any foreign intervention in its internal affairs, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem told a media conference in Damascus Wednesday, Xinhua reported.
The minister also said that the European Union's reaction to President Bashar al-Assad's speech on Monday showed it wanted to " plant strife and chaos"

Via Prison Planet and Infowars -
Of interest to the US Congress membership:
Scores of U.S. Strikes in Libya Followed Handoff to NATO

Meanwhile other bank clerks pursue the puppeteer objectives:
White House warns on Libya funding measures AFP
The White House warned Monday that attempts in Congress to choke funding for all or part of US operations in Libya would send a "bad message" at a time when Moamer Kadhafi's days were "numbered."

White House Acknowledges Pentagon’s Lawyer Disagreed About War Powers

The White House acknowledged late Friday that the Pentagon’s top lawyer and the Attorney General believe that the U.S.’s military actions against Libya amount to “hostilities,” a position that contravenes a theory espoused by the administration in a white paper sent to Congress Thursday.
Still, the White House insists that the Justice Department and the Defense Department believe that President Obama’s view is a reasonable and legitimate interpretation of the War Powers Act.
A senior administration official confirmed the dispute Friday night after The New York Times reported that Goldman Sachs AIPAC  the Defense Department General Counsel Jeh Johnson and Caroline Krass, the acting head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice, both concluded that the scope of the U.S.’s actions in Libya do amount to the definition of “hostilities” envisioned by the War Powers Act.

Scientists Successfully Implant Chip That Controls The Brain - cheaper than funding representatives and lobbying with malice aforethought, chip'em.

Greek debt of 330 billion may become Europe's sinkhole
[...] Greeks [Greek, French banks, Goldman Sachs etc] were already saved by the entire Europe [by socialising odious debt]. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union allocated a loan of 110 billion euros to Greece, forcing the Greek authorities to reduce state expenditures in return. However, it seems that these funds have fallen into a bottomless pit. The national debt relative to the GDP within the year increased from 127.1 to 142.8 percent. Analysts predict that over the next three years, Greece would need another $170 billion.
Also read: Greece nears economic collapse
TIMBEURRRRRRR So there is some good news among the murder and mayhem. Greece has to disembark from the EC Titanic or the banks have to write off bank debts. Guess what the banks will go for? More debt socialisation = robbing the poor to pay the rich. If the eco-fascist EC tries it on again before it is cancelled, it may find a hostile reception from the victim countries.

Please go here for news updates and comments
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