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Libyagate: Libya To Hold Free & Fair Elections Despite NATO ’s Bombs

I wonder why the Libyan government, already ignoring the atrocities committed by the gang-banger coalition of Western terrorist governments, doesn’t proceed with elections that are what the bombing is pretended to be for.
If it happened it would show the world just how far the banksters are prepared to go to destroy the ability of Libya to resist the influence of the bankster cartel’s IMF and the Pentagon’s Africon in Africa.

NATO’s “democratic” terrorists reject free elections for Libya (Pravda)
[...] Meanwhile, the rebels and U.S. officials said they will not accept the election campaign proposed by the Libyan leader’s son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.
[...] Libyan television reported the stay of the Russian envoy and his evidence on the NATO air bombings, which hit in 44 attack missions, of which only 13 were supposedly military targets.
Foreign correspondents affirm that one of the places destroyed was the Wanzirik Hotel, situated in the center of the capital, near the complex of Bab al-Aziziya – where Gaddafi used to reside – causing at least 12 civilian casualties.
On the other hand, the local press reprinted excerpts from an interview with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to an Italian newspaper in which the son of the Libyan leader said his government would accept elections in a period of three months or up to the end of 2011.

Libya’s anti-Kadhafi rebels no democrats, report claims (RFI)
[...] Their report, published by two French-based thinktanks, claims the rebel Transitional National Council (TNC) wants to impose Islamic sharia law and that the uprising is motivated by regional resentment and vindictiveness. While condemning Moamer Kadhafi’s regime, the group says that “true democrats” are a minority in the TNC, which has been recognised by France and a number of other countries.
The democrats are working alongside monarchists, radical Islamists and Kadhafi regime defectors, like the council’s chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil, a former justice minister who twice confirmed the death sentences passed on five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor for allegedly deliberately infecting 400 children with HIV. And, the observers point out, only 13 of the 31 TNC members’ names have been made public, with representatives of the west of the country, most of which is under Kadhafi’s control, kept secret for “debatable” reasons.
The movement is “an armed uprising of the east of the country … which tries to present itself as part of the Arab ‘spring’, with which it has nothing in common”, their report says. The report seems most concerned at the threat of establishing a base for Islamists in the region. Article I of the CNT’s National Charter states that sharia should be the basis of the country’s laws and the report claims that the Libyan Islamic Combatant Group and Al-Qaeda both claim to have fought against Kadhafi’s forces during the uprising. The revolt has inspired three to four million migrant workers to flee the country, “at a time when their own countries are suffering a high level of unemployment”, it says, adding that “all blacks in eastern Libya were considered to be mercenaries in the service of Kadhafi”.
And it dubs the Western intervention in the country “adventurist”, threatening to destabilise Africa and the Middle East by providing a base for radical Islamism in the region.
Nato air strikes have hit a hospital in Mizda, wounding about 40 civilians and Korean doctors, and other non-military targets in Misrata and Ziaouia, the report adds. /continues

Mass demonstration in Tripoli Green Square Leanora
Today throughout the day the Libyans have continued in the green square indifferent to the folly of NATO bombing has not stopped Tripoli. The people continued their songs and support and made as if they care little about the NATO bombs.
CNN on location – vid –

If the public stopped giving the governments and the EC money the illegal bombing would soon end.


NATO confirms strike hit wrong target, killing Libyan civilians WashPo, (Also reported on video news here, RT)
[...] Libyan officials said the blast flattened a two-story house, killing two children and seven adults. Sunday’s bombing marked the first time NATO has acknowledged that a military mishap had resulted in civilian deaths in Libya, and it came a day after the alliance confirmed that last week it accidentally struck a vehicle carrying allied rebel fighters.
[...] The bomb struck a home in the Souk Jouma district of northern Tripoli, an area of the city where many despise the Gaddafi regime.


RFI reports – Nato investigates alleged civilian deaths in Tripoli
[...] Government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim has accused the Western alliance of “deliberately targeting civilians,” insisting there were no military targets anywhere near the residential neighbourhood of the capital that was attacked.If confirmed, the civilian deaths would be an embarrassment for Nato which has been leading the bombing campaign under a UN mandate to protect civilians. Ibrahim said he feared the death toll would rise as the building that was hit was home to at least 15 people.

NATO has killed and is killing more civilians than the Libyan army and the insurgents combined. I call it murder.

Even if Libya sues Goldman Sachs and wins its case (open and shut fraud) none of the the criminals will be sent down.
Supremes Make It Official: Wall St. and Corporate Execs are Above the Law When They Lie to the Investing Public

Nigel Farage: Bankers+politicians = ‘unholy alliance’ vs people (Video) [and vs Libya]

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