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Libyagate: Rabid NATO Bombed Benghazi Civilians 90 Killed

Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron gained permission to bomb Libya under UN resolutions 1970 and 1973 where they were allowed to enforce a no fly zone and protect civilians by all means necessary. The reason for asking for permission to bomb Libya was that it was believed that the Libyan forces were about to bomb Benghazi to stop rioting by armed gangsters there, an excessive use of force.

Now that NATO has bombed Benghazi there is no possible way that the organisation can be allowed to continue its pretence of protecting civilians from the Libyan forces. The organisers of the bombing have displayed symptoms of rabies.

A reporter in Tripoli with contacts in Benghazi reported:
13 June
The biggest surprise of this conflict
Today, NATO has bombed Benghazi, killing 90 armed rebels and there are 20 injured in hospital.
No one knows why.
At present there are two groups of armed rebels in the east that they are facing and killing each other.
At the moment we do not know why.
In the NATO bombing of Tripoli daily, there were some planes that have launched their bombs in empty spaces completely. What makes people think there are pilots who do not want to kill and destroy in spite of the orders.
Original Spanish -

14 June
The reason is emerging why NATO bombed an area of Benghazi yesterday that killed 90 people, seriously wounded 20, another 80 were wounded but not seriously.
The Libyans living in the Benghazi area said they were declaring their exit from the movement of the rebels and that they wanted nothing to do with either one side or the other.
Next Friday sees a showing of a great movie program in Benghazi unfavourable to the rebels and the suspicion was that this movie came from this neighborhood.
Thus NATO has deleted it.
"Is this an execution or is it a terrorist act?" said a libyan, Josep. "The killings by NATO are so many that no definition is possible. What I do know for sure is that this is not a war."
"NATO is performing the most degrading and perverse role I never thought it could do, no respect for anything or anyone."
"History will never forget this mass murder nor perpetrators of it."
Original Spanish -

The mainstream media is concealing these facts from the public. Stop NATO scans for media reports about NATO every day -
Stop NATO reports -
13 June Link
Pentagon Chief Praises NATO’s Arab Monarch Allies For Libyan War Aid
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Western Myth To Overstate China’s Military Potential

14 June
South Africa Condemns NATO Over Plans For Regime Change, Assassinations, Military Occupation Of Libya
Washington Using NATO For Proxy Conflict With China In Libya
Belgrade: NATO Conclave Focuses On War Against Libya
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U.S. Guided Missile Warship Headed To Baltic Sea
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Azerbaijan Meeting: “NATO: Political And Military Alliance For The 21st Century”
U.S. In Secret Talks To Prolong Afghan Military Presence Past 2014
Security Tightened In Belgrade Over NATO Conference
Caspian: Turkmenistan’s Vast Hydrocarbon Reserves Opened To U.S.

15 June (Up to midday) Link
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Pentagon Appoints New Military Command For Kyrgyz Transit Center
McCain Demands Russian Withdrawal From Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transdniester

One has to ask how has it come to this, where the terrorists occupy the seats of government in the western world?
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