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Libya soaks up NATO crimes


Libyan rebels lost initiative
In the past two weeks, any meaningful activity by rebels in Libya almost completely absent.

The 21st century technology, unlimited funding, 12 nations’ forces and the full support of the media and still the Libyan government with its decimated army is beating the CIA’s al Qaeda backed royalist coup attempt. The frustration of the marionette generals and politicians is manifest.
Gaddafi birthday bombing killed an estimated 30, wounded 240

The blitzing of Libya that has taken place on behalf of private interests is illegal in so many ways that in in a fair world people from the UN, the various governments, the generals and admirals and the boards of cartel banks would serving time.

The justification for the intervention was fabricated based on hearsay and news reports that have been shown false by Russian satellite monitoring.
The UN regulations that permitted the intervention have been thrown out of the window, international laws are broken by the day.
The outfit that the criminal operation is aiding and abetting is an illegal insurgency composed mainly of the LIFG, a listed terrorist org that is led by a defected general who was living close to the CIA’s HQ for years after he had set up the LIFG with CIA assistance. The outfit includes AQIM, a sibling formed from LIFG members whose raison d’etre before the sponsored insurgency was drug running and kidnapping for ransom, GIA, a similar group from Tunisia, militia supplied by neighbouring countries and many youths who fell for the promise of 20,000 Libyan dinar if they joined the outfit. (Most of those that surrendered at Misurata were youths). Prisons were stormed and the thousands of occupants were freed, a terrorist custom is that women are raped as payment for liberation. That describes the forces that the Libyans are battling. Estimates for popular support range from 2% up to 10%. Many atrocities committed by insurgents have been documented and videoed, the UN found that war crimes were committed by them.
So the 12 nation ganga banga is trying to clear a path for the illegal insurgency that includes a substantial terrorist compoonent.

[Also read - Why the West wants the fall of Gaddafi? An analysis in defense of the Libyan regime]

Libya is solvent, has no national debt and has a state owned central bank. The country is wealthy and the wealth is shared with the citizenry. It has a good human rights record. The government planned to issue is own supported currency and to fund an African state owned central bank, plans for a United States of Africa were underway and agreement was reached with most of the countries to use the gold dinar as the exchange currency for African oil. So a successful implementation of a unification by a solvent country that didn’t include the banksters whose scheme is to turn the world into debt slaves by the fiat currency fraud.  Right next door to the failing EU. Tying oil to the dinar would screw the dollar as the petro currency and so its status as world currency. With the petro dollar screwed the banksters’ fiat currency scam would collapse.
These facts alone were sufficient to justify the a bankster assault on the nation. But there is a lot more going on.
A large percentage of Libyan oil ends up in Europe. Italy has a gas pipeline from there as does Spain. China was making inroads in developing relations with Libya especially with regard to fos fuel supply. China has been busy around the world in places such as Canada, India, S. America, Russia and especially Africa ring-fencing anticipated production from oil field development. The USEU that envisaged keeping Africa undeveloped and divided so as to continue the plunder of its resources had been working hard to establish a strong military presence throughout Africa to counter Chinese influence. It was moderately successful up to Egypt and Libya, Libya refused to allow a military base. Egypt has seen a second protest movement against the puppet military regime.
That is not the end. Libya has 70 to 80 billion of investments between the US and the EU. Goldman Sachs seems to have used Libyan money to support a kind of ponzi scheme using derivatives. It used Libyan account to store bad bets so that it could claim success to other clients. One account has been made public where a 1.3 billion investment was reduced to less than 2 million in a year. Around 37 billion has been invested in the cartel bank system, assumedly with Blair’s coercion considering his employment with JPM Chase and close relations with Gaddafi. If the libyan fund still exists (can we see evidence) it has been frozen using the same falsified claim of human rights breaches that “justified” the intervention.  Freezing the fund avoided access to it and so exposure of criminal activity and collapse of at least Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is currently being prosecuted for “irregularities” in currency and derivatives, much of the evidence was furnished by the IMF that is competing to establish its own fraudulent fiat world currency. Why the Libyan account is not the subject of a police investigation is not a mystery as the person that decides on such matters is strongly believed to be controlled by the banksters.
Is there more? Lockerbie was at first used as the justification but evidence has since emerged that it was carried out by Palestinian terrorists and the reason for the bombing was to cover up an investigation into the CIA led bin Laden drugs operation in Afghanistan that went as high as Cheney and Bush, all the evidence was on the plane. The ganga bangas went very quiet about the atrocity soon after the ganga banga started.
Sarkozy’s original presidential election campaign was funded by Libya, contracts for weapons and the development of nuclear reactors had been signed not long before the war.
Libya in common with most political entities used bribes to develop friendly relations with the UK, France and many other countries. The evidence was most likely held at the compound that has seen daily and nightly bombing. The only surprise is that it hasn’t been nuked.
Then there is the giant aquifer that supplies 3 or 4 countries with water. Water is the next “big thing” in the commodities market and has strategic significance in Africa.

Governments exist in Europe and the US to give an illusion to the bank held debt interest payers (taxpayers) that democracy exists. The real governance does not change with elections, it is by the banksters with whom the fake debt has been created so that they decide who gets what funding.
The very least the public must demand from this is that the UN funding must cease. Both the EU and the US have demonstrated that it is of no consequence and so funding is unjustifiable.
NATO has changed its stripes from a defence force to an attack force and “can’t tie its shoelaces without Pentagon direction”. It is a US run organisation and should be passed to them lock, stock and barrel, EU forces should no longer participate.
The investments of Libya must be investigated. International fraud on the scale that seems apparent must not go uninvestigated and unpunished.
The alternative is either bankster directed anarchy where their might is right or get rid of them and their governments.

Guantanamo would be an ideal holding prison as the crimes are international and multi national.
So. That’s the background as far as I can determine. Here’s what is current -

Gaddafi interview. The horned beast from the fiery pit of hell talks to Charlie Rose, text and vid here

United States bury GS, Sarkozy, defector evidence in Libya
E.G. -

Bab al-Aziziya Compound


NATO breaks shrines
NATO bombs in the latest bombing came to two Coptic Church in Libya and severely damaged them, Vatican Radio reported on Monday citing the Bahomiosa Bishop of the Coptic Church.
[Globalist's Vatican (where the banksters keep their gold) that has dealings with the mafia says that's ok with its silent consent]

NATO representative denied the bombing by the Alliance of the Activities Centre in Tripoli.
NATO denies that the Libyan bombing of television and radio

[Wasn't us guv, and even if it was it was threatening civilians...]

Bringing to mind the IMF’s Klaus – maid atrocity where a little’un fought back -
Aisha Gaddafi is suing NATO for war crimes committed in the territory of Libya in April 2011.

Roman Catholic Bishop of Tripoli, Giovanni Martinelli: NATO bombs have become our Golgotha
(Whatever that means.)

10 missiles stolen from Gaddafi depots
Some 10 Soviet-made Strela man-portable surface-to-air missiles [capable of bringing down both military aircraft and airliners] have been stolen from the Gaddafi military depots in Libya and taken out of the country.

Other bankster activity
A Russian political analyst Nikolai Starikov told correspondent SANA in Moscow confirmed that the United States, United Kingdom and France continue
flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Syria.
Their activity is aimed at undermining the stability of the country and the region as a whole, the unleashing of war to change regimes, supporting the patriotic forces. It serves the economic interests of the United States and evolving scenario, developed for a number of Arab countries.

See comments at CC on myTelegraph for further news updates

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