clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

The Coneulab

A momentary lapse of concentration let my mind wander in the mire of Fagin politics.

In my opinion, Cameron is willing to risk defeat to stay under the heel of the europarl. He must figure a small majority or hung parliament is better than giving the UKIP that would have membership vote a chance of majority.

I can't see any other reason for him not opposing Brown's stance.
Another thought crosses my mind, I wonder if there is a pre-election agreement being made or already made with eulab, the parties are so close it seems illogical not to talk of an alliance. But necessary to keep it confidential before the election because the betrayal of the party faithful would certainly cost them votes.


I have another suspicion. The news media that has expressed such enthusiasm for the promotion of green dogma are now realising that as the dogma punishment bites into income, newspaper purchase is very near top of the list as expendable. Arm waving green journalists must be at the top of the disposables list as cut backs inevitably bite home.

Wind farmology took a kick to the vitals as a huge promoter in the US, Pickens canned his plans when he couldn't get investment for infrastructure. The benefit light movement hasn't quite bought the farm but it is in a downward spiral.


Justice doesn't always favour the wrong.


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