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Libyagate: Who Are The Secret Seven?

The illegal armed insurgency is backed by the bank and oil cartels, their CIA and MI6, their  LIFG and AQIM, islamic jihadists and other terrorists from as far as Australia and the US (called to support by bin Laden’s ghost), including the Pentagon and its Africa Command, the European Commission, Sarkozy, Cameron, Berlusconi, Obama, mercenaries, the western media, escaped convicts. And a few civilians, mostly unemployed youngsters that have taken up arms looted from Libyan army stations and supplied by nearby countries.
Who is it leading this motley assemblage to “liberate, democratise and islamify” democratic Libya, ayatollahs and imams? Members of the evicted UK appointed east Libyan royal family? Leaders of the terrorist groups AQIM and LIFG? Escaped convicts?

For the attention of HM government, opposition and similarly aligned parties.
Some questions that need to be asked by Parliament
1. Why have the UK forces been committed to supporting an illegal insurgency that is headed by a group that includes a number of unknown members, that claims to represent Libya without a shred of evidence to support that statement, that has in reality not generated any additional support since the insurgency started with the storming of prisons, rioting and tens of brutal murders in Benghazi, the human trafficking capital of Africa?
2. Who are the unknown members of the leadership, note; unknown to Libya too, that claim to represent that nation?
3. Why is NATO illegally supporting an illegal insurgency that is involved in a conflict in a sovereign country, that without NATO support would have ended in a few days as have previous outbreaks of violence in Benghazi?
4. Why is NATO killing civilians?
5. Do US and UK forces conduct operations in Libya independent of NATO? (This HRI claim refers: The cluster bombing of Misrata: The case against the USA)
6. Why is west Libya being starved of aid including fuel and medical necessities while the illegal insurgency and east Libya is being given aid, fuel and arms and money?

What Powers? Legality Of Libya Operation At Issue
[...] What’s remarkable here is not the military effort, per se, but the fact that NATO undertook an essentially offensive action against a sovereign nation in the absence of an attack on any member state. That is not what the alliance was formed for. Yet, having vowed to merely enforce the no-fly zone — and no doubt envisioning a quick end to Col. Muammar Gadhafi’s regime — NATO is now mulling the use of British attack helicopters, which would constitute a clear escalation of what is already an undeclared, albeit limited, war.

How democratic is Libya’s opposition?
Ranj Alaaldin: Libya’s Transitional National Council is an unelected necessity [?], but it must start to address its accountability deficit soon. ["accountability deficit", I guess that must mean absence of popular support.]

‘Battered Libya sues for peace’
As President Obama vows ‘We will not relent until the shadow of tyranny is lifted’; Gaddafi’s Prime Minister offers Nato a ceasefire, amnesty for rebels, reconciliation.

AU demands end to Libya war, Russia condemns NATO strikes on Libya, India And Africa Call For End To Bombing Of Libya, US lawmakers: Libya war illegal, HR lawyer – The Use of Force Against Libya: Another Illegal Use of Force
(Search results for UN ceasefire libya)

NATO responds

Tripoli bombed again
On the night of May 26th NATO aircraft launched another series of air strikes on the Libyan capital Tripoli. According to preliminary reports, among the targets of the bombing run was an educational institution. The residence of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was Also bombed.
Tripoli was hit with at least four powerful airstrikes during the night .
And here:
Powerful blasts rock Libya’s capital
Five blasts were heard after NATO warplanes bombed civilian and military sites in the Libyan region of Nalyut after a third consecutive night of attacks on Tripoli, including state telecommunications facilities, the official news agency JANA reported.
[...] “It is another major deviation from the UN Security Council’s Resolutions 1970 and 1973,” Russian Foreign Ministry’s envoy on human rights, Konstantin Dolgov, said in a statement.

RAF jets attack military vehicle depot
RAF jets have attacked a military vehicle depot in the Libyan desert in the latest strike against the forces of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, the Ministry of Defence has said.
The announcement came as speculation mounted over an imminent announcement of the deployment of British Apache attack helicopters in a new escalation of the coalition military effort in Libya.

Obama Vows to Continue Bombing Libya Reuters
President Barack Obama warned Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday there would be ‘no let up’ in pressure on him to go, following a second successive night of heavy NATO bombing in Tripoli.
Six loud explosions rocked Tripoli late on Tuesday within 10 minutes, following powerful strikes 24 hours earlier, including one on Gaddafi’s compound that Libyan officials said killed 19 people.
Obama told a London news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron he could not predict when Gaddafi, who is fighting a three-month-old insurgency, might be forced to go.

NATO Using Depleted Uranium against Libya, European experts investigate
European scientific team is in Libya to investigate the radiation levels that have stemmed from uranium-containing missiles launched against that country by NATO forces, said Venezuelan Bassen Tajedline from the capital Tripoli.

NATO’s Intensified Air War: 8,394 Air Missions, 3,175 Strike Sorties
Strike sorties conducted 25 May: 42

Obama’s fourth war looming?
On Wednesday, the US State Department ordered that all “non-essential” US diplomats and family members are to leave Yemen immediately. It also issued a warning to Americans to abstain from travelling to Yemen.
[...] But the situation in Yemen, in a way, is specific.
What is in common with all the other cases is the fact that the national leader President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been in the topmost position for several decades (33 years, to be precise).
What is in common with some of the cases, is the fact that he, seeing the miserable examples of Egypt and Tunisia, stands firm in his desire to hold on to power.
What is different, though, is the nature of the opposition.
In most previous cases, the opposition was (or, pretended to be) democratic. In Yemen, the opposition is comprised of tribal leaders who do not even conceal their radical Islamist nature.

The Moscow alternative to NATO bombardments in Libya Audio (option – download mp3)

The Arab revolt means failure of EU policy in the region
Boris Shmelev, Head of the Political Research Center:
The revolt in Arab countries in North Africa means the failure of the policy of the European Union in this region, because since 1995 the European Union has pursued the so-called Barcelona process and the European Union tried to improve the social and economic situation in this region and tried to put a new form of organization, of political life and social and economic environment, but the result is the revolt of people in many of these countries.
I think that the politicians in EU countries do not understand the real situation here and they are trying to inflict some ideas of democracy which are taking place in the European countries in different social and cultural room. It is good that the European Union is helping the new regimes in these countries, in the cultural and economic field, but I think the attempts to change the situation here and to keep the situation under control by force is wrong,

Remember that al Qaeda does not exist as an organisation. It is a title used by the CIA when any group of terrorists attack anything useful as propaganda. You can wake up tomorrow, decide to be al Qaeda and blow up the HoP, hey you’re al Qaeda.
Is the West playing into al-Qaeda’s hands?
The Arab spring risks fuelling extremism and immigration unless fledgling democracies are given help by the West, David Cameron has warned.
[Close the MI5 terrorism fakers' dept and here's an idea, let's discourage the extremists by giving them humanitarian cruise missile and cluster bomb aid. What a joke.]

CNN, how it is in Tripoli by a reporter on location Video

Heavy fighting rages on in Misratah
Anti-Gaddafi forces are now in control of Cyrenaica, Libya’s fertile eastern coastal region as well as Misratah in the west. [?]

The situation in Misurata for children and families April 2011

Libyan government welcomes all observers, humanitarian organisation as long as they come in peace. Situation in Misurata, evacuation of tens of thousands of its inhabitants, restoration of water and electricity where they were damaged by the armed gangs there.

All Bombed Out And Nowhere To Go
All fools’ day – Italy has received 22,000 immigrants from North Africa in a month and a half.
[Remember, the Benghazi riots would have been quelled in a couple of February days without the coalition and NATO's "humanitarian aid".]

Unsafe in Libya, unwanted in Europe: exiles of the Arab Spring
Hundreds of desperate migrant workers have gathered near Calais

Refugees from Libya attacked in Tunisian desert
Hundreds who fled Gaddafi regime left without shelter as locals ransack and torch refugee camp
More than 1,000 migrants who fled fighting in Libya have been left without shelter in the Tunisian desert after locals burned and looted a refugee camp near the border, witnesses have claimed.
At least five people were wounded when Tunisian soldiers opened fire on migrants fleeing Tuesday’s attack on the UN-managed Choucha camp near the main crossing with Libya at Ras Ajdir, said Alganesc Fessaha, an Eritrean doctor who treated the victims.
The attack left around 1,500 residents without shelter. It reflected growing resentment among Tunisians against the migrants, mainly workers from Eritrea, Somalia and Ivory Coast.

False reportage correction
Libya: Col Gaddafi’s oil minister ‘did not flee’
Top Libyan oil official Shokri Ghanem has not defected, contrary to widespread reports, and is secretly working for Col Muammar Gaddafi to maintain ties with big oil companies, sources at western firms said.

Of Interest
Some clarification of the Georgian situation. If additional apparently reasonable reports come up, I’ll post them.
Who provoked violence in Georgia?
Interview with Nana Devdariani, a political scientist and former chairman of the Georgian CEC.
Please tell us what’s going on there, because there are all sorts of assessments of this in world media.
[...] The Association of Young Lawyers, which has been financed by the US since its inception, also made a statement that if the protestors didn’t walk away on their own, that they would be dispersed – that this is the letter of the law. So it’s all clear. And the two people killed in the process are on Nino Burzhanadze’s head, because the Interior Ministry says that they were killed by one of the cars in Burzhanadze’s cortege.
What were the slogans that people took to the streets with? As I understand it, the demonstration started out peacefully.

This isn’t something I’d like to talk about, but I have to say that for the first time in the last 7.5 years, the protestors were ready to respond to violence with violence.

While Italy bitches about an unusual 22,000 in a month and a half and the EC says it will restore borders, the UK sees 22,000 every month
Net immigration hits six year high in blow to Coalition
Last year some 242,000 more people moved to the UK than left, after numbers leapt by around 45 per cent in just a year.
David Cameron has pledged to cut net immigration to the “tens of thousands” but the latest official figures show an upward trend in continuing instead.

Bring it on
Qaddafi Reportedly Stashes Billions in Western Institutions
[...] Global Witness said the report showed that banks and investment houses should be required to disclose state funds that they manage, as “This would cost nothing and would allow citizens to see that state revenue is not being stolen by corrupt leaders.”
Fiona Laffan, a Goldman Sachs spokeswoman declined to comment, as did Jezz Farr, a spokesman for HSBC. JPMorgan Chase did not immediately return calls.
[Accountability? ROTFALMAO]

I wonder how the criminal investigation and prosecution of Goldman Sachs and JPM is going? Meantime, here is some info
Consolidating US Money Power: The Four Horsemen of Global Banking
If you want to know where the true power center of the world lies, follow the money – cui bono.  According to Global Finance magazine, as of 2010 the world’s five biggest banks are all based in Rothschild fiefdoms UK and France.
They are the French BNP ($3 trillion in assets), Royal Bank of Scotland ($2.7 trillion), the UK-based HSBC Holdings ($2.4 trillion), the French Credit Agricole ($2.2 trillion) and the British Barclays ($2.2 trillion).
In the US, a combination of deregulation and merger-mania has left four mega-banks ruling the financial roost.  According to Global Finance, as of 2010 they are Bank of America ($2.2 trillion), JP Morgan Chase ($2 trillion), Citigroup ($1.9 trillion) and Wells Fargo ($1.25 trillion).  I have dubbed them the Four Horsemen of US banking.


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