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Libyagate: AIPAC's NATO

Bombs for peace? ‘UN completely disgraced in Libya’
Says it all.
Dianne Johnstone, an up to date lady, interviewed by RT for a few brief minutes. I’m glad she wasn’t my headmistress. She ends by saying she has a lot more to say. You can get an idea of what she may have had in mind at Counterpunch. This essay was published March 24 when she was already ahead of the game: Why are They Making War on Libya? Things happen fast. The game changed from “protecting civilians and enforcing a no fly zone with an embargo enforcement fleet” to regime change by supporting an illegal insurgency in a matter of days. The US Bush fleet is on its way to the Med, presumably to discourage the Russians and maybe the exercises with S. Korea are to discourage the Chinese acting as UN police.
Other recent articles: Weep Not for Strauss-Kahn and Pretext for War: Do We Really Need an International Criminal Court?

Important issues
[UNr 1970 UNr 1973]
The US demands that Israeli-funded African Mercenaries be granted Immunity from War Crimes!
Edward Teller first posted a story about this yesterday, but its not up on the front pages anymore so, I need to hat tip him first by linking to it here. Second, I want to add some more details that have come to my attention since he posted it.  This story is important because it involves the potential use of US Military personnel in a theater of war where they may be harmed, and it involves the use of US tax dollars to pay for those forces.  It also involves the right of an indigenous people, Libyans, to determine their future for themselves, and how they have risen up to oppose a brutal tyrant of over 40 years.  Finally, this story involves the potential that our Commander-in-Chief and President, Barack Obama, may be lying through his teeth to us, the American people, and that NATO, the United Nations Security Council, and other European nations may also be doing one thing but claiming to do another.
1. The UK Telegraph reported today that

African mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime to kill Libyan protesters would be immune from prosecution for war crimes due to a clause in this weekend’s UN resolution [1970] that was demanded by the United States.

2. The United Nations has imposed an arms embargo on the nation of Libya (Source here)
3. The Rebels have seized most of the port cities on the Mediterranean (meaning they will be the first ones to receive any ship-based weapons cargo…) (some information here)
4. The US  is moving military hardware and assets into the Mediterranean, with the President saying  (source here) (according to Slate Magazine):

President Obama said he is giving the U.S. military “full capacity to act, potentially rapidly,” if things get worse, reports the Washington Post. “I don’t want us hamstrung,” the president said Thursday, adding that he didn’t want “a situation in which defenseless civilians were finding themselves trapped and in great danger,” or “a stalemate that over time could be bloody.”

5. Yet, the Israeli government has authorized the Israeli company, Global CST, to finance and arm and supply Gaddafi with 50,000 African Mercenaries (from Uganda, Chad and other nations)!
Well, when those Israeli-funded mercenaries arrive in defiance of US military imposed embargoes, what  will happen?  Will the US look the other way?  If the US only imposes an arms embargo on the rebels, but allows Israel to finance and arm and supply Gaddafi, then it will be clear that Obama lied, and that the use of US military force in the Mediterranean is to suppress the rebellion.  Not to help it.
This is not a story we should ignore.  It is a big f-ing deal for the US to move military assets out of the Persian Gulf, or Afghanistan, and into the Med.
Why?  To secure the oilfields in Libya for western occupation.  To secure Israeli geo-strategic goals in the Mediterranean.  To create a puppet regime in the region. /continues

Israeli Company Hires Gadhafi’s Mercenaries – With Approval of the Israeli Government – Updated
[...] Duff describes a long-term covert relationship between Libya and Israel.  Here’s his description of what is going on now:

Though Israeli advisors and intelligence personnel have been on the ground in Tripoli for some time, there are questions as to whether the Gaddafi’s regime can hold on until substantial aid arrives, particularly in light of increasing pressure for a US strike, widely called for,  bringing Gaddafi’s rule to an abrupt end.  Sources in the region tell us:
“Israeli military advisors have been “in place” since the first and Mossad teams who have long used Libya as a base of operations in Africa are working to “decapitate” rebel leadership.”

2.  There have been no credible followups to Thursday’s reporting on the subject of an Israeli relationship to mercenary hiring for Libya.  I posed the following questions as a comment to marsdragon’s post on this same set of subjects:

1. Does Gadhafi use middle men to bring in mercenaries?
2. Has he done this in the past, and is he using such companies now?
3. What are the firms used by him, if it is the case that he has employed them?
4. Stolen or forged passports have been confiscated from captured or intercepted mercenaries. How were these acquired? Are they being listed somewhere?
5. How are the mercenaries from Chad or other Saharan border countries getting in?
6. Where are their points of departure?
7. Whose aircraft are being used?
8. Where are the aircraft landing in Libya or adjacent to Libya?
9. Is Gadhafi using private contractors from any Western nations or Israel to shore up his regime?

[The video link in the original article is dead but you can see it here - ]

There is still no confirmation that the mercenaries were sent. There was an Israeli news report that disappeared, and other small indications that mercs were moving. My best guess is that it was a propaganda effort to get the islamics’ pent up against Gaddafi. Then a document showing that Israel had made an agreement to supply the insurgents with arms turns up. Counter propaganda. A few mercs maybe, to give the lie some legs, 50,000, no, try with one or two zeroes less, that would be more believable. Gaddafi doesn’t need the Israelis to get African mercs. He has good relations with most of Africa having been acclaimed by many leaders as the king of Africa for his efforts to unite it.

The play seems to have been for an Iraq situation in Libya with Gaddafi out of the way from the outset. The benefits go like this. A fractious and unstable country is easy to manipulate, so many elements are involved in the uprising it is impossible that it could be otherwise than fractious should the insurgency prevail. All was going to plan then the game changed almost in an instant, Gaddafi became an open target and NATO became a blatant path maker for the insurgents that without NATO the insurgency would have been no more than another of the occasional Benghazi riots. Something big went down.

All kinds of information showing that AIPAC owns the US gov’t whichever party is elected, similar to the setup in the UK started to emerge. There are other factors. The money-oil chazzerim and shiksa want a disrupted Libya with a puppet gov’t emerging after some time, Iraq style. They control the Pentagon. BRICs are against an ashkenazi controlled Africa and ME.

What changed? Egypt. A hostile, Iran-Palestine-Lebanon-Russia friendly nation was never supposed to result. Libya is seen as the Egypt replacement. Not possible with the present Libyan socialist democracy setup, not possible as a country in turmoil, a quick result is being sought. That was the change. Instead of a slow process now a fast result, a rapid placement of a puppet government is being sought. The NTC will require tidying up to make it acceptable. There will be NTC casualties soon.

A US battle fleet is en route to the Med, exercises with S. Korea are to start, the UK is to withdraw from protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan, China has told the US to back off in Pakistan, Soros has started protests in Ukraine. The US is being used to keep potential anti-colonials at arm’s length.

All of this will be of little consequence if Africa stands up as one nation and tells Russia, China and the US to back down and get out, it has to be quick or the opportunity will be lost. The silent majority of Libyan people must make themselves heard.

National Women’s Forum Libya
The attack by the U.S. and NATO continues against Libya.
Of the more than seven thousand five hundred sorties since the beginning of the attacks, about three thousand have been  humanitarian bombing with the authorization of the Security Council of the UN.
Libyan women have now  teamed up to stop the onslaught against civilians and military and civilian infrastructures of the country.

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know


Blackwater forms spy group in US
The notorious military contractor formerly known as Blackwater along with intelligence operations program Able Danger has formed a new spy firm called Jellyfish Intelligence.
[...] Blackwater changed its name to Xe after the contractor’s reputation was tarnished following a series of scandals, most notably the 2007 murder of dozens of Iraqi civilians in an unprovoked shooting spree.
“Because of the backgrounds of some of the individuals, someone might want to make it into a controversy, but we have no interest in the business of guns, gates, and guards,” Jellyfish Intelligence CEO, Keith Mahoney told Press TV.

Blackwater wants mercenaries in Saudi Arabia
The secretive head of the Blackwater mercenary company says anti-government fighters came from the sewers and are living in the Middle Ages. He normally forbids journalists from covering his speeches.
His group is notorious for killing civilians especially during the US invasion of Iraq. An audio recording of a January 14 private speech delivered by Prince has however secretly been taped.
In the speech, Prince proposed that the US government deploy armed private contractors to fight “terrorists” and counter the Iranian influence in Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia and Saudi Arabia. Investigative journalist probing the company Jeremy Scahill says he hopes the US government does not listen to Prince He also called those fighting the US in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan “barbarians” who “crawled out of the sewer.”
Prince mentioned Blackwater operations in Pakistan, which contradicts the US government line that Blackwater is not in Pakistan.

How is the Pentagon’s EUCom performing in their illegal Libyan action?
Another 20 lampposts go down, how many civilians?
NATO Bombs Tripoli in Heaviest Strikes Yet

More than 20 airstrikes in less than a half-hour shook the Libyan capital early Tuesday, with most of the strikes concentrated near the compound of Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi.

Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news : May 22, 2011
NATO’s Air War: 7,732 Sorties, 2,975 Combat Missions
NATO Intensifies Bombing Of Tripoli, Libya’s Main Harbor
Obama In Europe To Boost “Global Action” With NATO Allies
“Here For The Long Term”: EU Opens Office In Benghazi
EU Foreign Ministers Plan Additional Sanctions Against Belarus
U.S. To Build New Radar-Evading, Long-Range Nuclear Bombers
Afghan War: Jordanian Officer Killed, Four Soldiers Wounded
Pakistan: Thousands Participate In Anti-NATO Protest
Elections: Cyprus Heading Toward NATO?
Georgia: U.S.-Trained Army Called Upon To Back Power Transfer

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: May 23, 2011
Libya: Nearly 8,000 NATO Air Missions, Over 3,000 Combat Flights
NATO To Deploy Attack Helicopters For Libyan War
U.S. Missiles In Europe Can Fuel New Arms Race: Russian Military Chief
Four NATO Soldiers Killed In Eastern Afghanistan
U.S. Drone Attack Kills At Least Four In Pakistan
United Arab Emirates To Open First Arab Embassy At NATO Headquarters
Iran Denounces United Arab Emirates Move Toward NATO

Trivial pursuits
Ms. Ashton stated that representatives from Russia, the U.S., the UN and the EU “will try to advance the peace process.” Link
Abbas all for Russia-suggested “quartet” calling
Mideast Quartet support Obama vision for peace

Obama pressing Israel to withdraw to 1967 borders. As if.
Israel won’t return to 1967 borders – PM
No Palestinian state without truce with Israel – Russia
Israel will not agree to return to 1967 borders
Netanyahu and Abbas at loggerheads over Obama ‘1967 borders’ view

Interesting other
May be useful to researchers, from early March: Libya Military Profile And WMD Disarmament

EU disintegration, how are the sticking plasters doing?
In Europe, Rifts Widen Over Greece
Seems like the bankster bailouts aren’t going down too well. Austerity for the goyim while bankster behaimeh get 7 digit bonuses? Spain is seeing protests against laws forbidding protests and austerity measures. No wonder nepotistics like Baroness flower arranger are ducking out.

Dark matter discovered Oh dear. That’s the end of easy money for some methinks.

Commends to ccm, levantine, mods and a number of notable sites/blogs without whom this blog would be much less.


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