clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Royal Commission necessary

I'm making myself tired for nothing.
Top Aussie scientists have proposed a Royal Commission may be the answer to determining the veracity of IPCC opinions on carbon dioxide poisoning the climate.

"Parliament should defer consideration of the CPRS bill and institute a fully independent Royal Commission of enquiry into the evidence for and against a dangerous human influence on climate."

Read and believe: Link or copy-paste this into the address bar -

The paper - Minister Wong’s Reply to Senator Fielding’s
Three Questions on Climate Change – Due Diligence
Bob Carter
David Evans
Stewart Franks
William Kininmonth

They pretty much conclude what I did. (Gis a job).

Heaven forbid such a thing could happen in the UK, the government wouldn't have the balls. Would they?

Cost-benefit of political membership of the EU? Nah, no way.

From Motl's blog - link

I hope. For everyone's sake.


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