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CCNet  - 13 May 2011

The Climate Policy Network

Poland Fears European-Wide Shale Gas Ban

French deputies' Wednesday decision to ban hydraulic fracturing, a key method used in shale gas extraction, has raised fears that the European Union may create regulations that will put an end on Poland's shale gas dreams. Maciej Kaliski, head of the department of oil and gas in the Ministry of Economy told Dziennik Gazeta Prawna that Poland will not have many allies, as there are influential groups in Brussels which want to restrict the development of shale gas in Europe. According to geologist Jan Krason, a strong nuclear lobby and Russian gas supplier Gazprom stand behind the French ban, DGP reports. --Warsaw Business Journal, 13 May 2011

It’s important to bear in mind that France (and the French government) have a deep vested interest in nuclear. Shale gas is very bad news for the economics of nuclear (and also for renewables) – therefore it’s not surprising that there is an interest in France in trying to kill off shale gas. --Dieter Helm, Financial Times, 12 May 2011

“A lie gets halfway around the world before truth has a chance to get is pants on”. It seems Winston Churchill’s dictum could be applied to some “comprehensive” studies into the global shale gas phenomenon too. ----Peter Glover, Energy Tribune, 10 May 2011

Simply put, shale gas is all about oil. The two key shale techniques of fracturing combined with horizontal drilling are now releasing undreamt of oil riches. With limited growth potential and surging supply in U.S. markets there are only two possibilities for gas - flaring or giving it away. Flaring is not an option, but to access high priced oil, literally giving gas away, or even more incredibly paying someone to take it off their hands makes economic sense in the Texas markets. Gas, the wonder fuel of the 21st century to most customers may well grow up to become the problem child of the hydro-carbon industry. --Nick Grealy, Energy Tribune, 13 May 2011

1) Will Brussels end Poland's shale gas dream? - Warsaw Business Journal, 13 May 2011

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5) Nick Grealy: The Coming Wet Shale Revolution - Energy Tribune, 13 May 2011

6) Ronald Bailey: Environmentalists Were For Fracking Before They Were Against It -Reason Online, 10 May 2011

7) And Finally: BBC Report On The Missing 50 Million Climate Refugees - Barry Woods, The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 11 May 2011

Courtesy of Dr Peiser, GWPF
Be unalarmed, very, very unalarmed
Alarmist report informs that climate temperature changes in the US have been within the range of normal change but the rest of the world WILL BURN and toast their grand kids. Because CO2 penalties were such a good idea, the bank clerks have decided we’ll suffer them anyway and stupid boondoggles like CO2 capture, wind farms etc. will proceed as planned. Huhne is seeking a new job at great speed due to the present position rapidly losing justification for its existence. And the “free energy” billions allocated are needed to blow up Libyans and their cities.

U.S. Temperatures Within Range of Natural Variability, Alarmist Study Finds – Huh?
[A man named Chas was heard whispering near a gooseberry bush "We are not amused",  it was unclear whom he was addressing.]

The Great Energy Resource Debate Robert Bradley,, 12 May 2011


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