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Libyagate: Permission to flatten mosques granted?

The Libyan blitz is not an official war hence there are no restrictions on freedom of speech. Could the MSM please realise this? If it was declared to be a war Obama would be impeached without question. Cameron and Hague are frothing. Punish them for the deception.

Obama, Clinton, and Biden Agree: War on Libya Is Unconstitutional

Following up on its efforts to eliminate the threat posed by religion teachers, The Pentagon's demolisher extraordinaire has asked its bosses for permission to destroy a wider range of structures.

Libya: Nato 'must widen' targets, says UK military head
The head of the British armed forces [General D.Richards] has said Nato must intensify its military campaign in Libya by easing the restrictions on bombing targets.
"Widen targets". That would include the majority of the 5 million non army Libyan citizens that don't support the insurgency and all of the Libyan army (described by a "Sunday Sport" expert as 800,000 people)
The coalition has taken the illegal step of giving the UN  resolution 1973 precedence over the UN charter that forbids supporting either side in an internal conflict of a foreign sovereign nation. It has translated the UN 1973 using the Lisbon consti-treaty method where Google renders the words into Bantu then back to English, et voila. Protecting civilians means NATO can kill them and flatten their cities, towns, villages and armed forces, the only restriction being they are in west Libya and are a target of the insurgency.

In the continuing story of the European Commissariat's efforts to import 50 million Africans into the UK (that story here) a part of this plan is being fulfilled by the indiscriminate bombing of west Libya and the slaughter of sub Saharan black African migrant workers in east Libya by NATO's Libyan native ground forces. As anything touched by the Commissariat turns to tragedy, that mass deaths are occurring due to incompetence of the Libyan embargo enforcers in NATO's fleet is of no surprise:
Ship sinks, 100s missing

In the effort to enforce the embargo NATO ships have shown remarkable initiative in shelling civilians in Misurata. (What was the mission about again? I forgot too.)
NATO Warships Shell Red Crescent Centers In Libya

Here's something from the BBC. Silly me, I mean CNN
Former CIA Analyst Blows Cover Off Libyan Intervention CNN vid
Is this man a Gaddafi mouthpiece? I think not.

Cameron wouldn't support terrorists, not even a fork tongued fascist fifth columnist would do that... Would he?
From a month ago, Islamic Terrorists Join Libya's Pro-Democracy Opposition

Is this propaganda? Looking at the line-up of disgusting people behind the illegal Libyan blitz I suspect not
The Truth About Libya -
Portal publishes a document of agreements between the Israeli government and the
Libya separatists on mutual cooperation

(To counter the revelation that Israel is or was funding and arming the insurgency Is Gaddafi a jew?)

Norway ‘earns from Libya conflict’
‘Norway bombing the most’

Whilst from the country famous for its bacon that has a lot of fat at the top, purely in the interests of proving NATO is unprejudiced in bombing islamics for the US -
Danish MP: Bomb Libyan rebels
[Why not bomb a few east Libyan towns too? Or would that upset Mr Idris too much.]

Britain's Bungling "Secret Intelligence Service" in Libya
The Carry On team is alive and well.

CIA Terrorism in Sovereign Libya: Notorious UNSC Ignores UN
The style of writing that is customary in islamic cultures does not make for easy reading by westerners, ignore the the style and understand the points being made.

The only serious question remaining - when will the ICC issue warrants for Obama, Clinton, McCain, Power, Soros, Cameron, Hague, Rompuy, Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Rasmussen and Ham?
Does Russia have enough evidence yet?

Updates on Libya war: May 14
NATO Warships Shell Red Crescent Centers In Libya: Report
NATO’s First African War: 6,525 Air Missions, 2,556 Strike Sorties
NATO Confirms Attack That Killed Libyan Clerics
Russian Foreign Minister Bitterly Denounces West’s Libyan Actions
Head Of French Contracting Firm Killed By Libyan Rebels

Updates on Libya war: May 15
British Military Chief: NATO Must Widen Bomb Attacks To Depose Or Kill Gaddafi
Libyan Air War: 6,661 NATO Sorties, 2,608 Strike Missions
Libya: Clerics’ Funeral Turns Into Mass Anti-U.S. Protest
Libya: NATO Warships Open Fire On “Small Boats”
Libyan War Backers: Eight-Nation Pro-Western Arab Monarchies Bloc?

Latest developments in Arab world's unrest
If it mwas unbiased it would be remarkable.

Well bugger me... The IMF thinks people are just born suckers
IMF Director Arrested After Alleged Sex Attack on NY Hotel Maid
What a bummer for the cartel. A senior BoE lavatory attendant was concerned about whether the director had taken the proper precautions to avoid catching aids.

Not just maids get shafted by the usurers and their delightful clerks:
Wikileaks Cables Show Race To Carve Up Arctic
Hey greenies, have you learned what the term "useful idiots" means yet? Do you need more lessons? Perhaps the IPCC, Greenpeace and the WWF can organise workshops in how you can be more useful, considering your idiot status.

Osama died in 2001: MSNBC hit piece unwittingly reveals corroboration for Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik's assertion - Watson

Taliban shows how important OBL was by killing its bedrock supporters. Bit like a scorpion stinging itself.
Cold Logic Behind Taliban Revenge Attack

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