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Libyagate: NATO execution of civilians rises sharply

The Libyan government is obliged by its own law to respond to armed insurgency. The UN stated that suppressing the insurgency was legal. The reason, the only reason for the "intervention" according to the UN permission was to stop excessive use of force in quelling the insurgency and to protect citizens.

From that we have American politicians trying to open up frozen Libyan assets amounting to 30 to 40 billion in the US alone so that the insurgency can be given access to the funds at the politicians' discretion, minus administration, handling, consultant, advisor etc fees and the cost of the bombs, missiles and hardware such as the Bush Aircraft Carrier Strike Group that is en route, submarines, ships, planes and troops already there, plus logistics and necessary taxes such as carbon dioxide credits. And backhanders.

We have NATO that answers to a US general (Ham) destroying the Libyan military capability that, if reports such as an army of  800,000 consisting of around 700,000 conscripts and volunteers are believed, will involve killing a significant proportion of the Libyan population of around 6 million. If it wasn't NATO and the US air force doing it politicians would be going demented making political capital out of allegations of premeditated genocide.

We have the mainstream media glorifying every bullet, rocket and missile fired by insurgents as a blow against a demonized administration, their atrocities ignored, and those fired by the army that has adopted a stance of defending west Libya against the insurgency as an assault on Libya's innocents, atrocities committed by pro government supporters blamed on the the administration. The "innocents" have been well armed by Qatar, Saudi and Egypt with arms such as those of US and Belgian manufacture before and since the insurgency started despite there being an embargo in place and despite international law forbidding the supply to conflicting parties.

Before the coalition, later NATO went to war in Libya there was an agreement between Libya and Italy to rigorously police human trafficking that was predominant in Benghazi, called the trafficking capital of Africa. Many traffickers were jailed. The insurgency was significantly funded by traffickers and one of the first acts of the insurgents that suddenly appeared (surprisingly well armed) was to open a prison (or prisons) that of course allowed the traffickers to walk out. I expect many of those freed took up arms against the army and was responsible for the sudden increase of "protestors". Many people deemed pro-government were murdered in Benghazi around the same time. Revenge killings continue.

Does the insurgency (that includes many genuine protestors) include terrorists and jihadists? I think that it does is indisputable. With billions in Libyan funds at stake and the NTC liberal in their promises of generosity it is unsurprising that the "bearded" jihadists would deny their affiliation. But history denies NTC claims that "there are no al Qaeda in the insurgency". It is possible but unlikely that the LIFG and AQIM are conducting simultaneous anti government activity independent of the NTC but that several members of the NTC are anonymous and that some that are named have strong historical connections with terrorism suggests otherwise.

Historically east and west Libya have always been belligerent to each other, the east being pro royalist and strongly islamic. Stratfor has researched and reported on Libya's tribal dynamics, an except tells us:
Cyrenaica is where the current uprising began in mid-February. This is a territory that Gadhafi — or any ruler of Tripolitania — has always struggled to control. In part, this is due to geography, as a vast stretch of desert and the Gulf of Sidra separate the regions. This division has reinforced their separate historical developments.
[i.e. there is a geographical division]
Cyrenaica has long been oriented toward Egypt and the eastern Islamic world, with Tripolitania more oriented to the western Islamic world and the Maghreb. Cyrenaica was also the home region of modern Libya’s first ruler, King Idris I, who was overthrown by Gadhafi in 1969. (This is why so many towns in eastern Libya have begun flying the old flag of the Libyan monarchy in recent days.) Idris came from a line of rulers of the Sanussi order, a Sufi religious order founded in 1842 in Al Bayda, that practices a conservative and austere form of Islam. The Sanussiyah represented a political force in Cyrenaica that preceded the creation of the modern state of Libya, and whose reverberations continue to be felt to this day.
It is no coincidence that this region is the home of Libyan jihadism, with groups like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). (The Gadhafi family has thus been calling the current uprising an elaborate Islamist plot, blaming nearly everything on the influence of al Qaeda, and accusing several people once imprisoned for their affiliations with LIFG of having established Islamic emirates in various eastern towns.)
[i.e. there is a political and religious division that collectively means cultural difference]
A link in the excerpt above points to another Stratfor report, Jihadist Opportunities in Libya, that finds:
This deep streak of radicalism in eastern Libya brings us back to the beginning. While it seems unlikely at this point that the jihadists could somehow gain control of Libya, if Gadhafi falls and there is a period of chaos in Libya, these militants may find themselves with far more operating space inside the country than they have experienced in decades. If the regime does not fall and there is civil war between the eastern and western parts of the country, they could likewise find a great deal of operational space amid the chaos. Even if Gadhafi, or an entity that replaces him, is able to restore order, due to the opportunity the jihadists have had to loot military arms depots, they have suddenly found themselves more heavily armed than they have ever been inside their home country. And these heavily armed jihadists could pose a substantial threat of the kind that Libya has avoided in recent years.
Accepting that Stratfor has no bias or concealed motivein preparing its reports other than to inform it is illogical to assume an absence of a significant terrorist element in the insurgency. Putting $billions in Libyan funds at the disposal of the NTC would undoubtedly lead to a resurgence in militant islam. This view is reinforced by the libertine generosity, variously documented, shown by the NTC. An agreement to hand over ownership of 35% of Libya's oil reserves to France. An agreement to compensate victims of IRA bombing with $10 million per person despite the total absence of evidence that the Libyans caused the explosions. No doubt promises have been made to pay for military support and to pay various arms suppliers.

It is illogical to ignore third party interests with strong influences through financial and lobbying interests on the three main instigators of the attack on Libya. The plans of the Libyan administration to unite Africa with a common supported currency, the gold dinar would stymie the progress of the fraudulent debt currency imposed on the world and the equally fraudulent practice of fractional reserve banking that has caused so much financial turmoil in recent decades. Plans to control Africa by debt currency are already at an advanced stage. A supported currency would have detrimental repercussions on the oil cartel control of oil prices.

On the availability of oil, the west through manipulated governments has shot itself in both feet by not exploiting its own reserves leaving it dependent on the Middle East for a large part of its supply. China's worldwide rush to ring-fence supplies, particularly in Africa and Libya, to sate its anticipated needs has added to the reasons for the war on Libya. Libya supplies a very significant proportion of Europe's needs, China was developing an uncomfortably cozy relationship with the Libyan government with regard to supplies.

As always the military works hand in glove with financial interests to advance its influence. What suits the military always coincides with the progress of financial control of countries. The US Africa command has established co-operation in most African countries and Libya is key to cementing dominance in Africa. With a base in Libya the US would have control of the Mediterranean Sea and so control of the Middle East.

The solution to America's declining influence in the world, the prospective collapse of the decades old currency frauds, the loss of the dollar-oil connection (already weakened by the separation of gas prices from oil and inflation), the threat to European supplies and the avoidance of an immediate war with China was to put a puppet government in charge of Libya. For people whose education included an elimination of morals there was no choice. The only thing missing was justification for a gang-bang that the world would swallow. A staged insurgency provided it.

Libya had been welcomed back into the fold documented by Rompuy and various other self-importants having close facial relations with the Libyan figurehead Gaddafi. That was the moral way forward, establish a friendly relationship and negotiate. What changed? Read through this small essay again and it is clear that governments are not guided by morals. They are not guided by the will of the people.

It is blatantly obvious that Libyan people do not support the insurgency in any significant number. It is blatantly obvious that the armed uprising would have ceased to exist and many lives spared had the coalition not gone to war against Libya. It is blatantly obvious the coalition cannot win the war against Libya without an invasion. It is blatantly obvious that the Libyan government is doing no more than keeping the uprising contained. It is blatantly obvious that there is a sense of desperation in coalition governments such that they are prepared to bankrupt their various countries by pursuing this war for an extended period. It is blatantly obvious that governments have colluded with mainstream media to present a biased and sanitized perspective, such as inflating skirmishes into major battles to provide justification for killing people, such as highlighting atrocities assigned to the army by hearsay without any mention of atrocities proven to be committed by insurgency supporters.
A barrage of continuous pro-insurgency propaganda is maintained not just in the press and on TV, it is also continued on twitter by perfect English speakers with an internet connection. Very, very few Libyans are blessed with either. The CIA has been accused of employing the twits, 5 people on each 6 hour shift would be sufficient. Twitter could provide evidence of this but hasn't to date.

Below, a small, likely temporary setback for Clinton, Power, McCain, Kerry and other clerks under Rockefeller and Soros. They will do their best to achieve the targets tasked to them regardless of the cost in human lives. The callous use of youth groups is beyond description.

Cash-Strapped Libyan Rebels Left Empty-Handed
By Flavia Krause-Jackson - May 14, 2011 1:06 AM GMT+0300
After three days in Washington seeking financial help, the Libyan rebels’ finance minister is heading back to Benghazi with little to show for his effort other than expressions of “overwhelming support and sympathy.”
Such encouragement won’t pay for food, fuel and other necessities which are running short in the rebel-held part of Libya, Ali Tarhouni said in an interview.
“I am desperate,” said Tarhouni, who gave up his job teaching microeconomics at the University of Washington to return to his homeland to raise cash for the opposition. “I can repay you with really good interest and in a few weeks also.”

The US puppet goes on another killing spree:
Libya anger over deadly air strike
, Nato denies it was behind an attack on Brega that state TV says killed at least 16 people.
Nato air strike 'kills 11 imams', The government has claimed that a Nato air strike on the eastern town of Brega on Friday morning killed 11 Muslim clerics in their sleep.
Apart from the blatant wrongness in decimating Libya's armed forces, NATO's intelligence is obviously insufficient to avoid killing innocents, the organisation has to be stopped before it commits more atrocities.

After neutralising the threat of the islamification of Brega by making the clerics hors de combat, the ongoing rampage returned its focus to executing Gaddafi with its persistently low level of competence. Tripoli was given its usual nightly bombardment of cruise missiles plus a little extra, possibly the command was buoyed by the success of the Brega strike. Most nights, recently NATO has restrained its destruction to 2 or 3 1000lb bombs and the occasional 2000lb (with the destructive capacity of 200 cargo mortars or cluster bomblets) seeking to increase its popularity with the illegal armed insurgency leaders perhaps, NATO presented Tripoli with 6 bombs - to avoid civilians being harmed. In its sights was the Ministry of Agriculture, targetted presumably for being a command and control centre of farming.

There is hope for a forced return to a mimicry of civilised behaviour by the neanderthal brained, comfort conscious leaders. A bill to restrict funding has cross party support in the US. The only problem is whether the neanderthals own sufficient representatives to avoid the imposition of morality on their actions. See here. There is little hope for the pre-neanderthal UK representatives as an overwhelming majority follow the  philosophy of monkey see, monkey do or that of a trained dog jumping for a biscuit.

I don't wish the Libyan government well, they are almost as corrupt as western governments. However I do not see how opening a country to islamic terrorists by destroying its army and administration with no competent replacement in any way can be viewed sane let alone supported by anyone.
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