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Libyagate: updates, OBLgate: chatter, Assange talks

The product of the mass meeting of tribes in Tripoli
Libyan tribal chiefs urge amnesty to all fighters Ahram
Libya’s tribal chiefs urged a general amnesty for all fighters engaged in the oil-rich nation’s civil war, as Amnesty International said the regime’s siege of Missrata could be a war crime
[...] “The conference also calls all Libyan tribes neighbouring the towns and cities hijacked by armed groups to move peacefully in popular marches to liberate those hijacked towns, disarming the armed rebels,” it said.

All sides in Libya should focus on peace – Russian Foreign Minister
On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reacted by saying he believes the only body that should adopt and monitor resolutions on unfolding conflicts, such as the one in Libya, is the UN Security Council.

‘Libya & Syria steps in West’s way to challenge China’ RT
NATO’s bombing campaign in Libya has lasted for nearly two months now, but has failed to break the stalemate of the civil war. Geopolitical analyst Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya thinks the coalition has a vested interest in making the conflict last.

Loud explosions rock Libyan capital 2:17PM
At least two huge explosions have been heard in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, as the NATO military campaign continues with its aerial bombardment of the country.
“NATO jets struck shattering buildings which Gaddafi forces use as a resting place, east of Misurata”
[Billets, barracks?]

NATO’s border post battle (to keep the backdoor ajar) update: Reuters
NATO air strikes hit government weapons depots near Zintan, southwest of the Libyan capital, a rebel spokesman in the town told Reuters on Sunday.
“NATO struck weapons depots five minutes ago in an area which lies about 30 km (20 miles) south-east of Zintan. We heard a loud explosion … I think the strike hit some of them (the depots),” the spokesman, called Abdulrahman, said by telephone.
“We are now at a cemetery burying 11 people martyred during yesterday’s fighting, in which 35 other fighters were also wounded,” he said from the rebel-held town. (Reporting by Hamid Ould Ahmed; Writing by Christian Lowe; Editing by Louise Ireland)

The Libyan War Crime CounterPunch
The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced on Thursday that he would soon stand before the United Nations and report on alleged Libyan war crimes. We can only hope that his brief will include the latest war crime, the murder of Qaddafi’s family, his son and three grandchildren, and the assassination attempt on the life of the Libyan leader on May Day, 2011. Cameron, Sarkozy, the NATO field commanders and the Danish air crew should all be indicted for this crime.
[...] This assassination attempt should open the eyes of those in Europe and the US who still believe that this war is ‘just’, or at least ‘justifiable’. The true reasons behind Western neocolonial interventions in the Middle East now stand revealed to all. One small example: the same source in Russian Intelligence also leaked a document, a letter from Libyan rebel leaders promising France 35 per cent of all Libyan oil. So much for humanitarian reasons!

Cluster bomb fallout
Cluster bombs dropped on Libya funded by Spanish banks RT
[The question remains unanswered, were they used or was it a set-up by the insurgents like the land and anti-personnel mines?
There is no photographic support in that the photos used show no evidence of cargo mortar detonation, e.g. like the Rice rape claims, hearsay through the MSM loudspeaker.]

Woman Who Made Rape Allegations Flees Libya Newser
The Libyan woman who drew international attention with rape allegations against Moammar Gadhafi’s “thugs” has fled the country, reports CNN. Iman al-Obeidi crossed into Tunisia with a defecting military officer from Libya.

Articles featured at Stop NATO here

38-Day NATO Air War: 5,510 Sorties, 2,204 Strike Sorties

Italy To Provide Weapons To Libyan Rebels Within Days

Britain And France Demand Gaddafi’s Ouster
Both leaders stressed the need for Gaddafi’s resignation to ensure stability and peace in Libya.
[No reflections on the fact that it is the coalition that has caused instability by enabling the expansion of insurgency?]

Obama Thanks Kuwaiti Emir For Libyan, Military Support
[Breaching UN regulations in supplying arms, ammo and money to buy more. Aiding and abetting law breakers is ok for a US president.]

African Union Presidents, Why Sit Silent On War Against Libya?
[Of all the bodies that should be shouting why isn't this one?]

Bin ‘n’ gone
Why Facts No Longer Matter in the Media Discourse Global Research
[...] That means, news programs ultimately trade in fostering impressions, not conveying information. Viewers trust their feelings over facts.
Remember, one of the most profitable formats on cable TV is not news but wrestling driven by cartoonish characters and invented confrontations. Is it any wonder that ratings hungry news programs take a similar approach to political combat. They are in the business of producing numbers for advertisers more than explanations for viewers.
John Cory commented on the media role in legitimating the birther issue and turning it into a form of entertainment, calling it ” a sorry and sad day for America.”
“What does it say about our ‘media’ that they have spent so much time and so much effort promoting crazy over reality? That our ‘media’ relishes circus clowns jumping out of their clown-cars and spraying clown-seltzer everywhere and then giddily covers the wet and stained audience reaction while ignoring the burning of fact?”
So, it is the media system itself, not Donald Trump or some crazy, that is the real “carnival barker” in the President’s words, Their programs program the audience by constantly and continually framing issues in a trivial matter. Manipulating emotion is their modality, doubt their currency and cynicism their methodology, except, of course, on issues like the economy, Israel or US wars.
The shame of it is that they know what they are doing, know what the impact of what passes for “coverage” will be, but do it anyway.

Killing Bin Laden: the Politics of Assassination
[A formula piece, good for reference]

The Most Successful Terrorist Organization in History CounterPunch
[...] The CIA and other intelligence agencies were criticized after 9/11 for failing to pick up on the threat posed by al-Qaeda early in the 1990s. But in practice it barely existed before 1996 when bin Laden moved to Afghanistan from Sudan and, even then, he was only one among several players leading Islamic Jihadi groups.
Since 2001 al-Qaeda has continued to exist organizationally mainly as a series of local franchises. In Iraq, for instance, al –Qaeda in Mesopotamia was led by a Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who had previously opposed Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Expanding rapidly among the defeated Iraqi Sunni after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, it launched a ferocious war of suicide bombings, though these were primarily directed against the newly dominant Shia Iraqis rather than Americans.
The US itself played a role in the expansion of al-Qaeda. In Iraq the US army spokesman in Baghdad attributed all armed attacks to al-Qaeda regardless of who carried them out. He hoped thereby to discredit the insurgents in the eyes of Shia Iraqis and the outside world. But within Iraq this only added to the high profile of the organization among those hostile to the new order of things, while abroad it made it much easier for al-Qaeda to raise money. The wave of anti-Americanism that swept the Muslim world after the invasion of Iraq also benefited the group.

Interesting other

‘Lid about to blow off Syria’ RT
The US is threatening to take new steps against the Syrian government in response to the latest bloody crackdown by security forces. Human rights groups say at least 30 people were killed in the violence during huge anti-government demonstrations across the country. fficials blame armed terrorist groups for the unrest, while protesters say they want an end to decades of repression and corruption. It’s now thought more than 580 people have been killed since the uprising began seven weeks ago. Following on from the US sanctions and the threat of more to come, the EU has agreed on an assets freeze and a travel ban for top Syrian officials. But war correspondent Eric Margolis says western countries have ulterior motives behind their stance on Syria.

I can’t make my mind up about this gent.
Julian Assange speaks exclusively to RT – Part 1, Part 2

Last words. When will the UK and US get a government that occasionally speaks the truth? When will the UK get an opposition party? No opposition despite the majority wanting a membership referendum, no opposition on the Libyan war despite a majority not wanting it. No opposition objection to wind farms and energy policy. No opposition on sovereignty, juriprudence shrinkage, chunnel sale, woods sale, etc.


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