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Libyagate, OBLgate updates and a short story for my friends

Legal disclaimer.

This blog is for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to any person dead from the neck up is purely intentional.

2001, bin Laden is dead, long live bin Laden.
2011, bin Laden is dead, elections to be held to find his successor. Langley nominee Ayman al Zawahri is favourite. Will the UN monitor the ballot?

Funding the Libyan gang bang
Hague prattles on about the treasury’s special reserve. Where do you think the money came from? Check your bank account. Check your pension fund. Check your pay cheque. Where did the money from the sale of the chunnel go? How is the “special reserve” being spent?
As of yesterday, 38-Day NATO Air War: 5,510 Sorties, 2,204 Strike Sorties
Each strike sortie that deposits bombs on Libyan people deposits money in arms dealer, arms manufacturer and politicians’ accounts, the money comes from our pockets. The bombs shouldn’t be targetting Libya, there are targets that are more productive in changing regimes that harm the the UK public and organisations that cause terror nearer home.

Time to close down the security services that are an enemy in our midst.

Are muslims especially thick or just normal British education products?
The article Muslims Brainwashed By MI5 Agent Choudry Reinforce Pro-War Propaganda By Rioting In London links to Anjem Choudry, MI5 & The Far Right – Whats The Connection? that tells us “Now the main protagonists in giving Islam & Muslims a bad name can be singled out, and they are Anjem Choudry & Glen “Omer Hamza” Jenvey.” and MI5 approved my preaching, Abu Hamza tells Old Bailey, “During his first day of giving evidence, the radical Muslim cleric revealed that his preaching at locations including the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London had been tacitly approved by MI5.”
CIA/homeland security and MI5/MI6 – siamese twins working to improve their world. Do you want the grand kids to grow up with the threat of twisted jobsworths like these c**ts playing games where lives are threatened to justify the need for them to exist and for government to expand its powers? How much do we need our noses rubbed in it before we open our eyes and see them for what they are – traitors?
(synchronicity -Feds Issue Terror Advisory to Justify Police State, Distract From Osama Fable, what is happening in Europe, Australia, Canada in response to the ObL theatrics?)

Those Libyan “Freedom Fighters”: The Fix is On
In a column three months ago (“Egypt:  Let the Looting Begin,” Feb. 4),  I suggested that was really going on in Egypt was somewhat different from the official narrative.  In quite a few of the “people power” revolutions in recent years — no matter how sincere the people on the streets — it turned out that there were attempts to orchestrate things by people behind the scenes, for whom “people power” was the very last thing on the agenda.  In that column I reported that Frank Wisner — a veteran spook, described by Vijay Prashad at Counterpunch as a “bagman of empire,” was Obama’s man on the ground.
Wisner, a former Director at AIG and Enron with longstanding family ties to the OSS and CIA, had previously been involved in drafting the Bush administration’s postwar blueprint for Iraq.  That agenda involved so-called “privatizations” of state industry that amounted to insider deals with global corporate interests for pennies on the dollar, “strong intellectual property protections” largely written by Monsanto and the RIAA, and draconian crackdowns on genuine freedom fighters in the labor movement and the Iraqi Freedom Congress.  Paul Bremer, with the help of his Heritage Foundation boys in the Green Zone, basically oversaw the looting of everything that wasn’t nailed down.
In that light, some recent news from Libya is especially interesting.  First, Alexander Cockburn (“What’s Really Going On in Libya?” Counterpunch, April 15)  reported that a high priority for the NATO operation in Libya was to see to the central banking arrangements of the revolutionary government in Benghazi.  On March 19 they authorized the Central Bank of Benghazi to handle monetary policy for the country,  Qaddafi, it seems, had announced his intention to repudiate the dollar and the euro and encourage the use of the gold dinar as a common currency by all of Africa.  He’d gained tentative buy-in, over the previous year, from a number of Arab and African regimes.  The government-owned Libyan national bank in Tripoli, which is independent of the global banking industry, has been a thorn in the flesh for global financial elites for some time. /continues

Story time. 1) Too fantastic to be believed (possibly with a happy conclusion, but that is for another chapter)
The banksters are tearing their hair out trying to get into Libyan foreign investments, why? They don’t need the money, your income is theirs. Look here – The Gold Dinar: Saving the world economy from Gaddafi. They are still getting their clerks to freeze Libyan accounts, the latest effort: US Slaps Sanctions on Libyan State BroadcasterThe Libyan state broadcaster owns several radio and TV stations in the North African country, Dalia is a London-based investment firm that is 100 percent owned by the Libyan Investment Authority, while Lafico is an Algeria-based subsidiary of the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company, the treasury said in a statement.
The sanctions result in the freezing of their assets within US jurisdiction and the prohibition of American nationals from engaging in business with them

I’d like to thank the MSM (mainstream media) for their perspicuity and alacrity in guaranteeing the Italian NL’s election defeat by spreading the rumour that Italy is to supply arms to the Libyan IRA equivalent with the complicity of the coalition’s embargo fleet. Mr Berlusconi (commonly, Burlesquoni due to his predilection for young prostitutes) the leader of the coalition with NL deserves all that he gets. The aperitif consumed, second course, hmm. Sarkozy or Cameron? Perhaps save Cameron for desert as he’s a bit sickly sweet. Note how the discrete war against war is being conducted without bloodshed and to the profit of the European public. Borders are to be re-established for example. The secret services cancer has been exposed as the real terrorists. The governments step by step are being revealed to be sock puppets (you work the mouth of the sock puppet by moving your thumb and lower index finger, it isn’t difficult, ask any SS (security service) agent, lobbyist, financier or central bankster).

If you think about it, a head of a regime supporting the blitzing of another regime with the purpose of implanting a puppet government is like a turkey voting for christmas and hoping to be excused from the menu. Only 9 of the 22 Arab league members voted for christmas, all that did are recipients of US largesse. With that in mind: Saudi Arabia stops Libya rebel FM from using airspace is decidedly interesting. The linked article states, “The acting foreign minister of Libya’s rebel government cancelled a trip to Qatar on Saturday after Saudi Arabia refused to allow his plane to use its airspace, Cairo airport officials said.” The plane had to return home without the money. Perhaps the Saudis are seeing the light.

The Russians are reading (correctly to my mind) that the US driven adventure in Libya is part of the preparations to redefine the world boundaries through war and are spending on defense, their relations with China have been cultivated in recent times, trading being done in their currencies rather than the dollar and are now being boosted. India and Pakistan are leaning to the east more and more. Control of Africa is being fought for, Libya is the first of many proxy wars to come if the powers that control the secret services, Common Purpose, political party heads, the Pentagon and Whitehouse, No10, the European Commissariat are permitted. Africa as a continent needs to wake up. Relations with Indonesia are being cultivated by the Chinese. Australia, NZ will be isolated and sacrificed if a war starts. Read the first part of this post again. Who are the real enemies of peace here? Who gets to pay the price?

Is it brinkmanship? Nope. It is a plan and it is being progressed. Libya is merely a small, but important part of it. It’s a pretty sure thing that many of the names behind this “empire fantasy reborn” are known, some are still to be discovered. When the time is right I’m sure they will be revealed. And the UK public’s response? “Well I never, that’s really interesting. Put the kettle on dearie, what’s on telly?

So come on Cc, what’s really behind all this? Simple. The fiat currency scam is imploding, the EU project is collapsing, the US public is verging on revolt, the youth movement is proving less easily manipulated, the dollar’s collapse is not under control, the Fed Res scam is going public, the new world currency is not wanted, a non puppet is likely to win the US elections, Sarkozy is a goner, Cameron’s dive into leadership is a massive belly-flop, the only thing that is going right is the Arab unrest – er, was it?

These warmongers are easy to beat, peacefully. They need money. Yours. Buy physical silver, not bullion, (remember the gold plated tungsten bars scam is still running) close your bank account. Don’t worry about gold, other factors are takin’ care of business.

In my opinion the youth movement should stop their protests for a time, as a single unit across the Middle East to show unity, make the security services look stupid and scare people with it. Then see what is offered and decide how to proceed.

British muslims get your house in order, you will be will needed soon and crap like MI5 direction makes you look really unusable.

Poor Turkey. Doesn’t know which way to turn, it has seen how fickle “friendship” with the EC can be.

End of part 1.

I’ll do another post later, situation permitting, to properly update on the Libyan situation.


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