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Libyagate: Updates, war with Italy? OBL RIP 2001

What is it the bank clerks don’t understand? WE KNOW LADEN DIED IN 2001. WHAT IS THE DATE ON HIS WILL? The only question remaining is whether the (dumdum?) round that blew out the alleged Laden’s eye was DU tipped.
Yet another denier link: Death of Osama bin Laden in 2001 by Diana Lee

Libya to go to war with Italy
? (Italy is dropping bombs on Libya)
Here is a rather strange report that puts a great deal of emphasis on what a researcher believes Gaddafi is thinking rather than what was said:
Interview with Clara O’Donnell, research fellow at the Center for European reform in London. Link
In a speech, delivered at the Libyan state TV, Gaddafi said that he could not prevent war with Italy since Libyans wanted it. How do you think the situation is going to develop?
This is a disconcerting remark as Gaddafi is encouraging the Libyan citizens to undertake attack on Italian soil or elsewhere. This is clearly going to be very disconcerting to the Italians, but also to the other NATO allies which are currently involved in the military operation in Libya.
Encouraging citizens? I thought the invasion force had already arrived and don’t forget that queue at the French end of the channel pipe where, with the collaboration of French police, illegals are chunnelling into the UK…
If the Libyan gov’t (people’s council) has decided that Italy is to be attacked I would take that threat very seriously. There are a lot of Libyans in Italy. The products of the unjustifiable Kosovo style assault on Libya may grow much further out of control than already witnessed. So far we have seen an insurgency that would have been stopped within a few days persist due to NATO’s illegal assistance, the number of casualties including NATO’s “acceptable” collateral damage growing daily. (“Acceptable” to whom, Rasmussen?)

NATO and supporting “civilised” countries’ collateral damage grows in other directions.
Gaddafi’s U.S.30 Million Lofa Project Collapses
The African Development Aid (ADA) project funded by now embattled Libyan leader, Col. Muammar Kadhafi with some US$30m to engage in mechanized production of rice in Foya District, Lofa County, has collapsed, and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is presently seeking a new investor to take over the project.
Employees of ADA complained to President Sirleaf during her visit to Foya last weekend, saying the company owes them several months in salary arrears.
The employees expressed their grievances to the President during a town hall meeting in Foya, saying the inability of the company to pay their salary arrears is causing disenchantment especially amongst youthful workers, some of whom are threatening to enforce their grievances through protest.

Does anyone believe a word that comes out of the unwanted, unneeded and counterproductive, fraud riddled NGO? At the Rome war cabinet meeting, Moon’s announcement is reported by Xinhuanet – UN chief says action of international community prevented humanitarian catastrophe in Libya (Link). Are these world government wannabe people really so far out of touch with reality or simply bare-faced liars? Is Moon still living on planet Gore? The UN sanctioned adventure on behalf of the US has caused deaths to multiply at an alarming rate and the country has been bombed decades into the past. NATO could be likened to one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The for-profit project is a total disaster from the humanitarian side and from the PR side. What should be happening is a winding down and efforts at reconciling the internal combatants. Instead we see the greed fed frenzy threatening to escalate into an enduring and bloody full scale international war. “Civilised” society ganging up on a small country for its assets and to thwart its plans to enable African development. Success so far – the failed CO2 scam was supposed to stop African development, that objective is now being progressed by the Libyan blitz.

Here are maps that show the extent of the insurgency that may yet develop into civil war if NATO is permitted to continue its Kosovo type decimation (particularly heinous is the nightly terror bombing of Tripoli aimed at demoralising the capital city’s population). It’s tiny. Less than 2% of the population supports the insurgents according to the Libyan gov’t.

Map sources respectively: Wiki, Study of War
Brown: Districts under insurgent control

Conflict sites as of 6 days ago. Blue is the NFZ.

The bottom right is an oil site, there are very likely few people there, the main area south of of Tripoli is mainly 3 villages (small townships) along the insurgent supply line, the skirmishes are maintained by NATO without which the army would have cleared the area with minimal damage and moved on.

What the hell is NATO doing in Africa? A BSE infected bull in a china shop hardly describes it.

From the Study of War site:
Latest u.s. and coalition operations and statements
Latest pro-qaddafi movements and statements
Latest opposition movements and statements
Visit the site to read: U.S. and coalition operations and statements

Latest developments

A meeting in Tripoli of around 2000 people representing the tribes has been reported in a number of outlets. Claimed, 850 tribes met; in fact that represents around 140 main tribes with the balance as sub tribes or clans and family groupings.
I wonder how they felt about NATO bombing the city while they were there? Perhaps NATO decided that bombing these civilians was different to the regular bombing in some way and held off. Curious. They could have wiped out a major component of the Libyan government support with one 2000lb bomb. Perhaps NATO is still living with Moon in cloud cuckoo land where they think the public believes that blitz bombing protects civilians. More likely they are afraid the Chinese, Russians and Indians may send a few jets to enforce an NFZ on the NATO assassin coalition.

I hope the youth movements are learning from Libya. Violence that begets violence is a tool of the weak minded. It has to be permanently maintained or it fails. The Libyan army has weakened NATO considerably by doing nothing to retaliate against it. It has absorbed the punishment and is now looking at ways to hit back as NATO is finding ways to get money for more bombs by going around with the begging bowl.
Please donate to our cruise missile and 2000 bomb campaign against relatively defenseless Libya, we promise we won’t use cluster bombs as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan – until the boots are on the ground. Our humanitarian bombs save lives. It’s not about regime change but please give money to the insurgents. Please let the insurgents have Libyan people’s money, help us to impose the government we decided in Rome is best for the Libyans as 98% of the population are obviously too primitive in wanting the current government.” /sarc

America is again directly interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, $25 million (above the table) to maintain the insurgency. The blitz Libya representatives in Rome found $250 million(?) including(?) $140 m via Qatar to give to the insurgency on top of the hundreds spent in maintaining the blitz and the pretend embargo. If the insurgency fails and the banksters can’t get access to the Libyan people’s funds, who is to pay for the gangsterism? The public. Did they also vote for a thank you payment to their own accounts that they are positive the public would support or was an all expenses paid holiday in Rome sufficient to sate their gluttony?

A growing friendship
Russia, China FMs hold joint press-conference in Moscow VoR
Russia and China agree that the crisis in North Africa and in the Middle East may have very negative consequences for the region.
Moscow and Beijing are concerned over the issue and will continue seeking for a better way to improve the situation in the region, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a joint press-briefing with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi in Moscow today.
The two ministers also discussed China’s President Hu Jintao’s visit to Russia in June.

Out of bounds
Where does NATO’s “boundary” lie? Xinhuanet
BEIJING, May 5 (Xinhua) — Diplomats from countries involved in the military campaign in Libya held a contact group meeting in Rome on Thursday. The envoys discussed how to assist the Libyan rebels fighting Muammar Gaddafi but dodged the question: Where does NATO’s “boundary” lie?
NATO last November adopted a new Strategic Concept, the alliance’s roadmap in the second decade of the 21st century, which reconfirms the commitment to defend — not attack — as the bedrock of Euro-Atlantic security.
However, just a few months later, the alliance launched its military campaign in Libya, a sovereign country, casting doubt over its commitment uttered in its new strategy.
It is widely known that NATO is a product of the Cold War. This supranational organization was established to counterbalance the Warsaw Pact. The centerpiece of the North Atlantic Treaty, Article 5, promises its major mission of “restoring and maintaining the security of the North Atlantic area.”

Russia against ground operation in Libya – Lavrov
[Does it matter?]

Interesting opinions
Adam King Answers Mathaba Reader Comments: ‘Qaddafi Should Resign’

Feltri: Someone explain to us the WHY we are in this war with Libya
I can field that:
Sarkozy, 35% of Libyan oil now owned by France if the insurgents gain power. Cameron, 10 mill per person injured by the IRA. Burlesquoni, a share of France’s 35%. USA (Africom), re-establishment of a Libyan base and so domination of the Med, disposal of nuclear energy waste. Bank cartel, a private Libyan central bank instead of the current state owned bank, defunding of the African state central bank, controlled Libyan government, death of a supported currency. Oil cartel, avoidance of oil being tied to gold, unfettered access to exploitation. Halliburton, rebuilding contracts. Arms manufacturers and dealers, “what a luverly war” showcase. Avoidance of Libyans being killed by the Libyan army by NATO and insurgents killing them. Practice for the European Commissariat’s forces and the CIA’s Gameboy  assassins with their toy planes from the US and Italy. (Turkey, EU membership?)

Had the UK’s laws been worth more than the value of paper and ink then the war would have been illegal. Unfortunately along with sovereignty successive traitorous governments have been giving EC law jurisprudence. The Lisbon consti-treaty condemned the UK to being an equivalent to a county of the EC, the UK gov a bloated and wastrel county council. See here: Terrorism in UK Law – The Second Reading of the Terrorism Bill in December 1999. (Westminster’s Cheating Us!) “…aware that I consider UK military action in Iraq and in Afghanistan (and more recently in Libya) to be “terrorism” as defined in Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Don’t forget to visit Stop NATO for relevant articles under Updates to the Libyan war, e.g. Updates on Libyan war: May 5

Referable articles
The War on Libya – PART I Libya and the Imperial Re-Division of Africa
The War on Libya – PART II The Media War on Libya: Justifying War through Lies and Fabrications

Sour grapes
France declares to expulse 14 Libyan former diplomats Xinhuanet

Interesting other
NASA’s probe confirms Einstein space-time theories Xinhuanet
Sort of, all those years for this (from the article) “But in confirmation of Einstein’s theories, the gyroscopes experienced measurable, minute changes in the direction of their spin, while Earth’s gravity pulled at them.”
Hmm. Were the measurements larger than error limits and who defined the error boundaries?


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