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Libyagate: Sour grapes leads to Pandora's box

As NATO Transitions To Terror Bombing Phase Of War the Guardian announces Libyan leaders may face UN arrest warrants for war crimes
Pandora’s box
Now that the authorities have learned that there is an international criminal court and it can be used to call alleged criminals to account we must demand even handed dealing with all alleged criminals, especially those in the Arab league.

As the authorities have now deemed that those in charge of a country and its security forces are responsible for the crimes of its soldiers and its police, it’s not  unreasonable to expect the coalition countries’ leaders to be facing charges for the civilians killed in the conduct of the humanitarian aid blitz against Libya, innocents killed in the execution of an instance of Osama Bin Laden, the killing of Tomlinson by a police officer.

With regard to Libya as Rompuy is the ultimate authority and the members of the European Council sanctioned the action then they should also have to answer charges as should members of the UN that approved the humanitarian aid blitz bombing against a sovereign country undergoing internal problems, the legality of which (r.1973) has itself been challenged.

The Libyan gov’t has been financed in spite of an embargo and as financing is vital to the prosecution of war and its associated crimes the financiers must be brought to book.

War crimes have been committed by insurgents and documented. Their leaders must also be in the dock. The insurgency has been financed by external agents, if by and or with the knowledge of other countries, interference in a country’s internal affairs is a crime as is sabotage and spying. I expect a full investigation into the source of the financing that has enabled the killing of so many innocents to be instigated. We also expect to see various Chinese leaders charged as well as various African and Indian leaders and those of many other countries with the same vigour as the Libyan government is being pursued.

Justice, as for NATO and the UN is not a tool to be used to achieve the targets set by private interests and aggressive empire builders. It must be applied fairly. Mr Bush and Mr Blair should head the queue for the court. Far be it for me to defend Gaddafi but it appears to me that provocation and incitement can be laid squarely at the doors of 3 countries. But that is for the law courts, I can only have an opinion.

The fact that NATO’s blatant support for the insurgency has not only overstepped the limits of 1973 it has also increased the number of civilian casualties directly by bombs and missiles and indirectly by enabling the insurgency to expand and endure far longer than would have been the case in its absence. The unprovoked interference in a sovereign country’s affairs as well as the additional suffering and deaths due to the intervention, the justification for and the legality of the intervention need to be tested in court before even considering the possible crimes of non western participants.

Is concealing evidence of a war crime a war crime? Is failing to report such a war crime? I’m thinking particularly of the one sided reporting on the Libya-coalition/NATO war and the removal of evidence from Youtube. It goes further.

YouTube has been dropping Anthony Lawson’s videos because they reference illegal war crimes

Once Pandora’s box is open it may be all consuming. Can China’s secret service send Predators to fire missiles at Number 10 if it decides there have been war crimes committed by the UK forces in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, elsewhere? Would Mr Cameron support an armed insurgency against himself? Does it not strike Mr Cameron as slightly absurd, bordering on lunatic for the leader of the panel of trustees in the UK bankruptcy to be involving the country in a war? Is it not true Admiralty law applies?

5 offers of ceasefire turned down flat by NATO. Will the Libyan blitz be stopped before Libya is bombed back to Idris’ time?

At what stage does the world realise that what is happening in Libya is what happened in Yugoslavia where the devastation was so extensive that the citizens kicked the Kosovo government out to stop the bombing, not because it didn’t want the government? What kind of “aid” is this – another NATO war crime?
Perhaps it is petty dictators like Rompuy and Cameron that need to be stopped. Mr Cameron cannot even show that the insurgency has major support, let alone majority support.

Muammar Gaddafi at the General Assembly of the United Nations Mathaba

Gaddafi family deaths reinforce doubts about Nato’s UN mandate Guardian

China voices opposition to actions beyond UN authorization in Libya Tianshannet

UN urged to slam Gaddafi son’s death Siasat

It’s a humanitarian aid mission, honest injun.
Rome meeting seeks to plan Libya’s transition from stalemate
ROME/TRIPOLI, May 4 (Xinhua) — The Italian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday the second meeting of the “Contact Group” on Libya, due to take place Thursday in Rome, will focus on post-war issues in Libya, where ceasefire is still a luxury for the warring parties.
The Rome meeting, which will be co-chaired by Italy and Qatar, will draw foreign ministers and secretaries from the United States, Britain, France and Italy, plus officials from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and observers from the Arab League.
The meeting will begin developing a political transition plan to be implemented after the departure or ousting of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, according to Italian officials.

Libya has, like the US, not banned cluster bomb (incl. cargo mortars) but the UK has, yet it holds a stock for the US.
Hypocrisy of U.S.Condeming Libya’s Alleged Cluster Bomb Usage Rumour Mill
That the United States (and the United Kingdom) had used cluster bombs for decades, and still does, including today in Afghanistan and Iraq. The NGO Human Rights Watch claims that at least two million cluster munitions bombs were used by the United States during the invasion of Iraq by the US and the UK in 2003.

Backing a loser
Britain loses support for Libya war

Obama killing for sport?
Tapes describe U.S. servicemen killing for sport in Afghanistan – CNN

THE INVASION OF LIBYA: Behind the US-NATO Attack are Strategies of Economic Warfare Il Manifesto

Why has the UK government been accused of harbouring terrorists?

Perhaps it would be better for Cameron and Sarkozy to call off the legal bull mastiffs, find a way out of the Libya debacle and pray that EUFOR doesn’t come for them.

Fuel card news: Libya announcement may affect oil prices 03 May, 11
Oil prices could fluctuate after Libyan rebels suggested they were not yet ready to start shipping significant quantities of the commodity.
The protestors are in control of the eastern side of the country and leaders have said they will make sure oil installations are secure before attempting to boost output, AFP reports.
[...] Countries such as Italy appear to be among those concerned about the developments and it will stage a meeting this week to discuss ways to boost oil sales from Libya.
Despite this news, the highly publicised death of Osama bin Laden has seen oil prices fall today (Tuesday May 3rd 2011), but it is unclear if the incident will have a long-term effect on the market.
This is pure mischief to support some scurrilous attempt to break the UN embargo. Oil demand has fallen and caused Saudi Arabia to cut production. Why the lies? More funds for the “get Gaddafi” brigade due to the rich pickings perception?
If there weren’t so many innocents being killed due to coalition involvement it would be a joy to watch the conspirators squirm.

The reality. The insurgents are putting civilians in harm’s way.
Deadline for Libyan rebels to surrender expires
For a gentleman(?) of like mind yet who thinks it unlikely he CIA was involved in the Lockerbie bombing, some history:
The CIA: “Cocaine Importing Agency”
CIA and Pol Pot Connection

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