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Libyagate: Al Q in Libya, funders and oil for arms and alms

One of Cameron's faces paraded: "The right choice is to engage with Pakistan and to deal with the extremists rather than just throw up our hands in despair and walk away which would be a disastrous choice," he told BBC radio.

That damn war - I mean humanitarian aid mission
It looks like Italy will beat Sarkozy in pulling out their jets from the NATO blitz of Libya, their government actually heeds public opinion.
Commenter and occasional reporter CarltonCM advised me that Mr Burlesquoni has committed to negotiate an exit date with allies for Italy's involvement in the bombing and let parliament know. One point of the motion also asked for acceleration of the political solution and end of the military action.

With the media world gone gaga over the news that Bin Laden is dead again and now buried at sea where it is very difficult both to prove it was him (and for him to re-resurrect), I guess there won't be much reportage about the NATO-Libya war that is happening on a number of fronts.
The Tripoli border is the most active for NATO, civilians are not of concern there due to their absence but probably of importance is NATO assistance in the free passage of volunteer fighters, boots from other nations, arms, ammo, food and break-bulk for the human traffickers. What convolutions the interpretation of 1973 is undergoing to justify this action where no civilians are present one can only speculate. (Map, the Idris flag shows areas in the conflict zone not in the control of the army, the green flags the reverse.)
Misurata has seen an increase in army attention, presumably to avoid the insult to them of  local tribes taking over from the army and doing a proper job of stopping the Benghazian Obeida tribes taking control, which would be the initiation of a proper east v west civil war.
Twitterers report that a short range ballistic missile (half ton warhead) has been used. The army has 45 according to wiki. They have sufficient range to reach warships in the Med. Presumably they haven't been used before now to avoid civilian casualties but as the army has been tried and found guilty of that crime by the propagandists there seems little point in holding back now.

Paper chase
A propaganda campaign has been started to sanctify the funding of the insurgency, the most public present being Obama's $25 mil. Less advertised is the intended loan ("He [Ali Tarhouni] expected foreign governments such as France, Italy and the United States to extend the lines of credit and the money should arrive within a week to ten days".) with tax revenue as the back up security to the frozen Libyan assets that are guaranteeing the handover of $3 billion.
Apart from reconstruction loans, this is one way that banks guarantee profit from war, they fund both sides - as in WWII - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today questioned why the Federal Reserve provided more than $26 billion in credit to an Arab intermediary for the Central Bank of Libya (link April 1)

Even the insurgent propagandists on twitter admit the insurgency DOES NOT HAVE MAJORITY SUPPORT.
Yesterday Libya_United twitted: Those r killing me! Reply To @IbnOmar2005 - libyans still "on the fence" or "really dont have an opinion" are a part of the problem.
Isn't going to war then seeking support the problem? Surely poor judgement in assessing national mood was "the" problem. The support isn't there. I suspect the people don't trust an NTC they never heard of and don't want a religionist government that is presumptuous in giving away Libyan assets before it has a mandate. Maybe inviting NATO to the party was the most expensive mistake. Perhaps being as - or more violent and cruel than the Gaddafi government is contributory. Maybe the mainstream media (msm) can keep what is happening from the western public but Libya has a small population and word of mouth is fast.
Tripolitanian twitted: Gaddafi officials reportedly meeting with Egypt military council - not good.

The truth in Libya: Who is lying? vid

The most blatant lie:
Libyan rebels deny al-Qaida involvement Xinhuanet
BENGHAZI, Libya, May 2 (Xinhua) -- The Libyan opposition denied there is any involvement of al-Qaida terrorists in the Libyan rebel forces.
Commenting on the killing of leader of al-Qaida terrorist network Osama bin Laden, the opposition spokesman Abdelhafld Ghoga said "there is no al-Qaida in our ranks."

Some facts:
Al-Qaeda ‘Emirates’ in Eastern Libya?
In a now mysterious interview published earlier this month in the London-based Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat, a spokesman for the North African branch of al-Qaeda appeared to confirm al-Qaeda involvement in the eastern Libyan rebellion. The North African branch of the terror organization is known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). The spokesman was identified as Salah Abu Muhammad.
According to the April 16th article in Al-Hayat, Salah Abu Muhammad claimed that AQIM had set up Islamic emirates in a series of eastern Libyan cities and he identified a certain “Sheikh Abdul-Hakim” as the ruling “emir” in the rebel stronghold of Darnah. The reference is presumably to rebel commander Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi. At the outset of the rebellion in February, Libyan government sources claimed that al-Hasadi had declared an Islamic emirate in Darnah.
“Yes, we have Islamic emirates,” Salah Abu Muhammad was reported to have said, according to a translation prepared by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), “and we are not afraid [to say this], since we are not criminals. We fear Allah alone.” “We have emirates in Derna, Banghazi, Al-Bayda, Maraj and Shahat,” the quotation continues, “all of them glorious and proud, especially the emirate in Derna, whose emir is the honorable sheikh ‘Abd Al-Hakim, who founded an Islamic council in his town together with his brothers in order to rule according to Allah’s law.”
The remarks received little attention in the American or European media. (One exception was a post on the American Thinker blog by Jack Cashill, who cited them in turn from a blog post by the French Middle East correspondent Georges Malbrunot.)
As reported by MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor, one day after the appearance of the Al-Hayat article, AQIM issued a statement on jihadist websites denying that Salah Abu Muhammad had given an interview to the paper. The AQIM communiqué suggested that the published interview was the result of a plot hatched by Algerian intelligence. /continues

Who Is Fighting Libya’s Civil War?
[...] Beneath Gaddafi's theatrics, Libya struggles in a tangle of loyalties.
The best-trained and equipped forces in the country are paramilitaries commanded by his friends and family members, who answer directly to him. At present, the generals in power can convince Gaddafi to negotiate with the rebels, but a majority of the military stands strongly behind him. In most cases, the forces are controlled by the three sons of Gaddafi — making it extraordinarily difficult for outsiders to penetrate into the command and control structure.
Current study pinpoints three groups believed to be instrumental in challenging authoritarian regimes in the Arab world: political parties, the Islamist movement, and human rights associations and other civil society organizations. The focus has been on highly institutionalized actors operating in the formal, public sphere. Opposition parties did not catalyze, organize, or lead the citizens’ movements that took to the streets in Egypt or Tunisia. They were almost missing from the scene at the outset. As for the human rights groups, their role in awakening citizens or mobilizing them into activism has been minimal, or almost nonexistent. /full story

Al-Qaida Confirms Involvement in Libya
The American media are reluctant to report what the French media have made clear: Al-Qaida has established a beachhead in Libya and fully intends to install Sharia law once government forces are overcome.
An April 19th article in the prominent French daily, Le Figaro, does not shy from chronicling the obvious. It highlights an interview that Al Qaida spokesman Saleh Abi Mohammad gave to the Saudi journal Al-Hayyat, which is published in London.
According to Abi Mohammad, Al Qaida is fighting alongside the Libyan rebels in numerous cities and, in the town of Dernah, has already formed with its allies an Islamic Council, “pour gouverner la ville en vertu de la sharia.”

What is the insurgency?
The Liberal Way of War
The intervention in Libya is the half-blood child of multilateralism, an intervention driven in part by genuine humanitarian concerns and in part by naked self-interest.
[...] Soeren Kern has written about how French President Nicolas Sarkozy is showboating on the world stage in a bid to fend off attacks from political rivals to his right and divert attention from economic problems. British Prime Minister David Cameron is similarly beset by economic woes, and the Libyan adventure is serving as a welcome distraction from domestic politics; both countries, and other coalition members, have energy interests in the country. And the thugs and crooks that make up the Arab League were happy to play along, calculating that by shining the spotlight on Gaddafi they could both rid themselves of a regional nuisance and divert attention from the plight of their own peoples; although the moment the bombs started falling they defaulted to “us against the West” mode.
So the intervention in Libya is the half-blood child of multilateralism, an intervention driven in part by genuine humanitarian concerns and in part by naked self-interest. But make no mistake: there could have been no intervention without the Tomahawk missiles and B-2 bombers of the American don’t-call-it-war machine.
With so many disparate interests in play, disagreement over strategy and aims, and so little moral authority or political resolve on the part of those conducting the campaign, it’s not surprising that the situation in Libya is settling into stalemate.

The nature of the insurgency is discussed with extensive photographic evidence
‘Funny’ Anti-Gaddafi Cartoons Reveal Rebel Racism, Anti-Semitism
Gaddafi’s eastern Libyan opponents have been flaunting their prejudice in full view of the world’s media with little to no response.
[...] According to the accompanying AP caption, the Arabic writing is “a reference to Qaddafi’s self-declared title ‘The King of Kings of Africa.’” In fact, the title was bestowed upon Gaddafi by a meeting of traditional African rulers, which was hosted by the Libyan government in 2008. The meeting happens to have been held in Benghazi. As the AP caption notes further, the writing on the mural replaces the title “King of Kings of Africa” with that of “Monkey of Monkeys of Africa” — a phrase that manages at once to insult Gaddafi and all the African notables that attended.

BENGHAZI, Libya (BHN) - Libyan rebels have sent a letter to the United Nations requesting to borrow $2 billion to buy "army things." (Link)

Who should be the Government of Libya? Poll

Why Libyan government calls for a cease fire are repeatedly ignored,
And why the banksters are desperate to get money to the insurgents, maintaining the mercenary army is vital to the stalemate as they obviously can't win and half of the oil cake is better than none, hmm, all those frozen assets too...

[...] It is also clear why the "Central Bank of Libya," was created in Benghazi at the same time; it’s another empty shell but its important future task will be to formally manage the Libyan sovereign funds -- over $150 billion that the Libyan state had invested abroad -- once they are "unfrozen" by the United States and the major European powers. The British banking giant HSBC demonstrated who will effectively manage them. HSBC is the main "guardian" of the Libyan investment “frozen” in Britain (around 25 billion Euro): a team of senior officials from HSBC is already at work in Bengazi to launch the new "Central Bank of Libya." It will be easy for HSBC and other large investment banks to orient Libyan investment according to their own strategies.
One of their goals is to sink the African Union’s financial institutions, whose birth was made possible largely by Libyan investment. These include the African Investment Bank, based in Tripoli, Libya; the African Central Bank, based in Abuja, Nigeria; the African Monetary Fund, based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The latter, with a capital programs pf more than 40 billion dollars, could supplant the International Monetary Fund in Africa. Up to now the IMF has dominated the African economy, paving the way for multinationals and investment banks in the U.S. and Europe. By attacking Libya, the "willing" are trying to sink the bodies that could one day make the financial independence of Africa possible. (Link)

Libya gains outweigh bombing deaths? vid

Thanks PJM
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