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Libyagate: Murder pre-planned, plus the usual

WHY IS THERE NO REPORTING FROM BENGHAZI? Army shelling yesterday, counter insurgency and get NATO out protests have been happening. No news is NOT good news.

29th April!
The Murder of Muammar Qaddafi Is Planned For May 2, 2011
It was reported by anonymous official of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service that the special divisions and army units of France, Great Britain and USA will take part in the special operation aimed to assassinate informal Libyan leader before coming Monday, May 2, 2011.
This urgent decision was taken due to a chain of failures that have ruined original plans by anti-Libyan coalition: successes of regular Libyan army, the joining of Bedouin tribes to pro-Qaddafi forces and the creation of “second front” in Benghazi. This front consists of the armed groups of civil militia, ordinary citizens who are seeking restoration of the rule of law in Benghazi. They declared that they wouldn’t stand so-called “rebels” any more in their city, who are fighting each other and expose violence on city’s population.

How Many More Libyan Children Are We Willing to Kill? Huffpo
(We? Is that the royal We?)

Russia criticizes NATO attack in Libya
Taiwan News
"More and more facts indicate that the aim of the anti-Libyan coalition is the physical destruction of Gadhafi," Konstantin Kosachyov said Sunday.

Muammar Gaddafi's inner circle say they have been betrayed by Britain

Al Qaeda in Libya: vid

A bit dated but included for the statement "there is an al Qaeda presence" by a reporter in Tripololi
Saudi Arabia Sending Weapons Into Libyan Rebels vid

Press TV (Iran, pro insurgency)
'NATO fails to protect Libyan civilains'
'NATO attacks Libya indiscriminately'
NATO violates UN Libya mandate: Russia

"NATO does not do anything without US management and US direction"
Michael Scheuer: 'US depended on tyrannies'  Youtube
The Obama administration distanced itself from the Alliance actions, saying they have nothing to do with the organization. Michael Scheuer, former CIA intelligence officer, who was also the organization's chief of the Bin Laden Unit, explains.

Foreign Minister: Russia Aware NATO Going Into Libya
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the Russian press on Saturday that they were aware of a ground campaign being prepared within NATO and some European nations.

B-2 bombers & Mirage 2000 fighters guarantee deaths in Libya Russia Today vid
The UN failed to pass a statement condemning violence in Syria. Some nations blocked the move, expressing concern the country could face a Libyan-style scenario.
Russia was among them, saying that outside intervention would only lead to further destabilisation and a fully fledged civil war. For more on the situation in Syria, RT talks to Michel Chossudovsky - Director of the Canada-based Centre for Research on Globalization.

Libyan 'Battle for Oil'
Also mentions boots on the ground, the fact that the aid bombing it is a blitz against a sovereign country, Africom intentions, and more.
A commenter:
When Israel bombed Gaza at the end of 2008 in a brutal action which killed 1,300 people and destroyed 20,000 buildings, there was no question of the US allowing the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Gaza to protect its people, 50% of which are children. Those who support the UN security council's authorisation of a no-fly zone over Libya (Britain, France and US line up for air strikes against Gaddafi, 18 March) need to reflect on the selective nature of UN intervention wherever Corporations want.

Really? You don't say
NATO’s War Against Libya New Form Of Colonialism: South African Expert Xinhua News Agency
NATO raids on Libya “a form of new colonialism”: S. African expert
-Even if the Western nations succeeded in removing Gaddafi from power, the expert said, Libya still faces an uncertain future, with the same ingredients that led to long conflicts as in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan.
She predicted more bloodshed if Gaddafi steps aside. “We could see some tribal uprisings” as competing groups seek a share of Libya’s oil wealth, she said, describing the likely scenario as “not very pretty.”
Someone else gets it

THE INVASION OF LIBYA: Behind the US-NATO Attack are Strategies of Economic Warfare Global Research
Despite what is being reported, the invasion of Libya has already begun. Units operating on Libyan territory for a long time have prepared the war and are carrying out the assault: they are the powerful oil companies and U.S. and European investment banks.
[...] One of their goals is to sink the African Union’s financial institutions, whose birth was made possible largely by Libyan investment. These include the African Investment Bank, based in Tripoli, Libya; the African Central Bank, based in Abuja, Nigeria; the African Monetary Fund, based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The latter, with a capital programs pf more than 40 billion dollars, could supplant the International Monetary Fund in Africa. Up to now the IMF has dominated the African economy, paving the way for multinationals and investment banks in the U.S. and Europe. By attacking Libya, the "willing" are trying to sink the bodies that could one day make the financial independence of Africa possible.

Libya: This is Nato's dirty war Guardian
The west's approach to Libya is self-deluding, hypocritical and is proving to be counterproductive

'Qatar funds chaos in Arab world' - Yemeni President exclusively for RT

China renews call for cease-fire in Libya after NATO attack said to kill Gadhafi relatives

Al J live 12:18am Deputy foreign minister Kaim goes on to say that the Libyan government regrets the attacks on foreign embassies on Sunday. He says police were overpowered by a crowd that was angered by the strike, and that Libya would survey the damage to the embassies and repair them.
He said that in addition to the British and Italian embassies, the US commercial and consular affairs department was also damaged.

12:10am Khaled Kaim, the Libyan deputy foreign minister, has once again denied that there were any command and control facilities in the neighbourhood of the building that was destroyed by a NATO air-strike in which the government says that a son of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, was killed.

UK sends troops to Tripoli for no particular reason (this exercise has been planned since 1895...)
Totally unconnected with UK troop movements -
NATO ground forces (LIFG, AQIM, citizens, army defectors, Benghazi jail escapees, jihadists, schoolies) attack a Libya-Tunisia border post. NATO ground forces show up at 3 border towns -
Al J live commenter yesterday: "Zintan: Revolutionaries have liberated the east of the city and are moving to help Nalut & Yefren after seizing large amounts of ammo" - as well as heavy armour, multiple rocket launchers and anti aircraft guns. How were the prisoners treated?

Those are towns along the insurgency supply line from Tunisia, note that insurgents are attacking towns and NATO is aiding . While the line is being retaken by NATO bombs the army supply line to Brega where the Libyan army is defending against insurgent attacks is being bombed by NATO. How does food threaten civilians? Are the lorry drivers civilians?
Brega is a tiny town. Why is the NATO ground force so desperate to gain control that it attacks repeatedly and loses many fighters? It's an oil town.

On the Bin Laden diversion
Al J live commenter: I hear the Republicans are demanding to see Bin Laden's death certificate, claiming his death has been faked and he was actually killed in Kenya over 40 years ago.
Probably killed by kidney failure. Will the one taken from Pakistan be returned to Madam Tussaud's?

Twitted: Worth noting that the picture reportedly of Bin Laden's body is old, was present on a number of conspiracy forums before today.

The body of evidence...
(Reuters) - The body of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was taken to Afghanistan after he was killed in Pakistan and was later buried at sea, the New York Times reported on Monday.
Marianas trench? Was it defrosted first? :-)

Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered

Twitted from Misurata:
Thnk god 4twitter,maybe we can represent the true beautiful face of Islam
kids as young as 14 are in the frontline. They can not be stopped, once seeing their loved ones fall they are determined to do something

A daily list of Libya war-relevant articles here - Stop NATO

Embargo buster news
Vitol ships fuel to Libya rebels in Benghazi
[Obama says that it's ok, what does the UN say? I obey! More funding needed, if pos. today.]

Twitted, (something like): Misurata: We have enough fighters. Need arms urgently.

Images of war
Terrifying Air Strike in Brega Libya - Nato Kills Civilians

Al J live commenter 10pm yesterday - 69 vehicules from Kufra destroyed by NATO. (How many people?)

Other relevant news

International puppet theatre festival kicks off in Kurgan 
Will the UK tripartite coalition send reps?


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