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Libyagate: UN regs are a farce, NATO to lose 30% of its blitzers come 19 May?

Does "protecting civilians" include targetting TV stations? This was on twitter a little while ago:
Unfortunately, NATO missed Gaddafi's propaganda antenna by a few meters, hope they can try again soon
Did they get any civilians?

Libyan Rebels Already Talking to Defense Contractors
So, the Libyan rebels are already meeting with major defense contractors. Officials from Italian defense giant Finmeccanica say they have met with representatives from the rebel movement to discuss buying helicopters along with border control and railroad technology. Wild. Apparently, the rebels plan on honoring millions of euros worth of conracts signed by the Gadhafi regime.
Government forces claim control of Misurata port, NATO denies it, clarification of the mines situation is given
Gaddafi forces claim control of Misurata port
Libya threatens to attack any ship approaching the city, while offering rebels to choose between amnesty or bloodshed.
Will the coalition allow it? Nope. And the insurgents voted for bloodshed. Facing facts, the last thing NATO (the US, France, UK ) wants is a ceasefire- even though the begging bowl is doing the rounds as bombs and planes are said to be in short supply. A ceasefire would preclude boots on the ground.

Does NATO have a clear goal in Libya?
[...] Viktor Litovkin, executive editor-in-chief of ‘Independent Military Observer’ newspaper is certain about NATO`s true reason for naming a point contact in Benghazi:
"I see it as a step towards ground operation, no matter who will lead it. All these aides and experts are expected not just to teach the insurgents to fight Gaddafi but also explore Libyan territories to know where to dispatch troops and place weaponry."
France, Italy and Turkey have already announced that they are ready to send their diplomats to Libya. However, not all NATO members are said to have approved Rasmussen`s proposal since it takes the western coalition even further from the UNSC resolution on a no-fly zone above Libya and protection of peaceful civilians there. More and more experts agree that the alliance still does not have a clear goal on Libya.
Don't be surprised if "get Gaddafi" makes a reappearance. Can't have targets suing the humanitarian aidsters now can we?

Globalists Plan to Starve Libyan People to Death

Libya will soon suffer the fate of Iraq. According to the World Food Program, a United Nations outfit, the north African country will soon experience a food crisis. In a statement, the organization said the engineered armed conflict in the country is seriously undermining the supply and distribution of perishable goods.
[...] ...according to UNICEF, 1,211,285 children died of embargo-related causes between August 1990 and August 1997, a number that reminds one of the toll inflicted on Cambodia by Pol Pot, a CIA asset who was allowed to conduct genocide after Kissinger and Nixon killed around 600,000 civilians and paved the way for Pol Pot’s slaughter of from 1.4 to 2.2 million out of a population of around 7 million

U.S. And NATO Allies Initiate Libyan Scenario For Syria Stop NATO, R. Rozoff
On April 29 the White House issued an executive order to enforce new and more stringent sanctions against Syria and appealed to European North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies to follow suit.

StopNATO Updates on Libyan war and Syria: April 29

NATO Warplanes Target Tripoli As Air Missions Reach 4,242

NATO To Establish Post In Eastern Libya

NATO Mission To Benghazi Prelude To Ground Operations: Expert

130 Missions: Danish Warplanes Bomb Libyan Ammunition Depot

“Human Rights Overriding Sovereignty”: Threat Of World Disorder

Germany Pushes EU Regime Change Package For Syria

Chinese Envoy Rules Out Threat Of External Force In Syria

Russian Interview On Western Media Lies About Syria


Matched pair...   (Thanks RT)

Across the pond
Can the President Legally Continue to Use Military Force in Libya?
In the present situation, President Obama authorized our naval forces to fire missiles into Libya and our Air Force planes to attack Libyan anti-aircraft sites on March 19, 2011. Two days later, on March 21, 2011, President Obama filed a report to Congress describing what he had done and under what legal authority he had done so. That action started the clock on the 60-day requirement in the law, which will expire on May 19, 2011. After that date, "any use" of United States Armed Forces is forbidden.
As with the UK the US is aiding and abetting NATO in flouting the UN regulations, will Obama repect US law?

Gaddafi was good partner: Ex-CIA chief
THE former chief of the CIA on Tuesday praised Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's past cooperation and said his downfall could complicate US interests in the short term.
Retired general Michael Hayden, who led the Central Intelligence Agency from 2006 to 2009 under president George W. Bush, said that restive Syria also helped US intelligence but only in selective areas.

Neighbourhood news
Who to believe, MSM said the army chased the insurgents! Whose rockets fell on the town?
Pro-Gaddafi forces flee into Tunisian border town: TAP
TUNIS, April 29 (Xinhua) -- Pro-Gaddafi forces fleeing violent clashes with the insurgents fled into Tunisia on Friday morning, causing a movement of panic among the local population, the official press agency TAP reported.
Some 15 Libyan military vehicles entered the Tunisian border town of Dhiba and were met with stones from local inhabitants and Libyan refugees, TAP said.
Several rockets also fell on the town, prompting the intervention of the Tunisian army. Units of the border patrol and the army stepped up patrols along the border and reportedly captured arms from Libyan insurgents who also fled the warring zone in western Libya.

On twitter yesterday:
[Verbat.] There is also a situation nearby in gasreen prison Tunisia, there was a riot and 800 prisoners escaped locals speculate that this maybe the work of Gaddafi agents in the country we tweeted 2 days ago, paying them and arming them to fight libyans in the camps. But the escape of these prisoners may also be coincidental. But pro gaddafi agents are active on the Tunisian side of the border

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood to contest half parliamant seats
The Muslim Brotherhood said on Saturday it will contest up to half the parliamentary seats in the elections scheduled for September.

Egyptian foreign policy shifts to reflect popular opinion
Egypt’s foreign policy outlook is changing. Moves such as opening the border with Gaza will have important implications for its relationship with Israel, Middle East experts say

Snakes and ladders? I'll need to study this more carefully before I can make any sense of it.
Palestinian reconciliation sends shock waves
[...] "It was Obama who suggested a full settlement freeze," Abbas told Newsweek's Dan Ephron. "I said OK, I accept. We both went up the tree. After that, he came down with a ladder and he removed the ladder and said to me, jump. Three times he did it." Among other criticism, Abbas complained about the "impolite" way in which Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was pushed out, and about the recent American veto on a United Nation Security
Council resolution draft which would have condemned Israeli settlement construction.

Syria: Intervention Inevitable Infowars
Regime change in Syria was a foregone conclusion as early as 1991. General Wesley Clark in a 2007 speech in California relayed a 1991 conversation between himself and then Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

US imposes sanctions on Syria, as civilian death toll mounts
The United States imposed sanctions Friday on Syria’s intelligence agency and two relatives of President Bashar al-Assad over the Damascus government’s bloody crackdown on democracy protestors. Officials say the penalties may be later be expanded to include the Syrian leader himself.
Germany Pushes EU Regime Change Package For Syria

Russian Interview On Western Media Lies About Syria RT
Western media lie about Syria
- eyewitness reports-It was quite a shock to see Al-Jazeera presenting rallies in support of the president as if they were protests against him. It was just as surprising to see the Israeli websites post photos and videos of supporters’ rallies with comments saying those were opponents of the regime. There you have people holding portraits of Bashar al-Assad and flags, and we’re told that these people are against him.
-Reuters broadcast their material around the world, including Russia. One source lies, and then this lie is like a snowball rolling downhill creating a fake reality, and picking up rumor and speculation.

How Syria and Libya Got to Be Turkey's Headaches
With neighboring Syria in crisis, the Arab Spring has finally arrived on Turkey's doorstep — and with it, one big headache for a government that has spent recent years staking its political fortunes on the region.
Since coming to power in 2002, the Islamic-rooted government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sought to become a kingpin in the Muslim world, driven by shared religious sensibility and economic expansionism. Turkish ministers have jetted between Middle Eastern capitals, signing trade deals and political cooperation protocols even as long-standing efforts to join the European Union have cooled. Erdogan stepped up criticism of Israel and became a hero on Arab streets for it.

The Human Organ Trafficking in Kosovo. Call for a UN sponsored Investigative Body
The story has appeared in various outlets over the past few weeks. This is the one selected by Global Research to feature from Voice of Russia.

Some food for thought from Hitchens to finish
Daft Dave’s ‘leasehold’ Empire [From Mail article From draper’s son to judge . . . THAT was social mobility]
The Prime Minister was right when he pointed out that most of the major crises in the world have their roots in the British Empire. It’s unquestionably true. Afghanistan’s stupid border? Our fault.
The endless Indo-Pakistan tension? Our fault. The mess in the Middle East? Our fault. The destruction of democracy in Iran? Our fault.
I am myself a child of Empire, born in what was then Malta GC when the mighty Mediterranean Fleet still filled the Grand Harbour at Valletta. And, having seen one or two other empires in action, I still say ours was the best.
What’s more, it seems to me that in this cruel world you either have an empire or become part of somebody else’s, and I know which I prefer.
The problems I list above were mostly not caused by the Empire itself. They followed its sudden, rapid collapse after the disastrous surrender of Singapore in 1942, one of the worst of the many failures and retreats that took place under the over-praised leadership of Winston Churchill.
People keep saying that we made a good job of withdrawing from Empire.
It’s just not true. The scuttles from India and Palestine were needlessly bloody and crude. They left grave, unsolved problems.
If you take over someone else’s country, you have to stay there for good, and commit yourself absolutely.
The current fashion for leasehold colonialism, where you barge in with bombs and soldiers and then clear off, is guaranteed to cause more difficulties than it solves.
That said, I have never seen such an adventure crumble into chaos and failure as quickly as Mr Cameron’s ill-considered Libyan affair. Bombing our own side?
Well, I never. But how on earth do we get out now we’re in? So much for the brilliance of Etonians, eh?

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