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Libyagate: Balkanization and The war doesn't make sense

Libya: "The Price of Freedom" Global Research
Highest Standard of Living in Africa
Libya has the highest living standard in Africa. The "United Nations Development Program (UNDP) confirms that the country has excellent prospects for achieving United Nations development goals by 2015. NATO's war will have already dashed those hopes. A collapse like the one in Iraq now threatens the country.
There has been little reaching the European public in the past few years about Libya, whose relationship with the West had normalized. European leaders met with their Libyan counterpart Muammar al-Gadhafi often and business flourished. In the course of preparation for war, the country was suddenly transformed into the most evil dictatorship. Even many war opponents accepted this characterization as their own and now want to overthrow the "tyrant."
But if Libyan society can really be reduced to the "revolutionary leader" Gadhafi in Libya, is the situation really worse than in a hundred other countries and are there not many more factors that determine the living conditions of a country, besides Western-style "freedoms"?

For Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur for human rights in Palestine, the “degree of repression” in Libya is not "more pervasive and severe" than in other authoritarian countries. Even according to Amnesty International's country reports of human rights conditions, that of Libya differs little from many other countries; regarding [that of] the Arab allies in the NATO war alliance, such as Saudi Arabia, it is even much worse.

The Balkanization of Libya: US-NATO Plans to Carve up Libyan Territory Transl. and publ. - Global research
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya was interviewed by Xu Jingjing for a feature article about the impasse in war on Libya for Life Week. Life Week is a major Chinese magazine based in Beijing. 
The interview for Life Week discusses the impasse in the war and how it is part of the strategy of the Pentagon and NATO to divide Libya. The interview also discusses the roles of Turkey and Germany as well as E.U. plans to send peacekeepers. The economic importance of Misurata is also emphasised. 

XU JINGJING: It seems the Western Coalition has slowed down their moves in the past three weeks. In your analysis, what are the reasons for the impasse?
NAZEMROAYA: The impasse in Libya is calculated. The US and NATO want to maintain a strategic stalemate between the Libyan government in Tripoli and the Transitional Council in Benghazi. They are using this strategic stalemate to manipulate both Tripoli and Benghazi. The more desperate and tired both Tripoli and Benghazi become, the more they will turn to the US and its NATO partners to end the conflict. The Transitional Council will also make more deals with the US and the EU. The Libyan regime in Tripoli will plead with the US and the EU to end the war and also make concessions. The US and the EU want the two sides in Benghazi and Tripoli to be dependent on Washington and Brussels as the arbiters of Libya.
[I would suggest that the mission is a mish of mash of ambitions that are evolving from the initial attempt of clearing a path to Tripoli so that the insurgents could kill Gaddafi to one of destroying the Libyan army and its means of defending the country so that coalition forces could walk in. I think this was because of incompetent intelligence and their manipulation of politicians that is a hallmark of globalist stupidity.]
The end result will be that Libya will transform itself into what the US and Western Europe want it to become since the end of the Second World War in 1945.
[If the wishes of those that control the Pentagon and its NATO prevail ]
These imperialist powers originally wanted Libya to be three separate territories. The Libyan people bitterly opposed this.
Washington, London, and Paris even held talks with the Soviet Union on establishing three U.N. mandates called trusteeships in Libya. One of these mandates would be in Cyrenaica under British control, another mandate in Fazzan under French control, and one in Tripolitania under Italian control. The US would oversee all of them. But the Soviets had different ideas and wanted a mandate in Tripolitania or to share it with Italy.
Finally no agreements could be made and due to this Libya emerged as an independent country after debate at the UN.
NAZEMROAYA [...] Today the US and the EU are on the road towards forcing a new federal system in Libya or dividing the country under at least two administrations in Tripoli and Benghazi. These countries are also the forces that are pushing for a tribal conflict in Libya, which would turn the country into a second Yugoslavia. The tribal fighting in Libya would spill outside the borders of Libya into the rest of Africa, from West Africa to Central Africa and East Africa.
XU JINGJING: Is political bargaining behind the impasse? In your analysis, how will the countries allot obligations in the war and the interests after the war?
NAZEMROAYA: The British have outlined a scheme where the Arab members of this coalition against Libya will send their troops into Libya or finance a massive army of foreign mercenaries.
A partially privatized ground invasion of Libya will take place. In this regard, the British want Arab countries like Qatar and the UAE to finance British and US mercenaries in Libya. Like the British did in Omar many years ago, London is even going to allow members of the British military to temporarily leave their positions to work or fight in Libya as mercenaries. This is why the US was against including in UN Resolution 1973 any article permitting the legal persecution of foreign mercenaries that are not parties to the International Criminal Court.
While the US has been responsible for leading the attack on Libya, it will be the Western Europeans who will manage the occupation.
The EU now wants to occupy Libya. They will do this under the mandate of a peacekeeping force. This will only divide Libya. It will be under the eyes of an EU peacekeeping force that the two governments in Benghazi and Tripoli will drift more and more apart. Most probably Libya will be governed separately or under a federalist system.
[Continues by discussing the role of Germany as an abstainer so that it can be a "peacekeeper". The bankster police. Iraq and Afghanistan show how successful they have been at keeping the peace but the profit taking has continued regardless, the central bank is firmly in control of the ]
[...] Countries like China, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Belarus, Brazil, Malaysia, and Venezuela should send peacekeepers. The Russians and their military partners in the post-Soviet space could all play a major role as peacekeepers. Even the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) could play a role. It is in the strategic interest of China and its allies to make sure that Libya is not colonized or victimized like NATO-occupied Afghanistan. The events in Libya are prerequisites for the Western military alliance towards isolating and confronting Iran, Russia, and China in Eurasia.
XU JINGJING: Do you think the US is still the decisive actor? Why?
NAZEMROAYA: Yes, without a doubt I do.
[Ends with] I want to also make one last and very important point. President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron, and President Sarkozy are all hiding behind NATO, because NATO is an international organization that escapes any form of political accountability. There is no voting constituency of people that NATO can be held accountable towards. The US and Britain can bomb Libya with NATO for months and claim that it is in NATO’s hand and that NATO is in charge of the war. Thus Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy are all trying to escape political accountability as politicians to the public through letting NATO fight the war and hiding behind it.
[Soros, Pentagon and CIA behind Obama, CFR behind them, EC and MI6 behind Cameron and the EC and French SS behind Sarkozy, Fabian Soc and Bilderberg behind them]

Sponsors and lobbyists and jigsaw pieces
Likely candidates are the bank and oil interests, arms suppliers and building contractors. Bank and oil interests have been looked at in earlier posts, the others will be looked at as info becomes available.

Apparently our boys are fighting a war for profiteers and globalists. I guess if I called them unwitting mercenaries, their "pimps" being the politicians and generals I would likely catch a bullet. Nevertheless it would not conceal the truth.

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The war that doesn't make sense unless...
A number of articles have been collected by Anarchitext here that look to be worth contemplating, I'll read through them sometime. Pictures speak louder than words and the 2 below are quite remarkable. People dismiss out of hand discussions about globalisation plans even though a number of the puppeteers are quite overt about their intentions, a central global government of bankers and elites with a supreme "Dalek", so to speak.

Where will it all end? Considering the plan has progressed considerably since its formation in the 1700s, setbacks that I am seeing in modern times are of no great consequence to the overall strategy. Only by persuasion will those behind most of the global strife change the future to a more peaceful and fairer existence for all by allowing humanity to evolve at its own pace. At the extreme, forcing western definitions of civilisation on forest people and changing their culture by whatever means is barbaric. Yet what we are witnessing in a less extreme (due to the closeness of the cultures) but more violent implementation of ideology is exactly what is described in the forest people analogy. I have said on a number of occasions that it is far to soon to consider a central (world) government of whatever nature due to the inherent differences between the sub divisions of the human species. Even the EU central government project that should have had a great chance of success whether under Napoleon, Hitler or the Bilderber group is an abject failure from many aspects.

Whatever "beautiful future" is envisioned the methodology and acceleration attempts have consistently proved counterproductive and the Middle East and North Africa part of the plan is just a small example of what is wrong with the implementation. Nature has a different direction to the globalisation plan and nature does not even notice humans, let alone the few puppeteers. That is at the root of the certain failure of the global empire plan. Strong who has outgrown his boots sometimes sees a glimpse of what nature has in store and through self or misguided interest ends up a trying to influence direction towards his primitive view of how things should be.

Humans are self regulating and contrary to many ideas, there is a reason for their ability to multiply rapidly and diversely. There is also a reason for their great number. The last event that reduced the species to a handful, so to speak was not unique. The next event will see more survive because every type of climate has been successfully inhabited, all survivable events have been catered for. So to proceed with the plans of mice and banksters.

Perhaps these are the plans for the near future
Secretary Condoleezza Rice stated during a press conference that “[w]hat we’re seeing here [in regards to the destruction of Lebanon and the Israeli attacks on Lebanon], in a sense, is the growing—the ‘birth pangs’—of a ‘New Middle East’ and whatever we do we [meaning the United States] have to be certain that we’re pushing forward to the New Middle East [and] not going back to the old one.”1 Secretary Rice was immediately criticized for her statements both within Lebanon and internationally for expressing indifference to the suffering of an entire nation, which was being bombed  indiscriminately by the Israeli Air Force.

She misled by using ‘birth pangs’ instead of ‘induced birth’ and ‘New Middle East’ instead of 'Designer Middle East'.

Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”


Divide and Conquer Implied in Proposed Map of the New Middle East

Note: The following map was prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters. It was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006, Peters is a retired colonel of the U.S. National War Academy. (Map Copyright Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters 2006). Although the map does not officially reflect Pentagon doctrine, it has been used in a training program at NATO's Defense College for senior military officers. This map, as well as other similar maps, has most probably been used at the National War Academy as well as in military planning circles.

What confuses most people more so than the clever deception in the use of fake "conspiracy" sites is that the people supporting the globalist plan are seen in competition with each other. This does not avoid the observation of complicity seen in such venues as the Bilderberg conferences where family such as DuPont and allies such as BP, royalty, MSM owners and appointees of the puppeteers gather to receive targets. "For profit" sites such as Alex Jones' Prison Planet often sensationalise and that also adds to scepticism.

The logical next step is a major war and the major players are well known. What the puppeteers may be overconfident in is the pretence that the US is more than the muscle. The opposition may go straight for the head of the hydra - in the UK and Germany, and western banks.

The globalist plans are apparent on many fronts.

The Banksters and the Climate Fund Counterpunch
South Africa’s most vocal neoliberal politician, Trevor Manuel, is apparently being seriously considered as co-chair of the Green Climate Fund. On April 28-29 in Mexico City, Manuel and other elites meet to design the world’s biggest-ever replenishing pool of aid money: a promised $100 billion of annual grants by 2020, more than the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and allied regional banks put together.
The Climate Justice lobby is furious, because as a network of 90 progressive organizations wrote to the United Nations, “The integrity and potential of a truly just and effective climate fund has already been compromised by the 2010 Cancún decisions to involve the World Bank as interim trustee.” A Friends of the Earth International study earlier this month attacked the Bank for increased coal financing, especially $3.75 billion loaned to South Africa’s Eskom a year ago.

Globalists Positioned to Exploit Japan’s Tragedy Infowars
America couldn’t offer Japan much help even if they wanted to.
The Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) Foreign Affairs magazine article “Tokyo’s Turning Point” sees the disaster as an opportunity for Japan to abandon protectionism and embrace the “free-trade” travesty that is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is yet another bid to further mire nations in the disastrous interdependency that is dragging economies from the US and across Europe into a speculative debt black-hole brought on by international bankers.
These are likely the exploits of lower order globalists who have free reign in achieving targets. They don't go unchallenged. The following may be the beginning of a challenge to financial domination:

Secret Silver Buying
by Russian Billionaire, Chinese Traders, and People’s Bank of China to Lead to Comex Silver Default?
A COMEX default would have massive ramifications for precious metals markets, for the wider commodity markets, for the dollar, fiat currencies and our modern financial system.
Two theories, China is turning the yen into a supported currency and  the other, "Chinese, Russian and other private interests may be cornering the physical market in an effort to end manipulation of the silver market by Wall Street banks in order to ensure the silver price rises very sharply and creates significant profits on their silver bullion holdings"

Those new to all this can get a small idea of the scope. How did the Rothschild family get to own half the world's money?
By debt currency where the control of the creation of money is in the hands of private central banks and interest is paid on every unit of currency created. By fractional reserve banking where inflation is created by the unregulated creation of currency, i.e. counterfeiting, that almost every bank practices with the complicity of every government of every country with a privately controlled central bank.

There are many more examples.

Those that cannot support my thoughts on the bigger issues please ignore from the tear line and just focus on the N.Africa - Libya issue.

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