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Libyagate: Another 12 people wiped out by NATO

Did they consider themselves acceptable collateral damage? As well as killing civilians NATO is killing more of its ground force.
NATO Strike Kills 12 Libyan Rebels in Misurata
(anti Gaddafi, pro insurgency, pro war)
MISURATA, Libya: NATO warplanes attacked a rebel position on the front lines here on Wednesday, killing 12 fighters in what rebel fighters called another friendly fire accident.
[We can only hope some were AQIM]

From a Qaddafi Daughter, a Glimpse Inside the Bunker
[Seems the bank clerks that were transferred to the NTC are still communicating with the Gaddafi's.]

If you disagree with the NATO war on Libya for reasons such as this:
Sarkozy’s deal.  mathaba. net/news/?x=626551
… Under the earlier decision reached at a conference in London, we act according to our agreement with the French Government for recognizing us, instead of Colonel Gaddafi as an official representative of Libya for the international community. On our side, our spokesman, Mahmoud Shammam will sign the document, on which 35% of all reserves of Libyan crude oil will belong to France.

- please sign the petition here:

While Libya is being blitzed for fighting against a stage-managed armed insurgency the UK may send a strongly worded letter to Syria about using tanks and bullets against unarmed protesters. Even worse than bombing Libya, the Syrian rep's invitation to "The Wedding" has been withdrawn.

The Pentagon's rubber stamp UN security council can't even agree what to say in their letter to Syria.

NATO is being used to advance the US Africom agenda
and Pentagon-Cameron-Sarkozy's "get Gaddafi". This is a clear breach of international law and evidence is abundant.
NATO has repeatedly refused demands from China, Russia and many other countries to obey the UN charter and resolutions.
The embargo that forbids the supply of arms has been openly ignored. Even the rebels admit they are getting weapons from Qatar, Egypt and unnamed sources.
NATO jets are tightly focussed on blitzing Libyan army and airforce as well as civilian targets in Libya west such as communications infrastructure (not just the TV stations). The targets selected include ammo dumps, Libyan army barracks (40% of ~20,000 so far), heavy weaponry such as tanks and rocket launchers and these are "taken out" even when no threat to civilians is evident, aircraft on the ground. Taking into account the frantic clamour for an invasion, the pretexts postulated ("spotters" and "advisors", EUFOR aid mission...) one can only assume preparation for an invasion that has been planned since before xmas is the reality of the UN rubber stamped mission.
The mainstream media is behaving exactly as if a war is being conducted.
Members of government with morals of a feral dog are calling for Gaddafi to be murdered and are seeking a UN rubber stamp.
The Libyan army is pilloried for shelling Misurata port yet nothing is said about the use of aid ships to smuggle weaponry, terrorists and reinforcements, (soon possibly EUFOR) into the city.
The Libyan army is pilloried for using inaccurate rocket launchers and mines yet the insurgents are praised for their use.
The UK government is also now acting without UN authority because its head Ban ki Moon has called for a ceasefire.
The UK has stockpiles of US cargo mortars (commonly miscalled cluster bombs) for the US. I wonder how 3 got to Libya.

(pro insurgency)
The UK bandits called to order
Lawyers called to clarify rules of conflict in Libya
The United Nations resolution under which Britain and Nato allies have intervened in Libya does not allow the training of rebel forces or helping them to plan military missions against Muammar Gaddafi's forces, according to government lawyers in London.

(Also see  C. Doebbler's The Use of Force Against Libya: Another Illegal Use of Force )

Every trick in the book and some not in the book
British troops could be deployed to Tunisia

British troops could be deployed to the Libyan border to guard refugees fleeing the Gaddafi regime, Liam Fox signalled yesterday.

Voice of Russia (anti NATO)
'Soldiers of Fortune' fight for Gaddafi
[...] By attracting mercenaries, the Libyan leader is following the trail blazed by the West. As they are repulsing NATO attacks, ‘soldiers of fortune’ in Libya may well run into similar ‘seekers of fortune’ from NATO.

British FM pledges more pressure on Gaddafi
British Foreign secretary William Hague has pledged to step up pressure on the Gaddafi regime and said that Libya’s leader himself may be considered as a NATO target. He stated this in a BBC interview. As for Moscow, it condemns attempts by foreign leaders to be the judges of others.

PressTV (pro insurgency)
61 Libyan tribes call for Gaddafi ouster
Heads and envoys of 61 tribes across Libya have called for an end to the rule of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, as revolution in the North African country continues.
[That leaves around 80 that haven't. "Libya has an estimated 140 tribes, only about 30 of which are viewed as having any real significance." Ref "Libya's Tribal Dynamics"]

UN to probe rights abuses in Libya
A UN team is due in the Libyan capital to launch an investigation into human rights abuses in the North African country as defiant ruler Muammar Gaddafi refuses to relinquish power.
[Not mentioned is that it is at the invitation of the Libyan government. If they don't take a geiger counter they are bank clerks.]

'US at risk of war with China, Russia'
The US is at the risk of a war with Russia and China as its main objective behind engineering the Libyan war and Syrian unrest is to remove the two world powers out of the Mediterranean, a former US official warns.

'1041 protesters arrested in Bahrain'
Bahraini forces have detained 1041 anti-government protesters, including 64 women, since the beginning of the revolution, Bahrain Human Rights Center says.

'US helped al-Qaeda jailbreak in Basra'
An Iraqi investigative committee has confirmed that US forces were involved in the escape of a dozen al-Qaeda members from a prison in the southern city of Basra.

'Saudis fear losing seized Yemeni land'
A Yemeni opposition group says the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) is plotting to defeat the popular revolt in the country against the despotic rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Putin says NATO after oil in Libya

(pro insurgency)
10.26am - 
26 April: A Nato attack on a compound used by Gaddafi caused an "amazing scene" of destruction, our colleague, Harriet Sherwood, reports from Tripoli.
"The building, which officials here claim was a civilian office building housing a library and archive, was completely flattened. Nato says it was a command and control centre - it was a legitimate target. The Libya government here are saying very explicitly it was an attempt to assassinate Gaddafi and an act of terrorism."
2.48pm 27 April: The UN team investigating human rights violations in Libya, says it will be seeking access to prisons and hospitals.
[If they don't have a geiger counter, if they don't seek access to Al-Bitha then they can only be bank clerks ]
9.45am - 28 April: Rebels in Misrata, Libya claim they are within days of forcing Gaddafi's troops from the city, Xan Rice reports.

Stop NATO Updates on Libya war
26 April [If short on time read =]

Atlantic Club’s Passy: EU Must Become Collective Member Of NATO
=Middle East, North Africa: U.S. Risks War With China And Russia
To Protect U.S. Interests, International Companies: 15,000 U.S. Troops, Thousands Of Contractors [mercenaries] To Remain In Iraq
Romania: U.S. Marines Deploy For Black Sea, Balkans, Caucasus
U.S.’s Bryza Discusses Military Exercises In Azerbaijan
U.S. Arms Merchants Make Strong Comeback In Turkish Market
NATO Chief To Visit Atlanta To Address Afghan, Libyan Wars
U.S., British Defense, Military Chiefs Discuss Afghan, Libyan Wars
=BRICS, SCO, ALBA Can Counter Imperialism With Global Multipolarity
Raytheon Delivers Next-Generation Ship-Defense Missiles
Pakistan Confronts U.S. Afghan Strategy

Updates on Libya war 27 April
=NATO Air Strike Kills 12 More Libyan Rebels
=NATO To Establish Official Relations With Libyan Insurgents
African Union Calls For Halting NATO Attacks On Libyan Officials
Russian Prime Minister Reiterates Criticism Of NATO’s War Against Libya
Italy Provides Eight More Warplanes For NATO’s Libyan War
NATO Warplane Involved In Libyan War Crashes In Italy
=After Libya, France And Italy Turn Attention To Syria
As War Drags On, NATO Targets Libyan Capital
=Britain Foreign Secretary Says NATO May Target Gaddafi; EU Plans Large-Scale Military Operation
NATO’s Libyan War: 3,981 Air Missions, 1,658 Strike Sorties
Libya: Obama “Promoting Democracy” After 1980s Afghan Model
Libya Urges Russia To Call Emergency UN Security Council Meeting
Middle East, North Africa: U.S. Risks War With China And Russia
=The War In Libya: Another Vietnam
NATO Chief To Visit Atlanta To Address Afghan, Libyan Wars
U.S., British Defense, Military Chiefs Discuss Afghan, Libyan Wars
Venezuela Condemns NATO’s War Against Libya
Bulgarian Warship Leaves Black Sea For Libyan Coast
=Ethiopia: AFRICOM Air Force Holds Conference With 20 African Nations

More bankster action:
Toxic bankers bag £85m Teleg
About 80 Barclays bankers pocket money for managing toxic assets.

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