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Libyagate: Civil war imminent. Youth protests

The Libyan government has been using "surgical strikes" to tackle the insurgency in Misurata. It says because of the NATO interference it can no longer perform the legitimate task of quelling the armed uprising there. It will withdraw the army and the allied tribes will take over the fight. The battle will then become a tribal dispute between the Benghazi insurgents in Misurata and their local supporters and the local to Misurata tribes. It is certain to escalate beyond Misurata. Further interference by NATO in Misurata upon the withdrawal of the army will be in breach of the UN regs. What are the poor bank clerks to do?
Upon implementation I expect the generals to watch what happens and if NATO withdraws as it should, the same tactic will be employed elsewhere.
Why has the government not used this tactic before? There is the danger of the allied tribes being bought out by the supporters of the opposition, the bank and oil cartels and the US army and secret services. The nodding donkeys in the coalition are fashion accessories for the US, performing a facade function to divert attention from US dot business dot co colonialism by aggression.
The US looks to be just a trifle upset at the government and its generals refusing to let the army be NATO's raison d'etre.
Nato strikes hit bunker in Gaddafi's compound

What will NATO do if the civilian tribesmen head en masse to Benghazi after Misurata? Will it bomb civilians on behalf of their bank and oily masters?

The insurgents capture a Libya-Tunisia border checkpoint. A Qatari transport plane lands at Al Zahabiyah in Tunisia, near the Libyan border. Am I missing something?
Relevant news items:

Accepting aid from one regime to dispose of another? "Fighting for democracy" (code for radical islamification) creates strange bedfellows when the US generals, CIA, Rompuy and other bank clerks and oilers are involved.

What's new? Government forces have been sent to retake the border point. A small force attacked and killed eight of nine insurgents guarding a booster station on the oil line to Tobruk. Obviously the line can be disabled at any time but maybe the government want to stay on the right side of the Chinese hence allowing Tobruk to dribble out some oil.

For anyone interested that didn't see my late comments to yesterday's effort at the my T site (link) I recommended the following as the most objective assessment of the insurgency I have yet read:
Race, "Humanitarianism," and the Media by Maximilian Forte
In essence the essay evidences racial tensions prior to the insurgency and suggests that they (were) coalesced and formed a major justification for the uprising that the drovers ceaselessly capitalised and capitalise on via artificial and real twitter accounts with the co-operation, perhaps unwitting of the MSM.
The only question remaining in UK politics is whether the coalition will survive to the end of its 5 year term after the hugely expensive (in terms of lives as well as cost) and immigrant flood causing Libya fiasco, win or lose the war. Cameron may close the gates but the Italians are giving free tickets to France and the French police, if not directly assisting illegals do little to stop them. I suspect customs at the UK end of the Canadian owned chunnel also do little to beat the human traffickers in the interests of keeping the wheels of commerce flowing and the European Commissariat happy. May 5th will be an interesting test of public opinion.

On the EC's happiness, they must be having orgasms with the flood of immigrants from Africa, they had a plan to import 50 million plus and had set up job centres to achieve this.


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Russia Fears Civil War In Syria Link 1, Link 2

European youth movements
If they exist, lets hope they have learnt from the protests in non EU countries.
Libya. The youth protests were, if informed of the insurgency, dumped on when the insurgency took the lead. If not informed, they were used as the excuse to start the insurgency. Either way they were conned.
What will the new gov't consist of if the NATO and the coalition succeed in winning the Libyan war? The bank clerks from the incumbent gov't fled to the insurgents' council at the first opportunity so it will be replacing the non religious with religious plus bank clerks.
Egypt. As soon as the way was clear the army moved in then began re-employing bank clerks. The religious nutters made inroads on the back of the youth protests by dissing the youths and look to be the future dominant force.

If there is a UK movement then they should know that as for the rest of important European states the Common Purpose "charity" that is funded by the European Commissariat and in the UK led by Mandelson (with Cameron's involvement or at least approval) has trained (indoctrinated) people to replace leaders at local levels in the police, in the forces, in the fire brigades, in the councils and other important positions.
These people will be able to call on the EC's various security services that have diplomatic immunity in the UK and are licenced to kill. The CP people will need an insurgency to destabilise the country sufficient to justify the intervention of foreign security services in order to be able to slot themselves into place as the bank clerks did in Egypt. In Egypt, it was not preplanned and hasty arrangements had to be made, obviously army leaders were part of the coup but not part of the youth protestors' intended management.
Nevertheless it will be the same in the UK and elsewhere. The only way for a national protest to work is by co-operation with movements in other countries, a cascade from those most distant from Brussels drawing the security services and triggering the next most distant and so on. The removal of the leading parties from the political scene is the only way to guarantee non co-operation with the federalist forces and resultant persecution Egypt style. Replacements need to be ready to take over from the incumbent government. That has to be fast and violence free to avoid the excuse for violent intervention.
For the UK, as the Libyan protests were hijacked so the youth movements need to be cautious about who they ally with. They need to keep their timing as well as their plans close to their chest. There needs to be a large number in a small area (Westminster) and that ain't going to be easy. Using motorbikes and bicycles comes to mind.
Trade unions are usually infiltrated at upper levels and do not make good allies. Local unions are a different matter. Youths with family in the national security forces, police etc should be part of the movement but not party to the plans.
Stopping the inbound traffic but not outbound traffic would alleviate traffic problems and clear the way but is that desirable? The reverse could be a better option.
Don't forget the value of multiple diversionary tactics as worked so well in Egypt at the beginning. Be wary of any organisation that has ties to any Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, Clinton, Power, CIA groups such as think tanks, A6YM, Feb17 etc.
Take care, don't hurt and don't get hurt. Good luck. If you exist., see the Common Purpose section for a partial list of names of those indoctrinated, and their positions.
Don't forget the ex forces veterans. They are very British minded.


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