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Libyagate: Lockerbie. Nothing is right about the blitz.

Is the reason why the government is refusing to release Koussa interview details is that it confirms the assertions of Susan Lindauer, that it was the CIA and Hezbollah that carried out the atrocity?

The ramifications if true
A major reason for the blitzing of Libya and the assassination attempts is that Gaddafi was accused of ordering the bombing, he has always denied it. He paid the compensation to get the sanctions lifted.
The CIA that is behind the insurgency also has Hezbollah in the ranks of the insurgent army, the UK is supporting the very people that carried out the bombing.

Whistleblower: Libya "Vampire War" is About Oil, Lockerbie and CIA Heroin Op
Democracy has nothing to do with the War in Libya. The U.S. and Britain are covering up a decades old scandal tied to the Lockerbie bombing and CIA involvement in heroin trafficking in Lebanon. Wily Gadhaffi made a play to challenge the powers of Big Oil, now Libya's paying the ultimate price.

Oil War: Putting Out Fire with Gasoline in Libya
War doesn't work, does it? Best case scenario, NATO's war against Libya will run 18 to 24 months unless decisive action is taken right now--this day--to end the military confrontation. It doesn't have to go that way. Think Peace.

Nothing is right about the blitzing of the Libya.
There was no UN fact finding mission. That fact alone should cause the blitz to be outlawed.
The popular support claimed by the insurgents is missing, most people want neither the insurgents nor NATO. A part of east Libya that is mainly part of a tribe that has a history of challenging Gaddafi's tribal alliances is the root of the insurgency. Most of west Libya supports Gaddafi.
The insurgency is reported to have major terrorist support. The main force supporting the insurgency is Al Qaeda In Maghreb, AQIM, their main raison d'etre was drug running and kidnapping for ransom before the western money shower happened.
Russia has asserted very publicly that their satellite surveillance shows the Libyans did not bomb citizens over the period claimed.
Much of the propaganda against the Libyan government and army is pure fabrication.

Libya: 42 years of oppression? G. Brown
The assault on Libya has nothing to do with 'humanitarianism'.
[There are many more stories like this that the media do not think worthwhile to print, instead the reporters are right in there supporting an islamic extremist takeover of a country that has the backing and blessing of the UN, NATO, the US, the UK and France]

British service men and women's lives are being put on the line, they are told to support factions they are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

I cannot think of printable adjectives sufficient to describe the Liberal, Labour, Conservative parties that voted by an overwhelming majority to support this hugely expensive fiasco against the will of the majority of the electorate that did not and do not want it. They should be in court of human rights defending themselves and their actions that look to be incitement of unprovoked murder of innocents.

It is time to clear the rats out of British politics for once and for all.

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