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Libyagate: False flag possibility. Al Qaeda, is the UK a new sponsor?

Will the coalition stage a "false flag" incident?
The war is not going any further than Ajdabiye - Brega in the present circumstances. For al Qaeda to succeed in installing an islamic government it must have western co-operation as boots on the ground in large numbers. Having publicly stated that the UK will not invade the only option to justify an invasion is a false flag attack, perhaps the attempted or actual sinking of an allied war vessel or aid ship, for the latter Misurata is a likely venue as the Libyan gov't has already declared the harbour to be a war zone.
Further terrorist outrage(s) such as staged in Ireland must be on the menu (Paris seems an inviting venue). The problem with a terrorist attack is that the terrorists are attacking Gaddafi.
Perhaps a staged attack on forces accompanying aid workers by insurgents wearing Libyan army uniforms that would necessitate the reinforcement of aid worker protection with boots and heavy armour. Extending further an assault on the protection of aid workers, an upsurge in the action may force a hasty evactuation leaving heavy armour and ammo behind. Considering the long term planning that has gone into staging the Libyan coup attempt and the level of deception and double dealing being exhibited by politicians and yeoman media nothing would surprise me.

The Libyan generals are not thick, they know the ways of the US and its allies and must have contingency plans. They have spies in the insurgency that could alert them to any planned attack by insurgents on aid-allied troops. Considering the two left feet with which this fabricated coup attempt has progressed I would expect nothing less than the resignation of the UK government to result. From that point of view were I not against unnecessary deaths due to political incompetents I could wish that the FrUKUS coalition would try it. Instead I can hope for a call on the UK government to resign now and the media to publish the names of all that voted for the unwarranted attack on Libya.

The case made to Canada's gov't for cessation of hostilities against the legitimate government of Libya
From Canada's Involvement in the US-NATO led War on Libya: Some Important Facts I. Hunter
[...] The core legal obligation expressed in article 2(7) of the UN Charter prohibits member states from any use of force unless it can be justified as self-defence after a cross-border armed attack; unless expressly authorized by the Security Council as essential for the sake of international peace and security. With respect to Libya, you need to take account of the fact that the Qaddafi government remains the lawful diplomatic representative of a sovereign state, and any international use of force even by the UN, much less a state or group of states, would constitute an unlawful intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. This also implies that the Security Council’s decision - to allow foreign states to bomb Libya - is legal if, and only if, the outcome of this conflict represents a serious threat to international peace. Also UN Resolution 1970 (2011) forbids the delivery of weaponry of any sort to any citizen in Libya. UN Resolution 1973 (2011) while allowing the use of force to protect "civilians" does not mention attacking conventional ground forces not engaged in battle to help "rebels" nor does it bear any mention whatsoever of aiding rebellious forces to gain power.
[...] Another important aspect of this conflict often ignored in Canadian media is the role being played by the rebel groups of Eastern Libya. If the conditions in Libya prior to this armed insurrection were so favorable, then where did this uprising coming from? The answer is that the same groups the US and Great Britain have been funding for decades are now taking their chance to gain control over the nation.
The rebels of Eastern Libya are represented by several different organizations: The National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL); The Islamic Emirate of Berka; The National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO); The Al-Jama'a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya, or [AKA] the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG); and the Transitional National Council (TNC). The first group calling itself “Islamic Emirate of Berka”, the former name of the North-Western part of Libya, took numerous hostages, and killed two policemen as reported by western media a few days after protests began. On Friday, the 18th of February - the day after the revolt began - the group stole 70 military vehicles after attacking a port and killing four soldiers. All the worthy democratic aspirations of the Libyan youth movement notwithstanding, the most organized opposition group happens to be the National Front for the Salvation of Libya - financed for years by the House of Saud, the CIA and French intelligence. The key figure in the National Front for the Salvation of Libya is one Ibrahim Sahad who conveniently enough lives in Washington. According to the Library of Congress archives, Sahad is the same man the CIA used in their failed attempt at a Libyan coup of 1984. The Library of Congress confirms that the CIA trained and supported the NFSL both before and after the failed coup. It was this organization that called for the “Day of Rage” that plunged Libya into chaos on February 17 of this year. The rebel "Transitional National Council" is little else than the National Front, plus a few military defectors. This is the elite of the "innocent civilians" the "coalition" is "protecting". The UK based National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO) - is well known to be a CIA and MI5 supported and trained organization of anti-Kaddafi and counter-revolutionary Libyans. /via Global research (my bold emphasis)

Thus the LibLabCon gov't has known about nature of the unsavoury servants of the coalition for a long, long time. Obama's dispatch of a mission to discover the nature of the NTC forces was so much claptrap. Do the LibLabCon coalition shout "Allahu akbar" when the insurgents kill someone?

U.S., Britain and France step up war plans  B Becker, ICH
“No political settlement in which the dictator remains in place will work. The West and its partners must be ready to maintain political, economic and military pressure until he is gone,” states the New York Times in its April 15 lead editorial.
Do not be fooled by the anti-dictatorial motivation of the New York Times. When the CIA and British intelligence overthrew Iran’s democratically elected government of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh and replaced it with the dictatorship of the Shah, the New York Times editorialized: “Underdeveloped countries with rich resources now have an object lesson in the heavy cost to be paid by one of their number which goes berserk with fanatical nationalism.”
Mossadegh had earned the label of “fanatic” because he had dared nationalize the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (aka British Petroleum) and use the profits of Iran’s oil to bring the country out of immense poverty.
All the targets of imperialist invasion and “regime change” strategies are fully demonized prior to aggression. From Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, the Congo in 1961, Grenada in 1983, Panama in 1989, Yugoslavia in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001 to Iraq in 2003, the process of selective demonization of leaders is a precursor to aggression. The motives of the invaders are pure and noble. The bombs they drop are smart. They only kill bad people who are the enemies of freedom.

In this article about steps taken to circumvent war criminal charges against the LibLabCon regime (Op. British Butt Cover or BBC):
"Operation Libya": Recognizing the Opposition Government Constitutes a Pretext for Military Intervention M D Nazemroaya
[...] The U.S., the E.U., and NATO may attempt to merely keep a balance of power between both sides, like the U.S. and its allies did with Iran and Iraq during the Iraq-Iran War. They could do this with a view of building their case for military intervention. They may even watch as the opposition forces are routed and then enforce a sanctions regime and heavy punishment on Libya. Or they may wait until the Libyan opposition forces are almost wiped out and then intervene through a large-scale aerial campaign.
[...] Behind the smokescreen of so-called diplomacy, the U.S. is getting its E.U. allies to lead the charge internationally, because of its image as an international aggressor. What is really at hand is a regime change operation. In the words of one unnamed European diplomat quoted by the Associated Press (AP): “‘[We] are talking about military intervention to get rid of one government [in Libya] and putting another one in place [and] [t]his is what it is all about.’” [20]
Democracy is not the real issue. One unelected government will be replaced by another unelected government, which is also comprised of regime figures who have defected. It is also worth noting that one of the European Union’s key talking points for post-conflict Libya is closer cooperation between Tripoli and Brussels. Simply said, the objective of both the U.S. and the E.U. is to transform Libya into a modern-day colony.
A replay of both Iraq and Yugoslavia is taking place. This time, however, the U.S. government and its E.U. allies are not only creating a humanitarian pretext for confrontation, but they are also creating a sharper legal blanket so that they will not be accused of breaking international laws like George W. Bush Jr. and Tony Blair were. Washington and Brussels have fuelled the fire in Libya and want the country to fracture through civil war and are using a sophisticated media disinformation campaign. These in themselves are crimes that will be exposed sooner or latter too. /via Global research

Slowing down immigration...
DFID has announced the UK will accept 5,000 workers from Misratah. Press TV
[Will Cameron and Hague pay all their otherwise social burden expenses till they expire, will they be housed in Cameron and Hague's constituencies?]

UNISON, among Britain's largest unions, has urged the UK government to put an end to its military interference in Libya, asking for permission to send more humanitarian aid. Press TV here

Susan Lindauer has another article that includes assertions about the CIA-Hezbollah (led by Ahmed Jibril, his nephew Abu Elias, Abu Talb and Abu Nidal, the same org reported as in the insurgency in Libya) Lockerbie atrocity:
Oil War: Putting Out Fire with Gasoline in Libya
[...] NATO cares nothing for the Saudi invasion of Bahrain, which has resulted in wide-scale disappearances of democracy activists. NATO cares nothing for the uprisings in Yemen, peppered with government snipers. Only Libya has been singled out for violent retribution. Of course, this is an oil grab. Gadhaffi challenged U.S. (and probably British) oil companies to reimburse Libya for the economic damage caused by U.N. sanctions tied to the Lockerbie bombing, which Libya had nothing to do with. The U.N. Security Council forced Libya to submit to the Lockerbie Trial and pay $2.7 billion in damages to the families of Pan Am 103, only for the U.S. to bribe witnesses with $4 million payments to testify against Libya's men at Trial.
The judicial corruption at The Hague underscored the absence of evidence against Abdelbassett Megrahi and Al-Amin Fhaima. Under the circumstances, it's hard to blame Gadhaffi for wanting to take something back for his people. The United Nations was grossly in error to apply sanctions to Libya in the first place.

Propaganda bombed:
Belarus Slams U.S. News Media Over Libya Mercenaries Lie  RIA Novosti
“It has been established that the UN official [Jose del Prado] told the American journalist that he had no information and therefore could not confirm the presence of any Belarusian mercenaries in Libya,” said Andrei Savinykh, a spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.
“The fact can be deemed proof that The Associated Press is a hired propaganda outlet and tool,” Savynykh said.
British troops go to Libya amid 'Vietnam' warnings

Selected comments from DT's British troops go to Libya amid 'Vietnam' warnings (to supplement the 350(?) already there.) where mention is made of John Baron MP, he said: “This is clear evidence of mission creep. Now we are beginning to put military personnel on the ground, something that wasn't even discussed when we debated this issue.” (Also see Libyan conflict could become 'Britain's Vietnam')

Misurata migrant workers gunned down by insurgents (I haven't had time to listen to the news so can't confirm the claim.)
Iain I don't suppose many folks have illusions about the Gaddafi government, but not all of the rebels are whiter than white.
In Misurata killings of unarmed migrant workers by rebels been described. On the 18th April a British reporter (Kim Sengupta of “The Independent”) who had just arrived at Benghazi by sea from Misurata described the sufferings of large numbers of migrant workers trapped in Misurata in a broadcast on BBC Radio 4. After mentioning casualties during government forces attacks he said about the migrant workers that “…some have also died in clashes with the, err, rebel fighters. They were protesting about the conditions, demanding that they should be repatriated and on a couple of occasions this has led to the rebels opening fire and, err, people dying.”
(BBC Radio 4, “Today” programme, 18th April; about 7.53am BST. Available ion BBC iPlayer )

[There are videos of insurgents in action against captured army - not for the weak of stomach.]

davinciclaude I thought that Sarkozy , Cameron +Obama were plain dumb till I read this comment by stone weapon in the comments section on an article about "The Colonial Axis of Evil"
"The BRICS has within it a resource engine of Russia and positive economics, the western colonial alliance does not have a similar resource engine or economics, so is facing a very bleak future in securing its resources for sustainability. The contemporary model was for the west to use its credit wealth to influence and purchase resources, but when this option closed due to the credit running out, they were forced back to their roots of raw brutal colonialism, to take by force, what they no longer could pay for and also to prop up their economies with more theft as practised by them for hundreds of years.. Now China is a part of this, but it is a bigger sum game than isolated investments in Africa. What the Chinese are cleverly doing is taking dollar interest paid by the US and using that to create leveraged resource problems for the western colonialists, leaving them a devil you do or devil you don’t scenario. If the west doesn’t go to colonial mode the Chinese win the resources. If the west goes into colonial mode, they MAYBE get the resources, but at a huge negative political cost, as their true nature of brutal colonialists are exposed more and more. So China is actually using US and western debt servicing income, to weaken the western position. Now that is what I call smart chequers. But there is more to it even in a European context, for Germany’s economy is based on raw Volks power, the people actually working hard, so with sound economics, it can actually continue the contemporary model and do very nicely out of it. The UK and France on the other hand, after years of mismanagement have no ability to stick to the contemporary stream, they either face going second tier behind Germany or go on the colonial rampage. So the colonial rampage it is, regardless if Al Qaeda is in the alliance, that’s how desperate the colonialists are! This is not a China syndrome but a BRICS and carefully aimed mortar operation."
Now I have much more sinister insight in what's happening.

Carl_s_Jones British troops go to Libya to support the 350 SAS that are already there!! lol
UN resolutions are of no concern to the NWO...UN resolutions are for serfs.
All the problems in North Africa and the Middle East are funded and directed by London and New York!
It has not been widely reported, but just weeks after Saudi said they would bump up oil production, they are now slashing it.
The price of oil has nothing to do with demand. In fact, if the true numbers were revealed, consumption is falling and this poses some MASSIVE problems for the ME and the BUST West. If the price of oil falls too far, ME producer states will go bust...then they will need to sell their $$$ holdings. In reality, these are worthless.
This is one of the main reasons for all the unrest in North Africa and the ME. This has been instigated by the West, in order to keep oil high, the Libya construct has two targets with one bullet. Hide the truth on Lockerbie and stop Libyan oil get into the market...WE have already destroyed one Libyan oil field.
If you think the global economy is bad now, you ain`t seen nothing yet. Things should kick off after the London Olympics.LOL

zhanglan "free an enslaved population"
is this an incitement to bomb the headquarters of RBS, Lloyds, Barclays and the British Bankers Association?

aswasizziz The British government are taking the Vietnam parallels seriously and the MOD is ordering 2000 new sets of jungle camouflage gear.
At 5000 pounds each, the jungle combat gear was designed by a top London fashion designer. The British government has already committed itself to sending 10 fashion designers to Benghazi where the rebel forces are said to be distinctly lacking in any sense of style.

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