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CCNet 19 April Climate refugees & other claptrap from climateers

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UN Embarrassed By Forecast On Climate Refugees

Six years ago, the United Nations issued a dramatic warning that the world would have to cope with 50 million climate refugees by 2010. But now that those migration flows have failed to materialize, the UN has distanced itself from the forecasts. On the contrary, populations are growing in the regions that had been identified as environmental danger zones. --Axel Bojanowski, Spiegel Online, 18 April 2011

Meanwhile a new forecast is doing the rounds. At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in February, Cristina Tirado, an environment researcher at the University of California in Los Angeles, warned of 50 million environmental refugees in the future. That figure was a UN projection she said -- for 2020. --Axel Bojanowski,Spiegel Online, 18 April 2011

The United Nations Environment Programme has tried to erase one of its glaring failed predictions about climate refugees by removing a map from its website purporting to show where 50 million climate refugees will come from by 2010. --Gavin Atkins, Asian Correspondent, 16 April 2011

A new analysis of floods around the world has been called to my attention. The new analysis is contrary to conventional wisdom but consistent with the scientific literature on global trends in peak streamflows. Is it possible that floods are not increasing or even in decline while most people have come to believe the opposite? --Roger Pielke Jr, 18 April 2011

Brazil is ground zero for global greens. Home of the largest and richest rainforest system in the world, Brazil is where the fight for biodiversity and the fight against deforestation will be either won or lost. At the Copenhagen Summit, Brazil played a key role in failed negotiations that killed the Green Dream of a universal treaty to stop global warming. And as I learned this week, Brazil is the country whose creativity and ingenuity is changing the terms of the global climate and food debates in ways that greens find hard to fathom. –Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest, 13 April 2011

Sixty percent of Protestant pastors disagree that global warming is real and manmade, and 41 percent of them "strongly" disagree, a new survey says. The skepticism is up from an already high 48 percent of pastors in 2008 who somewhat or strongly disagreed with the strong scientific consensus on manmade global warming. The latest result was released by LifeWay Research, a Southern Baptist-affiliated polling agency. It was based on a survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors of various denominations in October 2010. –-Peter Smith, The Courier-Journal, 18 April 2011

1) UN Embarrassed By Forecast On Climate Refugees - Spiegel Online, 18 April 2011

2) Cover Up: UN Tries To Erase Failed Climate Refugee Prediction - Asian Correspondent, 16 April 2011

3) The Endless List Of False Alarms - ABC News Watch, 18 April 2011

4) Roger Pielke Jr: A Drecrease Of Floods Around The World? - Roger Pielke Jr Blog, 18 April 2011

5) Matt Ridley: When Scientists Confuse Cause and Effect - The Wall Street Journal, 16 April 2011

6) Walter Russell Mead: Gloomy Greens Miss Bright Global Future - The American Interest, 13 April 2011

7) Alastair Sweeny: Hot Air and Bitumen - The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 16 April 2011

8) Oil And Gas Forever? - PopSci News, 15 April 2011

Thanks Dr Peiser, GWPF

The vacuity of the claims by the incompetent and deceptive EC of impending dramatic climate induced population shifts northwards is abundantly evidenced by their lack of preparedness for the small (compared to climate doomster predictions) refugee influx caused by the stage-managed war against Libya. They obviously don't swallow their own bull.

The last item (8) by Rebecca Boyle supports longstanding claims by Russian scientists that oil can have abiogenic origins as well as organic, hotly contested and declaimed of course by CO2 Armageddon proponents and alternative energy profiteers. The fact that some gas and oil wells replenish after they have been exploited also supports the abiogenic origin theory.

[Abiogenic - not produced by the action of living organisms]

Cooler Heads pointed me to a book review: Redressing global climate hysteria.
As I have sufficiently invested in books on the subject written by real as well as post normal (consensus) scientists I won't be investing further. It looks to be accurate and well written for those that are in need of an up-to-date assessment of climate proceedings.

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