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Libyagate: The bombing is plainly not about protecting civilians


What is overwhelmingly obvious in all this is that many more civilians are being killed as a result of intervention than would have otherwise have been the case, that hostile to UK and US forces are being better armed and better trained and that the conflict is not going to end anytime soon. The bombing is plainly not about avoiding increasing civilian deaths. That is headline worthy.

It is amazing how many civilians are being killed and how few insurgents. /sarc off.
My question. Why are the insurgents taking the battle into populated areas e.g. in Misurata where parts have been cleared of civilians? If part of their role is protecting civilians then their best tactic would be to draw the army away from populated areas. That is obviously not happening.

Looking at whether the magnet of action in Libya has caused a reduction in the terrorist activity elsewhere (very probable as many are east Libyans and have likely prioritised Libya) the answer looks to be no. A reduction in standard guns and bullets type maybe but a corresponding increase in other types of attack.

Two suicide car bombs have exploded in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing nine people and wounding 25.

East Libya is a major source of Iraqi suicide bombers as well as regular terrorist fighters.

A bomber has attacked Afghanistan's Defense Ministry in the capital city of Kabul, killing two and wounding seven ministry employees.
The incident occurred on Monday when three bombers in army uniforms entered the ministry and one of them detonated his explosives, a Press TV correspondent reported.

A mortar attack has rocked a US military base in southern Iraq, with the number of possible casualties still unknown
This is the third such attack on US forces in Iraq over the past week. On Sunday, three rockets targeted a US camp in Diwaniyah, a city south of the capital Baghdad.
In August 2010, the United States declared an end to its combat mandate in Iraq but left 50,000 of American troops in the country for what it called "advising and training" purposes.

Pro-Taliban militants killed at least two people and injured three others at a construction site in Barkhan in Pakistan's southwestern Balochistan province, a Press TV correspondent reported.
Security forces have cordoned off the area and have transferred the injured to a local hospital.
In a separate development on Monday, a roadside bomb blast wounded at least three security officers in the Pakistani city of Tank.
Also on Monday, Pakistani police recovered at least eight dead bodies from a dry well in eastern Punjab province. The men were reportedly killed a few days ago.
Over the past three years, nearly 4,000 people have been killed in militant attacks and bombings across the country.

Three more US-led soldiers have been killed in Blasts in southern Afghanistan, bringing the number of foreign troops killed in the war-torn country to over 130 in 2011.
Earlier on Saturday five US-led forces were also killed in an attack on an Afghan army base in eastern Afghanistan.
In a Saturday statement, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) confirmed the number of casualties caused by the attack in eastern Afghanistan, Xinhua news agency reported.
Over 1,400 American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since the US-led invasion of the Asian country began in 2001, according to a recent report by the Associated Press.

Channel 4 broadcasts as if it was a propaganda agency for the government. Can't they leave that to the BBC?
They show untrained civilians firing off rocket propelled grenades and firing automatics (probably some staged theatre as the enemy is unseen) whilst claiming trained army forces are killing civilians. In whose hands is an RPG more likely to harm civilians?
The bias and unbelievably low standard of reportage from embedded reporters is truly amazing. Why have none of the trained terrorists, e.g. some members of the council, been interviewed? Why hasn't the CIA's man in charge of the insurgents' army been asked questions about his involvement? Why haven't the CIA been quizzed over their role in staging the coup attempt? Is there no-one in Egypt or Qatar that can ask about the origin and supply route of Belgian and US arms that are reaching the insurgents

At least there are some impartial witnesses on the ground. Here is one that is sufficiently incensed to write about what he sees:
Hermes MSafiri
In his latest missive (no. 87) he begins -
"The last 6 weeks I have seen the agony of this country and its population from up close.
The total shock and lack of comprehension is visible on the faces of the educated and non-educated, young and specially old.
The women are enraged because of the danger to their families and the very real threat of losing their recently won equality and status.
My present article is a daring stab in the unknown, because I think that this war is giving a chance to the world.
To the West it gives the chance to look closely at the murdering idiots who pretend to govern them with only their well-being in mind.
To the Muslim world it gives the chance to recognize the real murdering, power grabbing, money hungry intentions of the so-called islamists. Islamists who have only one motive: control everything and everybody through fear. They are serial killers beheading and torturing to instill fear in the normal population.
Islam has absolutely no place in their murderous minds."
(Thanks to carltoncm for giving me the heads up)

One Afghan protester killed, 10 injured
Protesting against foreign troop presence.

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Washington's "Long War" against Africa

Deconstructing the US Military: America's Global War against Planet Earth

Another possible reason for the bombing:
In 2009 Gaddafi Proposed Nationalizing Libya’s Oil

Following Cameron's probable smack down (by genuine humanitarians in the UN and NATO that provoked a climb down about invading Libya after the bank memorandum from the 3 that form the coalition of "get Gaddafi" aggressors), after a quick look around, the intensity of the propaganda is being ramped up and attempts are being made to gag Libyan TV.
The problem for these evil people is that nothing going on in the dirty little Libyan war can hide the fact that elected representatives are supporting terrorists in the attempt to take over a country, Libya and likely doing the same in other countries such as Egypt.
I wonder how long the Qatar emir's Al Jazeera and Iran's Press TV can keep reporting some of the truth (albeit mixed with heavily edited and career journo reports).
Proving that the leaders of the UK tripartite coalition of LibLabCon involved the UK either knowing who the insurgents are or who are simply, blindly following orders from above is the difficult part.
That secret services are embedded with the radicals and were for months before the onset of hostilities, in the CIA's case years implies it is very likely that Cameron and Obama were aware and fully briefed well beforehand.
When that is proved it means that their claim to being forced to act immediately with no time for consultation or to seek approval is false, grounds for impeachment on Obama's part and dishonourable dismissal on Cameron's part.
Cameron's visit to Egypt with arms dealers smacks of arranging arms for terrorists who are smuggling them out of Libya (fact), no doubt to be used for killing UK and US visitors in Iraq and Afghanistan. The possibility for prosecution, aiding an officially registered enemy, must exist.

Blitz news
Safety4Sea April 18 midday The main area of fighting between regime and opposition fighters continues to move - often at short notice. Heavy fighting continues around Ajdabiyah with the latest reports indicating that opposition forces are once again in control of the town.
Air strikes are also continuing, but their effectiveness is limited in urban combat, where residential areas are being used by fighters on both sides.

Al Jazeera Live
7:33am Some 17 people were killed yesterday in Misurata, an NGO workers and an opposition activist tells the Associated Press. The death toll reportedly includes a girl shot in the head.
They died during street fighting in the centre of the besieged city, amid shelling and sniper fire. At least 70 others were wounded. Resident Abdel-Salam told the agency:
    Residents have become so accustomed to the sound of mortars and missiles.
    Snipers are still on the rooftops of tall buildings, shooting at anything that moves in the city centre.
[Note, the insurgents have snipers.]

8:53am Some 1,000 people have been killed and 3,000 injured in Misurata alone within the past six weeks, a senior medic tells the AFP news agency.
Libya's third largest city has been besieged, shelled and subject to hidden rooftop snipers. Dr Khaled Abu Falgha, administrator of the city's main hospital told AFP:
    Some 80 per cent of the deaths are civilians.
He also said medical staff have seen a sudden rise in the number of people brought into the hospital in the last week suffering gunshot wounds to their heads and necks - the preferred target zone of marksmen.
[Propaganda? How do the administrators identify insurgents?]

9:10am Al Jazeera's Sue Turton, reporting from Benghazi, tells us that - despite a French plane full of aid arriving a few days ago, it remains unclear that supplies are reaching all those who need help. She tells us:
    While it's been well publicised that Misurata needs help, we were in a camp for internally displaced people outside Ajdabiya just a few days ago - and there was little sign that they had received any aid whatsoever.
[The insurgents failing to protect civilians?]

10:00am Misurata is once again under fire from rocket and mortars launched by Gaddafi's troops, an opposition fighter tells Reuters.
[Have the insurgents decided to not fire rockets and mortars?]

11:40am The Benhazi-based Transitional National Council will not sell any oil until production resumes in what officials hope will be "a few weeks".
TNC oil official Wahid Bughaigis says they are still assessing damage to fields they control after a recent attack by Gaddafi's troops  halted production.
Their ability to produce and market oil could prove decisive in their capability to sustain their fight - after recently selling one million barrels through a deal with Qatar earned the movement an estimated US$120million, says the Associated Press.
TNC officials say they'll use the money to buy food, fuel and arms.
Bughaigis said Monday the Benghazi council control fields representing about one-third of Libya's oil production capacities.
["could prove decisive" - in how much weaponry and mercenaries they can buy? What steps are the council taking to avoid terrorists freighting arms to their cohorts out of the country? Unless NATO gets more bombs the insurgents, with or without money are done for. Where will the money from liberated oil go in that event? Where will the allies' trained terrorist go?]

11:45am More from TNC oil official Wahid Bughaigis:
    As for the future policy, we will look into ending corruption in the oil industry and strengthening our national technical expertise in oil fields, in all fields of that industry.
    This does not mean that we will not have foreign partners going forward, we will respect all our agreements we have with them right now, and we will welcome new investments in the country ...
[So China will continue to get oil from Libya whoever wins?]

11:57am The UN is going to start distributing humanitarian aid in Libya's capital, Tripoli.
[The coalition's embargo starting to show cracks?]

12:18pm Baroness Valerie Amos, UN undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs is in Benghazi following talks with Libyan government officials in Tripoli. She tells Al Jazeera what progress is being made in Misurata:
    We've managed to get some food in. The International Organisation for Migration is evacuating people out of Misurata. We've got medical supplies in, and, of course, there are NGO partners also assisting.
    But we have no real sense of what the real needs are. I feel we need to be able to get in there, to assess the situation - and this is one of the things I was talking to officials in Tripoli about.
    I called for a cessation of hostilities, so people could move to places of safety ... We have migrant workers who are desperate to leave, but that call has not been heard by the government of Libya. They did say they would accompany a team into the city, but that is not enough ...
    We need a cessation of hostilities in all towns and cities where fighting is taking place and where people are extremely vulnerable.
    I raised [the reports of human shields and cluster bomb use] and there was an immediate denial. We all know how dangerous they are. Children get injured by them, as they see them as toys - but there was an immediate denial.
[Won't removing civilians leave the insurgents without a shield, depreciate the value of "civilian deaths", reduce the need to embezzle Libyan money "to buy aid"?]

1:14pm Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna, reporting from the western gate of Ajdabiya, tells us:
    About 24 hours ago, this area was under heavy artillery and rocket fire. But there has been no shelling here in the past 24 hours.
    And we understand the anti-Gaddafi forces have advanced some 40km further down the road. The reason is that the sandstorm that was ravaging this area yesterday has passed.
    Though we have heard no air strikes from NATO aircraft, the threat of air strikes has cleared the road ...
    We understand the siege of Misurata has been intensifying as Gaddafi's forces pincer around the civilian population, trapping them into an ever smaller area around the port.
[That makes no sense. Why would the army in Misurata be herding civilians - unless it is to get them out of harm's way - or is that insurgents have been pushed back? What is the truth? The army are treating the insurgency as a terrorist threat. They are acting according to that.]

2:00pm Another 1,000 people have been transported out of Misurata by the International Organisation for Migration - but at least 4,000 people remain, awaiting rescue.
[Call me stupid but I would say that the insurgency has lost control of Misurata. If so that will free up troops to join the battle elsewhere. Will NATO bomb troops moving out of Misurata to protect civilians armed with rocket launchers, tanks, RPGs, helicopters etc?]

6:02pm Reuters - Rebels say four civilians were killed in Misurata on Monday in renewed bombardment by Muammar Gaddafi's forces of the coastal Libyan city.
Gemal Salem, a spokesman for the insurgents, also said the death toll from Sunday's shelling had risen to 25 as some of those who had been critically wounded had died. He did not say whether that figure included rebel fighters.

Feb17 says
Sunday Times A German-trained doctor in Al-Baida has been collecting testimonies of women who have been raped by Gaddafi’s forces. He believes that as many as 100 women have been subject to rape, he told the Sunday Times.
[Is no-one collecting reports of atrocities committed by insurgents or their supporters? Does the insurgency have free licence to do as they wish with prisoners of war, civilians and migrant workers? It seems so as long as the press is kept in the dark.]

No more news yet on the shooting of a major general in Sirte.
On Ajdabiye, will the insurgents' advance be bypassed again to take out more of them in Ajdabiya in hit and run strikes by the army?
What happened to the plumbers and insurgents that went to Brega to fix some damaged pipework?
The desperation of the allies to score propaganda points is decimating the coherency of reporting, such as it is. Has anyone even bothered to ask Spain if it supplied cargo mortars (emotively called cluster bombs) to Libya, Egypt or Qatar?

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