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Libyagate: CIA war makers in their nest

Working through various articles I expect to find the source of virtually all the misery on the planet today, unrest and war for profit and agenda advancement including Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea, WWII, the various African genocides etcetera to be rooted in the bank cartel whose HQ front is the BoE that controls the Fed Res. Secret services in various countries, notably UK, France and the US are controlled, as with leading political parties, by well placed infiltrators and funding otherwise, as with the CIA, they are wholly owned.
When viewed next to the facts, the TV serial Spooks is no more than misdirecting propaganda. (Anyone know who the sponsors are?)

Here is a glance at the CIA as a tool of globalists. All the same old names are there.

Does the CIA Fund Both the Right and the Left? Link to the Oped text
[...] Attorney General Robert Kennedy was the first, in 1967, to investigate the use of the Ford Foundation and other foundations as "conduits," "pass-throughs," and "fronts" to disguise CIA funding for domestic operations (it's technically illegal for the CIA to operate on US soil under federal law). In 1976, the investigation was taken up by the Church Committee, a Senate Select Committee formed in the aftermath of Watergate. The Church Committee found that between 1963-1966, 164 foundations gave out 700 grants over $10,000. Of these, 108 involved partial or complete funding by the CIA (Frances Stoner Saunders, Who Paid the Piper?: the CIA and the Cultural Cold War)
[...] As Feldman points out, each of these outlets has systematically marginalized independent researchers who have systematically studied 9-11 and the JFK and other political assassinations.
CIA Funding of Alternative Media
Most of the research into left gatekeeping foundations involves the funding of so-called alternative media outlets, largely based on information derived from tax returns. The most prolific writer in this area is Massachusetts-based investigative journalist Bob Feldman. Feldman published the bulk of his research in a paper in Critical Sociology "Report from the Field: Left Media and Left Think Tanks -- Foundation-Managed Protest?" In addition, Feldman and others have republished excerpts elsewhere on the Internet. Edward Ulrich published a helpful digest of Feldman's work in March 2011 at his blog "News of Interest" (see here)
The Ford Foundation under John McCloy
The CIA-Ford Foundation collaboration began in 1953, when John McCloy, another Nazi sympathizer, because the director of the Ford Foundation. McCloy's corporate credentials include serving as chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, Westinghouse, AT&T, Allied Chemical and United Fruit Company. As a lawyer, he served as chief counsel to Standard Oil of New Jersey, Mobil, Texaco and Gulf I.G. Farben (German chemical company that was Hitler's primary German sponsor and which developed the nerve gas used in the mass executive of European Jews). Mcloy watched the 1936 Berlin Olympics from Hitler's box seat and as the Assistant Secretary of War, blocked Jewish immigration to the US, as well as the bombing of railroads leading to Nazi concentration camps. As High Commissioner of Germany following the war, he pardoned a large majority of Nazi war criminals and assisted in their secret repatriation in the US and South America.
McCloy openly advocated for the Ford Foundation to cooperate with the CIA. He argued that open collaboration was a better alternative than having the Agency secretly infiltrate the Foundation's lower echelons and subvert their work. McCloy also chaired a three man committee that had to be consulted every time the CIA wanted to use the Foundation as a pass-through.
Ford Foundation archives reveal a raft of joint Foundation-CIA projects. The most prominent of these CIA fronts are the Eastern European Fund, the Congress for Cultural Freedom, and International Rescue Committee (where William van den Heuvel, father of Nation editor and publisher Katrina van den Heuvel, was a long time board member). The Ford Foundation has also been the primary funder of two secret elite planning groups, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.
Alternative Media Outlets Funded by the Ford Foundation
[Lists some of the CIA front mags]
The Nation Magazine and the CIA
Bob Feldman's unraveling of the indirect CIA funding received by the Nation and Radio Nation is the most instructive in demonstrating how "pass-through" funding works (see here).
Other Left Gatekeepers Funding Alternative Media
...Here is a brief summary of "alternative" media outlets that Feldman has linked to foundations the Church Committee identified as receiving CIA pass-through funding (see here). It is also of note that they all systematically marginalize journalistic and academic research into 911 and CIA-linked political assassinations.
Other Left Gatekeepers Funding Alternative Media
Here is a brief summary of "alternative" media outlets that Feldman has linked to foundations the Church Committee identified as receiving CIA pass-through funding (see here). It is also of note that they all systematically marginalize journalistic and academic research into 911 and CIA-linked political assassinations.
MacArthur Foundation
    * FAIR
    * The Progressive
    * Working Assets Radio
Rockefeller Foundation
    * FAIR
    * The Progressive
    * Working Assets Radio
Carnegie Foundation
    * Democracy Now!
J. M. Kaplan Family Foundation
    * Democracy Now!
Soros Family Foundation
    * Pacifica Radio
    * The Nation
Although Soros himself has no known CIA connections, he's strongly linked to the military industrial complex as a major stockholder in Bush senior's Carlyle Group and through his direct funding of "color" revolutions in Eastern Europe.
Schumann Foundation
    * Mother Jones
    * Alternet
    * Fair
    * Z Magazine
Run for many years by "progressive-lite" Bill Moyers, the Schuman Foundation (as evidenced by the projects it funds) has a rabidly pro-capitalist agenda. According to Feldman, Moyers himself has engaged in some pretty anti-progressive behavior, such as orchestrating (as Lyndon Johnson's press secretary) the wiretapping of Martin Luther King and leaking the transcripts to the media. And his heavy promotion of the rabid anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Joseph Campbell on PBS (see here, also here and here)
Feldman notes that the alternative magazine Counterpunch receives no direct left gatekeeper funding, although one of their editors is on the Nation payroll (which does).
Feldman's co-author Eric Salter has drawn up a more detailed flow sheet demonstrating these complex inter-relationships (view here)

A question for Mr R. What happens if the chess pieces refuse to play?

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